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Love is a driving force for humans, often leading to both happiness and sadness. Love isn’t exclusive to us, but we do have some of the most unique ways of experiencing and expressing the mighty emotion.

Here are 42 lovestruck facts about love.

42. Monogamy

Though we’d like to think we’re unique from the rest of the animal kingdom, we’re not the only animal to mate monogamously. Wolves, gibbons, albatrosses and even termites have been known to mate for life. No word on the statistics of animal divorce rates.

Facts about Love

41. Timed

First impressions are super important, especially knowing that it only takes 4 minutes to decide whether or not you like someone. It’s not just what you say either, your body language, tone and speed of voice are all factored in when making the decision.

Facts about Love

40. Synchronized

When two lovers stare into each other’s eyes, their heartbeats will synchronize after about 3 minutes. That said, that’s a long time to be staring into someone’s eyes…

Facts about Love

39. Addicted

Falling in love is almost like doing the drug Cocaine, as similar parts of the brain are triggered and affected by the chemical reaction (love). We don’t condone Cocaine, but we certainly condone falling in love.

Facts about Love


38. Cuddle Cure

Oxytocin, the love drug, is released by the body when two people are cuddling. Research has found that a dose of Oxytocin decreases the pain of a headache significantly. Next time you get into a fight with your lover and you’ve got a headache, cuddle it out.

Facts about Love

37. Leagues

People will often fall in love with and form relationships with those that are of a similar level of attractiveness. Even if one person in a relationship is more physically attractive than the other, the other most likely compensates with other socially and culturally desirable traits.


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