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Ignorance is bliss. You think you would want to know about all the sad realities of the world, until you actually know. Whether the problem is humanitarian, environmental, or otherwise, it creates a hopeless feeling when you realize there is not much you can do to help and, in some cases, there is nothing.  Here are a list of sad but true facts to make you think.

41. Extinct Languages

There are over 2,500 ancient languages that are either already extinct, or in danger of being forgotten forever.

Sad Depressing True Facts

40. One is the Loneliest Number

In 1992, scientists discovered the loneliest creature on Earth. It is a whale that has been calling for a mate for two decades. The whale communicates at a frequency not used by any other whales, and so far, has not received a response.

Sad Depressing True Facts

39. Happy Birthday To Me

The two Mars exploration robots, Curiosity and Opportunity are both on Mars right now. However, they live on opposite sides of the planet, so they will never run into one another. On its one year anniversary, Curiosity was programmed to sing “Happy Birthday” to itself.

Sad Depressing True Facts

Curiosity Rover selfie

38. Existential Crisis

“Steve”, the K5 Security Robot, roamed the Georgetown waterfront in Washington DC. In July of 2017, it “committed suicide” by rolling itself into the water. Fans made a small memorial for “Steve” with selfies they took with the robot, and flowers. Steve may be put back in action in weeks to come.

Sad Depressing True Facts


37. Clammed Up

In 2006, a team of scientific researchers in Iceland were gathering clams in order to study the effects of climate change. They froze the clams, which ended up killing them. They ended up killing the oldest known clam still left alive, nicknamed, “Ming”, which was 507 years old.

Sad Depressing True Facts

36. Deadly Weapons

When someone has a gun in their home, it is 22 times more likely for that the weapon to be used in a suicide or accidental shooting, rather than defense from invaders.

Sad Depressing True Facts


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