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“Keep your friends close and your enemies dead and buried in the basement”  —Mark Frost

Basements are cold, dark, and rarely visited subterranean places, making them the perfect settings for horror movies and spooky scares. But eerie basement vibes aren’t just a thing of fiction: here are 23 facts about very real and very creepy things found in basements.

23. Mysterious Well

When a new homeowner discovered a trap door in the basement of his new home, he was shocked to discover an 8-foot-deep by 4-foot-wide cement well filled with water. The well had no pipes or holes, which made it even more bizarre. After snapping some photos of his creepy discovery, he filled it in with stones and sold the house.

Creepy Things Found in People’s Basements Facts

22. Discovered Upon Inspection

Nearly a decade after Joseph Fritzl was jailed for keeping his daughter captive in a cellar, construction workers found another secret basement at his guesthouse just outside the city of Salzburg, Austria. While measuring the building for inspection, the workers found an improvised wall with a hidden staircase. Thankfully there was nothing or no one else found in the cellar.

Creepy Things Found in People’s Basements Facts

21. A Surprise Roommate

In 2013, Ohio State University students were shocked to discover a locker in the basement of their house, which led to a secret room. The room was inhabited by a squatter, Jeremy, who had been living there unbeknownst to the owners of the home or the other students.

Creepy Things Found in People’s Basements Facts

20. Property of NASA

When a scrap dealer was invited to clean out the basement of a deceased IBM engineer in 2015, he had no idea what he would find. The deceased had done some work for NASA at the height of the Space Race, and the dealer found 325 magnetic data tapes and two NASA computers.

Creepy Things Found in People’s Basements Facts


19. Secret Bunker

After the previous owner passed away, his house was sold as is, basement contents and all. When the new owner went down to the basement, he found an odd sheet of plywood attached to the wall. He went to remove it and discovered an entrance to a secret room. The room was 4×4 feet, and had several gun cases and manuals, a giant safe, an assortment of ammo, and a hollowed-out grenade. The man also found a chest of money, but it was all pennies.

Creepy Things Found in People’s Basements Facts


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