Uber Drivers Hear Everything And They're Spilling The Tea

It's always the passengers who seem the most harmless who have the darkest things to share—and who better but an Uber driver to listen? Surely they'll never spill your secrets on the internet...

1. On The Downlow

I picked up two dudes. They spent the whole time talking in detail about how they were going to keep hiding their relationship from their wives and children. They were so smug and proud of themselves, it was disgusting. Terrible tip, too. Of course.

Taxi overheard


2. Grave Digger

A woman was in my backseat crying on the phone to her brother about her addicted daughter. From what I could hear, she was on her way home because her daughter had thrown their family safe down a flight of stairs in an attempt to open it and take the money inside it. But that's not even the worst part—her daughter had also stolen her grandmother's diamond bracelet...from her coffin.

Disturbing kid


3. No Witnesses

My uncle was a taxi driver in LA. One day, he picked up two guys who were discussing the hit they were on their way too.

After a while, they started debating whether they should also do my uncle since he had heard them talking about their plan and could identify them. They eventually decided not to, but that was the day my uncle decided to stop being a taxi driver.

Taxi overheard


4. The 25-Year Affair

I was helping out a friend of my dad's who owned a bar in Ontario, driving his regulars home. It was my first fare of the night, and the guy I picked up confessed his darkest secret. He told me he was cheating on his wife with his dealer. To clarify, the dealer was a woman (quite good in bed too, from his detailed description). Apparently, it had been going on for 25 years.  I don't know what impresses me more, a 25-year affair or a 25-year substance habit.

Taxi overheard