What was Nicole Kidman’s nickname growing up?
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By the time she was 13 years old, Kidman was already 5’9”, earning her the nickname “Stalky” in high school. We can’t imagine it was a very comfortable time for the Aussie beauty.
How tall is Nicole Kidman today?
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Kidman stands at a statuesque 5 feet, 10.5 inches tall. When she was married to Tom Cruise, she was a full four inches taller than him, and often gave up wearing heels when they went out.
True or False: Kidman doesn’t use a body double in nude scenes.
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When Kidman bares it all, she likes to go the whole way, no compromises: she does her nude scenes herself. The same is true for many of her stunts in films.
What developmental disability did Kidman struggle with as a child?
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Despite the fact that she now reads her lines like a pro, as a child Kidman suffered from a stutter, and took great pains to overcome the developmental disability.
What performance inspired Kidman to become an actress?
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When Kidman was a little girl, she saw Margaret Hamilton play The Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 Wizard of Oz and was immediately entranced. From that moment on, she knew she wanted to act in films, and set about making her dream come true.
In what movie did Kidman first star alongside Tom Cruise?
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Tom Cruise actually requested that Nicole Kidman star alongside him in the racing movie Days of Thunder. He had seen her in the Australian film Dead Calm, and flew the actress out to meet him. Obviously, Cruise was enthralled with Kidman from the start.
After her breakup with Cruise, which actress let Kidman stay with her?
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Fellow Aussie actress Naomi Watts is good friends with Nicole Kidman, and after Kidman divorced Tom Cruise in what might have been the messiest breakup of the twenty-first century, Watts did her friend a solid and let Kidman stay with her until the drama died down.
Where was Kidman born?
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Although she identifies as an Australian through and through, Nicole Kidman was actually born in Hawaii. She has dual American and Australian citizenship.
What star is Kidman currently married to?
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Kidman is currently happily married to country singer Keith Urban. Since Kidman has a set of pipes herself (as we saw in films like Moulin Rouge), she’s taken well to the life of a country star, and often joins her musician husband at country music award shows.
True or False: Nicole Kidman is ambidextrous.
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Kidman was born left-handed, but to portray Virginia Woolf in the award-winning film The Hours, Kidman learned how to write with her right hand as easily as she could with her dominant hand. Now that’s what I call commitment to a role!
How many Oscars has Kidman won?
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Though it may seem like she should have more, Kidman has only ever won one Oscar, for her role as Virginia Woolf in The Hours. Still, there are probably a lot more golden statuettes to come for the actress.
Kidman suffers from Lepidopterophobia. This is a fear of what?
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A little vocabulary lesson: Lepidopterophobia is a fear of butterflies, as well as other winged insects. Although many people see these creatures as harmless and even beautiful, Kidman is quite afraid of them.
What is Kidman’s natural hair color?
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Kidman is famously a natural red head, although her hair is often dyed blonde these days.
Which Princess did Kidman play on screen?
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Nicole Kidman played Grace Kelly, the actress turned princess, in the 2014 film Grace of Monaco. With her long, lean frame and her royal bearing, Kidman was the perfect choice for Grace.
Who is NOT one of Kidman’s old flames?
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Although Kidman has been variously linked with rocker Lenny Kravitz, pop star Robbie Williams, and she’s currently married to country singer Keith Urban, she has never dated Mr. Hollywood himself, George Clooney.
True or False: Nicole Kidman has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
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Kidman received much-deserved a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003.
What does Kidman’s Hawaiian name, Hokulani, mean?
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A baby elephant born at the Honolulu Zoo around the same time as Kidman inspired her Hawaiian name, Hokulani. The name is a common girl’s name in Hawaii and means “Heavenly Star.”
How many children does Kidman have?
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Kidman has four children in total. Two of them are her adopted children with Tom Cruise, and she also has two girls with her current husband Keith Urban.
What is NOT a name of one of Kidman’s children?
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Kidman’s adopted children are named Connor and Isabella Cruise. Her daughters with Keith Urban are named Faith and Sunday, not Wednesday—but it’s pretty close!
What religion does Kidman identify as?
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Although Kidman was briefly interested in Scientology during her marriage to Tom Cruise, she actually identifies as a Roman Catholic, and has said that she would never take on a role that she perceived as anti-Catholic.
What was Kidman’s first Oscar nomination for?
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Kidman’s first Oscar nod was for her role as Satine in Moulin Rouge! However, she’s got three other nominations to her name for The Hours, Rabbit Hole, and Lion.
True or False: Nicole Kidman has been nominated for a Grammy.
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She’s got a great singing voice, and has even recorded a few singles in her day, but Kidman has never snagged a Grammy nomination. Still, maybe there’s one waiting for her in the future?
Who has NOT been one of Kidman’s co-stars?
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Although she was once romantically linked to Adrien Brody, Kidman has never starred in a movie with him. She starred alongside Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder, acted with Jude Law in Cold Mountain, and was in Boy Erased with Russell Crowe.
True or False: Aquaman is Nicole Kidman’s first superhero film.
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It might be difficult to remember now, but before Kidman played Queen Atlanna in Aquaman, she was in another superhero movie: Batman Forever. Kidman played Dr. Chase Meridian in the 1995 film.
What did Tom Cruise and Kidman cite as their grounds for divorce?
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When Nicole Kidman divorced Tom Cruise in 2001, the couple cited “Irreconcilable Differences” for their infamous split.
True or False: Nicole Kidman trained as a massage therapist.
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After her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Kidman put her burgeoning acting career on hold to learn massage therapy so she could help her mom with physical therapy. What a totally selfless act, right?
What is the name of Nicole Kidman’s production company?
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In 2010, Kidman founded her production company, Blossom Films. Celebrity production companies have become a bit of a fad in Hollywood, but with films like Rabbit Hole and The Family Fang, Blossom Films is at the top of the pack.
What was the name of Kidman’s first feature film?
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Appropriately, Kidman’s first feature-length film was the holiday classic (we have to assume) Bush Christmas. Wonder if they play it every year on Australian TV…or not.
True or False: Kidman is an only child.
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Kidman is not an only child. In fact, her sister Antonia Kidman is a journalist and TV presenter. Guess showbiz just runs in the Kidman veins.
In which HBO show does Kidman play a victim of abuse?
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Kidman played Celeste Wright, a victim of domestic abuse, in the acclaimed HBO show Big Little Lies. The show brought Kidman back into the full glare of the spotlight yet again, where she’s likely to stay for some time.

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Nicole Kidman is widely considered one of the most talented actresses of her generation, but this prestige hasn’t shielded her from controversy or tragedy. Her much publicized and very tense split from Tom Cruise—and Scientology—is still whispered about today, even now that she is married to singer Keith Urban. Despite the drama, Kidman is happy and healthy today, and is sure to continuing racking up awards for her acting chops. But how much do you really know about Nicole Kidman’s whirlwind life? Take this quiz and find out.

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