Doctors and Nurses Reveal Their Creepiest Hospital Experiences

The hospital is the place we go to when our lives are in danger and we want to live—and so it is a place of tragedy, triumph, and more than a few inexplicable events.

From the horrors of the body to the spectres of the supernatural, here are some of the spookiest occurrences medical professionals have ever experienced.

1. Secrets Revealed

I overheard an old lady whisper this to her old husband dying of kidney problems. "You are going to beat this, you got away with murder, this is nothing."


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2. Time for Recess!

On one floor of the hospital, there is a room where different patients often complain of hearing noisy children playing between 1-4 am. This room is on the far end of the unit away from the nurses' station and next to only one other room.

The TV is always off at the time. My hospital does not have a pediatric section and visiting hours are over at 2100.


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3. It’s All About Attitude

Checked in on a patient before the end of my shift and she was in good spirits, had been joking with me the whole time. Her condition was tenuous (new trach) but she had been positive throughout. I asked how she was doing and she replied by singing "The old gray mare ain't what she used to be" and wished me a good night. I came in the next morning and she had coded and died overnight.


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4. Bacon Wrap

I had a diabetic foot patient a couple weeks ago who thought that wrapping his foot in raw bacon would help get rid of bacteria. He’d apparently been doing it awhile, ‘cause it cost him four toes.


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