Anne Boleyn

Tower of London Facts

Bloody Facts About The Tower of London, The Infamous Royal Prison

The Tower of London has a storied past. Many royals met their end there, but it hides even darker histories. Find out more about the Tower of London.
July 5, 2024 Stephanie Kelsey
Thomas Cromwell Facts

Dark Facts About Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s Notorious Right-Hand Man 

During the thorny reign of Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell, a man of many titles, survived through ever-changing alliances and formidable enemies.
June 20, 2024 Nur Karageldi

Glorious Facts About Queen Elizabeth I, The Virgin Queen

As the daughter of Henry VIII and his mistress Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth was born into infamy—but few people know her even darker history.
June 12, 2024 Miles Brucker
Anne Of Cleves Facts

Unveiled Facts About Anne Of Cleves, Henry VIII's Mysterious Wife

When Henry VIII finally met Anne of Cleves, he claimed she was unthinkably ugly—but modern historians suggest a more disturbing reason for his disgust.
June 12, 2024 Christine Tran
Historical Bad Girls Women

Disobedient Facts About History's Infamous "Bad Girls"

Seductresses. Traitors. Tyrants. These are the ruthless and disobedient women that all the history books want us to forget.
April 18, 2024 Dancy Mason

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