Dumb People

People Expose Their Stupidest Neighbors

Exposing My Stupid Neighbor

From the neighbors who are WAY too nosy to the ones who own terrible pets, follow along as these people expose their stupidest neighbors.
May 1, 2024 Taylor Medeiros
Exposing The Dumbest Of The Dumb

Exposing The Dumbest People Ever

Indeed, there seems to be an endless supply of stupid in the world—but these poor souls have to be the dumbest of the dumb.
April 30, 2024 Violet Newbury
Dumbest Of The Dumb

The Absolute Dumbest Of The Dumb

These are the absolute Olympians of incredibly stupid behavior. Here are the dumbest of the dumb. Buckle up, because this is one wild ride.
April 19, 2024 Scott Mazza
The Dumbest Person I Know

The Dumbest Person I've Ever Met

Humans aren't perfect, okay? Sometimes we can be really, really dumb. Brace yourselves, because these stories might make you facepalm hard.
March 22, 2024 Laura Bergen
The Dumbest Adults

The Dumbest Adults Imaginable

It's incredible some of the dumbest things that grown-ups still believe to be true. Try not to facepalm as you read these outrageous stories.
February 7, 2024 Nia Williams
These Gullible Souls Believed The DUMBEST Lies

These Gullible People Believed The DUMBEST Lies

Some lies are so wild, it's a miracle that they were even believed in the first place. Buckle up, because these gullible souls believed the dumbest lies.
February 4, 2024 Violet Newbury

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