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What is believed to have been the source of Jackson’s drug addiction?
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It's believed that his addiction to painkillers began in 1984, after a horrific accident during a Pepsi commercial shoot. Faulty pyrotechnics on the set made Jackson's hair catch on fire, and he ended up suffering second-degree burns all over his scalp. He turned to drugs to deal with the pain, beginning an addiction that lasted the rest of his life.
What made the statue of Michael unveiled in 2011 controversial?
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Mohamed Al-Fayed, owner of the Fulham Football Club and friend to Jackson, unveiled the statue of the pop star at the team’s home field at Craven Cottage. Some fans thought it was an April Fools joke, while others thought it made them a laughing stock. Al-Fayed told the critics that they could go to… you know. The bad place.
Why did a hair studio in Washington receive up to 50 calls per day after Thriller was released?
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It was a widespread rumor that the seven digit barcode visible in the “Thriller” video was Michael Jackson’s actual phone number. Of course, it was not, but hey, maybe that hair salon got some free press?
What famous film role almost went to Jackson?
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Though Jackson didn’t actually end up appearing in many films, you could fill a book with all of the movies he was supposed to be in. He even recorded a full soundtrack for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but he backed out of the project when they wouldn’t let him play Willy Wonka.
What was Jackson’s 2,700-acre ranch in California called?
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Neverland Ranch contains Jackson's house, an amusement park co-designed by Macaulay Culkin, a private theater, a dance stage, and exotic animals.
What caused a permanent rift in Jackson and Paul McCartney’s relationship?
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While he didn’t own the rights to all of the Beatles songs, he owned half of them, and he ended up selling them to Sony music against McCartney’s wishes.
What did Jackson do to shock the world in Berlin in 2002?
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Jackson later stated that he’d made a “terrible mistake” after dangling his young son Prince Michael II, more commonly known as Blanket, over the balcony of his fourth floor hotel room.
Who did Jackson dedicate his album Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix to?
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John helped Jackson through his addiction issues, leading Jackson to mention his friend in the liner notes for the remix album that would go on to sell six million copies.
Why did Jackson announce he was considering retirement in January 2000?
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To be fair, when you live a life like Michael’s, publicity tends to follow you around.
Who did Michael Jackson drive to Ohio with to escape NYC after 9/11?
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Jackson was close friends with Brando and Taylor, and he would attend Brando’s funeral three years later.
Why did Jackson receive a Presidential Humanitarian Award in 1984?
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Jackson contributed his song “Bad” for advertisements aimed at educating people about the dangers of drunk driving, earning him a trip to the White House to receive his medal.
What pop star was originally supposed to duet with Jackson on the song “Bad”?
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Prince allegedly backed out because he didn’t want to sing the line “Your butt is mine.”
Who was Jackson’s first girlfriend?
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It was rumored for years that Jackson lost his virginity to O’Neal, but in 2004, she revealed in her tell-all book that the tabloids blew their relationship way out of proportion, and the two of them only ever kissed.
What was Jackson’s favorite Beatles song?
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In tribute to his favorite song, Jackson included his cover of it on the album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I.
What music video was voted the best of all time by VH1?
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Did you expect anything else?
Why were fans so disappointed at Jackson’s final performance?
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Fans paid a lot of money to see Jackson play at the World Music Awards in 2006, expecting to see Jackson sing hits like “Thriller.” Instead, they got a Chris Brown cover of the classic song, and they only heard Michael briefly, when he took part in a chorus of “War Are The World.”
Who controlled 50% of Jackson’s estate upon his death?
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The estate is held in a lifetime trust for Katherine Jackson’s benefit, and upon her death, the balance is to be divided equally among Michael's children Paris, Prince, and Blanket.
Who was in attendance at Michael’s unprecedented seven day stand at London’s Wembley Stadium in 1988?
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On top of the royals, more than 500,000 people saw Jackson during his stay at Wembley. In 2012, footage from one of the shows was released as the concert film Live at Wembley July 16, 1988.
What happened on June 25, 2009?
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Paramedics responded to a call at Jackson’s home around noon that day. They wanted to pronounce him dead at the scene, but a doctor insisted they take him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm.
Which political figure called Jackson a “spectacular performer and a music icon”?
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After Michael’s death, then-President Obama personally sent a letter of condolences to the Jackson family.  
Which iconic artist’s portrait of Michael was a TIME Magazine Cover?
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Warhol’s head-and-shoulders portrait made the cover on March 19, 1984.
Michael Jackson had the same gold coffin as which R&B legend?
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The coffin was a model called “The Promethean” and it was plated with 14-carat gold, lined with velvet, and cost $25,000.
What was the movie featuring Jackson as a meek young man who transforms into a singing and dancing knight at midnight going to be called?
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MidKnight was meant to be part of Jackson’s $1 billion deal with Sony, but plans for the film fell through in the aftermath of the allegations of child abuse that were made against him in 1994.
What was the concert series being planned at the time of Jackson’s death going to be called?
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Preparations for Jackson’s 50 show stay at 02 arena in London were well under way, and a concert film, also called This Is It, was released soon after Jackson’s death, detailing the lead up to what would have been a record breaking concert series.
What literary figure did Jackson see himself as?
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It has been implied that Jackson’s Peter Pan persona was created and imposed upon him by his managers, but those close to him would describe his desire to be the classic character as a large part of his personality.
What classic actor was Jackson’s close friend and neighbor?
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Peck was quite close to Jackson and publicly vouched for him many times, calling him a “model parent.” When the actor died in 2003, Jackson went over to his house personally to help his widow plan a memorial.
What was the cruel nickname that Joe Jackson gave to Michael when he was just a teenager?
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Michael was a sensitive teenager, and when Joe Jackson discovered he felt self-conscious about the size of his nose, he gave his son the cruel nickname. It’s thought that this is part of what led Michael to become obsessed with changing his appearance.
Who directed the music video for Jackson’s song “Bad”?
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The public was shocked when the video released, because it made it dramatically clear just how much the pop star’s appearance had changed in just a few years. In the early ‘80s, Jackson’s skin had been of medium-brown complexion, but it had become a pale white by the time the “Bad” video was released.
Who accused Jackson of child-molestation in 1993?
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Evan Chandler accused Jackson of sexually abusing his son Jordan. Jackson would settle the case out of court for an estimated $15 million. Tragically, Chandler was found dead of suicide four months after Jackson’s death.
Which Jackson brother was particularly jealous of Michael’s success?
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Jermaine always thought he should have been allowed to lead the family band because he was older than Michael. The jealousy never faded later in life, and Jermaine was quoted by family friends as saying “That should have been me” many times.

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