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Sinful Facts About King George IV, The Royal Rake

Born a royal heir into the very lap of luxury, King George IV somehow managed to push the envelope of excess even further. Never was a king so depraved, so cruel, or so obscene—and we’re...

April 27, 2020 Dancy Mason


Singer and guitarist Marc Bolan (1947 - 1977) of T-Rex poses in 1972.

Otherworldly Facts About Marc Bolan, The Prince Of Glam

Even though Marc Bolan is known for bringing androgyny and glitter to the dark, edgy world of rock, his own personal life was far from glamorous.
June 24, 2024 J. Clarke
Courtroom Drama Is The Best Drama

Wild Courtroom Drama

As soon as I heard the defense’s case, I knew their client had been hiding a bombshell from them.
June 24, 2024 Scott Mazza
Friend's Weird House

When Your Friend's House Is Messed UP

These people thought they knew their friends... until they visited their homes, and realized that their houses were extremely weird or just plain messed UP.
June 23, 2024 Dylan Fleury

Horrible Bosses Getting Shut Down

Workers don’t quit their jobs, they quit their horrible bosses. It only takes one to ruin the workplace, and when that happens, it can be unbearable.
June 18, 2024 Melissa Gervais

These People's Partners Are Beyond Paranoid

Being in a relationship with a paranoid partner is not easy. They often search relentlessly for reasons of possible betrayal...even if they don't exist.
June 18, 2024 J. Hunter

Dazed Facts About Jimmy Page, The Godfather Of Heavy Metal

There’s a reason every surviving member of Led Zeppelin has beef with Jimmy Page.
June 17, 2024 David O'Shea

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