These Toys From Your Childhood Could Be Worth A Lot Of Money

Finders & Keepers

If your parents—or you—were the type to carefully pack away old toys in the attic or basement once you grew out of them, well, you’re in luck. A whole bunch of the toys we grew up with are worth a bunch of money now. Here’s a selection…starting in the $100 range and going all the way up to $3.2 million!

Pez Dispensers

$1 - $32,000

Sure, not every single old Pez dispenser is going to be the thing that ends up padding your retirement fund.

But there are a number out there that fetch a surprising value for resale—from soft head Dumbo and Mickey Mouse, worth a couple grand each, to political dispensers from 1961 that go over $20K, to 1982 World's Fair Astronaut B, which reportedly sold for $32,000.

Close Up Photo of 1982 astronaut b pez dispenser

yoshifumi yamaguchi, Flickr

Lite Brite


There was nothing like working tirelessly in front of a Lite Brite for an hour or two, and then closing all the curtains and turning off the lights to see the fruits of your labor. Did you know that they first came out all the way back in 1967?

Sets from the 70s and 90s now go for roughly $100.

Close Up Photo of Lite-Brite Toy with Hello on it

Dhscommtech, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Bop It!


Bop it! Twist it! Flick it! Sell it! This bossy toy was a 1990s favorite, and it’s increasingly harder to find—resulting in listings on eBay for around $100.

Close Up Photo of Bop It

Larry D. Moore, CC BY 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

Vintage Easy-Bake Oven

$150 - $250

Sure, the fun was in the play when it came to toys growing up—but it didn’t hurt that you also ended up with a sweet treat after playing with an Easy Bake oven.

These nostalgic favorites go for all sorts of prices, but rare models from the 90s will fetch between $150 and $250.

Close Up Photo of 90s Easy-Bake Oven

Aimee Wenske, Flickr