Uber Drivers Admit The Weirdest Passengers They’ve Ever Had To Deal With

God bless Uber drivers, they save our tails when we need it. They rescue us from bars, parties, work, dates, and a whole slew of other places, always ready to go when we are.

Like the knights of yore, they ride in on their noble steed ready to take us home safely.

Sometimes one wonders what makes them do it. Surely dealing with people must be tiresome, especially when combined with the stresses of traffic and trying to follow directions. Yet they ride on, always ready to conquer what the next fare may bring.

Whether it be those late-night rides, the ones that end in vomit and tears, or otherwise. Uber drivers sure have to be ready for anything.

Nothing makes this more obvious than the stories these Redditors shared of the weirdest passengers they’ve ever had to deal with.

Some of them even get a little NSFW...

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33. She Really Didn’t Like Deer

I had a passenger roll down the window and scream "SUCK IT" at a deer. She said she really didn't like deer.


Uber Drivers facts


32. Not the Best Way to go About Apologizing

I don't drive for either of those companies but I had a pretty bizarre fare once. I picked up a guy and a girl midday Saturday for a short ride.

The girl seemed drugged out of her mind and was wearing somewhat revealing clothing, so it was pretty clear they'd been partying the night before.

While driving I picked up their conversation which they were not even attempting to hide. It was pretty clear that the guy had a girlfriend who was not the girl in the car and that he had just hooked up with this girl.

They were currently heading to his girlfriend to explain what had happened. To be clear, he is bringing the girl he was unfaithful with along to explain to his girlfriend that he just hooked up with her. He tipped well though.


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31. That’s Rather Tame

I did a little over 500 trips for Uber last year and the only thing remotely NSFW I experienced was this really, really hot girl asked me to zip up the back of her dress when I picked her up. That was cool.


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30. Jersey Shore Realness

Only ever Ubered once. picked up a couple that had been making out as I pulled up and the entire time driving she kept saying how they were gonna "smaaaashhh."

Dude definitely got lucky that night.


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