26 Missing Persons Cases, Solved

Missing No More

We all know that when someone goes missing, it's very rare they're ever found alive. But in these cases, which include ones like Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard, we get to find out "what really happened."

Zephany Nurse

Zephany Nurse was born on April 28, 1997 in South Africa, but she was barely in this world before tragedy befell her. Someone took her from the hospital just two days later, and they believed they would never see her again. If it weren't for an incredible coincidence, they probably wouldn't.

Zephany Nurses biological mother Celeste Nurse

Die Burger, Getty Images

Sisterhood Saves 

17 years later, after living with her abductor, Nurse was going to school when she happened to notice an incredibly familiar face in the crowd—a girl who looked just like her.

This turned out to be her younger sister, who coincidentally went to the same school. It prompted a DNA test, and the truth came out.

Family members gather in front of the Nurse's home after they heard the good news that Zephany Nurse was found

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Bowe Bergdahl

In 2009, American soldier Bowe Bergdahl vanished while in Afghanistan. He then resurfaced as a POW, prompting the US to secure his release in 2014. In Bergdahl's case, it's clear where he was as a missing person. It was the why he went missing that got everyone—and almost landed him in jail.

Bowe Bergdahl

United States Army, Wikimedia Commons

The Night He Went Missing

After his release and a subsequent investigation, the US discovered that on the night he was captured, Bergdahl had abandoned his post. He wanted to go to another operating base and, among other things, complain to the general about how his superiors were running his work. He never even made it before he was taken. 

None of this spoke well of him, and led to punishments that included a dishonorable discharge and a demotion in rank. 

Bowe Bergdahl in front of court in uniform

Sara D. Davis, Getty Images