Embarrassing Doctor Experience

The Most Humiliating Doctor Visits EVER

Exposing ourselves to someone, even a medical professional who's seen it all, can be uncomfortable and downright humiliating. Just ask these people.
May 31, 2024 Violet Newbury
Doctor Said Experience

The Worst Thing My Doctor Ever Said

These people came together to share stories of the moments their doctors opened their mouths and put their feet right in ‘em.
February 21, 2024 Samantha Henman
human body quiz thumb 4

Mind-Blowing Facts About The Human Body

The human body is a miracle of nature… and it’s wildly complicated too. But few of us know how it all works. We owe it to ourselves to learn more.
December 22, 2023 Miles Brucker
Doctor Internal

Worst Doctor's Office Visits

These patients had a rough time at the doctor's office, and their stories will make you want to eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away...
October 12, 2023 Eul Basa

Super Embarrassing Medical Stories

Although doctors have seen it all, we can’t help but be embarrassed when we are afflicted by odd ailments—especially when they involve our nether regions. 
October 4, 2023 Violet Newbury

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