50 Things I Bought On Amazon That I Would 100% Buy Again

Penelope Singh

Ever buy something or get a gift and realize it solves a problem you didn’t even know you had? Like the first time you switch over the vacuuming from sweeping, or use a BBQ lighter to light a candle and realize you don’t have to burn your fingers and shove your entire fist into a tiny glass jar. Some of these are useful, and others are just so fun that I couldn’t help but include them. After all, game nights haven’t been the same since I discovered Code Name.

All of these products are total game-changers and the type of thing that you’ll look back on and think “How did I ever live without this?” 

These Oven Rack Shields Will Save Your Forearms


I cannot tell a lie: for many years, my forearms were rarely without a tiny burn or scar from my oven rack. If you’ve ever made the same mistake, these oven rack shields are such a fantastic lifehack. Plus they come with a pair of silicone oven mini-mitts, which are way easier to clean than fabric ones when you accidentally stick your thumb in a pie or lasagna.

Hey, I never said I wasn’t clumsy.

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A Silicone “Tub Shroom” That Will Disgust and Fascinate You

It’s easy to forget about that drain in your shower, until one day you find yourself showering in ankle-deep murky water. Even worse? Trying to unclog it afterward by sticking your bare hands down there. Ughhh. The best way around this whole rigamarole is an ingenious invention called the Tub Shroom. It grabs hair as it goes down the drain and is a cinch to clean.

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This Rainfall Showerhead Will Make Your Morning Luxurious

Do you wish every day was spa day? Do you dream of living in a hotel? Make your wildest desires come true with a Rainfall Showerhead. Not only does it feel super indulgent, it’ll make your bathroom look absolutely luxurious. It’s easy to install and your guests will go wild for it.

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For the OCD in All of Us: A Deeply Satisfying Blind Cleaner Duster Brush

Clean the tub? Ugh. Wash the floors? Blah. Spend hours micro-cleaning strange nooks and crannies where no one would reasonably notice dust or grime? Extremely my bag. Indulge your inner clean freak with this Blind Cleaner Duster Brush. No blinds? No problem. It’s also great for air conditioners and car vents, among other things.

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A Pop-Up Book For Adults With Secret Functions

This looks more fun than function, but why can’t it be both? This Book Is a Planetarium is a pop-up book for adults, but kids will be fascinated too. The book can actually transform into six fully functional tools, including a speaker, and, of course, an actual working planetarium that can project constellations. It makes a great coffee table book or gift for the curious mind in your life.

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Never Accidentally Crush a Tomato Again: A 2-in-1 Knife Block With Sharpener

If you’re still throwing your knives in a drawer after using them, please, for the love of everything holy, get this Universal Knife Block with Sharpener immediately. It’s universal, so you don’t have to have a matching set of knives to make it work, and the attached sharpener means you can build a habit of sharpening your knives every time you pull them out of the block.

They say if you hate cooking, it’s probably because you don’t have sharp knives. And by “they,” I mean me.

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This Headphone Holder Brings Me One Step Closer to Sanity

For many years, I would leave the house and spend the first 20 minutes of my commute untangling my headphones before being able to pop them in and throw a podcast on. Not to mention every time I pulled them out of my pocket and my keys or sunglasses got tangled in them. This Earbud Cord Organizer changed all that. It’s super tiny and weighs next to nothing, so it’s great to just throw in your pocket and go.

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An Air Purifier & Sanitizer That’s Great for the Bathroom Or Kitchen

This mini Air Purifier & Sanitizer can plug in anywhere in your house and will work to get rid of up to 99.7% of airborne particles and allergens, plus it has a germ-killing UV-C light. The most obvious place to plug one in is the bathroom, but it’s also great for cooking odors in the kitchen, pet smells and dander near the litterbox, or next to your bed if you suffer from allergies.

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In a Sea of Bluetooth Earbuds, These Anker Soundbuds Stand Out

There are just about a zillion Bluetooth headphones out there, and finding the right pair can be really overwhelming. Well, these Anker Soundbuds have a more than 1o,ooo five-star ratings. They sound great, they’re comfortable, and the battery is quite durable.

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Another Case of Gross Yet Satisfying: a Home Skin Tag Remover

Bodies are gross. It’s just the truth. Things sprout from places they shouldn’t. And anyone who has ever had a skin tag pop up knows how annoying they are. Going to a dermatologist can leave you on a waiting list for months, not to mention the cost, and drugstore skin tag removal kits rely on freaky chemicals and seem like you basically need a doctor to do the work for you anyway.

That’s where this Home Skin Tag Remover kit comes in. There’s no weird freezing or burning involved, and it takes just seconds. The little tool pops the world’s tiniest elastic onto your skin tag, cutting off the blood supply. Within days, the thing just falls off! The very definition of no fuss, no muss.

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Don’t Laugh Yet: This Book Will Make You Smarter, I Swear

Doubt me all you want, but I grew up on Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader and I am always MVP when I go to the trivia night at my local pub. When new versions come out, they’re always packed with up-to-date and relevant stories and facts that make great conversation starters. Plus, if you ever need a gift for a Yankee swap at the office, this one always gets fought over.

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Say Cheese! A Selfie Stick for Dogs. You Heard Me.

I don’t know how, but every time I pull out my phone to take a picture of my dog, he seems to know, and he looks away. That is, until I got this Dog Selfie Phone Attachment. Now, as my Instagram followers will attest to, I have about 1,000 perfect shots of him completely still, looking directly at the camera. Now? I’m just waiting for the dog modeling scouts to call me up.

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This Cast Iron Scrubber Takes Mere Seconds

Well, first things first. If you don’t have a cast iron pan, you absolutely should get one. It’s the absolute best way to get a nicely browned piece of chicken or a perfect butter-basted steak. But for the first six months or so I had mine, I found myself googling “how to clean cast iron pan” every time I used it, and using some complicated method using kosher salt or a brush or my stove.

Here’s where the Cast Iron Scrubber comes in. Throw this weird chainmail thing into your dirty pan, rub it around, and rinse both out. I keep it draped over the bottle of oil I use for seasoning the pan so I can just grab them during clean-up. No more greasy hands googling cleaning solutions!

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Atmosphere in a Box: A 3D Printed Moon Lamp For Quiet Nights in

The first time I saw one of these 3D Printed Moon Lamps I knew I had to have one. Not only are they fascinating to look at, but they also bathe the room in the most beautiful glow. These ones in particular are fantastic—you can use the remote to make it change color, and put on a timer so you can admire it as you drift off to sleep. Mark my words, the moon lamp is the next salt lamp. 

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Shine on With This Mini Liquid-Free Touchscreen Cleaner

Not only do I cook a lot, I also use my smartphone and tablet to look up recipes, so both are usually covered in grimy fingerprints. In those situations, I’m not really interested in pulling out a liquid cleaner filled with mysterious chemicals to clean it up. Plus, every time I used a microfiber cloth it just felt like I was rubbing the smudge around instead of removing itthat’s where this Mini Liquid-Free Touchscreen Cleaner comes in.

Just roll it down your screen and voila: it’s suddenly crystal clear.

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The Future Is Now: A Pot Stirring Robot

A lot of these gadgets are life-changing, but few of them are as mind-blowing as this Automatic Pot Stirrer. It makes me feel like I’m in The Jetsons and I don’t have to worry about scorched food on my favorite pots anymore. Plus, if you’re just starting out cooking and you get overwhelmed at the idea of making multiple dishes at once, this is a real lifesaver.

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The Mechanical Pencil Beloved by Architects and Designers

I’m not an architect, a designer, or an artist. I am just a humble crossword lover. And I make a lot of mistakes. I hated destroying my newspaper with cheap pencils and erasers, so I started looking for the best mechanical pencil and found this German-engineered Rotring 600. It saves me so much frustration and is just a joy to write with. It also makes a fantastic gift for any creative mind in your life.

Jason Bourne uses it for heavens’ sake! What more do you need to know?

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Host the Best Game Night Ever With Code Names

I love game night, but sometimes there’s just not enough time or space to get Catan out and really go for it. I looked into other games and Code Names kept coming up so I got a copy. It was an instant hit. It’s easy to learn, which is huge when you’re playing with a crowd, and the games only take about 15 minutes, so you can play multiple rounds in a row. Plus, the box is small, so it’s super easy to throw in your bag and bring over to a friend’s place.

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Headband Headphones Comfy Enough to Fall Asleep in

When I first saw ads for these Headband Headphones, I saw people working out in them, and thought “Okay, no, not for me.” Then I realized that they could potentially help one of my most annoying problems: I like to listen to music or watch TV on my tablet in bed, but if I turn my rest my head on the left or right, it gets super uncomfortable.

Boom! Super-soft headband headphones are so comfortable and don’t fall out of my ears the way earbuds do when they get tangled in the pile of blankets I tend to drape myself in.

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Love the Hairdresser? Try This Scalp Massager

There is nothing like the scalp massage you get from a hairdresser. It’s basically the only reason I get my hair cut. No matter how forcefully I paw at my own scalp, it doesn’t quite match my hairdresser, but this Scalp Massager is pretty darn close. It also makes my hair feel cleaner and softer, and when it dries, I swear it’s shinier.

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Feel Like You’re a Jetson With This LED Clock Fan

It’s a clock! It’s a fan! It just looks SO SO cool! The only downside to this LED Clock Fan? It’s such an eye-catcher that it makes people stop at my desk and talk to me.

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Meet the Thaw Claw: A Carnivore’s Best Friend

I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve left the house to do something only to remember I wanted to take food out of the freezer for dinner. Then I end up taking it out late, and then I end up eating dinner at 9pm. This Thaw Claw is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” solutions. Just stick it to the bottom of your sink, put whatever you need to defrost under the “claw,” and run cold water over it.

You’ll honestly be surprised by how often you use it.

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Drive Safe With This Magnetic Phone Mount

Every time I watch a friend or Uber driver struggle to jam their phone into a weird car mount while driving, I cringe. So when I saw this Magnetic Phone Mount I bought one for basically every person I know. Instead of struggling, which leads to distracted driving, which leads to bad things, you can basically just throw your phone at your dashboard and it’ll stick.

That’s how powerful the magnet is!

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A Fresh Set of Professional-Quality Makeup Brushes For Drugstore Price

I love playing with makeup, but for years I had a cobbled-together set of maybe 16 brushes. I would only ever use two or three because I had no idea what the rest were for. This set of professional-quality Makeup Brushes is not only super affordable, but they’re also labeled, so I can finally create more elaborate looks and feel confident in my tools.

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A Summer Must-Have: A Rechargeable Bug Zapper Racket

Whether you’re camping, at the cottage, or just hanging out in the backyard, this Bug Zapper Racket is an absolute necessity. It’s got a light on the handle so you can see where you’re swinging it, which, as a bonus, actually draws the mosquitos toward the racket! Plus, what’s more satisfying than that “zap” sound when you actually hit a bug? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing.

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The Parlor-Quality Ice Cream Scoop You Didn’t Know You Needed

How can an ice cream scoop be a game-changer? Well, if you’ve never used a good one, you’d be surprised. This Heavy-Duty Ice Cream Scoop has a good weight to it and scoops a perfect orb of ice cream. I’m a firm believer in buying high-quality kitchen stuff, but I didn’t think it was necessary for something like an ice cream scoop until I tried it.

If you have a family member with arthritis or other joint issues, it’s a great gift, since it makes scooping rock hard ice cream way easier.

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Everyone Has One Space at Home That Could Use This Slim Storage Cart

At my last apartment, there was maybe a five-inch opening between the stove and the wall. I couldn’t find a good use for it until I spotted one of these Slim Storage Carts at a friend’s house. Plus, who doesn’t need more storage? I use it for my canned goods, which leaves more room in my cupboards for…more food, of course.

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This Gap Guard Will Save Your Phone From the Scary Depths Of Your Car

If you haven’t dropped your phone in that stupid gap between your car seat and your center console, well then congratulations on being a perfect human. Must be nice to be flawless! For the rest of us, there’s the Gap Guard.

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A Window Feeder That Lets You Birdwatch From the Couch

I used to have a bird feeder in the middle of the yard, and it was really satisfying to go out everyday and pretend to be Cinderella as birds chirped at me for their dinner, but I didn’t really get to enjoy it. This Window Bird Feeder brought the birds way closer to me. On top of that, it is so, so cute and it makes my cats go absolutely wild.

I actually have to stop myself from gazing out the window for hours at a time.

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A Cord Organizer to Keep Things Looking Organized

My home presents a clean and minimal facade that hides total chaos. This Cord Organizer is an integral part of that. I have one on the side of my desk and one on my nightstand, otherwise, it’d just be big snarls of charge cords on the ground or shoved behind some books.

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An Ultra-Smoothing Vitamin C Serum to Brighten Up Your Skin

I hate spending more than a minute or two on my skin when I go to bed, but it’s such a good time to treat your skin to what it needs. This Vitamin C Serum is absolutely packed with beneficial moisturizing and smoothing ingredients. It absorbs quickly and smells good, and when I wake up, my face is just soft in a way that no other way more expensive products was able to provide.

If you don’t already have a skincare routine or vitamin-packed serum, this is the one to try—and it’s good for all skin types. 

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The Reviews Say It All: Star Realms Is “Really That Good”

I went to a friend’s place for dinner one night, and after we were done they pulled out Star Realms. It ended up being my favorite part of the night and this is after they served macaroni and cheese and chocolate cake for dessert, for heaven’s sake! It’s also great because, unlike so many other games, you can actually play with just two players.

Don’t just take my word for it—the reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. 

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This Oil Drizzler Adds a Touch Of Class—And Makes You a Better Cook

Okay, everyone’s seen an Oil Drizzler before, and most people prefer to just use the original bottles that their oils and vinegars come in. What makes this so special? Well, first, it has a super chic, modern shape. So why does having a separate oil drizzler make you a better cook? Start by using one when trying a recipe. Count how many seconds it takes to pour a teaspoon or tablespoon. Once you’ve got that down, you never need to use measuring spoons again.

You’ll look like a cool TV chef just wantonly pouring oil into your pan, but only you will know that you’re actually using super accurate measurements.

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Whether It’s Camping or Candles, This Arc Lighter Beats a Bic

I’m a huge candle lover, and this Arc Lighter makes it so much easier to light candles when the wick is down at the bottom of its jar or container. The flame is super strong and it just lasts forever compared to every other BBQ or candle lighter that I’ve ever bought.

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A Frustration-Proof Quilted Duvet for the Comfiest Sleep

For many years I had a duvet where the filling just kind of floated around within the fabric cover. Nothing like getting into bed and having five pounds of filling on your feet and none on your upper body. Not so with this Quilted Duvet. The filling stays put within its quilted squares, and it’s down alternative filling is temperature modulating, making it great for both cool and warm weather.

I’ve also found that it converts putting a duvet cover on a duvet from a Sisyphean task into a super easy one. My greatest testimonial? It feels like hotel bedding *insert heart eyes emoji.*

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A Thermal Laminator You’ll Find 100 Uses For

I got this Thermal Laminator on a total whim but it’s more than paid for itself. I’ve laminated my mom’s recipe cards to keep them from stains. I’ve printed photos at home on regular paper and laminated them to put on the fridge or bulletin board. I’ve laminated important documents I don’t want damaged, and that’s just to start. My best friend is a teacher and she’s used it for 1,000 different things in the classroom.

It’s definitely one of those things you don’t think is completely necessary but comes in handy in the weirdest of situations.

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This Kan Jam Game Is Perfect for Any Park Hang or Backyard BBQ

Controversial opinion: this Kan Jam game is way more fun than Spikeball. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe—and I love Spikeball! But in just one afternoon, I totally fell in love with Kan Jam. I could easily play from sunrise to sunset. And with the light-up version? I will also be playing all night. Someone tell my boss I’ll be back in September or October. 

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The Digital Microscope That Will Fascinate and Disgust You

This Digital Microscope is another surprising entry that will have 1,000 uses—even if most of them are just staring intently at the hidden worlds of common objects you have lying around the house. Just plug it into your computer or Android phone and reveal the hidden details of everything around you. No really. Put a nail file under there, or a potato chip. If you really want to be grossed out, point it at someone’s scalp. 

I’m sure there are practical uses, yes. And I will get to them. But only after I have looked at everything in this room first.

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Have a Dinner Party, Pull Out This Pepper Mill, and Watch What Happens

There is just no comparison between the grey powder you get when you buy a bag of ground pepper and what you get when you grind your own fresh with a Pepper Mill. It makes every food better. I’ll be honest, I had an electric one for years. It was fine, but I needed to replace the batteries constantly, and as soon as they started fading, it barely worked. I switched over to this wood mill and never looked back.

It’s really well-made, so it’s smooth and effortless to use.

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A Super Cute Mini Humidifier Is USB-Powered

This Mini Humidifier is an absolute winter necessity for when electric heating is drying out your sinuses, skin, and just about everything else, plus it looks adorable on your desk or nightstand and comes in a variety of colors if mint green isn’t your thing. My biggest lifehack with this one has to do with the fact that it’s USB-powered. It’s over the top, but I’ve used it on a plane, plugged into the USB outlet of my computer.

I used to always get a cold after flying from the air drying out my sinuses, but since I started using this, I haven’t had one.

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This 3-Tier Cooling Rack Folds Totally Flat

Can you believe I used to live my life with just a single cooling rack? I know. What was I thinking? It sounds like I’m joking, but I’m (mostly) not. This stackable 3-Tier Cooling Rack is a godsend for anyone trying to bake more than eight cookies at a time (AKA anyone with an appetite). Plus, they fold flat so they don’t take up a ton of space in your cupboards.

They’re also great for making room in your kitchen when cooking other stuff too—I have next to no counter space so when I’m making a big meal I use them to hold plates full of food while I finish turning off the stove and throwing pots in the sink. 

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A Purse Light That Anyone With More Than Three Things in Their Bag Needs

Before I had this Purse Light, I was convinced that my keys and wallet lived a Toy Story-esque life in the bottom of my bag, where they came alive and played tricks on me by constantly just escaping my searching fingertips. And somehow I was never sent to the loony bin! An additional sanity saver has been this purse light. It can be clipped to a pocket or strap (it would kind of be counterintuitive if you had to search for the purse light to search for your stuff) and turned on with one click, making it super easy whatever you’re looking for.

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Forget the Microwave—We’ve Got Three Words: Desktop Crock-Pot

This looks kind of insane, I know. But if you’ve starved all morning waiting for lunch and then heated it up in the microwave only to have half of it scorching hot and the other ice-cold, consider this Desktop Crock-Pot. It slowly heats up your soup, stew, chili, or whatever other delicious meal you’ve brought in over the course of a few hours.

The end result is perfectly heated through and never burnt or overcooked.

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Use This Phone Camera Lens to Up Your IG Game

Turn your smartphone into a DSLR camera with this incredible Phone Camera Lens attachment. It’s seriously so easy, and with macro and wide angle options, you can take professional-looking photos with minimal effort.

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A “Woof Washer” Makes It Easier to Give Your Best Pal a Bath

Everyone who has ever washed a dog in a small bathroom can attest to the fact that you’ll be finding fur everywhere—in crevices, on the walls, on the ceiling—for months. Washing outdoors with a hose is a better option, but that can also involve its fair share of your dog just straight up running away from you since it’s impossible to hold them and spray the hose from a distance.

That’s why whoever invented this Woof Washer is my hero. With the Woof Washer, washing the dog doesn’t need to be a two-person job. It’s quick, easy, gentle, and it has a soap dispenser attached to it!

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This Magnetic Wristband Is Basically Like Having a Third Hand…

Speaking of turning two-person jobs into solo projects, this Magnetic Wristband makes it possible. Whether you’re hanging pictures around the house or crafting, you’ll never have to stop to fish something out of a package again. It’s also an absolute must-have when building Ikea furniture, keeping all those little bolts and screws in one place.

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…And So Is This Nail Polish Bottle Holder

I love painting my nails while watching TV but I live in constant fear that I’ll spill nail polish on the couch. This super cute silicone Nail Polish Bottle Holder totally alleviates that anxiety.

Game Changers StoryAmazon

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This Glass Kettle Will Make Your Kitchen Look Super Polished

I didn’t realize how gross it was to make tea or coffee for guests in my old, dingy, splatter covered stovetop kettle for a long time. When the handle broke, I thought I’d just replace it, but when I started shopping I saw this gorgeous Glass Kettle and knew it was time to switch to a plug-in model. Not only is it gorgeous, it’s also cordless, so you can pick up the pot and bring it to the table.

It also boils water way faster than my stovetop kettle ever did—and now I never need to sprint across the house when I hear it whistle again. 

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Listen. Everyone’s Shoes Stink—But These Charcoal Inserts Can Help

I’ve tried everything to eliminate odor in my shoes, from baking soda to different powders from the pharmacy. They barely did the job and were all just so messy, especially considering most people own a lot of black shoes. I had to put powder in my shoes every few days just to keep them smelling fresh, but these Charcoal Inserts are a way better alternative since they basically last forever.

Just throw them in the shoes you wear most often when you’re not wearing them and smell the difference. They even work on stinky runners and gym shoes. I started with one set, but have since bought a whole bunch more.

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Never Lose Your Keys or Wallet Again With This Item Locator

I tried key racks, but I never put the keys on them when I came in. A basket I kept by the door just got filled with receipts instead of my keys. I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot keep track of them, so I bought this Item Locator and never looked back. I have one tag on the keys and the other in my wallet. My most ingenious move of all was attaching velcro to the locator itself and sticking it right beside the front door.

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