24 Shakin’ Facts About Eddie Money, Rock Legend

Phillip Hamilton

It’s always hard losing a rock legend, and unfortunately, we lost a great one when Eddie Money passed in September 2019. His numerous hit songs, like “Take Me Home Tonight,” appear in hundreds of properties, from film to TV and beyond. Even if you don’t know the man by name, you probably know one of his songs. In his youth, Money was a rock star pure and simple; if he couldn’t grow out his hair and party with beautiful women, he wasn’t going to do it.

Money will not be forgotten, and his legacy and music will continue to inspire new musicians for decades to come. In loving memory of the rock god himself, here are 24 things you might not have known about Eddie Money.

1. NYPD Dropout

Before he was a legendary Rockstar, Money served on the NYPD for two years, just like his father and brother. He worked as a clerk and typist. He quickly left the force to pursue music, and thankfully never looked back.


2. Drop the ‘Ah’

Money’s original name was Eddie Mahoney, but he decided money sounded a lot more… well… cool. I guess it worked, because shortly after the change his career really took off.

3. Acting Chops

Money appeared on TV a few times, including episodes of The Drew Carey Show and The King of Queens, the latter of which he played himself. How did he get the role? It’s all about who you know. Money was good friends with Kevin James, star of the show.

4. Streets to Sheets

Money started singing at the age of 11, when he would take to the street and serenade passers-by. In high school, he played in various rock bands to get with cheerleaders. That’s rock and roll, man.

5. Real Talk

In 2018, Money was given a reality TV series that followed his home and tour life. The show’s second season is currently airing, but will presumably end after Money’s unfortunate passing.

6. I’ve Heard That Before

Among Money’s most popular songs are “Baby, Hold On” and “Two Tickets to Paradise,” both of which are featured in numerous movies, shows, and video games. The latter is featured in The Simpsons, The Beach Bum, Jennifer’s Body, and The Office, just to name a few!

7. Na Na Na Na Na

In his hit song “Walk on Water,” there are instances where the words “na na na na na na na na na” are sung. Few people know the real reason for this famous musical sound. Money actually hated the “na na na” sounds, and stated that all of those “na’s” were meant to be a horn. The horn player never showed up, however, and they had to go with the “na’s.”

8. Two Tickets, Please

Geico hired Eddie Money on for an advertising campaign in 2012, where he would sing “Two Tickets to Paradise” to families looking forward to a trip. This was a memorable ad campaign whether you appreciate Money or not.

9. Bump in the Road

Money was on the up-and-up until a disastrous career move: the release of Where’s the Party? Usually considered Money’s worst album, this release also coincided with his years addicted to drugs. Money said that the album, “sold about 280,000 units. For the money I spent on it, it wasn’t enough.”

10. Back to the Usual

Things looked dark, but the the album Can’t Hold Back came out and became an enormous success. The album received platinum status. The single “Take Me Home Tonight” hit number four on the Billboard Hot 100, and remains a classic.

11. Lighters Up

“Take Me Home Tonight” was streamed over three-million times after Money’s death, a 349% increase compared to the three days before. Money may be gone, but he’s certainly not forgotten, even in the streaming world.

12. Radio Legend

Eddie Money put on the hat of radio host in 2011 for Money in the Morning on WSRV, although that hat was taken off after three months.

13. Baby, Stop Holding On to That Album

Before his passing, Money was gearing up for the release of his latest album, Brand New Day. A single dropped on May 10, 2019, and the tracklist is available, but of course, the album has yet to be released.

14. No Rock Stars in This House

When Money’s father discovered his son’s secret, he wasn’t very happy. Mr. Mahoney found out that his son wanted to drop out of the NYPD to pursue music and responded by tearing all of the Jimi Hendrix posters from Money’s wall in anger. We guess he wanted to discourage his son, but he might have just enabled him. After all, rock n roll is all about rebelling against The Man.

15. Come on, Loggins

The Kenny Loggins song “I’m Alright” features Money singing the bridge section. However, Money claims that Loggins dealt him a coldhearted betrayal. He says that he was never credited for his contribution to the song or album. Loggins has acknowledged this before on his website, but claims he did so as Money hadn’t made his hits yet, an untrue claim. Very interesting, Mr. Loggins.

16. My Personal Favorite Track

Remember Quack Pack? It was a show that ran in the 90s following Donald Duck and his nephews, and the theme song was recorded by Money! Now that’s a welcome blast of nostalgia.

17. Best of the Best

The Long Island Music Hall of Fame inducted Money in 2008, recognizing his significant contributions to music.

18. No Place Like Home

In the documentary Wonderland, Money says that if he had two tickets to paradise, he’d go back to his home town of Levittown. The documentary is about Levittown and its people, who are portrayed in a humorous and often mocking way.

19. The Money Army

Money and his wife Laurie had five children together: Zachary, Joseph, Julian, Jessica, and Desmond. Prepare to grab the tissue box: they were married for 30 years, and even renewed their vows shortly before Money’s death. The rock star life has nothing on that.

20. Hung Up

Money’s first two singles, “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets to Paradise,” share a secret meaning: they’re about the same girl. This particular muse was his college girlfriend, whose mother wanted her to dump Money and find someone with a steady career path. “Baby Hold On” is his plea for her to stay, and “Two Tickets To Paradise” is the result of that wait.

21. Head Above Water

Money was very vocal about his cancer diagnosis shortly before he passed. He revealed the news in an interview, and the last five episodes of his reality show follow him going through his cancer diagnosis. In one of the final episodes, Money’s utterly heartbreaking words were, “I’ll take every day I can get. Every day above ground is a good day.” He always tried to stay positive.

22. Money Reborn

Two Tickets To Paradise, an autobiographical musical sharing a name with the infamous single, premiered months before Money’s death. The play goes through Money’s early career and life, and features the musician’s biggest hits. He approved it all, and promoted the musical by speaking before the premiere. A fitting tribute.

23. The Overdose

After drinking vodka and synthetic barbiturates that he thought were cocaine, everything came crashing down around Eddie Money. He overdosed. This tragic event produced so much sciatic nerve damage that it gave him a permanent limp.

24. The Cure

For Eddie Money, it took one crucial moment for him to decide to get sober. He said that meeting Laurie, his future wife, changed absolutely everything. When talking to CNN, Money recalled how he, “made a promise to my wife and kids that I was gonna change.” He stuck with it the rest of his life.

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