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The second of the Harry Potter film series, Chamber of Secrets follows the adventures of Potter and his pals in their second year at Hogwarts after the Heir of Salazar Slytherin opens the titular chamber, unleashing a monster that petrifies the school’s denizens.

It was received well both critically and commercially, making $879 million worldwide.

Here are a few things you might not know about the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

43. Stretched Out

Although the film was based on the second shortest of the books, it was the longest of the movies.

Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets Facts.

42. Back to Back

Filming on Chamber of Secrets started three days after Philosopher’s Stone finished. This makes the Chamber of Secrets the only one of the films to be produced and released within the same year (not including The Deathly Hallows, which was filmed all at once).

Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets Facts.

Yet they still look quite a bit younger here…

41. Extra Extra!

Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny, got to bring one of her best friends onto the set to be an extra. Her other friends got nothing.

Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets Facts.

40. Read All About It!

When Draco says, “I didn’t know you could read,” to Harry (who appeared like Goyle with Polyjuice potion), it was improvised because Tom Felton forgot his line.

Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets Facts.


39. Why Even Bother Having a Script?

Similarly, Lucius Malfoy’s line, “Let us hope Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day,” was improvised by Jason Isaac. Daniel Radcliffe’s response, “Don’t worry; I will be,” was also improvised. Apparently, nobody on set could remember their lines.

Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets Facts.

38. Nothing Lasts Forever

When asked whose body she would inhabit if she could drink Polyjuice potion in real life, Emma Watson said she could become Jennifer Aniston so she could see if Brad Pitt was really that good looking. Watson was still young and innocent and thought that Aniston and Pitt would last forever. Oh children.

Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets Facts.

37. Location, Location, Location

The filmmakers had to build an entire new row of houses as they lost access to the neighborhood that they originally used to depict the Dursley’s House on 4 Privet Drive.

Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets Facts.


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