When The Bachelor Party Goes Horribly Wrong

From taking things too far to inviting the wrong kinds of people, here are the internet's wildest true stories about bachelor parties that went seriously wrong.

1. Two For The Price Of One

Las Vegas bachelorette party. The bride meets a guy at a club who is a groomsman at a competing bachelor party. They exchange numbers and hang out several times the rest of the weekend. She texts him a lot and the groom finds the text messages.

He calls off the wedding and the girl ends up moving to Colorado and marries the guy she met in Vegas.

Bachelor Parties Gone Wrong


2. Mergers And Acquisitions

I was at a bachelor party where the bachelorette party was happening at the same time, in the same town. We had all gone on a road trip together and just split up into two different bars for the parties. Towards the end of the night, after all the drinking and peelers, the two groups merged in their intoxicated partying well past the closing times of any bar or club. "Disaster" doesn't even cover it.

I slept with the maid of honor while the two to be married had a wild screaming match about peelers and some guy who apparently talked to the bride-to-be. Allegedly, she had tried to invite him up to her hotel room.

They did get married in the end, but the wedding drama was nuts and it’s now one of those marriages where you're wondering how long until it cracks.

They do not have a healthy relationship and now there are substances involved in their lives, too. I don't talk to either of them anymore. I’m still with the maid of honor, though. We bought a house last year. So that's cool!

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3. Pulling An All-Nighter

We went to Poland for my friend's bachelor party. First night, we go for food and walk into what we thought was just a regular bar. Nope, turns out it’s a...gentleman's club. No harm, no foul.

I mean bunch of dudes always wanna see adult content, so all good. We get the groom a dance, and he's gone for a while. Turns out the stripper wasn't letting him out of the booth, so we had to storm it and grab him before running out.

That’s already a decently interesting story, but that's not where it ends. The night was just getting started. We carry on into the night and eventually end up in another adult bar, on purpose this time. So all having a good time, eventually the groom goes off to have some dances. He's gone for like an hour. We then spot him leaving with the stripper out the club, and they vanish for a while before they come back and duck back into the room.

At this point, it is something like 4:00 in the morning, and the bouncer throws the rest of us out. But not the groom. These guys wouldn't let us talk to him, wouldn't let us see him, wouldn't let us back into the club.

It was clear that they were not interested in letting him leave. We stood out there for three hours arguing with the bar staff.

All the while, they were saying he wanted to stay. When we threatened to call the authorities, they finally "kicked him out." And we all went back to the hostel we were staying at. Remember when the groom and the stripper left the building?

Turns out the only thing they did was come to the hostel to get his credit card. No intimate action of any kind.

He ended up spending eight and a half thousand pounds over the course of the evening. They had virtually force fed him drink after drink and just kept swiping his credit card all night rather than using the chip and pin. But the best part of all? We called up his bank the next day and told them what had happened. Their response? "Oh, this happens a lot. We'll just cancel all those charges."

Best night of his life, for free.

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4. Kicking And Screaming

I am a very large man. 6'6", 325 pounds. I’ve been a corn-fed construction worker my whole life. When my best friend proposed to his girl, it was TIME TO PARTY. We rented a bus and hit Baltimore like a hurricane. Bars, clubs, the whole thing.

We're at a club at like 1:30 in the morning. I'm chilling at a table, having had a few drinks, enjoying a cigar. I then decide that I need to take a leak.

So, I get up and walk my giant self down the hallway to the bathroom. I finish my business, wash up, and walk out the bathroom door. Here's where it goes sideways. Just as I step out of the doorway and turn into the hallway, a stripper was hustling by to get to the dressing room. But not just any kind of stripper. A little person stripper.

By complete accident, my thigh happens to catch her SQUARE IN THE CHEST. She goes completely airborne and hits the wall. I AM MORTIFIED. I start apologizing profusely and I try to help her get back on her feet.

The bouncer comes running over, because all he sees is my big self putting my hands on one of the girls.

She was super chill about it. She tells the bouncer it's all good. I offered to buy her dinner. She accepted. Her name was Michelle, and she had a great sense of humor about the whole thing. I never saw her again after that night.

My homeboys have never let me live it down.

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