April 29, 2020 | Miles Brucker

XOXO Gossip Girl: The Juiciest Stories From People's Personal Lives

What's better than some juicy gossip, hot off the presses? Reddit asked people what the craziest thing going on in their personal lives was—and these people delivered. From secret affairs to backstabbing best friends, this hot gossip is so sinful, it's divine.

1. The Cry of Crowns

Knew a sister-of-the-groom (also maid of honor) who pitched a violent fit because the bride was going to wear a tiara for the ceremony and therefore, the sister couldn't. Literally screamed at both families, "I am the sister, for God's sake!"

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2. Your Cheating Heart

My ex cheated on me with a married man. She now lives with him. She is a jerk, but I got the last laugh. You see, I still have the login for her DVR. I logged in, erased all her shows, then recorded only the show Cheaters. Petty, but it makes me laugh.

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3. Love Is Not a Get Rich Quick

My friend got drunk at his wedding, his wife did not like it, and decided to divorce him right after the honeymoon (which she went on without him). Moreover, this was all an elaborate scheme of divorce-robbery, because the guy was loaded, and so was his entire family...but they were loaded because they were a family of EXCELLENT lawyers.

He was a third-generation lawyer, with all the smarts and experience of his predecessors combined. Let’s just say it did not go well for her.

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4. It’s Like I Don’t Even Know You

I recently found out that the man I'd been involved with for six months had not one, not two, but three aliases.

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5. Her Own Secret Admirer

My cousin's friend came over to stay for a few weeks. She was very vain and before she left, she wrote a note to my uncle (who is friendly to everyone) saying how she had to sadly reject him, even though she knows how much he is secretly in love with her. We all found the note together after she left addressed to him (he was with us and opened in front of us).

He was creeped out.

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6. Diaper up

We had a guy in our office take a dump in the bathroom every day after lunch, and it would stink up the whole office. The manager asked everyone who needed to vacate their bowels to please use the lobby bathroom since our office was small and we only had the one bathroom. He didn't listen. Fortunately, he was like clockwork, so five minutes before he went in, I took all the toilet paper.

That's right. I forced the man to live with a dirty butt.

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7. Beauty is Only Skin-Wound Deep

My friend is 40 and in great shape but absolutely desperate to be married. She said this to another woman who is funny and sweet but overweight: “I can’t believe someone like you is married and I’m not.” No lie...and it didn’t even occur to her that it was insulting. She’s too much of a narcissist to realize that.

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8. Good Grief

My mother and I were out walking and we came across an older couple we knew from the local church. Their eldest son had died the previous year from an inoperable brain tumor, and their younger son just moved out for university. Mum starts with, "Must be nice to have the house to yourself! More time for Church!"

The conversation devolves from there. She ignores all hints to drop the subject, including the mother stating they hadn't been back to the church since their son died. The couple were obviously horrified. I couldn't end the convo quick enough. Afterward, my mother told me I was just being immature and had no conception of what "polite adult conversation" was like.

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9. So Much for the Language of Love

Friend of mine divorced his then-wife because she would only speak French when her family would come over. She was Spanish, as was her family. To add, her family spoke English, French, and Spanish; he could only speak Spanish and English. She got bored of being married to him, her family basically talked smack about him while he was there, was only when he recorded a conversation while they were there and got it translated he found out what was going on.

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10. Change of Heart

Amazingly, I was at a wedding where the groom stood up there and started crying, then announced in front of everyone that he had fallen out of love with the bride a while before but didn't know how to break it off. It was extremely uncomfortable, and they both stepped out. Ten minutes later, they came back in and got marriedbecause she'd apparently told him she was pregnant.

They're still together, with three kids now. I'm not sure about the husband, but I can confirm that the wife is having an affair. Neither of them are happy, but she has a comfortable life and he doesn't have the spine to leave.

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11. Family Friends With Benefits

I have a regular breakfast place that I had been frequenting on the weekends for about a good five or six years. One day I went into work later because of a doctor’s appointment, so I decided to pick up some breakfast at my regular place. I walk in and I take a look around to find a spot to sit at and I see my dad.

He’s sitting in a corner spot with some woman I don’t recognize. He looked shocked and I decided to walk over. He stands up and gives me a kiss/hug and introduces her as a coworker. It was the most awkward introduction of my life. My dad was an AC Repairman and was strictly on the road. No women in his office.

I pretended like I believed him, said hello and sat down on my own. Definitely one of the most awkward moments of my life that will stand out for a long time. More background: My mom and dad haven’t been together since before I was born however, he was married to another woman when this took place.

The waitresses were all my friends and a couple of days later when I went for breakfast, they proceeded to tell me how he met that lady there every week. I never brought it up to him and pretended it never happened. That was about 14 years ago...I still go to that breakfast place and the girls told me after that day he never came back to that restaurant.

In a couple of weeks, it will be one year since he passed. I’m glad I got this opportunity to think and talk about him.

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12. Snooper’s Regret

Recently, my mom used my husband's phone to make a call—to the man she was having an affair with. The phone had auto record on. And that was how I found out she'd been in that relationship for 17 years, and tried to have kids with him as well. My dad found out about it years ago and almost ended the marriage as a result.

What he doesn’t know is that she continued the relationship up until last year, and only recently broke it off because the loser CHEATED on her with someone else. She's also a raging narcissist.

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13. You Look Familiar…

My friend met a guy, and within a week they were engaged. He was in the military and ghosted her about a month after proposing. Six months later, he turns up and starts working at the same place as her and acted like he didn’t even know her.

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14. Real Enough to Us

My friend was about to get married when a woman busted the doors down and screamed at the top of her lungs, "I'M THE REAL LEGAL WIFE, STOP THE WEDDING!!!" Amazing. The story even got picked up by local news.

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15. Home Away From Home

Two and a half years ago, I was in dire financial straits. I sold my home to keep my struggling business afloat. But I neglected to tell the owners about one key thing. They have an 800 square foot bunker on the property that I built about seven years ago. The bunker that I've called home since I sold it. The entrance to it is well-hidden, but I still come and go very early/very late in the day.

I'm a single man who keeps to himself. I'm now in a situation where I could move somewhere else, but I love this hidden paradise so much.

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16. Something Doesn’t Match in this Match…

My brother dumped his fiancée a month before the wedding because when she gave birth. The baby that was born was black, and neither he nor his fiancée is. Unsurprisingly, a paternity test proved it wasn't his, and thus child support was denied.

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17. A Cell Phony

I went to a wedding where the bride got drunk and the groom picked up her phone to discover that she had been sexting a coworker throughout the entire wedding. He told the officiant to not file the paperwork. This occurred towards the end of the reception, as they were leaving to go to the honeymoon suite. The story is that she was very drunk.

Her phone kept getting notifications so he decided to pick it up for her. They did not go on their honeymoon and they returned the gifts to everyone. The guests weren’t told about what happened for a couple of weeks, as the bride was trying everything she could to save the relationship. Regardless, it was a great reception!

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18. It’s Not a Big Deal

I was at a funeral for one of my husband's relatives. On my way in, an employee of the funeral home asked me when I was due. I wasn't pregnant, but I am fat and was wearing an empire waistcoat, so I wasn't offended. As I signed the guestbook, I corrected her and tried to defuse the situation with a joke about burning that coat later.

But she just. wouldn't. stop. She kept trying to apologize and explain herself and I just wanted to run away. Then I was stuck in a small room with her for the next two hours.

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19. Sister Swap

I found out that one of my aunts had an arranged marriage. She wasn't actually the aunt who was supposed to be in the arranged marriage, but her sister was adamantly against marrying the guy. I guess my grandma somehow persuaded my aunt into replacing her sister's part of the marriage. My aunt and the guy got married, moved away, and had kids.

They lived far away so I barely ever saw them. Only as I got older did I learn that the dude was abusive to my aunt, to the point where she still had some intense mental breakdowns long after he was gone. I guess her sister was right.

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20. Ancient History

My grandpa doesn't know that his dad's passing was caused by a drunk driver. He was only two when his dad passed, and can't remember any of it. The only thing he said he knew was that he thought it involved a truck. I found the newspaper article about my great-grandfather's passing when I started digging into my grandpa's family tree.

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21. Dark Deeds

My Uncle Joseph is probably a terrifying criminal. He was a major suspect for the West Mesa Bone Collector. He has also been convicted of even worse crimes. One day, Uncle Joseph was just sort of out of the picture and no concrete explanation was given. At the time, I was young enough that I didn't think to particularly wonder about the details.

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22. Scandalous Great Grandma

Great-grandma ran a "hotel" in the late 1800s near a train depot and army fort in the Oklahoma territory. Turns out it was a brothel. Great-grandma was a madam! She must have been good at it, because she left a lot of money to my grandma.

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23. Someone Saved My Life Tonight

The story that I never tell is about the night my son was born. My wife lost a lot of blood. In an instant, our delivery room was filled with 25 medical personnel after a "rapid response" call. My wife was white as a ghost and hardly coherent. I stood beside her holding her hand while she received emergency blood and plasma and platelets.

I was in total shock in the moment, until my wife locked eyes with me and asked “Am I dying?” I lost it. I'm losing it now typing this. It was the scariest moment of my entire life and I really have trouble reliving it. Eight months later, my wife and baby are both happy and healthy. Give birth in hospitals, people! You never know what can go wrong and the staff there saved her life that night.

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24. Secret Sister

When I was a kid, I knew my grandfather was odd. He'd call me his grandson even when I was wearing a dress and clearly female, but my parents would tell me to ignore it. Then I found out that when my dad was a kid, grandpa had sold my dad's sister Barbara to someone, and kept my dad and his brother because he didn't want a girl in the family.

My dad found his sister Barbara around the time I was in middle school, through making some calls and getting access to records. They were reunited, and she's my favorite aunt now. No one liked grandpa.

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25. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Ram Ram Again

One of my sister's friends from her sorority had a mental breakdown on her two roommates. Of all the crazy stuff I overheard, the best part was when she got in her car and proceeded to ram directly into the back of one of the other friend's cars, over and over again, for almost TWO FULL HOURS. Like, they got security camera footage of her ramming the car, backing up, and doing it again for literally two hours straight before finally getting bored and driving away. Amazing.

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26. Whoops!

I work wedding bars often in between library shifts, and I saw a wedding where the bride never turned up to the altar and texted the guy 15 minutes before saying, "Sorry but I'm not coming." It was super depressing, they went ahead with the 'party' and the groom ended up leaving at around half 7, the rest of the guests at 10.

What had happened was the bride had spent all day with her parents the day before and they apparently hated her husband to be and had convinced her not to show up. Last thing I heard was she came to his door the next morning and apologized, they're still together as far as I know... Man was that an awkward work night.

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27. The Harsh Truth

My mother was in a fatal car accident when I was three—but my family never told me the whole story. I found out from a newspaper article years later that it was her fault. She wasn’t paying attention and crossed the yellow line and ended both her life and that of the person in the other car.

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28. Putting This Crowd on Ice

On my first date (which ended up being a "friend date" but that's a different story), the girl brought her mom. The mom bought both of us ice cream (even though I offered to buy it) and stayed with us for like 10 minutes before leaving for 20 or so minutes and calling her daughter telling her she had to go. That was something.

For everyone asking, this was a few months ago, I was 18 and she was 17. We were talking for a few months prior to this, and I'm fairly certain her mom knew about me. The girl told me to meet her at this ice cream place and that she would have her mom drop her off as she couldn't drive yet. Her mom came with her inside the store, I introduced myself and thought she would go.

She didn't. She bought ice cream for everyone and it was very awkward. I don't know why she did it, but it happened, and I never went on a friend date with that girl again.

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29. A Grim Diagnosis

In my school, the popular girl’s mom was diagnosed with dozens of brain tumors the beginning of our senior year, and died before Christmas. The girl went from stable, well-off, and beautiful to a complete wreck, then she disappeared completely off the map. We have no idea where she went or how she is doing today.

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30. Bubble Baby

I once knew a woman who was a germaphobe. I don't mean that she was just a really clean person. She was, but I'm guessing she could've had some kind of OCD/anxiety disorder. She had a two-year-old who loved to play outside, but she wouldn't let him touch the ground directly. She would literally put the poor kid in a kind of hamster ball type fortress and then put him on the ground.

He was crawling around like a gerbil without ever touching anything. I don't know where they are now, but I hope that kid is okay.

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31. Unluckily, He’s a Family Guy

I served for a couple of years and worked multiple restaurants in that time frame. I worked at a Denny’s, nightshift. It was simultaneously the best and worst job for many reasons. Anyway, there was a regular that came in often, drunk as a skunk and nasty as anything. He tipped really well but was so terrible to us girls.

It never phased me, so I served him often. He offered many, many times to pay for "extra service" and tried to get me to leave with him all the time. Of course, I never did but a couple of months later, I’m working at a new place, a little more high-end. I work mornings there, and this was a Sunday morning church rush.

Guess who was sat in my section? My nasty regular from my last job with his entire family. His wife, kids, parents, the whole group, fresh outta church. The look on this man’s face when I walked up and said hello. He was red as a fire truck, and I made it worse by asking if he remembered me. He left me a HUGE tip, probably because I didn't bring up his nasty mouth and grabby hands from his late drunken nights.

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32. Brothers Never Known

I always knew that my parents had some kind of "family secret." Various mutterings amended streams of conscious, etc. in my childhood. From the sound of it, I was under the impression that I had an older sibling. I am the oldest sibling of four, so I was fixated on the few little details, but as I grew older, I assumed it was a very morbid kind of imaginary friend delusion I had.

When I was in high school, I was talking to my mother when she slipped, saying something about her early relationship with my dad. I pushed her on it and found out that she had stayed with my dad after they had a child at age 15. She went on to tell me that I’d had not one, but three older siblings, and that they were lost in some kind of accident.

My mom broke down. I didn't push for details and never have. That day, I went from being the oldest of four to the middle of seven. Probably my frame of reference for the concept of "trauma." Every obsession, every worry, and character flaw of my teenage self at that time burned into my character like scars.

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33. Misdiagnosis

I’m not sure how my dad discovered this, but he found out he had a secret older brother, his parents' oldest child (Ron, if I remember right, named after his dad). When Ron was preschool-aged, my grandparents were told he was mentally disabled. Horrified, they turned him over to the state and never spoke of him again.

Years later, they learned the truth. Word got back to them that the kid was not, in fact, disabled; he had "auditory dyslexia"(now called auditory processing disorder). He grew up to be a fully functioning, independent adult. He refused to have any contact with the family when my dad reached out. I don’t blame him at all.

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34. When Forgiveness Doesn’t Seem Like a Good Idea

When they were grown, my dad and his younger brother learned that their father had assaulted their sister on multiple occasions and threatened her to keep her quiet. She didn't tell anyone until long after it all happened. Later, she reconnected with her father...and allowed him to meet and spend time with her children. She’s more forgiving than I am.

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35. The Conclusive Clap

I had an awkward "will they won't they thing" with this lady for like two years. She was an awkward and shy type of girl in that really endearing way. I was into her but never realized she was into me so I never made a move. She was shy and never made a move. We both were in and out of relationships over this period also, we were never single at the same time so there was never any momentum to get together.

It was just one of those things, you're into someone, nothing comes of it, you move on. She lived with a friend of mine at the time in a house share. One night I was drinking with my mate watching movies and she decided to join us, which happened occasionally, only this time she was single and I'd recently—literally a week earlier—become single.

Two years of pent-up-emotion-why-has-this-not-happened-before relations happened that night. Next morning, while still in her bedroom, I got the worst phone call of my life. My ex called me to advise she had chlamydia and I should go get tested to be safe. Naturally, I was obliged to pass on that message and completely crush this poor girl in doing so. It still makes me cringe a decade later.

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36. The Old Switcharoo

My wife and I absolutely adore our son. It’s been amazing to watch him grow up—but neither of them know the painful secret that I’ve had to keep from them ever since the day my wife went into labor. She nearly died while giving birth, and the labor was so difficult that she fell into a coma afterward for days. When she woke up cradling our son in her arms, she had no idea about the sin I’d committed.

I secretly bought my son from a human trafficker after my wife had lost our biological child during the birth process. This is quite easy to do in my country, considering that there are a lot of very poor parents willing to give their children away.

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37. A Minor Problem

My school’s popular kid’s life fell apart. The reason was so scandalous. He had an affair with his best friend’s mom. The kid’s dad had died a few years before. They got caught and the mom got detained for sleeping with a minor, as the guy was only 17 years old at the time. The friend and her younger siblings had to go live with another family for a while.

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38. Post-Secondary Disappearance

A little over 10 years ago, a popular kid from my school went missing, they've never found him. Apparently, he was at a party just before graduation, got into a fight with his girlfriend, and left to walk home. They've extensively checked all the nearby woods, dredged the rivers and lakes, it even caught the attention of some TV "psychic." They found his car, abandoned, but no other sign of him.

The creepiest part is how everyone in my hometown still talks about it; My psych teacher in high school used his disappearance as an example when we discussed dissociative fugue states; the town is still plastered in MISSING signs; every year they go out and search again. I always wonder if it was suicide, an accident, foul play, or if he just took off across the country.

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39. The Laundry Pile

My family had a dirty clothes pile. We didn't have a dirty clothes basket or anything like that. We'd pile it near the washer and whenever my mom had time to do it, she'd throw it in the wash. This pile was next to my bedroom door—which gave me an idea that I now realize is absolutely horrifying. Using my stupid kid logic, I decided that instead of walking down the hall to the bathroom, I'd just pee on the pile.

Made perfect sense at the time; the clothes were dirty anyway! My poor mother had to wash really foul-smelling dirty clothes as the pile usually took about three days before it was enough clothes to be washed. I still feel bad about it. Love you Mom!

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40. Turnaround

My uncle met his wife during the time he was using substances pretty heavily. She was an, ahem, "lady of the evening." They have two kids now and they're great parents, nobody would ever guess that they have a rather dark past. They haven't let it visibly affect them at all.

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41. Long-Lost Son

I was the family secret. My biological parents started having kids as teenagers. For context, when my biological mom found out she was pregnant with me, she was 21 and I was their fourth child. They quickly realized they needed to get their act together. They were already struggling financially, had countless substance abuse issues, etc. They decided that they were going to put me up for adoption when I was a baby.

A loving family adopted me quite quickly, and we lived only about an hour’s drive from the city I was born in. Coincidentally, I ended up returning to that same city for college. During my sophomore year, I decided to seek out my biological family. It turns out that my biological parents separated right after I was born. My biological mom is still in and out of jail to this day, but my biological dad was able to start a new chapter.

He got clean and sober, remarried, started going to church, and built a legitimate career for himself. He told his new wife about me when they first met, but didn't tell any of his children. My other siblings didn't know I existed. Thanks to the internet, I ended up tracking down his work number and gave him a call. Later on, he said as soon as I said, "Hi, this might be really weird, but..." he knew it was me.

Apparently, ever since I turned 18, he and his wife were waiting anxiously for me to resurface. They knew the day would come eventually. That evening, they sat my siblings down and told them about me. It was difficult at first, but now I'm 25 and he and I have a pretty solid relationship.

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42. Never Too Early for Pre-Wedding Plans

I once helped out my female friend's family by taking care of their cat for a week. Every day for a week, I would go over there and snoop around their house. I found my friend's diary and proceeded to read the entire thing. I used this information to get her to like me, and she is currently my wife.

She will never know the truth.

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43. Meeting the Family

My cousin once had a crush on me. She was two years younger than me and she saw something in a movie where the girl surprises the guy by waiting and lying naked in his bed. When I was 20, I was coming home where I live with my grandmother. My cousin came to my grandma’s house and waited on my bed wearing only her underwear and nothing on the top. Pretty bad right? No—this story is so much worse.

My grandmother failed to mention to her that I was bringing my college girlfriend for the weekend. As I was unloading the car, my grandmother offered to show my girlfriend to the room where she was going to be sleeping. But when they opened the door, they found my cousin who started screaming profusely.

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44. This One Leaves Me Speechless

I went to a wedding where it was actually a rule that guests weren’t allowed to talk directly to the bride. Her mom and maid of honor were the only ones allowed to.

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45. Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

I went to a co-worker’s wedding where the maid of honor admitted to being the "other woman" that the groom had been cheating with for months. The bride ran out in tears. The groom immediately tried to salvage the ceremony by asking the maid of honor to become the new bride. She refused.

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46. Car Trouble

The guy who had always been the popular kid back when I was in high school grew up and became a cop in our hometown. It could not have gone more tragically. Soon into it, he crashed his patrol car...and then faked a shooting to cover his responsibility for the crash. This spurred a county-wide manhunt for the nonexistent shooter.

After a few weeks, the truth eventually came out. My old classmate got caught, fired, was possibly going to be charged, and then committed suicide the following Thanksgiving.

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47. I Guess It's Just Me and You

I was promoted to VP of my company. The company was in trouble, and the CEO had asked me to figure out why and fix it. I arranged for a random drug test. All employees, the CEO, me, everyone. All on the same day and everyone went down at the same time. Even said I would ignore weed but anyone with anything stronger would be gone.

We get the results back and I fired everyone who had tested positive for any drug other than weed. The CEO and myself were the only two people left working for the company.

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48. Sick Leave

About a month after this lady started, she ran into the building bawling, saying she had breast cancer and would need one day off every two weeks for treatment. Our director complied—until it was revealed that the lady had been caught shoplifting and was taking the time off to go to meetings with her parole officer. She then got fired.

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49. A Thief in Our Midst

Had a really great friend in high school. He was cool but he’d always be trying to sell stuff to people in the hallways, like video games or pocketknives or sunglasses. After over a year of being friends with him he came over to my house to hang out and when he left a bunch of my favorite video games were missing.

I realized what was happening, and I had plans on forgiving him if he just fessed up and apologized. Instead, he got super defensive and angry, and I instantly lost any respect I had for the guy.

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50. By Popular Vote

I worked in an office with four other men. One day, after a mass shooting, I wondered out loud which one of us was most likely to come in one day and harm the other four. For fun, we cast ballots, each of us writing down who we thought would do it. All five of us wrote down Pete—which means Pete even voted for himself.

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51. Seeing a Ghost

I went to the funeral of a friend’s father, I had no idea that the deceased had an identical twin. It felt really strange to see the guy in the coffin sitting in the front row of the church.

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52. What a Difference a Few Seconds Make

My secret story is about the time when my mom needed to go back into the house to get a scarf. Because of this, we were held back and missed a bus by about 10 seconds. That bus then crashed into a bridge at a very high speed because the bus driver had mental health problems. It is the closest I have ever been to death. I will never complain about my mom going back to get a scarf in my life again...

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53. Too Little, Too Late

I was working as a general manager at a struggling restaurant—struggling despite excellent business, because the owners would do stupid things like take trips to Italy on the company dime to source the "perfect" panini press. They also wouldn't staff properly; I was the only waiter ever there, open to close, six days a week, on top of handling phone orders, inventory, and other managerial duties. I was wildly overworked, but I sucked it up because the base pay was good, plus tips.

However, to fund their lavish "business" trips, costs had to be cut at the store. They decided to do this by bumping me down to minimum wage for tipped employees—effectively cutting my salary to 1/10 of its previous level. They were also too chicken to tell me until I got my new teeny paycheck and questioned the mistake. "Oh yeah haha, forgot to mention that blah blah cost-cutting blah valued team member please work with us through this difficult time."

I had worked for two weeks at this new lower rate without my knowledge. Pretty sure that's illegal, but hey, a lot of illegal things go on in the restaurant industry. That's not when I rage quit, though....a couple of hours later, I'm fuming and have decided that I can't work for the lower rate, so now I’m just waiting for the perfect chance to give my notice.

They called in a delivery guy who was fired a few weeks before, and they talk about hiring him to start doing our Facebook posts and handing out flyers around town. Whatever. Then I hear them offer him close to my old salary as "Promotions Manager"! What??? I was basically running the place for $2.13/hr and you're offering this dude almost $20/hr to walk up and down the street saying "Eat at (Name)"?

And yet, it gets worse.

They bring up our negative Yelp reviews and this guy suggests asking friends to post positive ones. The boss starts laughing and says "Better not ask our waitress to post one, it'll be all boohoo don't eat there, I can't pay my rent this month because they cut my pay without telling wahhhh!" I don’t think I was supposed to hear that, but I was five feet away, so of course I did.

I RAGED! I quit on the spot, told them to screw their job, and wished them good luck keeping the place open without me. They quickly realized I was right, as neither of them knew how to do more than pick up the takings once a week. They begged me not to quit. They were so desperate that they sat there for half an hour and allowed me to bluntly tell them exactly what kind of huge idiots I thought they were in excruciating detail.

I went on and on as my rage burned, and they just quietly listened, nodding and apologizing. Once I had cursed myself back into calmness, I walked out, 30 minutes before the dinner rush began, leaving them with an unstaffed floor and no clue how to even open the cash register. God, they were morons. I loved that they actually listened to me telling them exactly how stupid they were. No repercussions on my side, as the restaurant industry isn't known for checking references.

The place closed down about 18 months later, and I was surprised it even made it that long.

Parent As Bad As Student FactsShutterstock

54. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

As I walk into the bathroom one day, all I see is my co-worker pooping in a urinal. He sees me and we just awkwardly stare at each other for a few seconds before I walk out.

That Guy in Office facts Shutterstock

55. Let’s Get Away From It All

My boss refused to let me take a weekend off for my best friend’s wedding because a co-worker was already taking the time off for a dirty weekend away with the married guy she was having an affair with. The married guy was my boss, by the way. I was a bridesmaid and had booked the weekend off 10 months in advance.

I quit on the spot and told my boss’s wife he was cheating on her. My best friend’s wedding was lovely.

Wildest Rage Quit Stories factsShutterstock

56. Small Business, Big Problems

Small business. 20 employees +/-. Boss made a big speech about austerity measures and no raises this year. A week and a half later he drives up in a brand new Silverado with all the bells and whistles. Expensed to the business of course. He would hate to have to pay taxes on those profits. One of the less subtle members of the staff took a literal dump in front of his office door.

Employees Share Horrible Things factsExecutive Secretary

57. Here’s a Tip: Don’t Be a Jerk

My dad and I worked for the owner of a big beverage company. The owner's wife was yelling at my dad for tipping the garbage man $20 while I was carrying a $20,000-dollar lamp she just purchased.

Changed Opinion FactsShutterstock

58. What…You Don’t Cosby?

I had a friend in college from some classes. Didn't know him too well, but I started dating a new girl and they were friends. So, one night, the three of us went out for drinks with three other girls. The four girls all went to use the restroom together (Women...) and he and I stayed at the table. He broke out a little plastic baggie of pills and dropped one in the drink of one of the girls.

He didn't even bother trying to hide what he was doing from me; he just kind of grinned. When the girls got back, I poured the drink out and loudly announced what he had done. I never saw that guy again.

Friends For Never factsNeedpix

59. Lose One, Lose Another Free

Uh, I have a two-for-one deal here: Walking in on my now ex-boyfriend doing it with my ex-best friend in my own room on my birthday party. Here are some FAQs answered: It was my 19th birthday. I did throw the bed out afterward just because it reminded me of it daily. When I walked in, I was shocked, told him that it's over, kicked both of them out into 2°C weather while they were still half-naked, and then did tequila shots with my other, non-jerk friends.

I don't know what happened to them, but I really don't care. It took some time to trust people again but I'm much better now.

Friends For Never factsShutterstock

60. Leaving Without Stutter

I have a severe stutter and it’s always hard for me to make friends because if it. Luckily, I had a really good friend. She never got impatient or mocked me, right? Wrong. I'm normally very quiet and when in a group of people, it’s easy for people to forget I'm there. My friend (we'll call her Julie) had a small get together at her house.

During dinner, conversation was going on and someone asked my opinion on some random topic and I gave it, despite my stutter making it hard for me to say what I wanted. Later in the evening, I was sitting in the living room, sipping my scotch while Julie and some other guests were mingling in the kitchen. That's when I heard it—I could barely contain my tears. Someone casually mentions me in conversation, and Julie said, "Ugh, why did you ask her that question? I can't stand it when she stutters everything. Like, just shut up and let the normal people t-t-t-t-talk."

I sat there and listened to them laugh and make Porky Pig jokes and grew more and more hurt and angry. Someone said something alluding to my stutter meaning I was less intelligent and how Julie was such a good person for tolerating me. I got up, walked into the kitchen and they stood there with a look of horror on their faces.

Julie softly said, "Oh god, I thought you left." I left immediately and haven't spoken to her since.

Friends For Never factsShutterstock

61. Last Ride

Last Friday my friend, riding in the passenger seat, wanted me to drop her off at her boyfriend’s so she could live there...while her husband was in the backseat with their child literally crying because he is genuinely scared he will be unable to provide for their baby. Like I had to give him 20 bucks for food because this chick did not care what happened...

The mother did not care as she was heading off to get with her new boyfriend.

The Towel On Relationship Factsthoughtco

62. Can You Check in the Back?

My 45-year-old coworker got caught having an affair with another coworker who’s an 18-year-old girl. To top it all off, they worked in the back of the building alone together while his pregnant wife was the receptionist at the front.

Office Drama facts Shutterstock

The downfall of one of the popular kids at my school came when he was doing substances in the school bathroom and got caught by a female security guard on his way out. Instead of just accepting his punishment, he decided to put her in a chokehold. He then was shown how huge a mistake he made when that security guard turned out to be a trained gymnast. She easily saved herself and got him thrown in jail.

Josh Brolin factsShutterstock

63. And Then There Were Two

At my school, three popular kids went swimming in a quarry. Only two came out. It sucks, because the one who died was popular for all the right reasons. He was a genuinely good dude. I was the weird kid, but his locker was right next to mine and he was always friendly every single day to every single person. I miss him.

Excruciating Minutes FactsMax Pixel

64. When Patience Would Have Paid off

The most popular boy at my school constantly got made fun of by everyone because he wanted to wait to sleep with his new girlfriend (the popular girl) until they were married. Eventually, the taunting and peer pressure became too much for him to handle, so he caved in and did the deed. It was the worst mistake of his life. The result was a teen pregnancy.

Disrespectful at Home FactsShutterstock

65. America’s Least Funny Home Videos

This one kid at my high school was popular until he facetimed his girlfriend and she secretly screen recorded him putting a baseball bat inside his behind. Like, INSIDE his behind. She subsequently showed the video to all of our classmates, and it was hard for him to recover his "cool" reputation from that point on.

Evil Pranks factsShutterstock

66. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Well, most of my classmates from high school turned out well enough, but there was one guy who ran into some serious trouble after graduation and whose life was taken completely off course. He was the "hot guy" of the class. Girls loved him because he was gorgeous, blah blah blah. You know the type I’m referring to.

Anyhow, he wound up having a kid at a very young age and then eventually came out as being gay. Apparently, he accidentally broadcasted that information to the wrong person. The consequences were absolutely devastating. After an old man aggressively came on to him, my former classmate proceeded to strangle him and discard his body in a ravine.

He was later caught. From what I understand, the old man had forcefully tried to assault him on a back road. Either way, my classmate is now doing time for it. I actually got along really well with the guy back in the day. It's unfortunate that this happened to him, especially considering that he has a daughter. It’s funny how life can change in such a short amount of time.

Creepiest True Stories factShutterstock

67. Nothing to Cheer About Here

Well, a super popular cheerleader girl at my high school ended up falling down stairs and injuring herself very badly. She broke her back and got completely paralyzed. She has needed to use a wheelchair ever since. Needless to say, her life was never the same again from that point on, though I heard she'd doing well now.

Popular Kids Facts Pixabay

68. Bad Grandpa

My grandfather is a killer. His victim was one of his co-workers when they were installing power poles on roads in Alaska before it was a completed town. He was investigated but they couldn't prove it. I guess he did it because the guy wouldn't pay a $5 debt owed for liquor brought in. My grandfather was a horrible human and he got away with everything.

Until he ended up with colon cancer that he didn't get checked out and he passed of cancer weighing about 78 lbs. Alone.

Change Life FactsPexels

69. How to Stay Miserable

A really close friend of mine posted this long rant about how miserable she was with her life. Being one of her best friends I leave her message letting her know that I'm always there if she wants to talk or something. Two days later she answers with; "I'd rather gouge my own eyes out with a spoon. Screw off." Okay, what? I ask her if I had done something to tick her off and she tells me, "No, my problems are my own, just screw off." Haven't spoken to her since.

Friends For Never factsShutterstock

70. All About the Money

Gave my roommate an envelope with a money order for bills in it to drop in the mail. Then one day got apprehended by the cops. While looking for some of his documents to take to him I found the opened, empty envelope in his closet. Peace out.

Friends For Never factsShutterstock

71. Wanna Chill?

Had a very close friend I’ve known for 10+ years. He was always in a bit of a depressive state about his life and I often was the person he could talk to about it all. Spent countless evenings listening, being supportive, etc. He was not full-time depressed, we also shared a lot of laughs and simple-minded/happy moments.

Then for the first time in ten years...it was me who got depressed. Went through a very emotionally abusive relationship and got lied to about a fake pregnancy for weeks (because she didn't want to lose me). The experience sent me into an existential crisis and a deep depression...but somehow, it was about to get even worse. When I tried to talk about it with this friend of ten years... after five minutes, his words were: "Shut the eff up, you're annoying!"

He went on to say good night and left. A week later he wrote a message: "Wanna chill?" I told him to find a new best friend. Never heard from him again.

Friends For Never factsShutterstock

72. The Cheater

My sister’s fiancé passed very suddenly and very tragically from a heart attack. She was 20, and he was 23. It turned out that he had an underlying condition. In the months following his passing, she found out he had been cheating on her basically since the start of their three-year relationship. Some women were long term and knew about her, others were just casual one-night stands that probably didn't know.

She kind of went off the deep end a little, because now she was not only mourning a man she loved; she also had to deal with this fact without being able to ask him for answers. Silver lining though; she ended up dating and marrying one of his good friends. They sort of bonded in the aftermath. He is the best thing that ever happened to her and vice versa.

They will be married for three years this summer.

Life-Shattering Secrets factsPixabay

73. The Siblings

I have nine siblings. We all share the same father. I only knew about seven of them until my dad passed. I found out that two of my "cousins" were actually my brother and sister. My father had cheated on his then-wife with her sister. So those kids were born out of wedlock. When my mother passed, I figured out that my sister (whom I thought we shared the same parents with) was fathered way before they met.

My only full-blood sibling is my twin. I'm only close to him and my sister. The other half-siblings get along well with us but we are not close.

Elizabeth Woodville FactsShutterstock

74. A Mother’s Greed

My friend's mom got rid of her husband. She had taken a $200k life insurance policy out on him six months before he passed, and he passed from not taking his medication that he'd taken no problem all of his life. My buddy was away for the weekend so he wasn't home when it happened. After his mom passed, we found out even more: She'd taken a life insurance policy out on my buddy at some point too, and she'd also forged his signature to sign over $100k my buddy's dad had left to him. 

She robbed my buddy blind and he had no clue. She took his inheritance from his grandma too that he'd had no clue about and gave a big chunk of it to her friends/his godparents who used it to buy a beach house... She also faked illnesses to get prescription pills and had little books filled with info on what she'd sold and how much she'd made from selling them.

Nobel Prize factsNeedpix

75. In Bed With the Enemy

One of my co-workers was a 20-some-year-old girl who initially seemed nice.  Then she made a dark confession. She  took the liberty of informing me that she had previously been detained in Korea—for trying to kill someone. Apparently she attacked a woman with the end of her stiletto heel. Obviously, I tried to be extremely nice to her even though she was an incompetent fool because I didn't want a repeat of her incident to happen to me.

She began dating our boss (who was well into his 50s) and, unsolicited, shared graphic details of their bedroom life with me. All the time. She couldn't properly work our computer system, and whenever she'd fill out paperwork, she'd mess it up...and everyone else somehow got blamed for her errors. Thankfully, after she and my boss broke up, she left.

Changed Opinion FactsShutterstock

76. I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

I worked at an office supply store, and one day I saw that one of my co-workers had a picture of me. In the picture, I was standing at the register, so it was taken at work. I asked why he had it, and he just tried laughing it off like it was funny. Later on, he tells me he's been putting his own memory card in the store display cameras and taking pictures of me. He goes on to inform me he has more pictures of me saved on his computer at home.

Butterfly EffectGetty Images

77. Substitute Punishment

One of the Spanish teachers at my school was out that day and the class had a substitute. The class wasn't behaving properly and the substitute was angry at them. While she was chastising them, the fire alarm went off—and her reaction was utterly chilling. She decided that the kids didn't deserve to be rewarded with time outside, so she refused to allow the students to leave.

She reportedly even put a desk in front of the door to quell any notions about unauthorized egress. If it had been a drill, chances are pretty good nobody would have noticed. However, it was not a drill. Instead, it was arson. The arsonist had lit fires in the maintenance closets near each set of stairs with the intention of having the fire spread to the stairs and trapping people inside the burning building. The Spanish class became trapped downstairs with no exits.

Fortunately for everybody involved, the stairs never actually caught fire, they were just impassible with smoke. Once the fire department put out the fire in one stairwell, they were able to evacuate the students and the substitute. I believe they actually took them out a nearby window and not the main entrance.

After the students told the administration what the substitute did, a story rather supported by the fact that the firemen had to push through the desk that had been propped against the door, the sub was actually arrested and charged with 30 or so counts of reckless endangerment of a minor. I believe they dropped the charges in exchange for the substitute giving up the ability to hold a teaching job of any kind for effectively the rest of her life.

The arsonist was eventually caught, this being the third and largest of six different fires he eventually set. I believe he was committed to a mental institution where he clearly belonged.

Messed With the Wrong Person factsShutterstock

78. Simple Solutions

Co-worker got her car, which she only had for six months, repossessed. She almost tore the bumper off and just beat the thing up like crazy. She thought she could just make partial car payments. She didn't want to pay 100% of all of her bills because she'd have very little money left to do fun things like get really drunk. She has to come up $1,100 in ten days to get it back and provide proof of insurance.

Well, not only does she not have $1,100, she also does not have insurance. In order to get insurance, she needs a valid driver's license, which she also does not have. She thinks she can just let the car go without any consequences and the dealer will just sell it and recoup their losses. And this week she has bed bugs!

She thinks she can just move downstairs because the bugs are upstairs.

Scary Driving FactsShutterstock

79. Seed Sowing

My married, 35-year-old boss who has four kids is two months pregnant with my 20-year-old coworker's kid. Additionally, my 30-year-old co-worker who is married with five kids is four months pregnant with the same 20-year-old co-worker's kid.

Search Histories factsShutterstock

80. Problems with Management

One of the cashiers at my last job got pregnant; she was 17 at the time. Everything was well and good and we all supported her decision, and let her know she’d still have a job when she got back from maternity leave. I didn’t know who the father was and frankly, it was none of my business—but whether I wanted to or not, I was about to find out. One day she was shopping on her day off when she ran into the father of her kid with another girl.

They were being cuddly and holding hands and stuff while they too were shopping. So, this poor, very pregnant teen went off on them, “How could you? I kept the baby because of you!” They got in a huge fight and had to be escorted from the store by management. The store manager didn’t recognize her because she wasn’t in uniform and he was an oblivious jerk anyway.

He tried to have her banned from the store. She ended up quitting because if it, had her baby, and I think is doing OK despite the circumstances.

Twin Stories FactsShutterstock

81. A Conference Callout

We were on a conference call. A supervisor was taking credit for all of the work that had been done on a cross-departmental project. In reality, he wasn't even a part of the project; his subordinate, Craig, was. I called him out on it in front of about 40 people. I said that even Craig didn't really do any work.

The real star of the show was Leslie, the intern assigned to help us, since she actually did 75% of the work on his behalf. The supervisor got fired several months later for some other unrelated issues. A lot of people on the call reached out to me afterwards to let me know that they thought what I did was pretty awesome. That made me happy.

Caught Lying FactsShutterstock

82. Naughty Yachty

An ex con who was in jail for murder works at my old job and is living on the company owner's private yacht because he's homeless and they desperately need this guy for his skill set. And that's just the beginning...Other guys were searching to buy their other coworker a male escort as a joke for his birthday and stumbled upon the ex con on the owner's yacht, advertising as a male escort for males.k We raised a ton of money to fix the sound system. The fix sucks. Now the music person is leaving at the end of the week and none of us are going to be fully equipped to troubleshoot the sound system for church services, funerals, etc.

On top of that, all the old people throw a fit when anyone uses the kitchen in the parish hall and doesn't leave it immaculate. They usually blame me or the youth minister, and neither of us ever use it. The teachers at the school also put up a big sign on their supply room door that says, "These supplies are for school staff only," because "someone" keeps taking supplies and leaving the room a mess.

Again, they blame me and the youth minister when we have our own supply closets to us. Teachers can be just as petty and passive-aggressive as their middle-school students.

Office Drama factsWallpaper flare

83. Employee for a Day

I used to live near a very affluent area, and many of the most convenient grocery stores were just inside said area. A friend of mine was staying with us for a few weeks and would occasionally stop by said stores on her way home from work. One day, while she was at the self-checkout, a woman came up to her telling her to bag her groceries.

My friend politely told her she didn't work there. The lady then insisted that my friend did indeed work there, and demanded she bag her groceries, citing the way she was dressed. For reference, at the time she was working as an intern at a local engineering firm so her outfit was professional, and not at all resembling the uniform of the store.

Eventually, this lady's tantrum caught the attention of an actual employee, who then had to tell the woman SEVERAL times that my friend was not, in fact, an employee of the store. Then the woman said the most ridiculous thing of all time. "Well, she should have just bagged my groceries anyway." And that is the story of how my best friend came the closest she's ever been to literally choking someone.

Retail Workers Describe Their Craziest Encounters With CustomersShutterstock

84. In My Professional Opinion, You Suck

A colleague of mine whined about her job 24/7. She quit eventually, then she went to see a psychiatrist, because she needed to feel justified that quitting her job meant she had no regrets and she was actually mentally ill and couldn't cope, since it was a residency program in one of the best hospitals in the country.

Her psychiatrist, after evaluating her, had the best response ever. She straight up told her that she was a whiny brat.

Funniest Comments Anesthesia Patients Made factsShutterstock

85. Wordless Exchange

I got paired with the uber-hot cheerleader for a chemistry project. I started tapping my pencil against the top of the desk due to nerves and, somehow, it flew out of my hand eraser first then ricocheted into her eye. She had to go to the nurse and hated my guts all without me saying a single word.

Awkward Crush factsShutterstock

86. Call the Fire Brigade

This one girl in high school faked a seizure because I told her that I already had a girlfriend. The gym teacher called 9-1-1 and when the paramedics got there she just got up and ran off. I guess she got in some pretty big trouble for doing that.

Awkward Crush factsShutterstock

87. Pass It on

Oh, sweet Jesus.  I used to work at a women's clothing store. One of my first shifts, I was closing with a young supervisor. She seemed okay until the manager left. Then she sat on the floor, took out her phone, and started texting people. Whatever. We weren't busy. After about 20 minutes of this, she suddenly stops texting, looks at me, and asks me if I'm “Okay with intimate stuff.”

I didn't really know what she meant at first, so I just kind of shrugged and tried to keep myself busy. She asks me again, only the second time she actually elaborates and asks me if I'm okay with talking about bedroom stuff. Once again, first time I've EVER MET HER. Being the new girl, I didn't want to rock the boat, so I tell her that yeah, that talk doesn't bother me.

Turns out, I had made a horrible mistake. As soon as I tell her I'm okay with it she starts loudly talking about how she recently got intimate with a friend of hers, and now she has chlamydia. This was her favorite topic of discussion for the next four weeks or so. Her chlamydia. She made it total common knowledge. She even told some of our customers—which two of us found out one afternoon when an older woman approached us and asked us if we could help her instead because “that girl over there won't stop talking about her STDs.”

That Guy in Office facts Shutterstock

88. Tie One On

I used to work with Brian—about 230 pounds of pure software geek. He had a full beard like Grizzly Adams. Baths and showers were not on his list of important things to do. Once, we flew him to the client site to help solve a pesky problem. I reminded him to dress for the occasion. I greeted him at the front lobby and was shocked to see him with a collared shirt that had never been ironed. But that’s not all.

His tie was TIED DIRECTLY TO HIS NECK! Not under the collar, just wrapped around his neck. When I mentioned it to him he said, “If that's my only problem then we're in good shape.”

That Guy in Office facts Shutterstock

89. A Close Shave

Working in an open-concept office where we used an instant messenger to communicate. One day working late, it's only me and That Guy. He disappeared for 20 minutes then came back, but I didn't notice much. He types to me, "Hey do you like my haircut?" and I look over and he has just LOCKED eyes with me after shaving his head with a razor in the bathroom.

That Guy in Office facts Shutterstock

90. The OG Hot Priest

My grandfather had an entirely different last name than we thought, and he was actually a bad boy Catholic priest! After he shacked up with my grandmother and had a bunch of children with her, he just never told the rest of his family. They thought he was living the chaste life. Um, nope. 

Jimmy Fallon FactsShutterstock

91. The Journal

My mom passed 15 years ago, but I only found her rehab journal a few months ago. In it, she talked about how she was in love not with my dad, but some guy she met at a gastric bypass support group. I'm not sure if my dad ever read the journal and found out, but him and his husband are living the life now and I'm definitely not going to bring it up.

Learned About After Died Facts Good Free Photos

92. The Linguist

My grandma passed last year, and after the funeral, the family congregated at my grandpa's house to spend time together. My aunt asked me about my studies and I talked about some research I was doing on the Gaelic language. My grandpa, sitting in the same room, piped in, "Oh, I spoke that with Grandma and Grandpa [his parent’s names] back in the day" and I just kind of stopped and asked him if he was serious.

He was, and apparently none of my aunts or uncles had known either and were just as flabbergasted. He'd never spoken a word of it around them for 60+ years. Apparently, he didn't speak it because my grandma worried that if they knew he wasn't totally integrated to American life (AKA English), they might not have let them adopt my mom, aunts, and uncles.

Learned About After Died Facts Wikimedia Commons

93. The Matriarch

We always thought something was up with my nan. She always kind of shunned any females in the family. Her sons and grandsons were like gold to her. Wives and granddaughters were treated like rubbish. Wasn't until she passed a few years back that it came out that she had been abusing her sons and possibly some of her grandsons.

One of my uncles ended up going to prison for assaulting all three of his children, two sons and a daughter. Tore his family apart. When my nan was dying, our uncle never left her side; he organized the funeral and seemed more cut up over it than anyone else. He was the favorite son. Totally gives me the creeps.

Skin factsPixabay

94. The Betrayal

She had been cheating on me all throughout our marriage. When the shock subsided, it was replaced by rage and betrayal. I lost it and I just started destroying and trashing everything of hers. The only thing I didn't destroy or throw away was her urn. I gave that to her parents. I seriously thought about flushing her ashes down the toilet, but I decided not to.

I completely got over her in record time.

Learned About After Died FactsShutterstock

95. Helicopter Parents Never Fly Coach

I worked as a nanny for a 1% family. The stuff I saw haunts me. I remember having one parent complain how rude it was a friend hadn't offered to fly them to Miami on a private jet for a weekend getaway, and they were "forced" to go first-class. Had the other parent tell me they thought it was really "sweet" I was happy to help others and never be wealthy.

They would also spring last-minute trips on me and their kid all the time, so I'd stay in the main house with their child while the parents were country-hopping. Poor kid never had any sense of who was going to be where. There were business-related videos of the parents on YouTube, so it got to the point where I'd play them on an iPad so the kid had some sense of consistency.

Just to be clear, the kid was absolutely adorable and very sweet (which made it really hard to leave, I felt terrible), but it was pretty disheartening to think they'd probably turn out like their parents in a few years. The best part about the parent complaining over the first-class flight was when they asked me if I thought they were overreacting.

Literally asked me "Wouldn't you be upset? Don't you think that's rude? They've been doing better [financially] now that they have Company X money they could have sent a plane etc." and I'm thinking, well I'm pretty sure my entire year's salary couldn't pay for one chartered flight, so you know I'm probably not the best person to ask.

Dumbest Person FactsShutterstock

96. Her Ego Puts Her Over Carrying Capacity

There was this incident I heard about a couple of years back about a local socialite who married into one of the richest and most powerful families here. The story goes that she was at a bank's main office to meet with the CEO. Instead of taking the elevator like a regular person, she had her bodyguards remove all the people inside the elevator so that she could go up alone without people bothering her.

She said something along the lines of, "Get out of my elevator." Funny thing is, one of the people she had forced out the elevator was the bank owner's wife, who decided to take another elevator with the rest of the people who were forced out. The owner's wife got her sweet revenge. Once the socialite got to the office, the bank owner's wife was already there and promptly told her to "get out of her building."

Out of Touch Rich People FactsShutterstock

97. Stay for the Pay

The saddest divorce I ever got hired to do (but ended up not doing for reasons that'll become apparent), was a woman in her fifties whose husband had really just let himself go. He was over 400 pounds, just did his third triple bypass, refused to do ANYTHING different, just smoked and drank all day long while watching TV.

His doctors told him he was going to die in six months if he didn't change his behavior. He told them they were all morons and could go to heck. Meanwhile, his wife is this successful woman who makes over $10k a month on her HOBBY, while making six figures in her normal work. She lost all respect for him, all desire, and all love for him by watching his decline.

For the past few years, she could barely stand him. It also sounded like there was some verbal abuse going on where he constantly accused her of cheating--and that's not the worst part. He also gaslit her while cheating himself throughout their marriage (and spending all his money on substances). His accusations ramped up considerably once she lost about 200 lbs the good old fashioned way.

We were working on her divorce, and one of her provisions was that he keeps her as the beneficiary on his life insurance (for obvious reasons). She assured us he would agree to everything she suggested in the paperwork if she talked him through it. One day, we get an email from her saying to halt the divorce.

Not because they were reconciling, but because he refused to keep her as the beneficiary on his life insurance if they divorced. So, she stopped the divorce. So that she could get the benefits when he inevitably dies in a few months. It was absolutely stone-cold but honestly I couldn't say I would have done things any differently than her.

Outrageous Reasons for Divorce factsShutterstock

98. A Zero-Tolerance Policy for Some

I’m a manager at a corporate restaurant. There are a general manager and two other assistant managers like me. We work on a college campus and so all of us assistant managers are students, which is why corporate excused this BS, I guess. Well, my co-manager completely tormented this one employee. Like this was movie-worthy sexual harassment. He stalked this kid on every social media platform, was blocked on all of them, and just kept going at it.

This employee got so upset with his advances one night that he left work in the middle of his shift. My co-manager ripped him a new one, telling him that he was going to be fired unless he came over to his house right that second. The employee refused, blocked him, then my co-manager found him on another social media and continued to say that he would completely forget that this happened, and he could still have his job if he just answered him and came over.

This went on for nearly a week and said employee kept no-call no-showing. He came in one day when my co-manager wasn’t working and reported this to me and my actual boss. We told him that it is difficult to terminate a manager unless he wanted to file a report. He said he just didn’t want anything more to do with this and was just going to quit. It was really sad, but we understood where he was coming from.

Well, during this time, there was another employee, who was like 50 years old, flirting with some of the younger female employees. He had also flirted with me and asked me out, so when one girl came forward it was definitely believable that he was being inappropriate. He wasn’t harassing anybody, but he was making other girls uncomfortable. Literally, the SAME day that this poor harassed boy came in, told us everything, showed us all messages, and quit, my co-manager (the one who was harassing the first kid) freaked out on this one guy.

We told him we were all working on it and he literally THREW a filing cabinet over and said “There is NO grey area when it comes to sexual harassment. I am firing (blank) right now.” And he went out and fired this guy, ripped him to shreds in front of the whole kitchen, and yelled “sexual harassment” the whole time. This one guy wasn’t harassing anyone, he was a little slow and barely ever spoke, and had asked a few younger girls to dinner. Yes, it was uncomfortable, and yes it would’ve resulted in a conversation with him, but he did not do anything wrong at that point.

It was just so insane to all of us that my co-manager literally fired this man for asking employees on a date the SAME DAY that this 18-year-old kid came in and told us about the torture he was putting him through. He literally said, “There’s no grey area when it comes to sexual harassment,” like, screw you dude.

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99. Bad Suggestions

My twin brother died in a car wreck and my family suggested that I should date his girlfriend because...grief, I guess? REAL FREAKIN' AWKWARD, MOM.

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100. Missed Encounters

At a wedding of a college friend of my husband’s, we learned that the bride (his old friend) had been in love with him for over a decade. We learned this from the women at our table at the reception. We introduced ourselves while we waited for the bride and groom to arrive. They were horrified that we were there—and extremely worried.

My husband had NO idea that she had feelings for him. She bee-lined right for our table after the "introducing Mr & Mrs" thing—ignoring her family and leaving her husband standing alone. She clung to my husband and sobbed—lifting her head to glare at me. She had to be pulled off of him.

She repaired herself, then followed us as we tried to leave quietly—her parting shot was to stare at my chest and say, "Well I guess I know what I was missing all along!" Her new husband was in shock and my husband was horrified and embarrassed—he was completely clueless and would never have gone to the wedding if he'd know she was obsessed with him. It was bizarre.

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