Christian VII Facts

Unhinged Facts About King Christian VII Of Denmark, The Mad Dane

King Christian VII of Denmark was one of the most unhinged rulers of all time—yet few people know this deranged monarch’s dark history.
July 11, 2024 Dancy Mason
Queen Christina of Sweden Facts

Disobedient Facts About Christina Of Sweden, The Troublemaker Queen

Queen Christina Facts. After a dark childhood with her insane mother, Christina gave up her crown—and that's just the beginning of her scandalous story.
July 5, 2024 Kyle Climans
Barbara Of Poland Facts

Cunning Facts About Barbara Of Poland, The Upstart Queen

Today, people see Queen Barbara of Poland’s marriage to King Sigismund as a “love conquers all” fairy tale—but their unearthed letters tell a darker story.
June 10, 2024 Dancy Mason
Ruthless King Facts

Heartless Facts About History's Most Ruthless Kings

Ruthless King Facts. Kings throughout history have done dark, scandalous things. Here are facts about the most ruthless and fascinating monarchs.
December 7, 2023 Dancy Mason

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