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“It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.”—Han Solo

He’s one of the best sidekicks you could ever ask for. Not only is Chewbacca a giant furry alien with superhuman strength, he’s also a highly skilled pilot, a gentle giant (as long as he isn’t losing a game), and loyal to the bitter end. Throughout the saga of Star Wars, Chewie has remained one of the most well-known, recognizable, and beloved characters from the franchise. So how did he come to be created? What really goes into bringing Chewbacca to life? What role has he really played across the stories of Star Wars? We found 42 facts about this wacky Wookiee from a galaxy far, far away, and now present them here for you to enjoy!

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42. More Chewie!

Incredibly, Chewbacca originally featured in just “three or four pages of the original Star Wars screenplay”! According to Peter Mayhew, this role was vastly increased as early as the first few weeks of production. Safe to say it was obvious to everyone but George Lucas just how beloved Chewbacca would become with Star Wars fans!


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