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Sharks are friends, not food. The rate at which sharks are being killed by humans is truly alarming. Within the next few decades, there may be no sharks left in our oceans at all. This will drastically change the ocean ecosystem which will have a variety of effects on the natural world – some of which we cannot predict. Top predators have a very strong effect on their environments called trophic cascading. It is very important that people start to become aware of these types of issues and contribute to conservation of our oceans. Let’s get to know the shark. Enjoy these awesome facts about sharks – you may even like them after.

30. Nice kitty

Like cats, sharks are naturally very curious animals. For this reason they are sometimes referred to as the cats of the sea. Unfortunately for other marine life, they don’t have paws to investigate a curious situation so they resort to bumping with their nose or using their mouth to go for a nibble.


29. Shark attack?

Shark attacks are extremely rare, with more humans killed by falling coconuts than by sharks every year. If you ever do find yourself on the business end of a curious shark, experts suggest that you punch them in the nose and gills to scare them away.


28. Get off my lawn, Dinosaurs!

Did you know that sharks are much older than dinosaurs? Dinosaurs didn’t appear until roughly 230 million years ago. Sharks on the other hand have been occupying our oceans for the last 450 million years!


Super-scary massive dino-shark know as Megalodon (extinct)

27. The red triangle

There is an area of the Pacific Ocean just north of San Francisco that accounts for 38% of recorded shark attacks on humans. This is actually how the nearby San Jose Sharks hockey club got their name!


26. Staring contest champions

Although sharks have eyelids, they never blink.

25. Don’t jump the shark!

In a 1977 episode of Happy Days, Fonzie jumped over a shark while on water skis. The scene was so ridiculous that the term “jumping the shark” now refers to a television gimmick that is so strange, it can only mean that the writers are out of ideas.


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