People Share The Most Mortifying Accidental Texts They’ve Ever Sent

Christine Tran

“Texting is a fundamentally sneaky form of communication, which we should despise, but it is such a boon we don’t care. We are all sneaks now.”—Lynne Truss

Thanks to texting, people can maintain full relationships with their loved ones without ever saying a word. Unfortunately, not everyone is great at it. One would think that scrolling through a list of contacts, mashing a few buttons, and then pressing “send” would be pretty straightforward. One would be wrong. The dangers of Autocomplete are plenty. Sometimes, people are so rushed to send that hot and instant message, and they don’t think to look at who they’re sending it to… or how.

Reddit asked the clumsy texters of the Internet to share their most catastrophic IMs ever sent by accident. Whether people misworded themselves or shot their mail in the wrong direction, the results were always cringeworthy. Don’t look away; scroll on to 42 humiliating stories about the worst accidental ever text messages sent.

42. Don’t Even Ask

A few days after my husband’s father died and we were back at work, I wanted to check on him, so I sent him a text meaning to ask how his day was, but instead I said, “how is your dad.” Stupid autocorrect!


41. One Less Thing You Have To Do

In college, I dated a very sweet but very uninteresting guy. I started to realize that every time he texted me, no matter what it was about, I just felt annoyed.

One day, he texted and then I texted a friend about how I had to hurry up and end things because just seeing his name on my phone was driving me crazy. Turns out I didn’t text the friend but texted him instead. Didn’t end up having to have the talk…


40. The Mother of All Monsters

I accidentally sent a message that said “Yeah. Lol. In my phone, my mom’s contact name is Hitler” to my mother.


39. Tend to THAT Bar

I tried to respond to a group text with “I will be late because I am bartending until 10.” That is when I found out that bartending isn’t a word that my phone recognizes, and it was autocorrected to “I will be late because I am masturbating until 10.”

People still mock me for that one.


38. The Booty Calls That Never Were

Accidentally texted my old flame Nick to come over for drinks (we fell out on bad terms). Meant to text my gay best friend Nick. Before I realized what happened, old flame Nick texted me, “I wouldn’t get back up in that if you paid me.”

It would have seemed super fake to say, “Wrong person!” after being dissed so I just okay.jpg’d.


37. In Bed With the Wrong Word

I received one last week. In French, the difference between the words pillow and cousin is only one letter. The girl texted me something like: “I’m in my bed with my most comfortable cousin… see you tomorrow.”


36. Promoting My Best Qualifications

Texted my (ex now) fiancé. A nude pic. His name was Dan. Whose name is also Dan? The director of operations whom I had an interview for a promotion with two weeks later. He never mentioned it, but I know he did.

Got the job though. I question if my place in the company is based on my assets, or my assets.


35. So, Like Step Brothers?

My parents were out of town one weekend, so I decided to have some friends over to get hammered in my basement.

My friend Dillon found my brother’s crummy samurai sword he bought in Chinatown and was asking me to throw stuff at him, so he could chop it in half mid-air.

I was really drunk and started throwing small easily replaceable items like a roll of toilet paper or an old school notebook, but we both got way too excited and I gradually started throwing whatever I could get my hands on into the air as he was wildly swinging this blunt samurai sword around.

I was kind of like the scene from Step Brothers where they were doing karate in the garage. You know, screaming, cheering, breaking things.

Anyway, I ended up picking up the vacuum cleaner and tossing it at him. The sword went clear through the bag where all the debris goes and snapped the handle in half.

All the fun stopped for a moment, I stashed the vacuum in my closet, threw a blanket over it and forgot about it.

When my parents came home a couple days later, I was at work and my stepdad texted me saying, “You are replacing the vacuum, I don’t know how you broke it or why you thought you could hide it from me.”

I immediately texted Dillon, who happens to be right below my stepdad’s name “Dick” (as in Richard, but he prefers Dick) and said, “Dammit man, Dick found out we were playing fruit ninja with the vacuum cleaner.”

I realized I messed up as soon as I clicked send.


34. Pa Law

When I first got my license. I would go off-roading in a place that was considered trespassing and my father (cop) would not approve of me going there at all.

I meant to send a text to my brother telling him that I am going off-roading there and not to tell dad because he would be super pissed. Well, I sent it to my dad and he called me and tore me a new one. That was a facepalmer right there.


33. Two Timing Texter

My friend cheated on her boyfriend and was trying to make it seem like it only happened one time, so she texted the other boy…

“If (boyfriend) asks, we only had sex once.”

And sent it to her boyfriend…


32. Bunny Boss

Sent my CEO (large multinational 3,000+ Employee company) a msg saying “thanks bunny!”

I call my wife bunny and it was in response to a text saying from him, no less, saying, I got you lunch (he had a lunchtime board meeting right before a meeting with me and there was some extra food he kept for me since he knew I skipped lunch while waiting for his meeting to be over).

It was a reflex reply thinking it was my wife saying she got me lunch.

His reply “Np sugar muffin” FML.


31. Spoiler Alert

My sister asked for a picture of the engagement ring I was buying for my fiancé. Guess who I actually sent that one to.


30. At Least It’s Not Those “Facebook Anniversaries”…

Screenshot of Facebook picture of ex with a new girl. Meant to send it to one of my girlfriends to get her opinion on how “couple-y” it was… sent it to him instead.


29. When Nannies Fly

Sent the mom of the child I was babysitting a text stating that I would rather jump out of their window than continue to watch their kid for the rest of their night. Yeah, not my proudest moment.


28. Aim Better Next Time

I was sexting my SO and wrote out very explicitly what I would do to him when he walked through the door. The message sent, and I didn’t see until I got a reply that it was to a male friend of mine.

He was such a bro about it though. Replied with “I’m going to assume this message was actually for your bf and delete this.”


27. Bro Code of Silence

My girlfriend at the time had left me a pair of panties and had suggested I try them on and send a picture to her. Thinking it’d be funny and whatnot I did. Not getting any response back, I went to ask if she got it, but I never sent it to her.

I had sent it to my younger brother. A picture of my member barely contained in my girlfriend’s panties.

He sends me one text: “what the hell.”

I message back saying, “Not meant for you, this NEVER happened.” He replies back “This never happened.”

It’s been like three years I think, and we’ve never discussed it, but maybe a few years down the line it’d be funny to bring back up and see if he remembers it.


26. Say Cheese

My brother wanted to see a picture of a Tinder girl I started talking to. So I proceeded to screenshot a photo from her profile then send it to him. I accidentally sent it to her… her own photo.

Luckily it was a photo with her and a friend, so I started sending her more and asked her to verify which person she was in each photo. Looking back, she admitted it creeped her out, but we dated for two years afterwards.


25. Sweet as Awkward Honey

I managed a Jimmy John’s for a few years and I was at work and sent a text to my wife that said, “honey honey! You stink like dust” (it was an ongoing joke between us).

Turns out I sent it to one of my delivery drivers instead.

He got back to the shop a few minutes later. Came in the back and we made eye contact and I just said “Hey”… he said “hey.” I said, “That was meant for my wife”. He just stared at me for ten seconds and said “K” and walked away.

This will haunt me forever.


24. Wrong Chris

Not text, but instant message at work. Messaged my teammate Chris, he didn’t respond, messaged him again in a vulgar way because I thought he was just ignoring me.

Turns out there are two people at work with the very same name and autocomplete picked the wrong one. This guy was a very serious Director. I was a lowly engineer.

He was pissed, but I apologized profusely on IM and called him to apologize. I think that combo spared me. Still work there today.


23. The Party Stops When I Press “Send”

“Yo dude this is wack, wanna get out of here?” to the girl who was hosting the party and not my friend across the room.


22. Mum’s the Word

“Hey sexy, good morning ????”

To my mom and not my girlfriend. In 7th grade. I have regrets.


21. Surprise Performance Reviews

One time I was a passenger in my mate’s car and this segment on the radio played, like “Text us your horrible boss stories and be in to win!” I’m sure you can see where this is going.

My boss at the time was pretty awful. Didn’t give me breaks, over worked me, charged me tax but pocketed it, was five weeks behind in my wages, would get drunk in the front by himself while I was in the back, cleaning dishes (this was a restaurant). So, I put this all in a text to the radio station.

I wish.

I put this in a text to my boss.

I had work that night. Very awkward shift. It’s like he wanted to be mad at me, but now that he was aware that I knew what he was doing was immoral, he didn’t want to make it worse…

Not many words were spoken that night.


20. Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Me and my girlfriend still like to play Pokémon Go and the main attraction is raiding, but you need people to help fight for those who don’t know.

Anyway, after a long day of being in the Australian heat playing Pokémon, I thought it would be a grand idea to send a picture of my underwear to my girlfriend titled “look at that arse sweat.” Turns out I sent it to my Pokémon go group with more than 70 local people.


19. Where There’s Smoke, There’s Mom

“My mom’s coming by the house, can you put all the bongs and stuff away? Thanks bro.” Sent to my mom.


18. How the Tables Turn

Not me, about me. Was on a plane with a group of co-workers, including a husband & wife. They were sitting in the row in front of me, both on aisle seats.

I was also on an aisle seat. I was eating a bag of Doritos as we waited to taxi. I get a text from the wife… “Is that [my name] chomping away on chips back there?!” Received it. Smirked. Then watched her look at her husband, wondering why he hadn’t reacted to her text.

Then she got back into her texts to realize she sent it to me, then ever so slowly setting her phone on her lap and staring silently ahead.


17. Does That Count as Extra Credit?

My freshman year roommate accidentally sent his academic advisor a timelapse of himself eating 12 Taco Bell tacos.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder than after him yelling across the room, “OH MAN! Can I unsend an email???” 12/12, even now it’s still funny to taco bout it.


16. Third Wheels

Personally, my worst wrong text was when I went to see Matisyahu with my friend and her boyfriend. I met him for the first time there. He was so weird. Talking about energy and trying to say these profound things that just came out awkward and weird.

He drove. On the way back after the show, I was sitting in the back seat and my friend (let’s call her Hannah) was in the front seat. My friend, Ben, was supposed to come but ended up staying home, so I decided to text him. I said these exact words.

“Dude, Hannah’s boyfriend is SO weird.” I hit send.

Two seconds later, I hear Hannah’s text alert sound go off. Immediately I fumbled to open my phone (flip phone days) and check my outgoing texts… I sent it to Hannah. She reads it, turns around and looks at me and says, “What?” looking all embarrassed.

All I said was “I am SO sorry…I am SO SO sorry.” Her boyfriend is trying to see what the text was and luckily, she didn’t let him see it. The whole ride was so awkward because he kept saying weird thing after weird thing making my point even more valid and I know we were both thinking that.

Dropped me off and I apologized again. Fast forward to school a few weeks later, and I go to her again to apologize without him there. She says, “No, seriously, don’t worry about it. He WAS weird.” And we had a good laugh over it. All ended well, but man, was that uncomfortable.


15. Dungeons & Bad Nudes

A nude. To a group chat. There I was bending over to pick up a shirt and bra, understandably shirtless, with my phone in my hand. Next thing I know I’ve sent a lovely “selfie” of two boobs and seven chins to my DnD group chat of all dudes. This happened two days ago, I am still mortified. I can only hope I made someone’s day, because I cried.

It was a bad nude, not like a nice posed one in my gallery, that would have been less painful. It was literally two awkward repositioning thumb swipes near what I now know must have been the open camera button on Facebook messenger with the chat already opened.


14. More Like Fell Out of the Closet

Accidentally sent a message to my sister that said, “You know I only like the ladies.” It was meant to go to my friend but in the end that is how I came out of the closet to my family.


13. Bath Time is Fun Time

Was dating a girl named Monica. It was her birthday and we were planning on having a romantic dinner then we were going to a hotel where we had a room with a hot tub. I was going to give her a full body massage then we were going to relax in the hot tub among other naughty things.

So, I typed MO into my phone in the contacts and sent the text which said, “Off work in an hour, can’t wait to rub you down and get you naked in the hot tub.”

Well, MO is also the first two letters of the word Mom, so I accidentally texted my mom and told her I wanted to get her naked in a hotel room.


12. Not a Team Player

Not me, but a friend.

She’s the captain of my school’s Speech and Debate team and at the end of each school year it’s customary for the captain to buy the coach, who is a notoriously cranky lady, a gift.

She texted our other friend saying, “What should I get Ms. SpeechCoach, a brain or a heart? Because she clearly has neither.” Lo and behold, not five minutes later she gets a text back saying, “I don’t think this was intended for me.”

The friend she meant to text is named Laurie, and her coach is named Laura…


11. Dial 1 for Dud

Bad date. I pretended to be replying to a text when an app sent me a notification. I had texted, “This date sucks and I’m about to ditch them ASAP to come over to your place” to my friend with benefits, but instead date’s phone got the text. The date ended fairly quickly at that point.


10. A Side of Dad’s Other Life

Not sent but received. My parents had split due to my dad cheating about nine months previous, and I get a series of text messages that included “I can’t wait to see you at the bar tonight” “I am so excited to have drinks with you” etc.

He tried to play it off as joking for when I turn 21, but I was 18 at the time. It was not a good thing to receive from your dad.


9. Doctors Don’t Do Housecalls

I was hanging out with my cousin and my friend. We were having a sleepover and my cousin starts talking about her first time getting a yeast infection (I honestly don’t know how it got to that point). She goes into a gruesome, descriptive detail about it too.

When the conversation dies down my cousin checks her phone and finds that she sent an audio to one of the guys she spoke to.

When she replayed the message, you could hear EVERY word she’s said.


8. Severance Letter

I worked in a bar when I had just started uni.

My manager turned into a douchebag after a while. He was also a university student. We were all basically university students actually.
Anyway, one night he came in when he wasn’t working, and we were so so busy and he got really drunk and started to be all “manager-y” and trying to come behind the bar and get his friends drinks, and tell us what to do, even though he was so drunk.

Long story short, he got fired the next day and was very upset apparently. When I got in for my shift they told me he had been fired and I sent a text to one of my work friends that said, and I quote, “HAHAHA Mitch got fired! Stupid jerk… I told you from the start he had small man syndrome… Sucked in!”

After I sent that I threw my phone back in my bag and walked off to do my shift. When it got quiet I went and checked my phone to see if my friend had replied … instead it said “New text – Mitch”… It STILL didn’t click at this point, I was like “Hmmmm must be apologizing the little jerk”… and I opened it and it read “Thanks heaps for that…”

Then I realized. Oops. I felt so bad. Only time I’ve ever done that.


7. Fool Yourself Twice…

I once sent an awful text about my coworker to said coworker, who I hated, instead of to my sister who also worked there.

Basically, I was talking about how much she sucked. I tried to get into her phone and delete it before she saw it, but I couldn’t.

My boss called me about it an hour later and I had to eat crow and apologize to the coworker. Talk about embarrassing. But at least I know she hated me as much as I hated her.

I once also texted a pic of my boobs to my sister and my boss’s wife. That was fun the next day.


6. Shame Before the Invention of Smartphones

Wrote a letter out to my girlfriend at the time using notepad (the software). It was somewhat explicit in details of our relationship.

Then I pasted it into email and emailed it to her. This was sometimes my habit to avoid accidentally sending incomplete emails.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that I emailed the wrong person. But that’s where you’re wrong.

What I did do is about 15 minutes later is rediscover that accidentally right clicking in an IRC chat immediately posts your entire paste buffer as a message. Guess what was still in the copy+paste buffer?

I was in a global room with several hundred people, some of whom knew us both. I didn’t login to chat again for nearly a month.


5. Take Me Away From Myself

Eight years ago, when my parents first got divorced I couldn’t stand my dad for some reason.

I was only 14, but I knew in my heart that the reason they got divorced was because of him. I felt uncomfortable and awkward around him. Mad and bitter. Confused. One day I was with him in his truck, and something he said pissed me off so, the little brat that I was, I promptly texted my mom what he said and told her I wanted to come home… or so I thought.

I totally texted it to my dad. He was not happy. I don’t think he said anything but “Really?” And gave me a look. I felt pretty guilty after.


4. From Discourse to Datable

About five years ago I was talking to my friend about Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I had just finished typing this massive text super analyzing the trailer for information. Probably the nerdiest thing I had ever written.

His number is at the bottom of my contact list but I went too fast and accidentally sent it to the first one in the list, a girl I had known when I was 12. I face-palmed hard and was like damn, this is going to be awkward. Being 17 you never want the first time you talk to a girl in a long time to be this…

Then it went from the worst accidental text message to the best accidental text message. We started talking, hit it off and have been together for the last five years.


3. Cleaning House

A joke meme about a husband doing house work because it turns his wife on.

I accidentally sent it to a friend’s sister who had lost her husband suddenly a couple months before.


2. Revelations

School had me swamped so I barely got to see my girlfriend for a while, so I sent a mushy text about how she’s always on my mind and I love her. Accidentally sent it to a casual friend only to find out that she was secretly in love with me… it was a very awkward situation.

I tried to give her an out by pretending that my phone wasn’t showing the name of my contacts, but she didn’t take it and clarified it was her. We ended up agreeing that an in-person discussion would be better.

We met up and have a very long, emotional talk and it put a lot of things in perspective for me and she asked me to dump my (then) girlfriend for her. That relationship wasn’t a perfect one, but I did very much love my girlfriend, but there was just something to her words they just felt so real and I began to falter but, in the end, I decided to stay true to my girlfriend and turned her down.

She said she understood as her eyes were tearing up and I felt like the biggest sack of trash to ever live. We didn’t hangout too much after that, I didn’t complain given the situation.

She ended up finding someone which isn’t surprising she’s a sweet and beautiful girl. As for me, I ended up being dumped for another guy… Oh the irony.


1. You’ve Got Male

I met a girl that lived nearby. We had hung out a few times, but it was more just getting to know each other. About two weeks in, I made a sexual joke and she returned with one. Soon after we began “sexting,” but it was pretty late at night, so it died down. I figured she fell asleep.

Next morning, she sent a pic of herself in a bath towel, which barely covered her no-nos. As I’m looking, my dad texts me asking if I wanted to hit a bar to watch the game. I ignored the text. I took a pic of my mansky & sent as a reply… then I thought about something as my heart dropped down to my nuts.

Did I… just…? Nah… I couldn’t have. It took me about five mins to gather the courage to check. Yep…sent my dad a dick pic by accident. That’s not even the bad part… he sent one back with the caption “it runs in the family.”

Smh I couldn’t make this up if I tried.



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