Howard Hughes

Barbara Hutton Facts

Extravagant Facts About Barbara Hutton, "The Poor Little Rich Girl"

Barbara Hutton was one of the wealthiest women in the world—but this "poor little rich girl" destroyed her life in the most tragic way possible.
June 21, 2024 Mehroo S.
Jean Simmons Facts

Boastful Facts About Jean Simmons, The British Beauty

Jean Merilyn Simmons was the 1950s film sensation whose stunning good looks landed her some big roles—and some even bigger trouble.
September 1, 2023 Brendan Da Costa
Ginger Rogers Facts

Swinging Facts About Ginger Rogers, Old Hollywood's Dancing Queen

Although Ginger Rogers was everyone’s favorite dancing queen, few know that she harbored a dark secret—one that played a hand in her tragic demise.
August 20, 2023 Rachel Seigel
Howard Hughes Facts

Wild Facts About Howard Hughes, The Most Eccentric Man In Hollywood

From his early days as a Hollywood playboy to his later years as an obsessive recluse, Howard Hughes is a legend—but few know his even darker history.
August 4, 2023 Miles Brucker
Terry Moore Facts

Sparkling Facts About Terry Moore, Hollywood’s Classic Star

Terry Moore was one of Old Hollywood’s darlings—but nobody suspected that such a pure beauty could hide such a scandalous secret.
July 31, 2023 Jennifer McFarlane
Susan Hayward and John Wayne

The Conqueror Caused Cancer

1956’s The Conqueror is considered one of the worst films ever—but the film’s total failure was the least shocking thing about it.
June 29, 2023 Sarah Ng

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