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For over twenty-eight years, The Simpsons kept viewers glued to their screens and will do so for many more years. Never has there been a show so interwoven with pop culture, while at the same time influencing it. Hundreds of famous guest stars visited the town, Apu had octuplets long before Nadya Suleman made it fashionable and Lisa went through four Snowballs before settling on Snowball V.

A show that has been on the air for so long has a long and rich history. Let’s see if you know these facts about the show!

44. Not your average Stone-Age family

In 1997 The Simpsons surpassed The Flintstones as longest-running prime-time animated series when it aired their 167th episode, The Itchy, Scratchy and Poochy Show. This episode dealt –not so coincidentally- with the problems of a show getting stale in it’s long run and trying to keep it “fresh” by introducing a new character.

The Simpsons Facts

43. The Jet-soooooons

When Matt Groening asked Danny Elfman to compose the theme song for The Simpsons, he gave him a cassette tape with a few songs to inspire Elfman to write something similar. Among the songs on the tape was the theme of The Jetsons, selections from Nino Rota’s Juliet Of The Spirits and a Remington electric shaver jingle by Frank Zappa.

The Simpsons Facts

42. Life repeats art

According to Danny Elfman, he got the idea for the theme song while driving his car and had to rush home to commit it to tape. The whole process from idea to finished theme only took him three days.

The Simpsons Facts

Danny Elfman.

41.  Dialing it back a bit

The telephone number at Moe’s Tavern is 764-8437, or SMITHERS, as was revealed in the episode Homer, The Smithers. Mr. Burns tries to call Smithers, but has no clue as to what’s the correct phone number and dials SMITHERS. He ends up being the aim of Moe’s wrath.

The Simpsons Facts


40. One down, two to go!

The primary cast has a clause in their contract to provide their vocal talents for three movies based on the franchise.

The Simpsons Facts

39. You are here.

The location of Springfield is never revealed. Whenever they locate the town on a map, the audience never gets to see the map. Whenever someone says it out loud, the sound is muffled or masked by noise. In the “Behind The Music” episode, Troy McClure reveals the state, but there are several versions of the episode, each with a different state name.

The Simpsons Facts


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