Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Acting Legend Tom Hanks?

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What romantic comedy about mermaids was Hanks’ breakout role?

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Hanks had really only played small parts on TV when Ron Howard spotted him and cast him in Splash in 1984 opposite Daryl Hannah. When they met, Howard considered him for the role that eventually went to John Candy before casting him in the lead.
About This Quiz
Few actors are as beloved as Tom Hanks—and who can blame fans for loving this versatile star? From his breakout role in Splash and beloved characters in other ‘80s comedies Big and Turner & Hooch, and later, more serious turns in timeless dramas like Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, and Saving Private Ryan. Now that he’s in his 60s, he still takes on award-bait dramatic roles on the regular, while also sprinkling in some producing and directing credits here and there—he even released a book of short stories! With a career like that, there’s a lot to know about Tom Hanks—are you as much of an expert as you think?

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