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Bessie Smith Facts VIEW ARTICLE

Tragic Facts About Bessie Smith, The Empress Of The Blues

Singers come and go all the time, but few leave as great a mark as Bessie Smith did. Then again, few people had her brilliant, tragic life. As one of the first Blues stars, Smith...

July 28, 2023 Eli Artman


Next Door Experience

Crazy Things Happening Right Next Door

Whether their nosiness helped the neighbors, or if they were the ones being peeked at, these people shared crazy stories of what they saw right next door.
April 12, 2024 Derek Choi
My Date Turned Out To Be Psycho

My Date Turned Out To Be A Total Psycho

I was breaking up with my girlfriend in public to make sure she would not make a scene, but it totally backfired.
April 10, 2024 Violet Newbury
True Medical Plot Twists

Wild Medical Plot Twists

These medical professionals share their experiences with patients—and the real-life plot twists they never saw coming.
April 10, 2024 Laura Bergen

Satisfying Revenge On Bad Bosses

These disgrunted employees tell their stories of times when work became so frustrating, they couldn’t help but enact vengeance on their bosses.
April 10, 2024 Luke Miles
Unforgettable Last Moments

Devastating Last Moments

Tragically, not everyone gets to leave this world peacefully. Buckle up, because these devastating last moments might have you reaching for the Kleenexes.
April 9, 2024 A.V. Land
The Wildest Wedding Drama

The Craziest Wedding Drama

The bride yelled at me to stop hitting on the groom—my cousin. And that’s not the most embarrassing part.
April 9, 2024 Samantha Henman

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