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Jonathan Scott and Zoey Deschanel, Kate Winslet

The Wildest Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrities have been known to make headlines for wild reasons—but sometimes, they've made the news thanks to what they've chosen to name their children...
April 11, 2024 Sarah Ng
Missing Persons

26 Missing Persons Cases, Solved

We all know that when someone goes missing, it's very rare they're ever found alive. But in these cases, we get to find out "what really happened."
March 20, 2024 Dancy Mason

Snappy Facts About Josh Brolin, The Man Behind Thanos

Josh Brolin Facts: As a teen, Brolin was a member of a group called the Cito Rats who would steal cars to pay for drugs and booze.
November 1, 2023 Cadeem Lalor
August 10: Andy Dick dressed in an oversized brown sweater and blue striped shirt stands before a painting in his living room on August 10, 1995 in Los Angeles.

Contentious Facts About Andy Dick, The Boundary-Pushing Comedian

There’s a twisted reason you never see Andy Dick anymore…
August 13, 2023 Nur Karageldi
Steve McQueen Facts

Steely Facts About Steve McQueen, Hollywood’s King Of Cool

Steve McQueen had smoldering good looks and tough swagger, making him unforgettable to audiences of the 60s and 70s—but few know his dark history.
August 2, 2023 Miles Brucker
Catherine of Braganza Facts

Misunderstood Facts About Catherine Of Braganza, The Forgotten Queen

Catherine of Braganza and Charles II’s relationship went from fear to hatred to love—which makes their tragic ending all the more heartbreaking.
July 30, 2023 Dancy Mason

Ghoulish Facts About Ed Wood, The World’s Worst Director

Ed Wood’s second wife Norma McCarty left him in the middle of their wedding night—because she’d just discovered his dark secret.
June 13, 2023 Dancy Mason

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