Dr. James Barry Facts

Trailblazing Facts About Dr. James Barry, The Surgeon With A Secret

The wild life of Dr. James Barry makes the doctors on The Knick seem tame in comparison.
July 19, 2024 Mehroo S.
Henry Paget Facts

Extravagant Facts About Henry Paget, The Dancing Marquess

After his tragic end, papers called Henry Paget a “strange and repellent spirit”—but his deepest secrets were still hidden.
July 15, 2024 Dancy Mason
Edward II Facts

Vengeful Facts About King Edward II, The Doomed Ruler

Edward II used his wife Isabella as unwilling bait in his plan to avenge his lover’s death—no wonder it came back to bite him.
July 10, 2024 Dancy Mason
Michelangelo Facts

Legendary Facts About Michelangelo, Master Of The Renaissance

Michelangelo Facts: He's one of the greatest artists of all time, but few people know about this renaissance man's dark history.
July 9, 2024 Kyle Climans
George Villiers Facts

Aristocratic Facts About George Villiers, The King’s Lover

George Villiers was the most dashing man in all of England—and once he caught the king's eye, the country itself was doomed.
July 5, 2024 Eli Artman
Queen Christina of Sweden Facts

Disobedient Facts About Christina Of Sweden, The Troublemaker Queen

Queen Christina Facts. After a dark childhood with her insane mother, Christina gave up her crown—and that's just the beginning of her scandalous story.
July 5, 2024 Kyle Climans

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