Photo of Laughing Woman with Confetti on Her Hair and Shoulders

Funniest Things Strangers Have Said

People can say the most hysterical things sometimes. It’s even more amusing when it’s totally unexpected and coming from a complete stranger.
November 2, 2023 Nia Williams
Shouldn't Laugh Experiences

People Share Their Most Inappropriate Moments of Laughter

Is there anything better than inappropriate laughter? For whatever reason, the situations where you just can't laugh often end up being the funniest.
October 30, 2023 Christine Tran

Somebody Call 9-1-1: Emergency Dispatchers Share The Craziest Calls They've Ever Received

Emergency dispatchers receive several calls a day. While most of them are serious, every now and then they are just so absurd you can't help but laugh.
October 22, 2023 Brendan Da Costa
Class Clown Experience

These Hilarious Class Clowns Took Their Teachers To School

From amazing pranks to impeccably timed witticisms, these class clowns brought smiles to everyone’s faces, teachers often included!
September 25, 2023 Phillip Hamilton

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