Elisabeth Ritter articles

Told You So Experiences

These "I Hate To Say It...But I Told You So" Moments Are So Satisfying

Sometimes, people just won't listen. When it happens, and they pay the price, is there a better feeling on Earth than saying, "I told you so"?
September 28, 2020 Elisabeth Ritter
Helicopter Parents

These Helicopter Parent Fails Show How NOT To Raise Kids

From controlling behavior to bizarre rules, these helicopter parent fails show that even the best of intentions isn't enough sometimes.
July 3, 2020 Elisabeth Ritter
Laptop Computer Review

A Guide To Finding The Best Laptop Computer Deal

Shopping for a new laptop or tablet? These tips for finding the best laptop computer deals will help you choose the perfect device for you.
June 12, 2020 Elisabeth Ritter
Senior Living Review

Senior Living: What Is it, And How Much Does It Cost?

Finding a senior living situation for you or your loved one is incredibly important. Let us break down all of your options.
June 12, 2020 Elisabeth Ritter

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