Instant Karma Experience

The Most Satisfying Instant Karma Moments

Karma is always watching. These Redditors share stories of when they witnessed karma in action, providing satisfyingly just deserts.
June 14, 2024 Mae Stanley
Karma For Road Ragers Experience

Road Ragers Get Instant Karma

We've all had to deal with road ragers, but thankfully, there are times in real life when the “bad guys” get the justice they deserve.
April 26, 2024 J. Hunter
Satisfying Instant Karma

The Most Satisfying Instant Karma

My neighbor was territorial about parking and even yelled at me—only to get hit by instant karma.
April 22, 2024 Scott Mazza
Jerkenemy Internal

These Jerks Dug Their Own Graves

Sometimes, we can destroy our enemies without ever lifting a finger. Why? Because they destroy themselves.
March 18, 2024 Sammy Tran

Karens Get Shut Down

When it comes to Karens, most bystanders just roll their eyes and put up with their bad behavior. However, some people aren't willing to let them slide.
March 13, 2024 Violet Newbury
My Best Friend Betrayed Me

Betrayed By My Best Friend

Friendships can be complicated and messy. However, being betrayed is straight-up the worst. From lying to thieving, these are some of the WORST betrayals.
February 28, 2024 Violet Newbury

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