Extraordinary Pets

Pets add so much to our lives...and sometimes, they go above and beyond, leaving us with these absolutely jaw-dropping stories.

1. The Warning

About 12 years ago, my cat saved my life.

I'd just gone to bed and my cat raced into my bedroom, meowing and racing around the room. I thought he wanted food, though I'd never seen him this frantic about food before.

I followed him down to the kitchen to fill his food bowl so he'd calm down and I could get some sleep, except that he didn't stop at his food bowl. He raced down to my office, looking back occasionally to make sure I was following him. When I got down there, I couldn't believe my eyes.

I saw that the circuit breaker panel was sparking and then suddenly ignited. Because I was there when it ignited, I was able to turn off the main breaker and put the fire out before it spread.

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2. He Knew Something Was Wrong

We had a Black Lab/Weimaraner mix named Moses. He was a big dog, about 100 pounds, but very calm and well-mannered.

We had a routine for bedtime; before bed, Moses would go out and do the business, but occasionally during the night he would come and sit on my side of the bed.

Just his presence alone would wake me up and I would take him out and then go back to sleep. He was only allowed one trip out during bedtime. One night, we did our normal routine.

My 15-year-old son was in his bedroom playing video games and I let the dog out and then we went to bed.

Around 1 am, he wanted to go out again, so we went. I crawled back into bed with five hours until the alarm went off. Around 3 am, Moses was sitting by my bed, whimpering. I mumbled, “No way, boy, go back to bed, I’m sleeping”.

He didn’t move; in fact, he started pawing at my arm.

I was starting to get annoyed and said, “GO AWAY," but he didn’t move and he kept pulling at my arm. He was insistent, whimpering, grabbing at me. As I started to come fully awake, I heard a strange sound as I was trying to focus and figure out what was going on.

I can’t really describe the sound but it was a kind of low growl-moaning and it was coming from my son’s room.

I jumped out of bed, fully awake now, and with the adrenaline that only a mom fearing the worst can have, I sprinted to my son’s room to find him in a full-on, grand mal seizure in his bedroom.

Had Moses not awakened me at that particular moment, we may never have known this seizure occurred, because it was summer and my son was staying up late and sleeping until noon most days.

So my good boy, Moses, blew my mind when he made sure to let me know that my son was having a seizure in the other room.

Unbelievable Pets


3. A Dog’s Senses

One day, while I was working upstairs in my office, my German Shepherd came upstairs and stood in my office doorway barking at me. Then he walked over to the top of the staircase, barking as he looked down the stairs.

He lifted his head, looked toward me, and continued barking.

He walked back and stood in the office doorway again—looking at me, barking. He did this repeatedly for a few minutes while I worked. It became obvious he wanted me to follow him downstairs. I got up and asked him, “What’s the matter?" As soon as I asked this, our house began to shake.

Everything on my walls and shelves were rattling. I did not understand exactly what was happening, but we both ran down the stairs while I yelled, “Let’s get out of here!" We got outside and I felt the ground moving. Then it stopped.

We had just experienced an earthquake. They are practically nonexistent in our region.

Somehow, my boy knew it was coming and came upstairs to warn me.

Unbelievable Pets


4. One Way To Get Your Attention

For 20 years I was a long-haul truck driver. For the last seven years of that, my orphaned cat, Sooty, was on the truck with me.

Sooty, a large Russian Blue mix, was only about a year old when he discovered how to get me to return to the cab and keep him company.

I was in the office of a truck shop making the payment for truck repairs when I heard a horn blaring. A worker came rushing in and said, “Lady, there's a cat in your truck doing that on purpose”. I went to the truck.

Sooty stopped, sat in my seat, and looked at me like, “It's about time you showed up”.

After that, I soon learned to cover my steering wheel with a large box to keep him from honking the horn.

Unbelievable Pets