July 13, 2023 | Allison Robertson

Truly Crazy Exes

There are some seriously messed up people in this world, and some of us are unfortunate enough to have attempted a relationship with them. From next-level stalking to creepy revenge tactics, these Reddit stories might just have you thinking your crazy ex may not actually be all that crazy after all.

1. She Found A Loophole

My ex broke up with me for a week to sleep with a guy who was visiting because she, "loved me too much to cheat on me". She thought if she dumped me, it would be OK, as long as we got back together. She had no idea what was coming. I didn't get back with her. She wanted to "stay friends" and still tries to hit me up every eight or nine months.

She's engaged now though, so I think I'm free.

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2. The Counteroffer, Though

I was dating a woman who suddenly stopped all communication with me out of the blue one day. Then after about two months, she called me and said "For $20 you can do anything you want with me". That's when she became crazy. To clarify; I didn't actually do anything with her. I made a counteroffer for five bucks. I think she was offended. I haven't talked to her since then.

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3. Vegan Revenge

I knew my ex was crazy when she broke into my car and put an animal body under the driver's seat. It was a really weird move for a vegan.

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4. That’s Some Serious Commitment

The fact that my ex stalked me at my work for years even AFTER she was married to someone else is what makes her the “crazy ex”. But that's not the weird part. The weird part is that her useless husband would drive her and sit out in the car with her. I moved 600 miles away. I still keep an eye out just in case.

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5. He Just Needed Perspective

My ex was definitely crazy. He pretended he was dying—twice. The second time, I messaged his friend on Facebook, got his number, and gave him a call. My ex was at his best friend's house watching a movie. Meanwhile, he was texting me from "the hospital bed" saying how I caused him to be this unwell when I broke up with him.

I never let him know that I knew he was lying. Then things escalated to him threatening to key my car. His friends publicly wrote on Facebook about how I needed to be "taken care of". Then it was about cutting up my tires. Those were pretty harsh threats when you consider that I dumped him after finding out he cheated on me six times.

His reason for cheating? He told me, "I'm writing a dating book, I need perspective". Let me add that during the entire year that we dated, I only know that his first and last names are real. He created a totally different life only around me. Anything you can think of was a lie. Family, friends, interests, school, jobs, etc. I never knew this person at all.

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6. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

My first crazy ex was a fiery redhead. A real powder keg. Short fuse, big kaboom. I dumped her for breaking a pretty big promise to me. She came over to my house to do the post-breakup apology thing. I don't take people back, as a rule, so I said no.

She flipped her lid and physically charged me. I dragged her out of the house and locked the door. She jumped my fence, circled around, came in through the sliding glass door, and physically charged me again. But then it happened all over again. My second crazy ex, well, we were together for eight years and even got engaged.

We had started picking out kids’ names. Then she went on vacation with some mutual friends and came back with a new boyfriend. She took a bunch of my personal stuff (baby photos, my diploma, wedding rings, etc) and moved out. And still, it wasn't over. My third crazy ex was actually a nice deaf girl.

Her father was super awful when she was little. Her ex-boyfriends were losers too. I wasn't. I didn't fight, hit, or get angry...so she filled the role of the bad guy herself several times over. That bit is my fault; I should have left and stayed gone after the first time. It took a few more to beat some sense into me.

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7. Next Level Jealousy

My brother was engaged to a girl who wouldn't let him play any video games with "hot" cartoon female characters and would go through his manga comics scribbling out girls. She also used to rip his hair out all the time.

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8. There Is Nothing He Wouldn’t Do

I think I was around 18 years old. My ex and I had been dating for about eight months and I broke up with him because my parents were treating me differently and I didn't like it. It put too much strain on both relationships and I couldn't take it. I broke up with him one night and about a week later he showed up at my parents' house wanting to talk to me.

My mom answered the door. I didn't want any part of it, so she told him to go away. He got belligerent and eventually left, so she then called the authorities. He was pulled over and given a warning, then they let him be. Later, I was home alone playing video games and there was a knock at the back door.

I look through the glass from the couch and he was there looking in trying to talk to me. Again, I didn't want any part of it so I ignored him. He got mad and shouldered the door. The frame cracked. He did it again and the door burst open. I said, “What the heck are you doing”? I was shocked at his response. He grabbed me, put me over his shoulder, and carried me outside.

I figured he was just going to put me in the front seat and leave with me, but then he popped the trunk of his car with the remote and I realized what was going to happen. I twisted a little, which surprised him, and he dropped me. But then he put me in a headlock. He tossed me in the trunk, shut it, and drove off.

At this point, I was doing everything I could to get out of the trunk. It didn’t have a way to open the trunk from the inside, so I started kicking the back of the seats to get out. I eventually got one open enough to stick my head through to get some air. He had calmed down a bit, and I knew he just wanted to talk to me, so he didn't really freak out when I was able to climb into the backseat.

Back when he was putting me in the trunk, the neighbor kids were outside. They saw what was happening and ran inside to tell their parents. Their parents called the authorities, who then called my mom. My ex drove me an hour and a half away to an old camp he used to go to and we talked for a while.

He then took me to Pizza Hut because I said I was hungry. I remember wondering why no one was concerned that I was waiting for a pizza without shoes or socks on. Because no one said anything, I figured my parents hadn't realized what had happened yet. Little did I know the truth. An Amber Alert had already been issued.

Anyway, he decided he was going back to his place. When he got there, the authorities were waiting for him and tried to taser him. They missed and he jumped back in his car and did a backward U-turn. I was still in the car at this point.  He started driving through the city at speeds of 60-85 MPH.

It became a high-speed pursuit. He was going to get on the highway but the authorities had it blocked off with spike strips so he turned onto a backroad that had a dead-end. He ended up crashing into a tree. The authorities swarmed the car, pulled us both out, and since they didn't realize who we were, cuffed us both and put us in separate patrol cars.

Once everything was situated, they un-cuffed me and transported me back to the city station. My parents and sister were there waiting for my safe return. The whole ordeal lasted around 10 hours. My ex got four years behind bars and is now out and in a halfway house.

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9. Creepy And Crazy

My ex and I got into an argument when I wanted to break up, so he punched a gate, wiped his blood on me, and said, "It's on your hands now". I knew he was riding the crazy train, and this was my proof.

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10. He Was A Bit Clingy

You know how I knew my ex was crazy? 57 missed calls in three hours. And no, I am not exaggerating.

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11. Wait For It

My ex suffered PTSD due to surviving an F5 tornado. Which is sad, yes, but then he became a satanist, he got booked for shoplifting, he was addicted to cough medicine, and he drove his car into a telephone pole and had to be rescued by the jaws of life while his car was on fire. But that’s not the craziest part, yet.

This guy was also an "adult baby". Which meant that he enjoyed wearing diapers and children/baby clothes, having a pacifier, drinking from a baby bottle, etc. He liked to go to clubs in baby drag. He cheated on me at least once with a random guy from the internet who had similar interests.

He eventually ended up in rehab and now plays in a Christian band (so, he’s no longer a Satanist, I guess). Oh, and his father is a preacher!

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12. Not Your Average Teenage Breakup

When I broke up with my ex a couple years ago, I started having these weird dreams where I could hear consistent sobbing and sniffling. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper so it didn't really cause any issues for me and I would wake up without problems in the morning.

This unique experience went on for a couple weeks. Then it got weirder. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and my room would smell like my ex's perfume. Not only that, but my sheets looked like they were wet from tears. I was in my late teen years and still lived at home, so I asked my family if anything unusual was happening around the house at night.

Nobody knew what I was talking about. So, I convinced myself that I was just having some serious, realistic dreams. After all, I did care for the girl at one point. Then, I started to smell her every time I went into my room, or my car. I figured I was just creating false sensations in my mind due to a rough breakup, like my brain was remembering an imaginary scent.

This continued for weeks until I decided to spend the night at my buddy’s house down the street after drinking. I got a call from my mother, whispering something about somebody going through the front door downstairs.

Assuming there was an intruder, I immediately ran down the street with my buddy, busted in the front door, and ran upstairs. What I found stunned me. My ex was in my room going through my dresser. When she saw me, she started telling me to get out of my OWN room. I called the authorities and she ran away and never came back.

Later, I found out that she had made copies of all the keys to my house and car. She would sneak over and spray her perfume around my things to “keep the feelings for her alive”. My entire family was super creeped out that she had been doing this without anyone noticing.

Over a year later, when I moved out, I found two love notes behind my headboard, still stained with teenage tears. She had apparently placed them under my pillow and probably wondered why I never confronted her about it. I guess I would knock them away as I flailed around in bed restlessly.

This gave me chills as I finally saw how obsessed she was due to the language she used in the notes. I'm a lucky man to still be here. I haven't seen her since, but I've been told that this weird behavior didn’t stop with me. She’s stalking someone else now.

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13. She Upped Her Game To Get His Attention

A girl I was dating very briefly basically stalked me a week after we broke up. We'd been dating for maybe, oh, six weeks at most. Her first voice mail in this post-breakup drama was: "Hey, haven't heard from you in a few days. I’m getting worried. Call and let me know you're ok”.

This was barely a week after I told her, "Not only are we through, I never want to see or hear from you again. Ever". And when I didn't answer that call, she proceeded to light up my phone for hours. The next day, one call: "Hey, still haven't heard from you. I dropped my daughter off with a friend and drove by your house but you weren't home, so I'm really getting worried now".

I called her back after that one, reiterated that I never wanted to hear from her again, and told her the next time she rings me or texts me I will call the authorities. I thought that was the end of it. I was so wrong.  My best friend, who I hadn't had a chance to talk to about this, invites me to meet his new girlfriend. Get this, the new girl is my crazy ex!

She found someone I knew through social media who was also on the market and started dating him. And then she pressured him into inviting me, his best friend, over to meet her. Meanwhile, she knew who I was the entire time. Oh, there's more. The dude didn't break up with her, so I had to avoid him for most of the next entire year. Eventually, I got an “I-told-you-so” out of it all.

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14. At Least He Doesn’t Have Commitment Issues

While we were dating, my ex told me he was just using me for personal satisfaction. When I got upset at this, he said he only said that to make sure I loved him. He then flipped the tables and accused me of only being intimate with him for my own satisfaction.

When we broke up, he sent photos of me sleeping without clothing to my new boyfriend. I didn’t even know he had these photos. He then tried to break into my house "to return my things" and stalked me in plain sight—parking outside of my apartment or work, just to watch me.

This went on for years, and he always found a way to get my addresses and phone numbers. He left me countless voicemails of him crying and e-mailed me non-stop to tell me how much he missed me, or else to insult me. Many years later, he found a way to contact me and accused me of giving him an STI.

He continues to create new profiles on Facebook and Twitter to send me messages. His last contact was six months ago. He sent me a quote from a song. He is almost 40 now. Here’s the kicker: We have been broken up for 15 years and we only dated for nine months to begin with.

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15. Do As I Say

My ex constantly tried to force feed me food in an attempt to make me fat. She also wanted me to grow out my hair so they could be made into dreadlocks. She had unrealistic beauty standards. Or maybe she just didn’t want me with anyone else. Either way, I was not on board and she did not like that. See ya!

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16. A For Effort

I dumped her and told her the only way I would take her back is if God Almighty himself wrote on my door that I had made a mistake. She called my dad that night and asked him to write "mistake" on my bedroom door. I was in highs school at the time.

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17. This Isn’t Just Crazy, It’s Weird

I walked in on her taking a dump on the sofa, thinking that it would be the perfect revenge for breaking up with her. She'd maybe forgotten one thing. The sofa belonged to her.

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18. Another Stage Five Clinger

My ex sent me 126 emails in four hours...while I was at work, to my work account.

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19. This Is A Good One

My ex got revenge on me for breaking up with her. She gave my name, address, and phone number to every Mormon church within 200 miles. Mormons are now always calling me or showing up at my door. I've also received countless books and videos in the mail.

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20. Glad This One Is An Ex

He would secretly take my belongings from me (tissues, gloves, bits of hair) to create a soup that he would then drink and bathe in. So, crazy would be an understatement.

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21. Not Cool

I knew my ex was crazy when he legitimately fought a waiter "because he was giving me too much friendly attention". It was embarrassing. Not only did I think he was nuts, everyone around us did too.

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22. He Dodged A Big One Here

My crazy ex cheated on with me with multiple guys and got pregnant. She tried to trap me with the kid because she thought I had the most money. She took it as far as naming the child after me. We were teenagers. I lost my virginity to this girl. But the truth came out. The child was born a completely different race.

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23. This One Takes The Cake

It was my eighteenth birthday, and as a newly-minted adult, I was enjoying my grown-up-ness by getting as tipsy as I could. I'm with my friends in this pub in town, and across the bar there's a group of girls. One of them catches my eye when I look over, and she's stunning. Long red hair, bright blue eyes, full pink lips.

I look away and carry on drinking, but she keeps catching my eye again and again. We do that thing where you both catch each other looking, then pretend you weren't looking at all while doing it even more. Eventually I need another drink, so I get up and head to the bar, and I notice her doing the same.

We get to the bar, and we get to chatting. She tells me her name's Helena. I make some kind of Shakespeare joke, she laughs, and I'm in. The evening wears on, and eventually we go back to my place and are having a good rest of the evening.

Soon, we drift into actually being a couple, and from there we start to do more couple-y things. And that's when the crazy leaks in. She starts arguing with me about every little thing imaginable, from not saying hello in the right way to not being there to wake her up at precisely 6:01:09 in the morning, or whatever.

Every argument escalates into whatever she's decided to rant about, and always ends the same way—she threatens to dump me, I coax her back, we make up, everyone's happy. After maybe a month and a half of this, I get bored of it all. I do the decent thing thing and take her out for coffee to a cozy little cafe, tell her in the best way I can that we're not working out, and it's all pretty surprisingly amicable.

Except it's not. The phone calls start. Always from a private number, always of crying. At first to my mobile, then to my home phone. Then the emails. Weird, ranting emails of gibberish and threats and pleading to take her back. Hundreds of them. There would be days when they'd come every five minutes, days when there would be nothing at all.

I changed my number to get rid of her. I got a whole new mobile number and we went ex-directory with our home number. I changed my email, too. I still got them for about six months after, but eventually they stopped. And that should have been the end of it. Little did I know. I started going online on various forums, games, etc.

On one such forum, I struck up a friendship with a girl on there. She sent me photos of herself, and she was beautiful. We had a great time chatting and we had so much in common, it was completely insane. Eventually we started “going out” and having little Skype chats. Though she never went on camera, I respected her choice.

Things started out well, but over time, she got a bit too clingy for my liking. She'd ask where I'd been if I was a minute late, or got jealous if she'd seen a picture of me on Facebook with another girl. She got upset at the slightest thing, or angry if I mentioned another girl's name, even if it was "Oh, Louise said she liked my work" when Louise was the lecturer for my course.

Eventually I got annoyed and dumped her, and we had a nice clean break. I avoided those forums, changed my Skype (because, remember, I'd had bad times with my previous ex and communication stuff), and that was that. Keep reading, trust me. It doesn’t end here. Not learning my lesson at all, I went on different forums, found another girl, and got to know her, too.

This one was a tanned blonde, just as stunning as the others, with an Australian accent. She liked most of the same things I did, with enough difference that we could teach each other how to do things, how to appreciate things, how to like things. She was laid-back too, a breath of fresh air.

Eventually, I talked about meeting her and she immediately broke up with me, saying I'd only be disappointed with the reality. So, fine. I move on, again. Then came the latest girl. She was Canadian, brunette, something of a rock chick, completely different to my usual kind of girl. She introduced me to things I had never even considered before.

She was the coolest girl I'd ever known. Again, when I suggested we take our Internet relationship to an in-person relationship she broke up with me! She said that it had all just been in fun and she wasn’t interested in more. All this happened over a couple of years, with me being with each girl anywhere between four and six months, and my “in-between times” being maybe one to three months.

Anyway, I came back to my hometown for spring break and I was wandering along the road, when who should I see but psycho girl—the first one. Rather than avoiding her, I carried on walking. She came up to me, said she had something to tell me, and we needed to talk, desperately.

I made all kinds of excuses, but each one she batted aside until she wore me down. We went to the pub. Then she told me something that terrified me. She hadn't wanted to give up on me, so she'd used what she knew of me to find places I'd go online. She'd made lots of different accounts in the hopes that she'd find me, so she could talk to me and try and win me back.

Except she'd made fake accounts, so I wouldn't immediately ignore her. See where this is going? Yep. Every one of the girls I'd “dated” had been her, using pictures of friends, using fake accents, pretending to not know things she knew. She'd followed me across at least a dozen different websites, stalked me across hundreds of posts and threads, and all the time had made me believe I was talking to completely different people.

To the best of my knowledge, I lost touch with her after that. Unless she’s reading this right now. If so—Hi, Helena!

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24. The Chronicles Of Kendra

My first real "girlfriend" placed rules and regulations like it was an iTunes license agreement. My friends and I have dubbed these, "The Chronicles of Kendra".

Under no circumstances am I to surprise her at home, work, or anywhere, regardless of the reason. No surprise dinners, no "boo" scares for fun, nothing.

When out in public, no public displays of affection. No hand holding, no kissing, no arm around her, no hugging. We had to walk beside each other like we were brother and sister.

We worked in the mall, at different stores, and during times when our shifts matched up, we had 15 minutes of prearranged time together. No less, no more, and it was to be at whatever time she visited. Under no circumstances was I to visit her at work earlier, later, or otherwise not prearranged.

Intimate encounters were extremely specific, right down to which positions were allowed, and certain parts of her body I was allowed to touch. There was very little action allowed—it was still, and quiet.

I was a pathetic 19-year-old who stuck it out with her through all of this. She dumped me after eight months.

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25. This Is Going Too Far

My crazy ex tried to convince me that my dad was being inappropriate with her two kids. My parents' place was a safe space where her and her kids would be welcomed with open arms, dinners, gifts on birthdays, and never once any sort of judgement. They were loved and cared for. My parents are wonderful people.

After her accusation made some serious waves and things started to escalate, the real story came out. She quickly retracted her claims and admitted that she said those things to me simply because she did not like the hour and a half long drive it took to get to my parents' house. She nearly ruined our lives because she didn't like the drive.

Angry blonde woman seating in the car with man driving with kid on the back seat.drobotdean , Freepik

26. An Epic Adult Tantrum

I went out of town for my best friend’s wedding in which I was a bridesmaid. I didn't take my boyfriend at the time, as per request of the bride. It is her day and considering my boyfriend and I were on the outs at the time I was not opposed to this.

It started off ok. We would text back and forth but I wouldn't be able to reply as fast because, duh, I'm helping with a wedding. Then he tells me he's taken a lot of sleeping pills, and doesn't answer his phone for SIX HOURS. I'm now panicking because I'm a six-hour drive away from my home.

I don’t know if he's wandered off in his messed-up state or not. I break down and my best friend’s stepdad, an ex-cop, sits with me and lets me know some options on what I can do from far away. Eventually I sent my apartment manager over to see if he had left the house or not. Apparently, he had fallen asleep.

The actual day of the ceremony, he flipped out again because I didn’t have time to talk to him at all. Tensions were high for the wedding party as we are pushing to get this ceremony on its way. I leave my phone in my bag while I help the bride and groom. I come back to no less than 10 voicemails and 30+ texts, half of it incoherent.

This continues the whole weekend. I stop responding. I come home to find my blinds torn, DVD player smashed, cooking oil spilled all over my kitchen floor, and my entire nail polish collection (over 50 colors) destroyed. He even splashed red kool aid around the house—including on the curtains and inside the drawers.

He completely destroyed my apartment and everything in it. He didn’t apologize for any of it. His only words were, “You made me do it. If you hadn't ignored me this would have never happened”. We are no longer together, of course, but this is just one episode of many. This man will be 30 next month. I pity his next girlfriend.

Angry man screaming on the phone.Andrea Piacquadio , Pexels

27. Sweet, Sweet Revenge

On New Year's Eve, I got a lovely visit from the authorities demanding entrance because I was apparently a danger to myself and others. That's when I found out the chilling truth. It turns out my ex, who I had ended things with weeks prior, called them and told them all sorts of magical and fictitious things.

Well, they bought it and long story short that's how I spent New Year's in a mental ward. She got exactly what she wanted: revenge.

A crazy man wearing white clothes sitting inside a dark hospital room.Marko Garic , Pexels

28. But, But…He’s Sad

My ex wanted to take a break and date someone else for a year to "make him happy". She said he'd return to me after said year was over. Apparently, the dude was really into her and was in need of support, so she thought it would make him happy if she gave him an intimate relationship.

She claimed she loved me and promised to come back to me after the year was up. It was so bizarre. I broke up with her on the spot. While she still pursued her relationship with the sad guy, she continued to try to contact me through mutual friends and social media sites, which I blocked her on.

Sad woman seating on the bed with man looking at his phone.Antoni Shkraba , Pexels

29. Good One, Karma

My crazy ex broke into my home and tried to fight my new boyfriend. Except he chose to do so in the middle of the night and surprise us. My boyfriend sleeps without clothing on. When the unexpected brawl broke out, my ex ended up grabbing a handful of my new man’s junk.

Half naked man winking and pointing.Dean Drobot , Shutterstock

30. Payback’s A Bummer

My crazy ex took things too far when she slashed all four tires on my Nissan pickup, cut my brake lines (not like I could drive anywhere anyways), and wrote a big "Screw You" with spray paint on the hood. I called the authorities and they said they don't come out for vandalization calls and just took a statement over the phone!

So, I made myself the crazy ex (even if I was the one that initiated the breakup) by welding her car doors shut three days late. I was so proud of that one.

Man welding outside.Kelly , Pexels

31. Instant Red Flags

My crazy ex was a complete jerk. He told me I was "too fat" to meet his grandma. He later "apologized". But then he outdid even himself.  He then accidentally sent me a text meant for his sister the next day that said, “I told her she was too fat to meet grandma, hahahaha”!

He also had an intense freakout when I was struggling to parallel park one day. He screamed at me in the middle of the street with everyone passing by, watching. While we were still together, he also sent me a link to a webpage describing how narcissistic people ruin relationships and how it's important to avoid them at all costs.

He told me everything on the page described me—this was not during a breakup, or an argument. He was simply informing me. Yeah, needless to say it didn't work out. Thank goodness.

Man screaming to a driving woman inside a car.user18526052 , Freepik

32. Awkward Sense Of Humor

My crazy ex had many things about her that gave her that title. But something I found a bit funny was that she kept addressing Nascar drivers as her "future ex-husbands". Well, it was funny to me, but she seemed awkwardly serious about it.

Woman with serious face seating next to a smiling man.cookie_studio , Freepik

33. He Dressed His Wounds

My first boyfriend tried to convince me he had hurt himself because I wouldn't take him back. There was one obvious sign he was lying. The "blood" was very clearly Catalina salad dressing...I instantly knew I made the right choice by ending things. Yikes.

Man wearing white shirt with fake blood.DCStudio , Freepik

34. Jealous, Much?

My ex-girl found out my rebound had a pierced chest. What does she do? She pierces hers, shows up at my apartment, climbs up to my balcony and waits for me to come home, without a shirt on. Not weird at all.

Smiling woman wearing open blue shirt.Maria Helena Mazuroski , Pexels

35. Sneaky, Vengeful Women

This was a girl I'd been seeing for a few months. I was 21 she was 24 and she had a boy about two years old. She was basically normal, had a good job, took care of the kid ok. She was kind of a dim bulb though, not very bright.

I was bored in the relationship and really didn't want to become step-dad to the kid so I ended it. No problem. I run into her a month or so later at a bar and we end up going back to her place for the night. The next morning, she makes coffee and breakfast. I go to school and she goes to work. This is where it all started to go very wrong.

I get incredibly sick on the way to school, and throw up multiple times. I make it to school, still puking, and go find the nurse/medical office. I vaguely recall being loaded into an ambulance. As I come to in the hospital, a doctor tells me I over did it on an enormous amount of cooked up substances.

He said I had about five minutes left to live before they figured it out. Then they added in, “Oh, by the way there are some federal agents here to talk to you”. Ummm, what! I don’t do that stuff, so this whole situation was shocking to me. Then the other shoe dropped. It turns out she had planned this whole thing.

She decided that if she couldn't have me, no one could. She ended up behind bars, but got a reduced sentence for turning in the family member who was making and distributing the substances that almost ended my life.

Man eating and talking with a woman drinking coffee.Ba Tik , Pexels

36. He Didn’t Bite

I broke it off with an ex because all we did was fight. I moved on. She didn't. One time she showed up to my door wearing a long coat and nothing but stockings and heels underneath. I laughed and closed the door. As hot as that may have been, she often used intimacy as a gateway to her crazy. I wasn’t taking the bait any longer.

A girl wearing brown coat and looks into the distance.freepic.diller , Freepik

37. That’s A Bit Much

I had a weird situation with my first boyfriend. It actually began in a very weird way but, being as young as I was (14), I ignored it because well, someone actually liked me. When I met him, we went to different schools. He went to a private school and I went to a public school.

After a few months of pretty much just an AIM friendship, he transferred to my school—first red flag. We started "dating," if you can even call it that at 14, and I started to notice him getting WAY too serious about it. He would talk about being together forever and going to college together.

He would even scold me if I got a bad grade because I, "might not get into college". I realized how overwhelming he was and broke up with him. This started a horrible chain reaction. He was so embarrassed that he didn't want to tell his parents, who he apparently tried to convince every day that we would be "together forever".

So instead he wanted me to go to his house, then out to dinner, and pretend that we were still together. Multiple times. I felt bad for hurting his feelings so I did it for a little while. It all finally ended when I began seeing someone else. I told him that I was dating someone and he FREAKED out.

He started crying and yelling at me, ordering me to give back everything he ever gave me, telling me he wanted to off himself. Then he pulled a painting out of his closet that I briefly mentioned liking a while back. He said he was going to give it to me after our one-year wedding anniversary and I "ruined that".

I quickly reminded him that we were 14 years old, and then that's when I stopped feeling bad and I did not speak to him again. It was very scary.

Woman talking with a man outside.Budgeron Bach , Pexels

38.  Help Us, Steve

Well, five months after breaking up with my ex, I got a call from the Steve Harvey show requesting my presence to discuss things with her on TV. I didn’t return the call—there is nothing to gain there. But part of me still wants to, just for kicks.

Man talking on the phone looking down.Tony Schnagl , Pexels

39. Can He Pass The Sniff Test?

My ex used to smell me when I got home from work to make sure I didn't smell like other women, or soap. She was very specific with where she would smell me too, if you get my drift.

Young woman holding a man looking scared.freepik , Freepik

40. Define Cheating

My crazy ex threatened to end his own life because my character on Sims 3 was dating some computer-generated neighbor.

Blonde woman wearing green shirt and jeans looking happy seating next to a upset man wearing blue shirt seating on the sofa.Dean Drobot , Shutterstock

41. Close One!

My ex tried to run me over with her car. I laughed and said, “missed me”. So, she reversed and tried again! Luckily, she missed once more, and I instantly shut up and didn't mock her again.

Young woman screaming while driving.Freepik,master1305

42. I’d Say This One Goes Far Beyond Crazy

My mom kicked me out of the house when I turned 18 and dropped out of high school. I was homeless for a few months, and then I met a 26-year-old army guy who let me crash at his place. We started hooking up. A few months later, he had orders to Edwards Air Force Base, and I moved with him.

I did not have a job, so he asked me to keep the apartment clean. At first it was just general stuff, like the dishes and laundry. Then it turned sinister. Over the next year, it started to become more and more detailed and demanding. He started finding things wrong with how I cleaned.

I was also a smoker. He always got me smokes, but started to make comments about how he wouldn't ever have kids with a girl that smoked. I wanted to be a serious girlfriend, so we came up with a system. For every one I smoked, I owed him one hour of doing whatever he wanted me to do.

I figured that it would just be some extra intimacy, which I was perfectly okay with. I smoked probably 10 or so packs before he cashed in his first "smoke time". One day after he came home from work, he drove us to get groceries. I thought it was odd, because he usually signed me onto the base to use the commissary, but this was two years in and he had me conditioned to never question him.

He said that he wanted to use his first "smoke time". He wanted me to take off all my clothes, fold them neatly, and place them in his backpack. I was hesitant and absolutely terrified that someone would see me, but I did what he wanted. After my clothes were folded in his backpack, he left me in the car and did the grocery shopping.

It felt like two hours had gone by, but he had only been inside the store for 25 minutes. These kind of requests started happening more and more frequently. All his requests involved humiliation. Sometimes I thought about telling him no, but I had no idea of how much time I "owed" him, and I had no friends or family I could turn to.

I knew that if I told him no to anything, he would kick me out of his apartment. I had already experienced being homeless firsthand, and I was determined to do anything to never be that hungry again. I complained a few times, but he pointed out that because I was still having smokes, I was bringing the "smoke time" on myself.

Then he got orders to go to Korea and had Spain as his follow-on. This was the real breaking point. He didn't tell me. Instead, he lied to me and said that we were moving to a nicer apartment. He hired professional movers to pack all our things. Everything except for a few boxes got loaded onto a truck.

The few boxes that remained were things that were being donated to a local charity. So, while he was at work, I answered the door and signed the paperwork. Two days later, he said that he was taking a day of leave so that we could play a new game. We drove to the bus station and he parked in the park-and-ride parking lot.

He had me get out of the car and do jumping jacks. If I got tired, I was to rest standing up. Then he drove away. I stayed there alternating between doing jumping jacks and resting until the authorities showed up. I tried to call my boyfriend, but the phone had been disconnected.

I was released, and I had no idea where to go. I couldn't contact him, and the landlord told me that we had officially moved out. I also found out that all I owned in the world was what I was wearing in that moment. The boxes I had signed away to charity were the boxes that had all my stuff in them. I slept under some bushes at a gas station that night.

Thankfully I was found the next day by a security guard. I don't know her name, but she gave me a ride to a women's shelter. I was unwell, and he was crazy. I am safe and recovering now.

Woman holding a plant next to a man holding moving labeled boxes in hands.Blue Bird , Pexels

43. This One Should Have Been A Text

When I broke up with my crazy ex, she reacted by squirting super glue in my eyes.

Woman's hand holding a super glue.Kabardins photo , Shutterstock

44. That Must Have Been A Darn Good Date

I don’t really consider this guy an ex, but I received various letters of drawings of real-life hearts broken in half, and threats of ending himself for me. We went out on one date.

Woman wearing pink pajamas reading letter ,seating on the bed.cottonbro studio , Pexels

45. Ten Minutes Too Long

My now-ex girl left me 100+ Facebook messages after I was offline for barely 10 minutes.

Man seating on the sofa and texting on his phone.EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA , Pexels

46. Great Lengths

I broke up with the girl on a Monday, but me being me, I tried to stay friends with her. When I broke up with her, she kept saying I needed to give her six more weeks for closure, and that I was her last chance at dating (she is 28).

On Friday she shows up, and says "I am going to let you go, but I want you to know I am pregnant". The next day she calls me, saying she is going to the ER. Later that day I get a phone call, she says that it's a tubular pregnancy and she needs to take a pill.

She asked me if I would come over that night, because she would need moral support. I felt obligated to go. When I was there, I told her I was going to leave when she went to bed. She started to cry and said she was afraid she might hurt herself, so I needed to stay there.

That freaked me out a bit, so I did. At night then she took my hand, put it on her belly, and said "say goodbye". So, next day I woke up and got the heck out, figuring it was all over. That Monday I get a phone call, she says "I am still pregnant". Apparently, according to her, she had had twins, and the one had survived.

I told her I wanted to go with her to her next doctor's appointment. She agreed and told me it was on Wednesday. On Tuesday she messages me, tells me they had an opening so she went early. She asked if I wanted a picture, I said sure. She sent me one, and I looked at it.

There was no information on it, so I asked her and she said they emailed it to her. That made sense, they removed all identifiable information. Two days later, a friend with better googling skills than me took that picture and found it online, under someone else's name. You could even see where parts of the image had elements removed.

I confronted her about it. She said she couldn't believe I wouldn't believe her and my child would never know who I am. The next day she sent me an email saying her lawyer would be in touch. The next day she sent me an email saying she was going to end the pregnancy, but I needed to pick her up and pay for it.

Five minutes later she sent me an email saying that if I didn't respond, she would just keep the child.  It was absolutely bizarre and I was more than suspicious at this point. I responded back saying that I had found the image, showed her the link, and said her story has about 1:500000 chance of being real, even without the fake image.

I said if she continued to harass me, I would get a protection. Two weeks went by, I hear nothing. Then, I get a call in the evening from her home number. The girl, that sounds very much like her, says that she is her cousin, going to be her lawyer, and I need to call back. Only problem, that call back number was her home phone number, so obviously this is fake as well.

I didn’t call back. And neither did she. Turns out, all I had to do was stop playing her game.

Karolina Grabowska , Pexels

47. Wow, She Really Is A Dummy

My ex lied to me and said she had cancer. When I found out, I dumped her. It didn’t go very far because she wasn’t very smart. In fact, she was a terrible liar. Not long after we broke up and she was living in another country, she called me on Skype and claimed to be her "cousin" calling me to announce that she had passed.

But she didn't realize she had her camera on and I could see that it was clearly her. As she was awkwardly telling me of her own passing, I interrupted to tell her she left her camera on and I could see her. She immediately cursed at me and ended the call. That's the last I ever communicated with her because she blocked me immediately afterward.

It was actually hilarious.

Man with long laying on the bed and having a video call.Antoni Shkraba , Pexels

48. Talk About Control Freak

When I broke up with my ex, he became so upset that the only way he would "let" me leave him was if after the breakup we continued to be "best friends". Not just any kind of best friend either. He wanted me to still come over for "sleepovers" and share his bed with him. He told me that any other guy I dated after him HAD TO BE 100% okay with this or else I couldn't date him.

Surprised woman wearing red shirt.Pavel Danilyuk , Pexels

49. The Closest Thing To Cloning

Shortly after I broke up with my ex for cheating, he started dating some new girl. Right away, he took her to MY hairstylist and literally requested that they use the same color formula on her. He wanted to give her the same cut and style as the stylist does on me. I was horrified when my stylist shared this story with me.

Woman at hair stylist.cottonbro studio , Pexels

50. This Relationship Went Out With A Boom

My crazy ex was a pathological liar. She lied about everything, including pregnancies and deceased family members. She cheated on me with anything that could walk, basically. But the kicker was when she sent my work a fake marriage certificate. We weren't married, thankfully.

When that didn’t get the reaction that she hoped for, she called in a very serious threat on me (explosive device) and essentially screwed my career. I learned way too many lessons during that relationship.


Woman smiling and pointing to a sad man.azerbaijan_stockers , Freepikazerbaijan_stockers , Freepik

Sources:  Reddit

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