Classic Facts About Grace Kelly, Hollywood's Lost Princess

Grace Kelly got to live every little girl’s dream by transforming from a glamorous actress into a beloved princess.

When Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco, she traded in her scandalous Hollywood career for a golden crown—but her fairy tale romance came at a heartbreakingly high cost.

1. She Was The Ugly Duckling

Born into a wealthy but strict family, Grace Kelly was, surprisingly, not the star of the show. Compared to her three robust siblings, she seemed the weakest of them all: skinny, sickly, and terribly shy. Shrinking in her family's shadow, Grace retreated inward and used her imagination to escape the feeling of being the odd one out.

In her childhood fantasies, Grace was the princess of her own story. Of course, she had no idea that these dreams would become her twisted fate.

Grace Kelly

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2. She Was The Rebellious One

Grace grew up in a massive home, decked out with luxuries every little princess could want. Her parents raised her as a devout Catholic and sent her to the best schools. But for any privileged child, the pressure of perfection often breeds rebellion—and Grace was no exception. Going against the grain, she bent the rules in a startlingly unholy way.

Grace Kelly facts

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3. Her Dreams Scandalized Her Parents

There was always a war within Grace. On one hand, she wanted to please her parents, but on the other, she wasn't averse to being a downright hellraiser. She dated the bad boys and preferred acting over sports.

However, her dreams of becoming an actress elicited a disturbing reaction from her father who, at the time, considered the profession "a slim cut above streetwalker".

But did this barrage of disapproval stop Grace Kelly? Not a chance.

Grace Kelly Facts

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4. She Didn't Stand Out From The Crowd

Although Grace Kelly is considered one of the most stunning Hollywood actresses, she wasn't always considered the belle of the ball. Growing up, her friends always saw her wearing headscarves and glasses, her slim figure hidden away by bulky sweaters. In fact, they never considered her to be a great beauty. Of course, once they began to see Grace Kelly appear on screen, they couldn't believe their eyes.

Grace Kelly Facts