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Brendan Fraser Facts

Comeback Facts About Brendan Fraser, The Vanishing Star

By now, everyone knows that Brendan Fraser hates the Golden Globes and refuses to attend—but few know the whole, horrific story behind his grudge.
January 28, 2023 Edward Sakowsky
Stede Bonnet Facts

Charming Facts About Stede Bonnet, The Gentleman Pirate

In 1717, Stede Bonnet vanished. He abandoned his wife and children to become a pirate—but his reckless dream had chilling consequences.
January 26, 2023 Edward Sakowsky
Lisa Marie Presley Facts

Tragic Facts About Lisa Marie Presley, The Tormented Heiress

Lisa Marie Presley's life has experienced many tumultuous twists and turns, and her high-profile relationships were the stuff of legends.
January 13, 2023 Edward Sakowsky

Magnificent Facts About Dilip Kumar, The King of Bollywood

After trying to hide a horrible act of betrayal, Dilip Kumar’s life began to look like a scene from one of his Bollywood movies.
January 4, 2023 Edward Sakowsky

Strange Facts of Nick Adams, The Enigmatic Celebrity

During a press run, Nick Adams put the spotlight on his tumultuous personal life and stunned the world with a scandalous revelation.
December 26, 2022 Edward Sakowsky
Timothy Dalton Facts

Suave Facts About Timothy Dalton, The Disappearing Bond

Timothy Dalton is as suave in real life as he was when he was playing James Bond on screen, but his debonair looks hid a dark side.
December 21, 2022 Edward Sakowsky
King Alfonso XII of Spain

Powerful Facts About Alfonso XII of Spain, The Mastermind King

When King Alfonso XII of Spain met his wife Maria Christina of Austria, his response was so heartless, it’s nearly unprintable.
October 18, 2022 Edward Sakowsky
Val Kilmer Facts

Chaotic Facts About Val Kilmer, The Modern Casanova

Val Kilmer is a lot more complicated than the action star we know from the screen—his life behind the scenes was somehow even more fast-paced.
September 4, 2022 Edward Sakowsky

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