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Multiple generations of viewers have enjoyed the storytelling of Walt Disney and the company that is his legacy. The production of an animated feature is a huge endeavor and takes years from beginning to end.

Here are some facts about Disney movies!

50. What’s in a name?

Mickey Mouse was named by Walt Disney’s wife. Walt originally named him Mortimer Mouse, but his wife Lily said that the name was “pompous.” She suggested “Mickey” because it was cuter.

Disney Movie Facts

Walt Disney with his wife, Lillian Disney.

49. Code Red!

Disney employees had a special codename for when Walt was approaching. They would say “man is in the forest” to warn animators to get back to work when he was coming into the stuido.

Disney Movie Facts

48. Through a different set of eyes

Fantasia flopped when it was released in 1940, but would gain popularity when the movie was rereleased in the 60’s. The movie would get a sequel in 1999 with new segments added to the most popular scenes.

Disney Movie Facts

47. Genie-us

Robin Williams ad-libbed so much during the recording sessions for the Genie in Aladdin (1992), that the producers ended up with 16 hours of recordings. Because of the many off script lines, the movie was rejected for the Best Adapted Screenplay nomination at the Academy Awards.

Disney Movie Facts


46. Frosty labour

The production of Frozen (2013) took 600 people and 2,5 years of production, resulting in a total of more than 300 million hours to complete the movie.

Disney Movie Facts


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