Sweet Facts About Ariana Grande, Music’s Dangerous Woman

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The beautiful and talented Ariana Grande truly does it all. She acts, sings, dances, and even finds time to support local charities.  She was named by Time Magazine as one of the top 100 influential people in 2015. Right when she seems to be at the top of her game she seems to just keep on surprising everyone and jump to the next level. I think it is safe to say that Ariana Grande certainly has our attention. Here are 32 awesome facts about dangerous woman Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande Facts

32. Dangerous Woman

She’s obsessed with Halloween and scary things in general. Despite her cheeky pop disposition, Ariana is weirdly into horror fare. “I wish every day were Halloween,” she confessed to Us Weekly. “I’ve had a sick obsession with horror movies since I was little”.

31. Girl is on top

She is the first female artist to have her first two albums debut at No.


1 since 2010. Both Yours Truly (2013) and My Everything (2014) debuted at the top spot on Billboard’s 200 chart. The last person to achieve this feat? Queen Susan Boyle, of course.

30. Stay watchful and alert at all times

She loves hockey and used to attend every home game of her beloved Florida Panthers.


One source reports hockey pucks have hit her on more than one occasion, which is only just a tad bit terrifying. When she was 8, Ariana sang the national anthem at one of those Panthers games.


29. Love animals or hate vegetables?

She’s vegan. Because Ariana loves animals more than humans, she firmly believes in eating a full “plant-based” diet and pretty much sticks to “veggies, fruit, and salad”. After watching Blackfish (2013), she urged her fans to stop supporting SeaWorld.

Ariana Grande Facts

28. And I thought it was natural

She is a natural brunette.

She dyed her hair velvet red for the role of Cat Valentine on Victorious (2010) because the rest of the cast were brunette. Creator/executive producer Dan Schneider didn’t want everyone to have brown hair.

27. Frankie’s big break

She has an older brother, Frankie Grande (aka Frankie James Grande), who is 11 years older than her. He’s also a performer and producer, and went on tour with her as one of her dancers.

Fans might remember Frankie from Big Brother (2014).

26. The good life

She is a hardcore pet lover. She has six dogs and her love for the canines is evident in the dog beds that you’ll find in every nook and corner of her house. She makes sure her pooches—Coco, Ophelic, Fawker, Cinnamon, Sirus Black and Teulouse—have the best of everything and she loves to spend time with them.

25. Is it bad?

Her iconic ponytail is to hide hair loss.

For her role in Victorious, she used to dye her hair red on an almost weekly basis. This resulted in some unexpected hair loss. “I had to bleach my hair and dye it red every other week for the first four years”.

Grande also revealed that she wears extensions in a ponytail and prefers to have brown hair.

24. Inspiration comes in many forms

Her full name is Ariana Grande-Butera. She is of Italian descent and is half Sicilian and half Abruzzese. She was born on June 26, 1993.

Her parents chose her name for her after being inspired by Princess Oriana from Felix the Cat.

23. The Matriarch

Ariana, who loves baking and gardening, says she definitely didn’t get her homemaker traits from her mother.

“My mom is a CEO and owns a company that manufactures communications equipment for the Marines and the Navy, so she’s not really the housewife type, if you get what I’m saying. She’s the most badass, independent woman you’ll ever meet – not the cookies-in-the-oven type”.

22. Hit ‘em high

The album, produced by super-producer Babyface, showed a maturing Grande, and 1990s soul influences from by pop diva Mariah Carey. Ariana has a four octave light lyric soprano vocal range. She has been dubbed as the “mini Mariah Carey” and the “new Mariah Carey” by critics due to her wide vocal range.

21. What a girl wants

Ariana Grande was in relationship with Nathan Sykes a member of the British-Irish boy band ‘The Wanted’. The couple however parted ways after a short while and since then the pop diva has had two more relationships with web video star Jai Brooks and hip hop recording artist Big Sean.

20. What goes around comes around

She was raised a Roman Catholic but abandoned Christianity after Pope Benedict reportedly labeled homosexuality and working women (sex workers) as sins. Grande stated, “I lost faith when the Pope decided to tell me that everything I loved and believed in was wrong.

I needed something else to believe in”. She has since started following Kabbalah’s teachings, believing “the basis lies in the idea that if you’re kind to others, good things will happen to you”.

19. Twitter AMA’s

Ariana Grande has 43 million of followers on Twitter, and she has been named ‘the most asked actor online’, ranking above Charlie Sheen and Reese Witherspoon. She ranks 37 among the most re-tweeted people of all time on Twitter.

18. Take the girl out the screen, Can’t take the screen out the girl

The pop diva returned to television with a guest appearance on Scream Queens in 2015, and she hit the big screen in a cameo appearance in Zoolander 2 in 2016. She also starred as Penny Pingleton, Tracy Turnblad’s best friend, in NBC’s Hairspray Live!

in December 2016.

17. Triple threat

Grande has become a popular host of Saturday Night Live, bringing her musical and acting talents to the show.She is known for her uncanny impersonations of fellow pop divas Britney Spears, Shakira, Rihanna, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston displayed in a skit spoofing the streaming service Tidal.

16. Yeeeaaaaaah, no.

Ariana’s fan base are called Arianators. However on 27th March 2014, Ariana said she wanted her fan base to be called “the loves” rather than Arianators, since then she frequently tweets to her fans calling them ‘my loves’, this didn’t catch on!

15. The Good, the bad, and the strange

She is a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. – There’s actually a character named Ariana (Ariana Dumbledore) in the books. Her favourite characters in the series are Luna Lovegood & Draco Malfoy.

Ariana Grande Facts

14. Everyone’s a DJ these days

She’s a huge techno-junkie and uses Garageband to create remixes of her favorite songs using an Apple computer, a LOOP keyboard, and a home studio. She joined Youtube on 21/1/2007. Her most watched Youtube video is her cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” with over 28,000,000 (28 million) views.

13. Love runs deep

Ariana has three tattoos, including one on her side of the word “bellissima,” her grandfather’s nickname for her.

Her grandfather, Frank Grande, passed away on July 22, 2014 from cancer. Arianna announced her sad loss late on the 22nd, via Twitter, with the words “I lost you to the summer wind”.

Ariana Grande Facts

12. Get in the flask

Ariana believes in demons, as she told Complex magazine.

“I used to have a folder called ‘Demons’ that had pictures with all the screencaps [presumably screen captures of demons] in it, but then weird things started happening to me so I deleted it”. She insisted she had had an experience with demons after visiting a cemetery in Kansas City.

“I took a picture and there are three super distinct faces in the picture — they’re faces of textbook demons,” she told the magazine. She needs to say off r/nosleep.

11. Be strong, girl

Ariana no longer has a relationship with her father.

“It’s private, but it happened last year. It took me so long to be okay with it. The thing that got me there was embracing the fact that that I am made up of half my dad, and a lot of my traits come from him.

So much of me comes from my father, and for so long, I didn’t like that about myself”.

10. If you don’t have anything nice to say…

Ariana has admitted that she curses like a sailor. “I absolutely do. I’m Italian! I wish I could less.

But I don’t know why people are so shocked by me. I guess it’s because of the character I played so long being such a goody two-shoes”.

9. Big MAC deal

Ariana states her fashion icons as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

In early 2016, she launched, with MAC Cosmetics, a line of lip shades called “Ariana Grande’s MAC Viva Glam,” which truly captures her style. All of the profits will benefit people affected by HIV and AIDS.

8. Whatever floats your boat

Ariana believes that one of her exes cheated on her with a guy. Speaking of one of her songs, she’s said: It’s about a boy who cheats on a girl with another boy… It’s one of my favorites on the album, and it’s really funny because I believe it has happened to me.

I’m not 100 percent positive, but I’m 99.9 percent positive”.

7. Finally, the credit he deserves

Although Jim Carrey’s film Bruce Almighty did not get very high ratings and did not do so well in the box office, Grande really likes it. She said that the 2003 movie is the “greatest movie ever” in an interview. She also cried the first time she met Jim Carrey.

6. Friends in high places

She went to her first concert, a Katy Perry concert, in the summer of 2011. And it wasn’t too long ago, either! Katy is certainly a fan of Ms. Grande. She’s gone on record saying that Arianna has the “best female vocal in pop music today”.

5. Don’t look down

She has said in an interview that she is terrified of heights.

However, she then went on to say that she loves riding roller coasters. She loves theme parks, and one of her favorite nights is Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

4. Pure class

Unlike her hypersexual pop music peer, Miley Cyrus, Ariana favors being a bit more demure.

“I like Barbra Streisand, and when was the last time you saw Babs getting, like, turnt up? That’s kind of the road that I, as a lady, would like to go down,” she told Cosmopolitan. She has openly admitted she’s “not comfortable enough to be forwardly sexual”.

3. They don’t make ‘em like they used to

Grande definitely counts some contemporary artists among her musical role models — like India.Arie, Imogen Heap, and Frank Ocean — but much of her inspiration also comes from decades past. “My favorite era was the ’50s and ’60s… the Chiffons, the Shangri-Las,” she revealed to The Guardian. “My grandparents played it and I fell in love with it, because it was more about romance and love, and less about getting drunk and going home with someone you don’t know”.


2. Discovery

Her first big break came in 2008, when the 15-year-old landed the role of Charlotte in the Broadway production of 13, a play focusing on life growing up in New York City. The early role led to accolades, and Grande won a National Youth Theatre Association Award.

1. The girl that never sleeps

When she’s not performing, the pop superstar supports various charitable causes including Kids Who Care, a group she co-founded that raises money for charities in the South Florida region. She also has cultivated a massive social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and landed on Time magazine’s list of “The 100 Most Influential People” in 2016.

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