June 11, 2020 | Scott Mazza

The Perfect Purse For Is Out There, And We Can Help You Find It

We could all use a little help carrying life’s essentials. But while there’s a wide range of purses out there, which one is best for your lifestyle?

Well, the “best purse” depends on a variety of factors, including back issues, how much you carry with you, style, and more. Of course, some folks out there are more comfortable having zipper security and a wide array of pockets to keep their property safe. When picking the perfect purse, make sure you take all of these key factors into account.

Remember Your Comfort

No one wants to carry an uncomfortable purse around all day—but don't worry! There are lots of handbags available to guarantee your back won’t strain under the weight. Earlier this year, Huffington Post published an article with chiropractor Steven Shoshany, breaking down which purses are best.

Shoshany recommends finding crossbody pieces to evenly distribute weight.


He also suggests alternating between your shoulder and across your body to avoid burnout. But, the best way to safely carry your essentials? Invest in a cute knapsack! Backpacks have definitely reemerged as a practical and chic item, so it’s not something you should turn your back on.

Pocket Full of Sunshine

Tote bags have certainly been on trend in the past, but they come with their fair share of hiccups.


Most noticeable would be the lack of pockets. If you’re a neat freak or just appreciate general order, a repertoire of pockets should definitely be on your checklist. They keep your items properly sequestered and eliminate clutter.

Now, bear in mind that more pockets don’t necessarily mean a better purse. Worse, too many pockets could actually be a sign of poor quality.


So, consider your lifestyle before committing. A few pockets here and there will help keep you organized, but too many can be a nightmare to deal with. It's also important to pay attention to the size of the pockets. Tiny pockets are of no use, but huge pockets might as well take us back to square one.


Zip It Good

The best purse will offer some sort of security, regardless of your lifestyle. For this reason, at the very least, we recommend that you buy a bag with a zipper. If you’re someone who likes to frequent hotspots or always hangs out with friends, a simple zipper gives you peace of mind.

But, zippers don’t only protect you from sticky fingers. A proper seal can hold your items in place if you accidentally drop your purse, forget it somewhere, or bump into someone.


Take it from me. If you’re absentminded enough to misplace eyeglasses on your head, you should invest in the right security.

Don't forget to check the quality of your zippers, either. They shouldn’t jam or get caught on the materials inside the bag. Zippers need to glide open easily—that's the mark of good quality. Don’t make excuses for poor quality; if you think your bag will give you problems down the road, leave it behind.


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Money, Money, Money

Now obviously, all of those factors are important, but do you know what’s even more vital? Your budget!


Don’t go out of your way to purchase a bag you just flat out can't afford. We've all faced the temptation of that purse that's just a little too pricey. When you come across one, ask yourself—is this really the perfect purse? Chances are that it'll fall short in some area, and is it really worth breaking the bank for the wrong bag?


Plus, it’s a good idea to hang back sometimes. You can always hunt around different stores to see which ones have the bags you’re interested in. Department stores usually have a good collection of deals on any given week, so you may just get lucky!


Keep your eyes peeled for great deals while you do your research. And hey, maybe a killer sale is just the thing to finally get you to pull the trigger on that bag you've been eyeing for months!

The Perfect Purse

Remember—there's a lot to keep in mind when picking the perfect purse. Really think about the items you carry with you on a daily basis.


Could you lighten your load to relieve some stress on your back? Is your purse versatile enough to accommodate your closet? Can you really afford the bag you’ve been eyeing? And of course, does it fit your style? Honestly answer these questions before hitting that “buy now” button.

At the end of the day, your purse should be a comfortable extension of your personality.


If it goes everywhere with you, you’ll want it to be something you won’t get sick of easily. There’s no better way to guarantee you’ll love your bag than to buy the ideal one, so when it comes time to replace your old purse, really make sure you do the research to find the perfect bag for you!

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