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My Ex Is The WORST

Ever date someone where you look back and think: How? Why? That person? REALLY? Everyone can relate to a certain extent, but some unhinged exes take it to the next level. These Redditors came together to share the stories of the worst people they've ever dated, and they're enough to make you wanna pick up a few cats, lock the doors, and never fall for another person again.

1. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

My ex reopened several credit cards that we had jointly but had paid off and closed before the divorce. What she did was nothing short of evil. Somehow she opened them back up in my name and charged them to the max, then moved out of state and stopped paying her car payments. I didn't know about for years, and then I got a strange letter in the mail. It informed me that all of these things ended up getting reported to my credit years later, and pretty much ruined any chance I have at decent credit for the next 7-10 years in the US.

I've been divorced and lived outside the US for eight years now, and only recently found out about all these charges. I know all this can be corrected eventually but the hassle of explaining things to several credit companies and collection agencies is a major pain.


2. Playing The Victim

I was pulled off a work trip that she and I volunteered for together. It's one of several regular events throughout the year and this, in particular, was a not-so-fun trip so we figured volunteering would put us in good standing to be picked for a better one coming up. The timing could not have been worse. Completely by coincidence, we broke up the evening before my dad called me from back home saying my grandmother had a heart attack.

It had happened a couple of days prior and she might not pull through. I get pulled off, make arrangements for emergency travel, etc. The day I got the news was rough. Bad break up, then right after, granny might not make it another week. I kept to myself at work, and when she asked about it I told her, like I told our other coworkers, that I didn't want to talk about it.

I told her on my lunch break that me being pulled off the bad trip was not due to the breakup since I'm sure it looked that way. After the shift, I met her at her place and she immediately made this my fault. She said I was abandoning her, how could I be so selfish, everything she could think of. Then I told her my grandmother was probably going to die.

Her reaction was chilling. Her attitude didn't change in the slightest. She kept the same position, acting like I was doing this TO her. Like it was my fault she had to go on the work trip. My grandmother passed a half hour I started driving to the airport. And my ex never apologized for her behavior.

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3. Gaslighting 101

Back when we were dating, my ex constantly lied to me about girls he was talking to even harmless stuff. He once lied to me and told me he wasn’t talking to anyone on Snapchat since he’d gotten a new one. He handed me the phone to let me add myself to his new account and a whole stack of conversations with girls come up.

He attempted to hide them from me (his chat screen was empty and deleted but when you clicked the search bar all the conversations came up), then wouldn’t let me open any of them and I jumped to the conclusion of him cheating. Because if the conversations with the girls were harmless, why lie about them?

It turns out he wasn’t with these girls but convinced our mutual friends that I was crazy and invasive when I asked to know what they were speaking about since he tried to hide them from me. I spoke to the girls and he wasn’t flirting with any of them. But then I discovered the dark truth. I find out a month later that the entire time he’d been dating me (six months only), he had a long-term girlfriend.

It honestly ended up being worse than I originally imagined!

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4. He Went Berserk

My ex-boyfriend just absolutely lost it when I had enough and ended things. He took my dog when he went back to work, told my parents I was suicidal, so he had to know where I was, and when I tried staying at either of my parents' places, my vehicle would get vandalized. He threatened to take me to the authorities because he had someone do something to his house and claimed it HAD to be me.

Meanwhile, I was at the bar on the night in question. He blackmailed me for my dog, threatening that he would have one of his friends off her, or that he was going to release her in traffic, and if she got hit, it would be my fault. But it got even more insane. My work had to create a plan where the building would go on lockdown should he show up as he was threatening them too. The final straw was when my brother left his phone out, and my ex was calling it non-stop.

I picked up and lost it. I found a place to rent and told nobody where it was, not even family.

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5. Hall Monitor

My ex planted a dog camera facing my bed before leaving. It took me a week to realize she had put it there. She also rented the apartment directly beside mine and would monitor who was coming in and out of my place. She would then text my friends to see if we were “doing anything.” They could see her perched on her window, watching who was approaching while they were walking up to my apartment.

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6. Locked Out

So when my ex started to get considerably more clingy and obsessive she would lose her mind at me when I would hang out with my best friend—who happened to be a chick. That definitely had something to do with it. Long story short, I told her that that was ridiculous and then it escalated into a fight, with the end result of me telling her I wanted some space to myself for the next few days so I can think straight.

In retaliation, she went and asked my brother for his phone, as he went to the same school. She then put a passcode lock on it and told him that she'll give him the passcode when he can get me to talk to her. Obviously, I thought this was extremely immature and unnecessary. She should've never gotten my family involved. Just way over the line.

I ended up just asking her to give me the passcode because the entire situation was outlandish. She seemed pretty sheepish when she gave me the passcode, so I assumed that she knew what she did was uncalled for.

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7. Putting The Cart Before The Horse

So my ex-husband (we'll call him A) left me for another woman (B) a few years ago. B was an apprentice ("squire") with a very well-known jousting company with a Renaissance festival. Apparently, A and B went to a horse breeder/trainer (C) who specializes in jousting horses and bought a jousting-trained pedigree Andalusian stallion with a showy white coat.

Because B was associated with such a prestigious jousting company and A is a real smooth talker, they somehow convinced C to sell the horse on a payment plan rather than full payment up front. C would retain the breeding papers until the horse would be paid off, naturally. Cue the pandemic. A and B stopped making payments on the horse. C began to worry.

C did not have their contact information except for a phone number they refused to answer, and couldn't read B's handwriting well enough to google her name. More time passed. C began to really panic about the horse's welfare. C began trying to google based on anything she knew about A and B. She turned up A's old address, across the country: my address.

It happens to be on the same block as her friend T's house, and she knows T because T boards the horses for our local Renaissance festival. The jousting circuit is small, and everybody knows everybody. C called T and filled her in, T sent me a DM me and was like "Girl, is this your ex”? Crazy times. I passed along the contact info I had from the divorce paperwork to C to try to help her repo her horse.

That's how I learned horse repo is a thing! More time passed. A and B were dodging creditors like it's a new Olympic sport. C was going crazy trying to serve them papers to sue to get her horse back. C was wondering whether flying to my city to try to serve A papers here when he came to pick up the last of his possessions would work.

Then, C made a disturbing discovery. She started getting contacted by angry mare owners with new baby foals without lineage papers. It seems A and B had started selling stud services on their stolen horse, promising breeding papers they didn't have, taking cash up front, and when the mare owners demanded bloodline papers for the foals, just sent them to C.

And THAT'S how I learned that black market horse breeding scandals are a thing! The horse is back home with C. A and B stopped paying board and the barn owner managed to track C down to rehome him. It was just in time, he is expected to make a full recovery with lots of love and care and work.

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8. My Ex Was On A Power Trip

My ex came to my apartment while my now-husband was there. He rang the doorbell and admitted that he'd been watching us through the glass in the front door. He then proceeded to threaten to take out my husband after the confrontation. He also tried to get hired at our place of work. He got so far as the interview before I found out and called human resources to let them know he would be a threat to us. Somehow, that’s not the weirdest part.

A couple of weeks later, my mail went missing, and it turned out he had taken it and…paid my electric bill.

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9. Fools Rush In

When I was 18, I met a Lebanese man; he was handsome, a doctor, and 13 years my senior. I met him on my college campus one morning at a coffee shop and ended up having a long conversation with him about the Middle East and his experience working in the US. Eventually, I had to leave and he invited me to have breakfast again with him the next morning so we could continue our conversation.

Me, thinking he was just being friendly, and wanting to seem friendly too, accepted. The next morning, I meet up with him for breakfast. The mood has totally changed. He pulls out the chair for me, kisses my hand, and starts talking about going to Lebanon to meet his grandparents. He asks if he can pay my bills. He tries to give me a diamond necklace.

I noped the heck out of there the second breakfast was over. For weeks after that he wouldn't stop calling me, leaving messages when I wouldn't pick up. At first, they were all giddy and excited talking about plans for "us." I still never called him back. Then he started leaving messages about how I had sucked the light out of his life. But that’s not the creepiest part.

His friends would start calling, too, talking about how awesome his libido was, how I was breaking his heart, as though one "date" was enough for anyone to feel that way. It made my head spin, but at that point I was too afraid to try and respond even to ask them to stop. Eventually, the calls petered out but, man, it was weird...

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10. The Other Man

I developed a relationship with a woman over many months, things were blissful, I fell in love. I got to know her son, and loved him too. I was seriously thinking of marrying this woman. She broke it off suddenly with no explanation. I was a wreck, totally in love and confused. The relationship went from 100 to 0 with no warning. No contact, nothing.

Then she called me and scheduled a date so we could talk. She wanted to go to a place where we'd had a lot of good times. I was kind of psyched. She told me to pick her up on a certain day at a certain time. I showed up and the house was empty. She'd moved. I had just stopped feeling so destroyed, and she did that. That’s when I learned her dark secret.

Turns out, she was married the whole time. She moved with her husband across the country. She's just a piece of trash who'd fooled me.

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11. Imposter Syndrome

Back when my ex and I were still freshly in a relationship almost three years ago now, this random Instagram account popped up. I won’t share the name of the IG because it was my brother’s name. The account messaged me saying “Hey __! It’s me. I’m back”. I was shocked, happy, and filled with so much hope. My brother and best friend were back after years of being gone.

We talked every day and it was the best part of my life. I really missed him. I told my ex about it too. Most of the conversations we had I shared back with him. My brother was such an important person in my life and all I wanted to do was share his love with the other people in my life. But I started to notice things were a bit off. 

My brother had a childhood nickname for me. And he only ever called me this name. He never called me by my birth name. But, when we spoke through this Instagram account, he rarely called me that nickname. He also wouldn’t exactly remember how core memories between us happened. Like the firework story or the comics we wrote.

It almost felt like one of those stories where a catfish is pretending to be your loved one over the phone. The person behind this account didn’t ever ask anything of me. No money, no help, nothing. And I know it was kinda naive of me to believe this was him. No pictures, no proof, just a “hey __! It’s me” type of message. To be fair, the name he called me in the original message was my childhood nickname.

At the time, I had only recently started talking about my brother again. When I still lived at home it was hard to and for the longest time, I didn’t understand why my mom was so against talking about him. I understand now sadly. Besides, I was miserable without him. My brother was my best friend. My hero. I just wanted to see him again.

After noticing so many weird things with this account I kinda got fed up. I asked if this was really my brother—and the response I got was devastating. It said: “I’m so sorry, he loves you so much”. And then the account was deleted. My heart broke. My ex helped me through that feeling of losing my brother again. But now I had hope he was alive and out there somewhere.

Fast forward a few years, my ex sits me down and says we need to talk. I say okay and he informs me that he had hired a private investigator (behind my back) to look for my brother. He just wanted to reunite us. We had a surprise vacation planned and were set to leave in three days, so the first thing I thought was “Oh my god, you found my brother. That’s where we’re going”! So as I was jumping around excited to see him again, he brought me back down to earth—and what he told me was utterly shattering. 

He said: "I'm sorry, but there won't be a reunion in this life..." he then proceeded to read my brother's official document of passing to me. My brother had taken his own life in 2016. But the nightmare didn’t end there. Right after our vacation, he broke up with me. Months have passed since the breakup and I’m so much better off. This ex managed to lock me in a hospital for grieving the loss of my brother, hurt my cat, and was extremely mentally abusive.

A few days ago I was sitting in my kitchen with my best friend and we were talking about my brother’s upcoming funeral. She asked me when he passed since I never really talked about that. I told her 2016. She said that isn’t possible because she got texts from the Instagram account a few years back. She even showed me the messages.

I looked at them and the messages consisted of him telling her to stay out of my life. To back off, etc. I reached out to some people I had lost contact with around the time that IG account popped up and they all had similar messages from him. They knew how much he meant to me, so they just backed off. We connected the dots.

I looked back on some other shady stuff and made a horrifying realization. My ex was behind the account. He faked being my brother for what? He ruined my friendships with good people in my life. And I still don’t know why nor will I ever. I never want to see his face again. I should also mention that I never wanted to hire a PI and he knew this.

I always had a feeling he was gone but I wanted to hold onto false hope. It was comforting. I mean, we were so close growing up and yet once I was an adult he never found a way to reach out to me and I tried finding him myself at one point. But there was no social media of his. So I just imagined he was living this happy life. And my ex took that from me.

He went behind my back knowing I didn’t want a PI and hired one anyways. After I found out about my brother I spiraled and barely ate, barely slept, I called off work more times than I can count. I’m surprised they didn’t fire me. I 100% believe he was behind the account because when we broke up he was accusing me of making fake profiles all over to stalk him.

Usually I only see people accuse others of crazy stuff like that if they’re guilty of said thing. I also found it odd that whenever I’d talk to my “brother” about things between me and my ex he would just say “that sucks” or blame me for our issues or say I should just forgive him. My brother also wasn’t aggressive ever. He was protective but he would never ever message someone telling them to just stay away nor would he ever tell me to just apologize to keep the peace or make it all my fault.

He was my biggest supporter. And whenever I’d tell him (my brother) about these things, my ex would start to act weird and cold. And yes, even though my brother passed in 2016 I plan to hold a funeral for him this year. I was never at his original funeral nor do I know if he actually got one. I swear I could write a whole book about the horrible things my ex did to me and the way he lived.

It was disgusting and yes, I 100% plan on taking action for what he did to my cat and to my mental state. It’s so hard for me to trust people now and I get scared telling people stories of my brother. I miss him so much and I have to work today but all I wanna do is lay in bed and cry.

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12. You’ve Got Mail

When my ex found out I was going to break up with her, she had her mail delivered to my house. Then she wouldn’t leave when I did break up with her. I called the authorities, and since she received mail at my home, they said it was officially her residence as well. Faced with the impossible, I came up with a plan. I had to call my landlord and have him evict me to get her to leave.

Once she left, he rescinded the eviction notice, and I moved back in.

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13. Three’s Company

Once my ex found out I had a new girlfriend, she tried to do a three-way with her friend and me in order to break us up. I declined. Then, she got the same friend to hook up with my buddy and convince him to invite my ex to a party at his house that I was going to. I went into the bathroom, and when I opened the door, my blood ran cold. 

She was standing there. It freaked me out. I said, “Hi, excuse me, I’m about to leave this house.” She then pushed me as hard as she could back into the bathroom and came in and locked the door. At that point, I started yelling for help. My buddy and a few others came and unlocked the door, pulled her out, and I was able to get out of the bathroom.

I started walking upstairs to leave—but my nightmare wasn’t over yet. She flew out the door and ran to my truck. She stayed there while I was standing there in disbelief. At that point, we had been broken up for months. I walked back inside, and one of her friends approached me and told me if I told her that I never wanted to see or talk to my ex again, she would let me leave. I complied.

I told her that it was over, and I never wanted anything to do with my ex again. I waited for a few and peeked outside. I saw the coast was clear and started heading to my truck. I heard a scream and looked over, and my ex was running full speed at me, screaming. Out of nowhere, another lady full-on tackled my ex and told her to get out of there.

As I drove away, I got a call from the party saying she locked herself in the bathroom, threatening to off herself. I called her parents and kept driving. This all happened after she had: called me hundreds of times from a dozen numbers which I blocked and requested she doesn’t call, egged my new girlfriend's car, asked a very desperate friend of mine to prom hoping to get in our group, and followed me to and from work.

Two years later, I had a new phone number and was in college. I got a call and answered it—it was her. I have no idea how she found me. She asked if I went to the local university, to which I replied yes. I did not actually go there; I went to a state college. She enrolled in that university. I only heard from her one more time and hoped that was the end of it.

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14. If I Can’t Have You…

I spent four years spoiling this girl, and almost never getting emotional or physical love back from her, only to have her break up with me over something very trivial. I spent a year begging and pleading and bending over backwards to have her take me back, but her response was essentially, "I don't think you're good enough". I, finally, with the help of some great friends and family, moved on and found a great girl to start dating. That’s when my ex snapped.

She went nuts, and started showing up at 3 AM at my apartment, calling hundreds of times, the whole nine yards. She got physical and verbal with me, but I finally got her to understand I was done being manipulated. But the surprises weren’t done yet. Then, a week after she tearfully told me, "I'll never love anyone again," she and my (former) best friend post on Facebook that they're together.

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15. Paranoia, Paranoia, Everybody’s Coming To Get Me

I dated a guy from the ages of 16 to 21 who was awful to me. I haven't seen or spoken to him in 14 years. He left me high and dry for bills and rent so he could move across the country. He said he was tired of me "ruining" his life. After he left, I managed to pull myself out of the bad situation I was in. I had no family or friends to turn to because he isolated me from them.

I also had to drop out of high school to support both of us. Fast forward 14 years and I'm now happily married to a wonderful man and a few years away from finishing my doctorate. But unfortunately, I’ve still had to deal with my ex. Over the years, this guy has reached out to be friends again and once even apologized to me. I've ignored him.

The first time he contacted me after the breakup, I told him I would never speak to him again and to leave me alone. Instead, he resorted to unspeakable behavior. He ended up stalking me online and at work for a year after that. After the stalking, I've occasionally checked in on his social media out of safety concerns for myself. What I've come to learn is that he never got his life together.

In fact, things have gotten much worse for him. When we were dating, he had some odd behaviors that I didn't recognize as red flags because I was mentally and emotionally beaten down. He was convinced that I would poison his food. He would often make me switch plates numerous times with him before he would eat. If he felt "weird" after, he would become aggressive.

He also had this preoccupation with his IQ. He would constantly take online IQ tests then make me take them, just to tell me he was smarter than me and most other people. I now recognize these behaviors as early symptoms of paranoia and narcissism. These behaviors have now turned into what I believe is a persecutory delusional disorder.

He is convinced that a cartel is after him and dosing his food and smokes. He believes his mom was kidnapped and replaced with a body double. He wrote her off after she refused to take a DNA test to satisfy him. He also thinks he has a "doppelganger" in a cartel who is trying to take his identity. He just spent the last year or so homeless trying to run away from this supposed cartel and prove that they exist. The creepiest part? 

My name has popped up from time to time on his social media posts. I've chalked that up to him wanting to relive a part of his life before it took a steep downturn. According to his posts, he sees what happened in our relationship as much different than it was (i.e., he never wanted to break up, only tried to help me, etc.). None of that is true.

Seeing my name in his posts used to bother me, but I remind myself that he isn't well and to just keep an eye out. Well, then he took it up a notch. Last night, I saw something in one of his posts that I didn't expect, my husband's name. I met my husband 6-7 years after him. They never met. He has now created this narrative that my husband is his look-alike in the cartel and that I'm the one behind everything happening to him.

He thinks that the only reason I'm with my husband is because he looks like him. They look nothing alike. They're also different ethnicities. To me, this sounds further delusional and even narcissistic. Honestly, I'm a bit disturbed now. Thankfully, I moved out-of-state a few years ago, so I feel safer than I would back in my home state.

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16. Clear Cut Revenge

This happened to my neighbors. They were a couple who went through a divorce and she got the house in the settlement. However, it was only the house and the immediate house lot. Not the surrounding land, as that went to the husband. That’s how he got his revenge on her. The first thing he did was sell all the lumber off the rest of the land.

She went from living in a nice forest to living on clearcut land. But he wasn't done yet! Once the trees were gone he sold off the topsoil, then the gravel under that. By the time he was done her house was on a hill overlooking a barren landscape reminiscent of the lunar surface. This was years ago, and the place is still hideous.

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17. She Made Her Bed, Now She Has To Lie In It

She took all my shower stuff while I was at work. Curtain, rod, all that stuff...and the toilet bowl scrubber. She took it all, so when I came home and I said, “Okay, not letting her take more of my stuff that's actually important”! So, I changed the locks. While at work that night, she calls and says she needs in the apartment to get her things.

I tell her nah, not without me there, I don't want you taking my stuff. She says she'll call the authorities, and I tell her to go ahead. A couple of officers show up at my work and ask what's going on. I show them my lease with her name not on it, and they say okay, we'll have her when she comes back tomorrow, call us when she shows up.

She comes the next day, and tells me she's taking my bed, worth $700. I tell her no, she didn't pay for it, and I have my credit statement printed ready to show the officers. She tries to argue that she's taking the bed. The officer says “Look, you're not taking it, if you think you deserve it, take him to court”. She then tries arguing with the guy.

The officer says “Did you not hear me right? Take him to court”! Well, I didn't hear back from her about it.

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18. Beaten To The Punch

Years ago I dated a girl. She would be the absolute ruin of my life. When we first started dating in my senior year, I had never dated anyone before, first love, first partner, first true connection—or so I thought. I didn’t heed the warnings from my then-friends, or even the warning signs I noticed. She’d flirt with guys in front of me and she’d use the physical side of our relationship as a bargaining chip.

She’d mock me—and I am not exaggerating when I say this—she’d yell at me if I said ANYTHING, if I didn’t immediately apologize right after. I had to train not to apologize after every sentence after we split. I’m not acting like I’m some saint, either. I’ve had anger issues all my life, I inherited it from my father, so I’d snap and say some pretty terrible things, some I still regret.

But one day, I had enough. I can’t remember what it was, or when, but it was over. We’d “split” before, but this felt final. Or so I thought. Two days later, she shows up on my doorstep, “wants her things” she says. So I invite her in. She sits on my couch in my room and tells me she slept with my old wrestling partner, the guy who taught me everything.

I was furious, but it created a new link. I became the crazy ex. Fake Facebooks, went to her house once. I regret it all. I was depressed, and had extreme anxiety. Not an excuse, but it’s what happened. I’m better now, I promise. She had built my entire self-worth on what she thought of me, that I couldn’t NOT have her approval. It was terrible.

Cut to a year later. I’m dating a new girl. She’s my world. I get a new job. That’s when I get the absolute worst surprise. My boss is my ex’s dad. She isn’t close to him so hopefully I can just avoid her. One day my girlfriend tells me my ex texted her. I ask what she sent, and it was fake texts of me and ex. Obviously fake. Made minutes before the screenshot, same day, etc.

Sadly, my girlfriend at the time doesn’t believe me—and does the unthinkable. She goes to a birthday party, gets hammered, and makes out with another guy. I end up losing my job. Later that month my best friend suggests getting a restraining order against my ex due to the text fiasco. I agree. Well, I wasn’t the only one with that idea. Guess who’s there? My ex.

She’s acting like I’m gonna attack her right there, but we just wait for our papers, and leave. I get served a week or so later, and a law advice place tells me to just drop my order. So I do. Long story short, I lose the order. She gets a year restraining order on me, but the judge is nice enough to keep it off my record. Nice.

It’s been over a year now, and my last girlfriend and I never recovered, I could never find another job, and I’m still afraid of seeing her again. My life was ruined by her, but I can never talk about it, because it’s old news.

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19. Scream Queen

My girlfriend at the time was staying over. I had been at work late the night before, so I wanted to sleep in. She tried to wake me. It didn't work, so I fell back asleep. I was in a deep sleep. After an unknown amount of time, she apparently lost her patience. She put her mouth directly against my ear and screamed as loud as she could.

It was a high-pitched horror movie scream. The pain was immediate. Fifteen years later, if I’m in a loud place, my left ear still buzzes like I have a wasp in it. It sounds precisely like a blown-out speaker. And that was only one of the crazy things she did.

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20. Finally Dumped

I was having doubts about my boyfriend of two months and was discussing it over texts with a guy-friend of mine. My boyfriend went through my phone and accused me of sleeping with my friend. He went berserk. He made a massive production out of packing up his stuff and leaving. After leaving, he stood on my porch for a few moments, collecting his thoughts.

He had changed his mind and begged to be let back in. I refused, and he sobbed and scratched at my door for the next two hours. Days later, he demanded to have my microwave, which he had given me as a surprise gift when I was out of town. To avoid confrontation, I left it on my porch for him and watched him take it and toss it in my dumpster.

Against my better judgment, I sent him a message about what he did. I mean, not only was that immature, but it's hugely wasteful. If he was going to take it back, he could at least use it or give it away. In response, he drove back over, fished it out of the trash, and left it on my porch. After I disinfected it, I put it back in my kitchen.

Then I got ANOTHER message, this time demanding the microwave back on behalf of his "friend." Again, I left it on the porch. Later that day, I watched him throw it in the dumpster—again. This time, I went to Walmart and just bought a new microwave.

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21. Hunk Of Burning Love

So, in short, I broke up with my ex for a few reasons: I needed to focus on school and he was a distraction. We were not compatible in the long run. And, perhaps most importantly, he clearly loved me and I didn't feel like I could ever actually love him. I did like him but just didn't fall in love. So I broke up with him in the nicest way possible.

I tried to do it gently because he didn't anything wrong during the relationship, but he went kind of crazy. He wouldn't leave me alone and couldn't understand why I didn't think we were a good match. He wanted to work through our differences but I said I didn't want to change my core beliefs and my life goals. Then he said he would change, but I didn't entertain that idea as I feel no one should change core values for someone else.

He also couldn't accept that I just didn't love him. Mind you I never said “I love you” and repeatedly said we were not serious—we didn't date very long—but I guess he grew very attached. Anyway, a few months pass and he texts me asking if we could talk and see why we broke up. At this point, I tell him fine and I think he's just getting closure. I really should have known better.

A few hours later, he sent me a terrifying message: “Just so you know, I would set myself on fire for you”. It's safe to say I didn't have a chat with him after that.

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22. Interior Decoration As Revenge

There was a couple who lived across the street from my family when I was younger. She was friends with my mom, and he helped my dad install our pool. Turns out they were having some issues, and while she was out of town for work, he gutted their entire kitchen. I mean, walls, appliances, ceiling...everything. So she comes back, finds it, they argue and she moves out and moves in with her mom.

Through court dealings, she ends up back in the house, but he's going to get the house eventually. I was only 13 or so, so I don't remember specifics. Just days before he's supposed to move back in, my parents help her move all of the furniture that she bought before they got married, which was literally everything besides the mattress and one recliner.

That's all he was left with when he moved back in. But it didn’t end there. After he moved back in and the divorce was final, he went through a phase where he had another woman living with him, but also had a boyfriend who would frequently visit. One of the last times we saw any of them was around midnight one night. The neighbor, the boyfriend, and an apparent third party had some sort of loud, drunken lovers' quarrel.

I don't know what happened inside the house after we called 9-1-1, but all three went with the authorities after being tased.

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23. Party For One

Years ago, in the late 90s, I discovered my girlfriend's awful secret. I'd already been living with her for a year when I found out she'd been sleeping with her boss. The timing could not have been worse. It was the week of our Super Bowl party. We both had plenty of guests coming. We’d been planning it for over a month. I spent all my money buying every type of drink that we thought anyone would want.

We were young upcoming professionals. She was just under 21. Not able to buy the hard stuff. She pulled me aside and broke up with me on the Friday before that weekend. I saw it coming. She left to go to the beach with her boss and told me to move on Super Bowl weekend. So…I came up with a plan. I called my people and moved the party.

I took all of my furniture—everything but one TV, bed, one glass, and one chair. That was it! No dishes. Nothing. The place was bare! It took me many hockey bags to move the drinks, but we drank for weeks with it! I heard she had her own party—with everyone showing up to one bottle, one glass, one chair, and nothing else.

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24. Overselling The Story

I broke up with my ex about six months ago. I broke up with him because he lied all the time to the point where he couldn’t even tell the truth about his drive home from work. He even lied to be about being discharged from the army. That was the last straw. I met a new guy after we broke up and we got together about a month after I broke up with my ex.

My ex was thoroughly convinced I'd cheated on him and started spreading rumors about how I cheated on him and our two-year relationship was a lie. About three months later, my ex texts me about how he’s so lonely and he hasn’t met anyone etc., he started talking about how he’s going to school and doing a lot better in life. I congratulated him and went on my way.

About five months after the break-up he texted me again—and what he said was shocking. He told me how he has a kid. A kid? Yes, a kid, crazy. I asked who he knocked up and he said no one. He’s going to be a step dad. I was very confused. He goes on to tell me he’s engaged. It’s just five months after we broke up. I thought he was on something but I was like congrats, whatever.

He proceeded to randomly text me about how happy he was with this girl. However he never had her on any of his social media and none of our mutual friends knew about her. Flash forward to six months later, and his “fiancé” texts me. Why, I have no idea, but I was guessing to see if I was a “threat” of some sort. So I played along and played nice.

She was telling me about how her baby daddy is crazy and she was on probation because of him, he hacked all of her online accounts, and then how my ex was the best thing that came into her life. I responded acting like I cared and went on my way with my day. A few days later a few mutual friends and my ex hung out. He called them after having a few drinks asking if they wanted to go to Target.

They were in town for a couple days and wanted to see him so they said sure. That’s when things took a disturbing turn. My ex was excessively handling my female friend, making inappropriate advances and expressing his desire for a threesome. In the end he ended up getting punched in Target by my male friend and they took him home. But he forgot his phone in the back seat of their car.

He called from his “fiancés” phone, and the contact wasn’t even saved in his phone, which we all thought was a little weird. My friends dropped him phone off outside the building at his truck and asked me to text his “fiancé” to tell her the phone was there. So I did. She asked what happened and I started telling her what my friends said.

While explaining I said something along the lines of “I would be mad if my fiancé was grabbing on another girl”. She responded with “Fiancé? Do you see a ring on this finger”? I sent her the screen shots of him saying they were engaged. The reaction said it all. They both blocked me. She didn’t even know that she was “engaged” to him!

I come to find out he’s not in school and still has the same minimum wage job he had when we were together. Biggest Liar Ever!

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25. His joke landed me behind bars.

My ex-friend and I had gone to a party, and I drank more than I should have. He was the designated driver. He dropped me off “just over a block” from my house. When I got out of the back of the car, I didn’t recognize anything. I reached for my phone but realized that I didn’t have it. I walked the block looking for a street I knew but couldn’t find one. I then picked a direction to walk in to search for a major street.

Apparently, he had thought it would be funny to drop me off in the wrong neighborhood instead of at my house, and lifted my cell phone so that I couldn’t call for help. His plan was to let me wander around lost for about 10 minutes, then find me to actually take me home. He never found me. After a few hours of walking around lost, I had sobered up and was thirsty.

I had found a larger street, but it was around 2 AM at that point, and everything was deserted, so I couldn’t ask anyone for help. Eventually, I saw a cruiser patrolling and flagged them down for assistance. I couldn’t believe what they told me. They told me that I was over ten miles away from my house and in a very unsafe neighborhood. They didn’t believe my story.

After some discussion, they offered to give me a ride home but asked me to put my hands behind my back while they searched me. I complied, and they immediately cuffed me and told me that they were arresting me for public intoxication. I didn’t have any money at the time, so I didn’t want to call anyone to post bail for me.

I kept getting told that they would release me as soon as I was processed because I was already sober. There were no windows in the holding cell, no clock, and they never dimmed the light, so I and the others had no concept of time. I was fed twice and had access to water and a toilet. I managed to fall asleep a few times, but I kept waking up shivering.

When I was finally released, it was 9 AM, a whole day after being taken in. My roommate had reported me missing and had been informed that I was in custody. I was able to call my roommate from a payphone and get him to pick me up. A few weeks later, I found out that the charges were dropped, so thankfully, I didn’t have to pay a fine or take classes, but I stopped hanging out with my friend who pranked me after that.

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26. She Was MIA Upstairs

I was in the forces at the time. My ex called the base and told them I was passing her secrets, which they took VERY seriously. I was pulled out of formation and cuffed, with no idea what was happening. It took two weeks before they believed me and released me back to my unit. She then reached out to my mom and conveyed to her that I had lost my life, but the army was keeping this information under wraps.

She also called my landlord and told him the same so that they could release my apartment. It was a nightmare. By then, the landlord had actually started boxing up all my stuff to sell-off. We had only dated for maybe three months. I couldn’t believe it. She was seriously crazy!

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27. My Ex Tried To Catfish Me!

My ex attempted to catfish me by using a picture she manually snapped from a magazine as her profile picture. I could see the seam down the center of the photo. I knew it was her because she had a feeble grasp of grammar, and she would make specific mistakes that no one made. When we "met" on the site, before I realized it was her, I asked why she was single.

She stated that her ex passed on two years prior. Considering she threatened me with a firearm in a prior instance... that may well have turned out to be true.

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28. God Complex

I wanted to share my "Crazy Ex" story now that the initial shock is over and I'm happily in a long-term relationship. All of this took place from when I was 19-23, and my current age is 26. My crazy ex is four years older, so that would make him 24-28 during the events of this story. Additionally, when we started dating, I was attending a small Christian Bible College, identifying as a Mennonite, Protestant Christian.

I attended this college for three semesters and then transferred to a large university, where I obtained a degree in my current field. During my time at Bible School I was actively questioning my faith, and by the time I was out of Bible School for a year I identified as an agnostic—which was also a couple of months after my breakup with my ex.

I would say the break-up contributed to the deconversion, but was not the entire reason and I'm sure would've happened anyways if I had never had this relationship. I also want to point out that I don't want anybody to think this story is an attack on Christians. It is about my crazy ex. We met at a fitness class, I was 19 and had never been in a relationship before.

After admiring him from afar for a while, I mustered up the courage and displayed interest in him—he asked me out and it did not take long for us to begin dating. He was inexperienced himself and had never had a girlfriend. In retrospect, I really did not know him that well. I think I was just young and excited and wanted to have a boyfriend.

At first it was great. I always had somebody to hang out with, he had an off-campus house, we would go on walks, play videos games, watch movies, and other fitness things like kickboxing and running. I later introduced him to my friend group at the time and we had a weekly board game night at his house. Honestly there are a lot of great memories.

During our walks we often talked about what being a couple meant, and what roles men and women should have in a relationship. During this time, I learned something shocking about him. My ex wanted to save his first kiss for the wedding altar. Even though I was religious at the time I thought this was extreme, but I tried to respect that.

Additionally my ex told me that he believed in a biblical marriage, which he described as that the man is the leader and since he loves his wife he will take everything into account. I remember aggressively agreeing to that statement and being so happy that I had found myself a man that could provide. However, he soon proved that his actions were not the same as his words.

We quickly became physical and lost our virginities to one another. He would make me feel guilty about it (and I already felt SO GUILTY on my own, for I had wanted to wait until marriage) and blamed me, even though we both consented to it. Also his idea of being a leader was to boss me around without questioning, not let me pay for anything to the point where he would cancel outings.

He’d also not pay the internet bill at his house and ask for money from his parents, all while bragging about how much he worked and how much his job payed him. He pushed marriage on me constantly, even though I shared with him many times I did not want to marry at age 20. Also I would ask him to do Bible studies and pray with me, but he wouldn't let me instigate it, as it was "the man's job to be spiritual leader" and I wasn't allowed to.

Also, I began to notice some other red flags. All of his friendships were people that I had introduced him to, he admitted to thinking he was smarter than me because he was older and a man. We had many other issues, and once I moved away to start university the problems were only exacerbated from being long distance. A mutual friend of ours described him as having a superiority complex—which I think is accurate.

After 13 months, I finally realized that I deserved better and I dumped him. He pleaded with me to wait until the semester was over so he could take me on a trip and "prove that he was worthy". I said no and we broke up for good. About two months later, I was working a summer job in a National Park and was very lonely and messaged him to meet up—which he declined. Thanks heavens, I was so stupid.

After that, all communication stopped. It was around this time that I stepped away from my Christian life and began to experiment with partying, boys, other belief systems, etc. My ex and I stayed friends on Facebook. A year after we broke up, my crazy ex messages me out of the blue asking to meet up. I say no. A two months (in the month of July) later I post on Facebook that I am in a new relationship. I get a surprising response. 

My ex sends me a message congratulating me. I think this is really weird and I ignore him. A month later (August), he posts on Facebook that he is in a new relationship. I was surprised as he had literally been messaging me a month prior but whatever. His new girlfriend is a social media over-sharer and tagged my ex in everything so I was able to get all the details.

By October, they are engaged, co-own a pet, and have a wedding date set for December. So in the span of less than six months my ex (presumably anyways) met somebody and married them. In early November, I get a Facebook message from his fiancée. She is young, a college freshman. Her message was seriously infuriating. She explained who she was, and then asked me if we had ever gone all the way.

Her reasoning was, "There are rumors that you guys did it and people think I am a harlot because of it”. I was pretty upset to get this message for numerous reasons. It's pretty bold to ask a stranger if they had ever did it with their current fiancé, also it showed that my ex was still terrible and lying to his fiancé like he did to me.

Also in what universe are you a sinner because your fiancé may or may not have done it with a former partner?! I responded that my personal life was none of her business and that if she wanted to know she could ask my ex. Her response was "But he won't tell me”! This made me feel very bad for her—for I was in her exact situation two years prior.

One week before their December wedding, my ex messages me, with a simple "Hey". I immediately know something is up, and I ask him what he wants. He proceeds to apologize for taking my virginity, breaking up with me unexpectedly, and then never talking to me again. At this point I was mad. I admit the conversation we had was not my finest moment, but I had enough of this guy.

I reminded him that I broke up with him, that losing my virginity is a dated social construct and that I don't regret losing it to him, because at the time I thought I loved him. He told me that he is actively in a relationship with Jesus and that Jesus was pointing out his wrongs to him. I told my ex that I didn't care about his relationship with Jesus.

He then responds, "Well if you don't feel bad doing it, we should just do it again”! This of course, made me angry, and I responded, "Does this have anything to do with your fiancée messaging me”?! and he responds, “I actually broke up with her yesterday—she has a personality disorder that I did not know about”. This made me rage even more.

What kind of jerk breaks up with his fiancé a week before their wedding and blames it on her mental health? I responded to him that he needs to respect women because he clearly did not respect her and that he did not respect me during our relationship. He told me he prayed to God every day to help him treat women with respect.

I responded that he was a disgusting human being because he has to pray to a god to give women respect, not because he sees them as individual human beings. He agreed with me that he was despicable but that he had found redemption through Christ and that he would pray for me every day until the end. I told him I don't care if he wastes his time praying for me.

After this he deleted me off of social media, and we have not talked since. However, I would still periodically creep his socials, and I was still Facebook friends with some of his family members. At this point, I found his behavior entertaining and he descended further and further into a couch theologian with fundamentalist, narrow-minded views. But it didn’t end there. 

After his called-off wedding in December, he announced on Facebook the following August that he was engaged, AGAIN! Thrilled that there was more drama to be had, I went into instant creeping mode. His new fiancée was older than him, a widowed housewife with two young children, whom she homeschools.

I immediately question the union—here is a woman I assume is desperate, widowed with no formal education or skills to support her family. I fear for her, but can only hope for the best. They get married, and shortly after the marriage announce a pregnancy. The child is born, a girl and all of my ex's photos on Facebook are of him with his baby.

I fear for what kind of stepfather he is to the other children. I was creeping and discovered that his wife wrote blog posts about her previous late husband's journey with cancer, and eventual passing. She continued on with the blog posts after he was gone, and there were several posts outlining her faith and courtship with my ex.

I was impressed with how articulate and intelligent this woman appeared through her blog posts and how somebody like her could end up with such a dud like my ex. One thing the blog clarified for me was that she and my ex matched in January—approx. six weeks after our Facebook fight and a month after his supposed wedding with this other girl.

They got married the following August. The blog post also confirmed my suspicions about her being desperate—having to sell her old house, move in with her mom, and the struggles she had being a young widow. One of the blog posts was written by my ex—and he mostly talked about theology and how her theology matched his, etc.

Unless my ex has drastically changed, which I doubt, I think it is all lies and was just the "honeymoon stage" like we had in our relationship. That’s not even the craziest part. To make matters more interesting, I reconnected into an old friend who also knew my ex back from the Bible School days. She informed me that my ex (in between our relationship and his first engagement) fell for a dating scam and ended up sending money to a fake girlfriend that lived overseas.

She said it got so bad that he had to sell his motorbike and his house (which now that she mentioned it, I remembered that he had abruptly sold his house to his sister and sold his bike). His current wife hasn't posted on the blog in over a year. Both their socials have gone silent, either from little use or increased privacy settings.

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29. She Was Cooking With Gas

We agreed that she'd collect her stuff from "our" place when we broke, without me being there. I arrived later that evening to make a seriously disturbing discovery. She’d left two gas valves opened—so I guess I'm lucky I didn't light a smoke. I considered it, but I didn’t call the authorities. How would I prove it anyway?

At that point, I was just glad she was out of there and out of my life. And still am. So I decided to ignore it and not sound like a lunatic wailing at an officer about a murderous girlfriend. Believe me, at this point we'd been through enough.

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30. The Houseguest

She "broke" into my house every day for about a month while I was at work. Showered, cooked food, watched TV, and then left before I got home. I came home early one day and she was sitting on the couch watching TV. She very matter-of-factly said, "Oh I didn't think you'd be home at this time". I asked how she got in. When we were dating I had lent her my keys once.

She got one cut for herself without me knowing. Of course, after arguing we…made up. Being with a crazy person can be fun. But that was the second last time ever.

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31. Bad Timing

My husband and I were high school sweethearts. After four kids and 16 years of marriage, he cheated on me. However, he didn’t tell me for over a year. But when he did choose to tell me, it was the worst timing ever. He told me about his affair when I was in the middle of chemo for cancer. I was bald, ill, with only one side of my chest remaining.

My mom had passed on ten days earlier, and it was my birthday. Never saw that one coming. We divorced.

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32. I Dodged That One

My ex-fiancée ended our eight-year relationship and called off our wedding five months before with a typed note that was less than 300 words long. She said she kept not being excited about getting married, so she decided she didn’t want to get married anymore. A week or two later, I found out she cheated on me with a mutual friend.

I called her, and she told me she “had to do it” and “please stop fixating on it.” I ended up confronting the guy and ruined her prospects with him. Nine months later, she married different guy 20 years her senior, pregnant with his child, on what would have been our anniversary. She recorded the ceremony, so I got to see it circulating. Her vows were all about how the new guy was better than me. I thought to myself, “I successfully dodged that one.”

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33. Makin’ Believe

So, three years ago, I made the dire mistake of going on Tinder. I matched with this guy from Canada, and we both were in med school. He was 33 years old. He was the one initiating conversation irregularly—like once every 3-4 weeks. He used kissing emojis and I sometimes answered with kissing emojis as you know, I thought that kissing emojis are not that important, I use them all the time and in majority of times it means nothing to me.

We went on like three dates in a period of two years and we kissed on the lips once. Now, some time ago, I got into a wonderful relationship. I posted a question about something on my Reddit account and I mentioned my boyfriend. I never could’ve predicted the chaos this would create. This nutjob stalked all my social networks and found the article and started to bombard me with questions.

He was asking me why I cheated on him on him and so on. I was like what? Didn't know we were in relationship but okay, sorry if I hurt you! That’s when the fun stuff started to happen. He was following me on Instagram and started to bombard all the guys I followed on to see which one was my boyfriend! Almost a year has passed and he still does it.

He makes a lot of new accounts and tries to "learn the truth". Recently, he started to just send me e-mails where he tells me how he has thought about me for 10,000 hours, how he had to leave medicine because of me. He says that I completely ruined his life. I really couldn't imagine a 33-year-old would use kissing emojis without actual meeting and having physical contact (not counting that one kiss in person).

Even worse, I recently learned he is one of the "Proud Boys”—which, as I understand it is some kind of strange group of males with interesting views. I hate the thought of having hurt anyone, but I am not 100% sure everything he tells me is true. It always feels like he’s trying to get a rise out of me.

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34. T Minus U

It’s kind of messed up, but more hilarious. My ex-wife was still staying in the guest room—we just split and hadn't completed the divorce yet—on a temp basis while she found a new place. I grew tired of her attitude and told her I wanted her and all of her stuff out ASAP. I got home from an 18-hour shift, and when I got home at 6:30 am, I was greeted by a chilling sight.

It was empty. There was a full-on echo in that house. She got it all out of there, I'll tell you that. I had nothing but a stripped mattress on the bedroom floor. She hated the mattress, but bought all of the furniture in there, so she took all that. The funniest part? We had our initials in wood lettering on the wall, and the only thing that was left on any wall in the house was my remaining initials.

She plucked her "T" off the wall. I took a laughing selfie next to it and sent it to her.

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35. Losing Two People With One Breakup

Me and my ex were high school sweethearts, she was my first and I was hers. We had been together for five years and been living together for three years when she broke it off. She waited about four weeks before she started dating my best friend, whom I had known since kindergarten.

Me and my "friend" had always been very close, he talked with me when she broke it up, consoled me, played the good guy while he and she were dating behind my back the whole time. This was a friend I was hanging out with almost daily for my whole life, skyping, playing all the new games together—we even went to the same schools just to be able to study the same things.

I didn’t see it coming and was heartbroken when it ended. She took all of “our” stuff and moved out on the same day. I was left in complete awe and didn’t even manage to put up a fight before she had 90% of everything we owned together. She even took my best friend. He just stopped talking to me after a few weeks and I haven’t heard from any of them for four years now.

I didn’t know that they had been dating so long until a mutual friend told me one year later when they announced their relationship. I guess it isn’t as messed up as many of these posts here, but it left me messed up. I have trust issues and have never been as lonely in my life as I am now. What really sickens me is that she took my best friend.

She could have had everything else, but why my best friend...

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36. Baby Wars

My boyfriend and I have been together for six years, since I was 13. He and his ex dated before that—he was 14 and she was 16. They dated for four months and that was it apart from them talking during our on-again-off-again stuff a few years ago. I am currently pregnant with our first child and it's been hard with family drama and living situations but overall, we’re thrilled.

She's also pregnant at the moment. Her and her current boyfriend were pregnant once before but he was stillborn so this is a big deal for her, which I completely respect. She's done a lot of terrible things over the years but I was genuinely happy for her. However, we’re literally due like a week apart—and it’s driving her off the deep end. She goes so out of her way to out-do anything having to do with pregnancy.

It's petty and stupid but it’s making me crazy. I never really post or talk about my pregnancy I just don't feel the need. She, on the other hand, posts daily which I understand. She's excited and wants to share that. The problem is the few things I have posted have been followed up by her posting nearly the exact same posts or posts that are very clearly directed at me.

We have basically the same friend group so it's a little frustrating that she can't share the spotlight even a little and especially that she's making passive-aggressive cryptic posts when I've done nothing but wish her well and try to be understanding because of the loss she went through. But that’s not the most infuriating part.

On top of that, mutual friends have told me she's still telling people how she's in love with my boyfriend and wants him back which is just uncomfortable given everything going on. I just don't understand how she can be so obsessed with him when they dated for such a short time as children or why she's so determined to undermine my pregnancy when I've hardly ever spoken to her let alone done something to deserve her being hateful towards me.

I mean I get that she wants the spotlight since this is so important to her but it's my first baby and I've had a lot of drama and pain during my pregnancy so I'd like to have a little positivity when it comes to sharing it with friends and family.

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37. Do You Do Voodoo?

I had been with my ex for five years. Last summer we broke up, mostly because of her lies, infidelity and her drinking problem. Still, I tried to be the good guy for her again after the breakup, like visiting so her kids don't take it too hard. About 6-7 months ago, she started to date a friend who wanted her for the last few years. I thought it would get her out of my hair—instead, it set her off.

She sent me tons and tons of hate messages, threats, etc. Then, she said that she was cursing me to an eternity of pain. Never spoke to her again and stayed the heck away. The thing is, even many months later, she still sends me hate messages and all. Yesterday she sent me a picture of an altar in her room with a picture of me, candles and stuff like that.

She just said that I am doomed and that she still curses me. Imagine her boyfriend in all that? She still spends that much energy to try to get to me, for no reason, after breaking my heart. All of that without him knowing, I would guess.

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38. Let’s Split The Bill

I dated this girl, we will call her Candy. I should have known she was a nut job from the get-go but I was young and dumb. When I split with her I started dating the future mother of my daughter—let’s call her Cassie. To say that Candy didn’t take this well would be an understatement. She started telling Cassie to not get to comfortable dating me and that I’m only with her to make her jealous.

She went as far as to tell Cassie that even though he is spending time with you and making you think he loves you, he comes to see me at night and that I text her all the time. After all the reassuring and proving that it was all lies, this chick decided to go off the rail and scratch designs into Cassie's car. But there was something she didn’t think of.

She did it in a Walmart parking lot, and there were cameras so it was all caught on tape. After going through the hassle with security and management, I take Cassie back to her car since she is going home for the day. A few days later, she gets the estimate on what the cost would be for the repair and tells me and asks me to hand it off to the nutjob.

I hand Candy the estimate. She turns to me and says well this wouldn’t have happened if you had just stayed with me instead of going out with her. She then proceeded to tell me, "Look, I’m sorry, and tell Cassie that I’m sorry". I don’t know how she wants to take care of this—so she says I can pay, she can pay, or we can go halfsies on the repair.

She says that’s what I want to do—and her reasoning was totally unhinged. She says, "If I’m being honest with you, you should pay my part since I did this over you". I looked at her shocked and walked away.

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39. She Cleaned Me Out

I had an ex that, after we broke up, came to the house to get her stuff. I wasn't home, but she convinced the landlord, who knew us, to let her in. Big mistake. I had told the property management specifically NOT to let her in. Anyway, I came home, and my house was completely empty except for my dog and an empty fish tank. She took everything that wasn't nailed down.

She took the food from the fridge, cupboards, and pantry. She took the SHOWER CURTAINS, both irons, my furniture, TVs, game systems plus games, and even took the light bulbs out of the light fixtures—and not just the easy-to-access ones. I called the authorities and told them I had been robbed. When they got there, the landlord said he let her in even though her name was not on the lease. The officers told me it was a civil matter, and they couldn't do anything about it.

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40. Uke-idding Me?

We had been in a heated argument, and she went to another room. I assumed she was just getting some space and cooling off. A moment later, she came running out of the room, screaming and swinging a ukulele at me. We didn't break up then, but eventually did. That incident was the main reason. However, until we parted ways, I could never be calm if she was in another room.

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41. Tattoo You!

He got a tattoo of me on his back then dumped me two weeks later. Two months later, he wanted to get back together, and when I refused, he cut himself in my driveway. I drove him to the hospital and got his blood all over my car. He survived. However, if I had to do it over again, I would have called the EMTs and gotten ready for the date I had that night.

I realize I shouldn't have been alone with someone who was that unstable.

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42. A Not-So-Merry Christmas

I was in a VERY long-term relationship with a lovely lady. What she wanted in life changed over time, and thus we ended up with mutually-exclusive aims for our relationship. Recognizing this, we broke up, in spite of our wanting to be together. We stayed good friends. At the time of this story, I was in the final stages of buying her out of the house we had bought together, but this was taking a while because of banks and solicitors.

I’d been single over a year, and decided to look at online dating. I got pretty much nowhere, since I’m childfree, a nerd/geek, and still very into my rock music in spite of pushing 40 at the time. It’s 4am on the 1st December, and I’ve come home from dancing down at the rock club. While putting a brush through my hair, I’m browsing a dating site.

I happen upon a gorgeous childfree rock chick, who paints herself as a self-sufficient, independent, confident lady. In other words, my dream date! I couldn’t have known just how much this moment was what took my life from okay to a living nightmare. I muster all of my art and craft an intro message to send to her. I fire it off, and go to bed, expecting to never hear back, since she’s so far out of my league, she’s actually playing a different sport.

When I wake up in there’s a message from this lady. She claims that’s the best message any guy has ever sent her on such a site. She asks what the catch is since my profile makes me seem too good to be true. We end up chatting through the site. After a few hours, we move over to Facebook, and chat a lot more on messenger. On the Sunday, we have a video chat, and then more text chat through the day.

More text chat Monday and Tuesday. She’d just moved to my country, where she’d always wanted to live, starting a job in the new year, and was in a hotel for a couple of weeks while she got settled. She’s saved up six months of funds, to make sure she as enough to last to her first paycheque. Respect. Tuesday night, she’s on her own, hungry, but is feeling down that she has to eat alone.

I offer to hang out via vid chat while she eats. Apparently, she finds this incredibly sweet. Wednesday, since I have Friday off, works for plans that have fallen through, and she is also available. I ask for and we arrange for a date that Friday. We chat more, and then more on Thursday. During Thursday’s chats we’re both bricking it.

So I point out that this could be a “mate date” to start with, and I promise to not even try for a kiss. She loves this idea. Friday comes. I drive two hours to see her. I’ve brought freshly made sugary treats for her. She is even more stunning in the flesh. It becomes apparent that while I’m thinking “why would someone this hot & amazing be into me”, she has parallel thoughts.

We then spend several hours hanging around town near her place, going to shops, looking at touristy stuff, having a meal, etc. I have had a brilliant time with her. By the end there are a lot of hugs, and I depart for home. I get home to messages from her, we vid chat more. She’s posting for all to see how she’s had a brilliant time with the best guy ever.

We start chatting & vid-chatting every day. She makes references to me as being things such as her “wish-he-was-my-boyfriend”. She is very sweet towards me. On the Tuesday, she asks for a second date. We arrange Saturday. I end up being ill and we push back to Sunday. Sunday, the weather is going to be terrible, so our plans for our date are not going to work.

I arrange an “indoor picnic” for us, which she loves. She kisses me, and tells me she wants us to be a couple. I’m over the moon. We kiss and hung and chat a lot. During that time, she receives a call. It’s the friend she was going to be staying with over Christmas while between homes for a few days. She cannot stay after all, she’s going to be homeless during Christmas week.

As I was already planning on inviting her up for a few days in that time for my birthday, I offer to let her stay a little longer so she isn’t homeless. She’s thrilled. During our chats in the week, we arrange for her to come down to mine on the Thursday evening. Thursday evening, her journey was unusually quick, and she gets too my house a minute before I get home from work.

She loves my place, and loves the fact that I’ve fixed most of it up myself. She finds it super-comfortable. I cook for her, and she loves my food. I take her to bed that night, what we do in bed I leave up to her. Not giving any details here, but she seemed super-happy, though worried that I’d not had enough fun. I told her that I definitely had no complaints beyond exhaustion.

I have a short work-shift Friday morning, we spend Friday afternoon and evening together. She freaks out a little on Friday night over how I expressed something and my history with my ex. It was a red flag, but I ignored it. I was too into her. But I calm her down, and we end up very close. Saturday, we spend all day and all evening together. It’s a lot of fun no matter what we’re doing.

We verbally express our love for the first time. She explains that her dream guy was [my general physical description] from [my county], ever since she was young (in hindsight, another red flag, but I’d never dealt with a narcissist before). She tells me she’s never actually been with anyone she’s fallen for like this before (again, another red flag I’d not the experience to see at the time). She continues being incredibly sweet to me.

And now we get to Sunday 23rd December. This is the day it all turns around in the most horrifying way. We get up in the morning, spend some time together before some friends turn up for a nerdy game. This game is an annual tradition, and will include my ex, who I’m still fiends with. I’ve been super up-front about this.

I did forget that a mate of mine was turning up a little early to help me with some technical questions for a job application, and she lets him in while I’m in the shower. I apologize and she’s OK. Next to arrive is my ex. Who has her own key, as she still owns half the place, and a load of her stuff is still there. My girlfriend is a little freaked out by this.

My ex and my girlfriend have similar figures & looks (I have a type), and my girlfriend freaks out about this. My friends all head to the kitchen for drinks and snacks on their own, as the house is the local geek-central, and they’re used to doing this. This also freaks my girlfriend out. I try to calm her down, but she just shouts at me to go and play the game with my guests.

I leave her to it. After a while, she calls to me, and I go to check on her. She’s OK, has some questions about the local area, and sends me back to carry on with the game. OK. The game ends. I win. My ex jokes that it’s an early birthday present from them all. My ex and I also exchange (wrapped) Christmas gifts (as I said, still friends) for Christmas day.

My friends leave, and I go through to my girlfriend. She’s stumbling around the place as if she’s been drinking, and is struggling to put her shoes on, but determined to go out for a smoke. I realize I shouldn’t leave her on her own. While she’s getting ready, I make a disturbing discovery. I happen upon four empty sleeves of what turn out to be sleeping pills. Also, a glass that smells of something strong.

I’m worried. I follow her out of the house and she punches me in the torso and screams at me to leave her alone. I’m twice her size, so the punches don’t bother me. I follow her at a distance to make sure she’s safe. Every few hundred meters, she runs back to punch me (getting more serious as time goes on, until I had to block the blows with my arm) and screaming at me to get back together with my ex! And she’s saying I should throw my ex and all her stuff out of my house.

As she storms around the area near my house, I call the emergency services, as I’m worried sick about her. She hears me talking and so that she cannot be found from my description, sits down and removes here shoes and jeans before carrying on. I eventually manage to kite her back to my house, where she strips to her underwear, crawls into the (empty) bath, and starts banging her head against the side.

Thankfully, this is when the paramedics showed up! I gave the packets of sleeping pills over to them, and explained what was happening. They got her out the bath, dressed, and into the ambulance, and I came along with them. As we were dropped off at the hospital, one of the paramedics took me aside. What he said made my blood run cold.

He advised me to get out of the relationship ASAP. Another red flag, but hey, I was in love, how could I walk away? The hospital was quiet and my girlfriend fell asleep. She would occasionally be woken up for vitals, blood tests, etc., and when she came around, she was calling out for me, wanting to hold my hand, etc. After six hours, they thought she was OK, but should be kept in overnight, and I should go home and eat something.

However, my girlfriend just wanted to go back to mine, and was being her usual self, being sweet to me, etc. With my girlfriend having discharged herself, we walked home, since I don’t live far away. On the walk, she became increasingly upset at me, started hitting me again, blaming me for things like her lighter being in her other jeans, or having lost a stone from her ring while punching me.

She keeps insisting I should get back with my ex. She said she was leaving the following day. At this point, I realize I can’t make her happy for whatever reason, and just go with this. It doesn’t help that I’m on the autistic spectrum and don’t react well to this kind of confrontation. On getting home, I try to help her pack her bags, but this just freaks her out.

When she calms a little, she asks how my game went anyway. I think she's coming back around. I tell her I won, but my ex said she let me win as a birthday present. This leads to "She got you a birthday present?!”? and an explosion of fists! It ends up that I’m sat on the floor with her standing over me. She’s gripping my arms with her fingers, nails sinking into my flesh full-pelt, screaming at me that she wants my ex’s address so she can go and take her life, and would then happily get taken in by authorities!

I kite my girlfriend out the house, lock us both out and call 9-1-1. They turn up with an ambulance in tow. I’m told to stay in the other room, even if she shouts for me. There’s one officer and one paramedic in each room. We both give our stories. The paramedics are worried about my obvious injuries, I’m more worried about my girlfriend.

The officers and paramedics elect to take her to the local psychiatric unit for assessment. She’d screaming for me as they take here away. I’m curled-up, sobbing in tears as this breaks my heart. I have a very quick bite to eat and catch a few hours of sleep. I wake up early, Christmas eve, unable to sleep. I message two close friends for want of a shoulder to cry on, and shower and have breakfast.

I’ve given my number to the officer and paramedics, so am expecting to need to go and collect my girlfriend at some point. My two friends both phone me. I fill them in. One advises me that the girlfriend has crossed the line and I need to take a stand on this. The other pops around to give me a hug. Around dinner time, my girlfriend shows up at my door.

I’m expecting she will apologize—but I was so, so wrong. She’d taken too much/little of something. Instead, she’s angry at me. To her, we had a fight, so I called the authorities, and got her thrown in a One-Flew-Over-the-cuckoo’s-Nest-style hospital. She has with her a needle she snagged at the hospital, and she’s going to use it to take her own life in my bed.

I managed to wrest the needle from her. I apologize for upsetting her, but not for anything I’ve done as I still don’t know what I actually did wrong! I text my mum to let her now that I’ll be late or absent for Christmas. My girlfriend asks to text my mum, and I let her. My mum calls me, speaks to my girlfriend, and my mum decides we should just head on down to see them as planned.

My girlfriend and I get ready. She changes into the most gorgeous outfit, but is still angry at me over nothing I’ve done wrong, and has yet to apologize for her behavior, so I say nothing. She hadn’t packed any other clothes, and I check with her, but she tells me to stop complaining and just go. I drive us down to my parents’ place. She’s nice to them but still sniping at me.

My dad takes her out for a walk to see some local Christmas lights, while my mum and I talk. She explains that their plan is to let whatever is in my girlfriend’s system clear tonight, and we can have a nice Christmas the following day. My dad and girlfriend get back. We all settle in front of the TV. My girlfriend complains I’m not even holding her hand or sitting next to her.

I sit with her and she cuddles up to me, before falling asleep. I carry her to bed. She wakes up a little later, undresses, and cuddles up to me in bed. I thought my nightmare might be over—but I was so wrong. The following morning, she’s confused. She doesn’t remember coming to bed or undressing, and thinks I’ve done something to her. She has no change of clothes.

I didn’t even comment on her outfit. She’s still convinced that it’s all my fault. I don’t really love her, I’m just using her for my own kicks. I’m still waiting for her to apologize and/or tell me what I actually did wrong. We fight through the morning, I drag her outside to get her away from my nephews, when my sister comes up. She’s nice to my family, nasty to me.

I arrange to take her back to mine, and deal there. My dad arranges to follow me, and we will then get her into a hotel where she can chill and calm down. On the way home, she keeps threatening to hurt herself. She says that when I return to work, she will do it in my bed. We get back home, I let her into the house, and call the emergency services, as she’s threatening self-harm.

Paramedics show up just after my dad. My girlfriend and I are in with the paramedics while my dad arranges a near-ish hotel. Paramedics talk to her on her own. She admits this was all an act to get me to be sweet to her again. Unfortunately for her, her behavior interacted with my autistic spectrum to shut me down to a coldly logical position.

I point out that she had completely messed with my head, and that if we’re to have a chance, I need a few hours without her. We’ll put her in a hotel for the next two nights. I’ll come and see her tomorrow. We pack all her stuff, and take her to the hotel. It’s a cheap basic place. I have to assure the staff that it’s me she’s upset at, and I’m not staying.

I head back to my house. Her friends have contacted me on Facebook to see what’s happening as she’s upset. I fill them in. That’s when they reveal the dark truth. It turns out she’s pulled this stuff before. They think I’m a stand-up guy for how I handled it. I get back to my parents’ house. Finally get to eat. It’s now about ten at night.

My sister stays up late with me, we talk things through. My sister is awesome. The following morning, I wake up refreshed. I’m off the roller-coaster and know what I need to do. I arrange to meet some friends to back me up, so I can go and break things off with her. I promised her that I’d never lie to her, cheat on her, harm her, hurt her, etc., and she’s done all these things to me.

I realize I may not be able to say this stuff, so I write it all in a letter I can hand over in case. I let her know the exact time and place to meet, then unfriend her on Facebook. My friends meet me an hour before. I explain, and they are horrified. My girlfriend doesn’t show up. I’m relieved, as I have now kept all my promises. I get home, I have a message from my now ex-girlfriend, claiming she wasn’t even at the hotel.

I paste the contents of the letter into Messenger, ask her not to contact me again, and block her on messenger. It’s now the 26th of December. But there’s been some devastating aftermath. For the next few days, I suffered panic attacks and mental exhaustion. My friends have to come and take care of me, and I can’t leave the house on my own.

My many friends rally around to help me rehabilitate over the coming weeks. I’m lucky to have awesome friends and family. It takes five weeks for most of the physical damage to heal. I’m still having physiotherapy on my arm now, over a year later. Physiologically, I’m messed up badly for a couple of months, and a little bit for a good six months after that.

I’m still a little paranoid about relationships at this point. Three months later, I found messages she’d sent after I blocked her. Being mean to me in some very hurtful ways. I don’t know what it is that is wrong with her. I just hope that she can get the help and support she obviously needs, and nobody else has to go through what I did.

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43. Champagne For My Ex, Real Pain For Me

On my first night in a new city, I call my mother to tell her I arrived safely. She tells me that the girl I dated when I was 16-17—I was 23 and hadn't heard a peep in five years—called out of the blue looking for me and left her number. Lonely and bored, I rang her up and had a strange catch-up session. She told me she was engaged to a woman and that her life after we broke up was a series of unfortunate events.

We hung up on pleasant terms with no plans to keep in touch. Three days later, I am exiting my building and who is standing there in the rain waiting…yep...her. She had flown 2,500 miles in the middle of the night because she thought we were destined to be together. She told me how she was so torn up about us not being together that she had pulled out all of her hair...down there.

She also brought her fiancé who was as crazy as she was, and was urging my ex to have a baby with me. I calmly tried to tell her that this was insane and that I had no interest in any of this when, out of nowhere, everything goes black. I wake up to chaos as my doorman is holding the fiancé down, waiting for paramedics and law enforcement to arrive.

It turns out she had hit me on the back of the head with a full bottle of champagne they had brought to celebrate with. Restraining orders followed.

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44. The Virgin Birth

She was a smoke show, but absolutely crazy. She would lie about the dumbest things; what she had for breakfast, family members, the car she was "working on". Okay, lady. Anyway, enough was enough, so I decided to call it quits. A few weeks passed, and my youth pastor from my church came to my school—a private Christian college prep school—and pulled me out of class.

He sits me down to have a serious conversation, and I'm so confused. He asks me what I'm going to do about this girl and the baby and I start laughing my head off. He's a cool dude, but he got furious! He knows I'm not a virgin at this point and I've talked to this dude about everything under the sun. The priceless moment was when his face went from pure rage directed at me to pure rage directed at her when I told him we never even did the deed.

Apparently, she had started going to my church in the middle of the week to "seek god" and told him she was pregnant, blah blah blah. So my youth pastor did the only logical thing he could—he caught her red-handed in her lie and told her mommy.

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45. A Moving Obstacle

I had an ex show up at my parents’ house—I was 19 and living with them—and demand we work things out. I asked her to leave and she refused. I grabbed my then 11-year-old brother, put him in my car, and tried to leave. Her reaction was seriously deranged. She blocked the driveway with her body, so I had to drive in the yard.

She then got mad that I left and drove to my mother’s place of employment to talk to her about it! After my mum told her to leave her work, she shows back up at my house and refuses to leave again. I locked up the house and she sat on the porch swing for three hours before my stepdad arrived home from work, tossed gas money at her, and told her to get the heck off his property.

She was crazy.

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46. Discomfort Food

I had been dating this woman for about six months. Generally, things were pretty sweet, but she did have one negative aspect to her nature: she was rather overly fond of the bottle, and she was one of those individuals who, when indulging in her favorite tipple, would instantly flip from being perfectly rational to going crazy once she’d hit a certain level of consumption.

Of course, love being blind, I tolerated this particular foible—until one day she went way too far. Some exposition: it all started when I got a phone call one day from the husband of a very dear friend of mine, a friend who I’d known for over 25 years and who was, for all intents and purposes, my sister. She had just been rushed into hospital with a suspected brain tumor.

I promptly called some mutual friends and asked if I might crash at their place for a few days while I came down to visit her. Arrangements made, I drove down on my bike to London from the West Country that day—this was on a Wednesday in late December. As it happened, I ended up not being allowed to see my friend until the Friday afternoon, as she’d had to undergo major surgery.

I was able to visit her for a few hours but for reasons that are not important to this story, I was obliged to be back home for the Saturday morning. Late Friday afternoon, I drove home. About two-thirds of the way home, I felt my phone go off, so I pulled into a convenient lay-by to check what I knew to be an important message. I replied, and then resumed my journey.

As I pulled into the lay-by in the pitch darkness, I felt the back wheel step out on me: as an experienced biker, I knew this to be down to a patch of diesel, the bête-noir of any biker. The back wheel hit the curb separating the lay-by from the main carriageway and promptly flipped me sideways into the active lane 1. At this juncture, this was more of an annoyance than anything serious.

Every biker I know has encountered diesel, which for us is more slippery than ice. I knew that I had not pulled out of the lay-by in front of any other vehicle—the road behind was straight for at least 1,000 yards, and there were no other vehicles, even in lane two to remotely impede my departure. Bikers are generally very cautious people, and bear in mind that I’m wearing full leathers, Kevlar-armored boots and spine-guard, and a metric ton of reflective hi-vis overalls.

Cursing up a storm at the inconvenience, I go to pick up my bike. That’s when it happens. Jump cut…suddenly I find myself flat on my back with a coterie of ambulance and medical personnel in my face—WTH?? Turns out that, despite all my hi-vis gear, some woman had driven over me at high speed, causing me to crash through her windscreen and ricochet back out again.

I was carted off in the ambulance to the local hospital suffering from two broken legs and a completely wrecked shoulder. Long story short: I spent two months in hospital over Christmas and New Year enduring surgery on one of my legs and my shoulder, during which time my ex visited me many times. Now we get to the dramatic part of the tale.

On the day of my release, still with both legs in plaster and in a wheelchair, I call my ex and tell her that I’m coming home but not to come over until the following day as I just wanted to chill out and get my bearings. Another friend had kindly rearranged the furniture in my house to make it easier to negotiate my way around in my chariot.

She was insistent about coming over so, despite my misgivings, I said fine: come over. As you might imagine, getting home was a joy, despite the encumbrance of the wheelchair. A few hours later, my ex turns up and I can already see that she’s well plastered. Within moments, all kinds of alarm bells were going off. She was trying to get me to do things I'd already figured out how to do, and doing so in a very passive-aggressive manner.

Normally, I could handle her attitude but in my still-fragile state, I started to panic. Things came to a head when she insisted on cooking me dinner, despite my intention to order a take-away from my favorite Indian restaurant as a treat for my time enduring hospital food. I’m in no position to restrain her as she trots off to the local supermarket.

She comes back and starts to prepare dinner—and promptly overcooks things to the point of burning things to a cinder and setting off all the smoke alarms. Now I’m in full-Monty panic mode: I call a friend, who knew of my accident, and asked her if she would come over and try and rein her in. She comes over within a few minutes and is appalled at the way my ex is behaving.

For reasons that are still unclear to me, my ex’s reaction was seriously deranged. She starts berating me for the accident, and begins to hit me about the head. Now into nuclear-grade panic: I wheel myself next to the stairs and proceed to bum-shuffle my way upstairs to the bathroom, where I promptly lock myself in and proceed to have a complete meltdown.

I can recall hearing my friend and my ex having a major shouting match downstairs, but the next thing I remember is hearing a knock on the door announcing the presence of two officers: my friend (bless her) had called the constabulary, so concerned was she for my well-being. Such was my state of utter panic I refused to open the door to them until my ex had been removed from my house.

They called out for another squad car to take her away, but even then, it took another twenty minutes before I felt safe enough to emerge. And that’s how I split up with my ex!

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47. I Escaped Her Twisted Plot

My ex-best friend of forty years married young and moved away after high school. Her husband was a defense contractor, so they moved around a lot. We kept in touch by phone and met up about once a year for a mini-vacation. I was going through a nasty divorce, and she invited my 14-year-old daughter and me to come to live with her until the divorce was finalized.

I got to her home, which was over 1,800 miles away, and found out that everything she had told me for 32 years was a lie. Her job, her being married, her living situation—everything. She was a hoarder, and about 80% of the house was inaccessible. The parts that were accessible were filthy. She had multiple animals, and there was poop everywhere!

On top of that, she was in the process of being evicted, and she wanted me to give her $8K to lease a new home, in addition to cleaning up her hoard. Her two daughters, who were 21 and 19 at the time, were still living at home, and they began telling me the rest of the story. They told me how she had mountains of debt and planned to fleece me to get a new place to live.

What was worse was what they told me about what they had been through. She had mentally/emotionally/physically harmed both of them throughout their childhood. My “friend’s” common-law husband to confirmed it. I confronted my ex-friend about all of it and told her I was leaving and wasn’t going to give her a cent. She retaliated by calling the authorities on me and telling them I was selling illicit substances.

I almost got taken into custody until the officers realized I had no record, no large sums of money, and no illicit substances on me. The insanity didn’t end there. Then she called child protection services on me, saying I was harming my daughter. Because I wasn’t guilty, there was no proof, and both her daughters made statements that she was lying. My ex-friend then called my unstable ex-husband and told him where I was.

It took me two days to sort everything out and prepare to leave. In that time, she called CPS and reported me three more times, and tried to take my car. She also began calling my elderly and terminally ill mother, telling her all sorts of things. I won’t even go into the vile things she texted to my child. I left and cut all contact.

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48. Burning Down The House

I used to run a small DIY punk venue. My ex, who was angry with me at the time, came to a huge Halloween show we put on, went into the bathroom, lit the trash can on fire, locked the door behind her, and left. I busted the door open and extinguished the fire before the building caught ablaze. I had approx. 250 kids in the venue that night. It was unbelievable.

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49. Cross-Country Crazy

We had been broken up for about ten months and hadn’t spoken in seven. For completely unrelated reasons after our breakup, I had moved across the country. She found out where I lived, flew out there, rented a car, and parked on my block, scouting out my house. In the car was a pair of binoculars, a book on birdwatching, so she could explain to any passersby why she was staring around a neighborhood with binoculars, and a cat carrier.

She didn’t have a cat, but I did. She was planning to break into my house and take my cat. She had even bought a return flight ticket back to the East Coast with the pet fee paid.

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50. A Match Made In Heaven

For some context, my ex-boyfriend and I were together for seven years. Last August, I made the decision to move in to help my mother as she was needing some help recovering from a medical procedure. So I moved out of my boyfriend’s house and moved into my mother’s. Near the end of November, I moved back in with my boyfriend.

I'm assuming that while I was gone, he was seeing another woman, because she kept texting him. I told my boyfriend that he needed to tell her that we were trying to work things out but he continued to tell me that he just was not going to respond so I reached out to her myself. I texted her and just said something along the lines of, “Hi, I know you don't know who I am but me and (ex-boyfriend) have been on and off for about seven years. I'd like to speak with you, could you give me a call”.

She almost immediately responded and said that she would call me. So she calls me, and boy was I in for a surprise. She began ranting about how all of her problems began when Joe Biden became president, she asked me if I was a witch and about all of the lies that she caught (ex-boyfriend) in. I stop and ask her, "Where did you and (ex-boyfriend) meet”?

And you know what she tells me? "In heaven, where he kidnapped me. We have the same markings on our left hand, I don't think you understand”. I thought to myself, "She is being serious...this is insane”. I mention something about the front end of my car needing repair as my ex had rear-ended someone and never got it fixed.

She says, "You mean, (ex-boyfriend)'s car”? I was puzzled and told her that he didn't own a car. She proceeds to tell me that he picked her up in a silver SUV, which was my car. I was pretty upset to say the least. Then my ex-boyfriend walks in and asks who I'm talking to, then she asked me if he knew that she was on the phone and I told her no.

Her response made my heart jump in my chest. She told me, "Good, I'm on my way”. I get off the phone and my boyfriend at the time continued to ask me who I was on the phone with. I told him and then told him that she was on her way. He began freaking out and telling me that we had to leave. So he talks me into leaving (which I didn't agree with, I thought she had a right to say her piece).

We go to the next town over to a hotel. This hotel had no rooms available so we go to another hotel down the road and right as I'm about to get out of my car, this woman opens my car door. I was shocked. How did she know where we were at? So, my first reaction was to shut my door, like no, we are not about to do this today, and I drive off. And she follows—but that’s not the craziest part.

She follows me for two freaking hours. It was 2 am and I stopped my car and told my ex-boyfriend to get out. He gets out of the car and starts running. I can see her car in my rear-view mirror and she puts her car in park, gets out, and begins chasing after him. About 15 minutes later, my ex calls me and tells me where to come get him.

She later sends me a long, rambling letter. What a piece of work.

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51. The Neverending Story

First, he checked himself into the hospital because he was threatening to hurt himself. Then he had his mother call me and leave me voicemails trying to get me to take him back. He went on all my social media accounts and liked all my pictures and posts from the past year, so I blocked him on everything. I ended up having to change my phone number because he constantly calls and texts me, begging me to take him back.

Then, when I don't reply he insults me and threatens me. He sent me a box with $400 worth of gifts for my birthday. Yesterday, he created a fake account on Pinterest and messaged me 25 times. He's insane.

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52. Now That’s A Power Move

My ex called one day and told me that the power company wouldn't give her an account until she paid the remainder of the bill from when we lived together, so she decided that was my responsibility. She called—I could tell her new boyfriend was sitting with her—and told me that I needed to pay the bill for her new place. This was my moment.

I told her, "Okay, hold on a sec...looking at the bills from when we lived together...let's start with April, I paid this much and you didn't pay, so take half of that, May, I paid this much and you didn't pay, so take half of that, June, I paid this much and you didn't pay, so take half of that..”. I kept going, she said nothing. When I finished, I said, "So, looks like you owe me about a thousand dollars”.

I continued: “So, you can either send me that money or deal with your own bill on your own". She said okay and hung up—I never heard one word about it after that.

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53. Lie Like A Rug

I dated this girl right before high school who was having a rough time for about a year or so. She hurt herself, drank hydrogen peroxide in an attempt to take her own life, and nearly jumped off her roof at one point. Her parents were horrible to her, and she said they "dragged her by her hair" and "locked her in a closet for half a day”. I was so worried, I called child services.

They went to her—and they uncovered the disturbing truth. She confessed that she was lying. It took me a while to realize that she actually was lying. About a week after I stopped talking to her. All I felt toward her was pure hatred and disgust. Then she messaged me on Facebook, saying: "If you can't put this behind you, it's all your fault”.

She lied about her entire life to me, and then said it was my fault.

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54. Tick Tock

A buddy of mine was living in America at the time while his fiancé of a few years was back in England. When he went back to visit, he found out that she was sleeping with his best friend and basically kicked him out of their house. To get revenge, he bought 100 alarm clocks that he could set the day as well as hour and minutes.

When he went to collect his things one afternoon, while the ex-fiancé was away, he hid them all over the house. And by all over the house I mean in the vents, in the insulation of the attic right above her bedroom—everywhere! The kicker is: He set most of them for big days in their lives like their anniversary, birthdays, etc.

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55. Lovesick

One day my friend’s ex-girlfriend texts me saying “You look good”. I was just shocked at first because no girl has genuinely ever said that to me. So we started talking a lot. Well, that was my first mistake. Fast forward a month or two. We are basically in the talking stage and she tells me she has stage three cancer. That crushed me because I really liked her a lot and I felt really bad.

Now she would always be at the hospital and I would stay up and talk her through it because she was scared. Fast forward a couple of weeks. We are hanging out at a strip mall and all of a sudden, her “scans” come back showing her cancer was stage four and her life expectancy was two weeks. I was devastated. I didn’t know how much longer I had left with her so I went ahead and asked her out.

A couple of days later my parents start to get skeptical of her. They have a friend that had stage four cancer (and survived) who goes to get her chemo at the same place this girl claimed she went to. And that place doesn’t give chemo to people under the age of 18. So we basically caught her lying. Then, I confronted her about it. Keep in mind I’m only 16 and this is happening to me.

So yeah, I dumped her. My friend who dated her told me that she would tell these crazy lies to him. In fact, he told me this before we dated. So yeah, I probably shouldn’t have dated her, but oh well. She still texts me and says that she loves me and we only dated for like three days. I did say it first—but because of the “cancer”, I thought it was the last time I would be able to say it to her.

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56. Bad Blood Over Bedding

I broke up with a dude and moved in with a friend. She would ask me daily if I wanted to talk about my ex, as she was surprised I wasn’t sad. I was relieved—far from sad. I was paying more than half the bills, all of the groceries, and cooking for her. I decided to buy some new bedding and put away the bedding she’d lent me to make my room a bit more mine.

Days later, I started to feel sick. The next thing I knew, I was puking and going to the bathroom every 10 minutes. I could barely stand up and was severely dehydrated. After 10 hours of that, I had her drive me to the hospital. She dropped me off at the front door, I wobbled in, and she went home. My blood pressure was low, and I was admitted.

I quickly texted her this and asked her to bring my phone charger. I passed out and woke up hours later in a room with an inoperable phone. The only number I could think of was my cousin’s, so I used a landline and called her. She brought me a phone charger. I turned on my phone and was greeted by the longest Facebook message ever from my friend. 

She was upset that I never talked about my ex and bought new bedding. She wrote that all I had to do was ask if it was okay to buy bedding, and it would have been, as I was paying the bills. Deep down, she was hurt that I didn’t want to talk about my ex. The next day I got a call from the authorities. They said my ex-boyfriend filed paperwork that I was threatening to take his dog earlier that day.

I hadn’t talked to him since I had left, and the last thing I said was that he could keep the dog. I told them they could talk to the doctor as I had been in the hospital for the last day with an uncharged phone. That’s when I made a disturbing realization. I was pretty sure my “friend” was stirring stuff up with my ex. I was discharged the next day and moved out while she was at work.

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57. Sublet Shocker

We let a friend rent out our apartment for two months while we were away on vacation. He didn't pay any of the rent, never cleaned anything, including his leftovers, so there were maggots and rotting food everywhere when we got home. There was spaghetti with tomato sauce on our white walls that had been left on for so long it was permanently stained.

However, the worst part was that when we were cleaning, we found that he had taken individually wrapped stock cubes, punctured them with a fork, and thrown a few under all of our furniture. So, as far as I could understand, it was all intentional and on purpose. I had no idea why since we had a fairly normal friendship before that.

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58. I Gave Him My Notice

My boyfriend and I had decided to move in together, so I gave my notice to my landlord. I lived in a college town, so my landlord called the next person on the waiting list, and they signed a lease that day. My now ex-boyfriend was living in a rented room and hadn’t yet given his landlord his notice. When I saw him that night, he said he would have to call his landlord in the morning because it was the last day he could give notice without having to pay rent for the coming month.

We needed his portion of the rent, along with mine, to afford the new apartment. We got into an argument that night, and I decided to go home to cool off. The next day he was unreachable. It didn’t bother me too much, as I had a full day. I called him the next day, and he sounded fine. Then he waited almost a week—and then told me something that made my heart stop. He offhandedly mentioned that he didn’t call the landlord, so he couldn’t move in with me.

He knew I didn’t have the money to move into the new apartment on my own. I asked him why he didn’t call and give his notice that day, and he said it was because I didn’t seem too worried about it when I argued with him that night. I broke up with him right then and there. The funniest part was that he was SHOCKED. Two weeks later, I was living on the other side of the state and ignoring his letters.

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59. Pillow Talk

I had fallen asleep at my ex’s apartment, on his pullout couch, while he went out with friends. I woke up at 1 AM and started to pack up my stuff to go home because I had work in the morning. Just as I was leaving, he came in and said, “Baby, you’re still here?” In a nice, sweet tone, I asked, “Where were you?” He then started yelling and calling me every name on the book.

I started crying, and he told me to shut up, but I couldn’t—I just kept crying. So, he pushed me onto the pullout, put one hand around my neck, and put a pillow on my face. I couldn’t breathe. A voice in my head told me to stay calm, so instead of struggling, I just lay there calmly. After about 30 seconds, he picked up the pillow, and I got out of there.

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60. Endured some defeats but emerged victorious in the conflict.

I met my boyfriend in 2017 and we became a couple in 2018. When I first met him, I was made aware that he possibly had a girlfriend and so, despite being attracted to him, I cut off all communication as to not interfere with their relationship. Fast forward three months and I get a message from him asking me out for coffee. I politely declined for two reasons.

First, I wasn't sure if he was still with his girlfriend and second, he ended up becoming a client of mine. I worked as a consultant for a rather large company and my work contract specifically stated that relationships with clients had to be kept professional. Anyway, about two months later, we casually began seeing each other. In January 2018, when we made the relationship official, which was when his contract as a client with the company ended. That’s when the trouble with his ex began.

The very morning after we made our relationship official, I awoke at 6 am to my phone vibrating. It was an Instagram follow request notification. I checked it out and noticed it was a young woman requesting to follow me. Not knowing who she was, I ignored the request and went back to sleep. A few minutes later, the same notification came through to my phone again so this time I decided to check her out.

I scrolled through her account and spotted nothing with which I could identify her until I saw the photos. Halfway through scrolling, I noticed photos of her with my boyfriend. I then instantly realized that this was my boyfriend’s ex. Naturally, I did not say anything to him because I thought maybe she was just a curious ex who wanted to know who his new girlfriend was.

I did not give her access to my Instagram account but decided to respect her and not say anything to my boyfriend. I know it's only natural for some women or men to be curious of their ex's new partner. She removed her follow request a week later so I thought that that was the end of it. I went on with my life thinking nothing more of her—until strange things began happening.

My boyfriend came over to my apartment one night and asked me if I wanted to go on a short weekend trip with him before he went to visit his family. I agreed and off we went on a really wonderful weekend getaway. It was during this weekend trip that I found out that the place we were visiting was his ex's hometown. A very beautiful town with a lot of scenic routes but just knowing it was her hometown put me on edge a little bit but I decided not to inquire about it.

I thought it was a little strange for him to take me somewhere where they may have shared a lot of memories together. As soon as we got home that Sunday, he left to go visit his family for two weeks. During that time that he was away was when his ex started with her nonsense. At this point in time, I had made my Instagram account public, blissfully unaware that she was going to start trouble.

I awoke the next morning to numerous likes from her where she liked every single photo of my boyfriend and I together and every single photo I had taken of the scenic routes in her hometown. She wasn't even ashamed of it, which made me suspicious. Was she an angry ex? I thought their relationship ended respectfully? Why was she mad at me?

I decided not to say anything about it to my boyfriend while he was away but would bring it up when he returned. I ended up making my Instagram account private again, but it was too late. The damage had already been done. Numerous fake accounts began trying to follow me, each account having a typical fake name such as "Patricia Smith". It was obviously her.

Then when she realized I was ignoring her, she went for a seriously unhinged tactic. She began tagging me in posts on her Instagram account and would remain online until she was sure I had seen it and then remove the tags. She wanted to make sure I saw her photos. Why? Because she was editing them to make it look like she was spending time with my boyfriend.

She began posting videos of her face and a guy standing behind her with his head turned away that looked exactly like my boyfriend. She began editing photos with hands that looked exactly like his hands into photos. She also began asking my boyfriend what he was doing and then after he left a certain place, she would go to that exact place, take photos, and post them online to make me think that they were there together that day.

But then she took it up a notch. She even physically followed us and had one of her friends find out where I lived. I knew that this was just all an act and that it was all fake because I knew she was trying to play mind games with me. So, I decided to not give her what she wanted. I instead remained quiet, never said anything at all to my boyfriend, and never confronted her.

I let her waste her time trying to destroy me. But, then March rolled around and I began to wonder how she even knew we were in a relationship the day after we made it official because we never announced it to anyone. Or was it just a coincidence that she tried to add me on Instagram the day after? I kept that thought in my mind but didn't think too much of it until April.

In April, my boyfriend began noticing that someone was trying to hack one of his social media accounts because he kept getting text messages of someone trying to request access to his account. I asked him if he knew who it could be, but he just had this far-off look and then shook his head and said no. I instantly knew he was lying but decided to ignore it.

Soon after, the same thing began happening to my account. For this to happen means the person must have either had my ID or phone number and the only place such information could have been gotten was through my boyfriend. That same question came into my mind again: How is she getting all this information? That is when I began wondering whether they are living together behind my back.

For one, I hadn't yet seen my boyfriend's place. The only way she could have gotten such information is if she was left alone with his phone. I didn't question him because I decided to investigate it for myself. That’s when I discovered the devastating truth. It didn't take long for me to find out that they had lived together while my boyfriend and I were official.

She would not move out of his place. It took him two months before he managed to kick her out. Safe to say I was extremely mad because he never told me and she was using this opportunity to make things difficult for us. I forgave him and we moved on with our relationship thinking that all her nonsense was behind us. But no, she would not give up.

She began secretly sending her friends to my company to spy on me, she began trying to find other ways to hack my social media accounts, and she began editing photos more and more to make it look like she was with my boyfriend. She also began sending roses to herself to make it look like my boyfriend sent them to her. It was so deranged.

Furthermore, she and my boyfriend shared the same birthday, so every birthday, she would send herself flowers and post romantic messages about how he promised he would go back to her one day when he was done using me to help him advance in his career. That last part hit me hard. I began questioning him about whether he was using me and my trust levels in him dropped considerably.

For months, our relationship was not okay and we came extremely close to breaking up. And then 2019 rolled around and something changed in us both. Things became better again and I decided to ignore everything she said and keep it in the past because she was just trying to play mind games. My boyfriend and I enjoyed our time together a lot in 2019 and traveled quite a bit as well. We couldn't have been happier. Then I got a disturbing text message.

It was my roommate informing me that his ex was keeping social media accounts where she posted hateful messages about me and my boyfriend. She had three different social media accounts where she extensively posted about how much she missed him one day and then hated him the next. She posted pretty personal information about him as well, which included snippets of their intimate life, how he left her a fridge when she moved out, etc.

All three of her social media accounts were jammed with information about us and photos that she had stolen from my Instagram account in 2018. A lot of people had read this and it was humiliating. I also found out that she was trying to send my boyfriend inappropriate photos and he never said anything about it to me. At this point, I had had enough, so my boyfriend and I got into a major fight about it.

It was at this point that it was stipulated that he had to cut her out of his life and not talk to her, which is exactly what he did. It drove her crazy for months. Her stalking became relentless and she began stalking his coworkers and friends. She also began adding some of his coworkers and friends on various social media accounts just to stalk them.

She began talking to some of his friends and kept close contact with them. It drove her insane to not know what was going on in his life. But eventually, after a few months, she stopped and her social media posts became more and more depressive. It was at this point that I realized that this girl had a mental health problem and I began feeling very sorry for her. But then there was the final nail in the coffin.

That was when I went to his place one day and noticed stuffed toys in his room that actually belonged to her. They had not slept together, but she had snuck into his place and placed those items there to make me think that they were sleeping together. I lost it that day. It was this day that I decided that if she was going to play this game then I could play it ten times better because the advantage I had over her is that she had no idea that I knew what she was doing.

She thought she was being clever and sneaky. So I began playing the game back. Long story short, I won and she lost and after three years of this garbage, she has finally stopped. She deleted all photos of them together and her social media accounts containing the posts about us.

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61. She Really Doesn’t Believe In Long-Distance

We were living together at the time. I received a great job offer on the West Coast—we were on the East Coast at the time—so I called her to talk about it. Her reaction made my blood run cold. She changed the locks, sold my stuff, wrote a nasty letter to my mother, and contacted the company to tell them why they shouldn't hire me.

I took the job and moved anyway. She kept contacting the HR department. She moved to the same area about three months later. Every once in a while I would see her car in the office parking lot. It finally stopped when I sued her. Well, technically, it didn't stop until she dragged it all the way out to depositions and her lawyer finally had an opportunity to see the other half of the story.

The whole process took about two years before receiving a check from her.

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62. Man’s Best Friend

Ugh. Mine tried and tried to get my dog. She actually had him for months while I was living in a place where I couldn't keep him. She did NOTHING for him the entire time. Her parents fed him, and he just ran around in the backyard with their dogs. I even gave her money to get him to the vet to get neutered and shots. She decided to spend that money on partying instead.

I never did get the money back, but as soon as I got my place, I went and got my dog back while she was out of the house. Her dad told me when she wouldn't be there. He said, "You don't take a man's dog from him". Dude always had my back when her and I were together, too. Solid guy.

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63. A Stab In The Dark

I met this girl over the internet on one of those stupid social sites. She lived in the same country as me and has roughly the same musical taste as me, so I thought: "Why the heck not" and met her. She was nice and we fell in love as much as pre-teens can love and had a relationship for about 11 months. She went through lots of depression and accused me of a lot of things.

Eventually, she broke up with me because she was "not sure I wasn't going to cheat on her". I was honestly kinda glad to be rid of her, but that wasn't the end of it. She called me a few days later because she wanted me back, but I was sick of her nonsense and told her so. Well, rule one of crazy people: do not call anything they do nonsense.

I had a few days of relative calm with just a bunch of angry texts, guilt trips, etc. Four days after calling her behavior nonsense was my half day at school, so I got home early and had the house to myself. There was a knocking at the door and since I was waiting for a parcel I didn't think much of it. I opened the door. That’s when I got a chilling surprise.

The next thing I know I am standing with my back pressed against the door I’d just hastily closed again, my shirt red with blood. My ex had brought a sharpened hockey stick—hockey chicks are crazy. I luckily only opened the door a bit and have relatively fast reflexes so what otherwise would've been a deep cut through my throat was merely a flesh wound.

The end of that story was a call to law enforcement, psychiatric help for her, and a deep mistrust to people for me for the longest time.

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64. Someone Watches The Bachelorette Too Much

He showed up at my place in a suit. Asked me to marry him. Had a ring and everything. I was already dating someone else (still am), which he knew. We were already broken up for a while, my guess is that the "dating another guy" thing was what set him off. That was probably the weirdest day of my life, seeing as the new boyfriend had just left 15 min before.

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65. Rosemary’s Hoodie

So last August after a destructive relationship overall, I was cheated on and henceforth ended a relationship with a girl. Let's call her J. I had just gotten out of a relationship when I spoke to J for the first time even though we worked together for so long. I was in college and lived in a house with a bunch of guys who all talked about how attractive the cashier at this restaurant was and all their stories about how they individually asked her out and got shot down.

That cashier was J. And she got information from my close friends to tell me exactly what I needed to hear concerning the outside emotional trauma I was dealing with. And she won my heart doing it. She actually gave me a lot of confidence too, being able to bring her around to this house full of my friends she rejected harshly before. We dated for a few months.

Like I said, I found out she never broke up with her ex. But I was leaving school anyway so I just let her ex know what was going on and left. The story was over—until her mother texted me. I never met this woman but based on her Facebook profile she was religious and sweet. And she wanted me to talk about J and what happened between us because it looked like J was swinging back into all this bad stuff she had gotten herself into.

And I was honest about the whole situation. I talked about how bad she'd hurt me and what she put me through. Her mother told me her terrifying backstory. She told me that she is happy that I ended the relationship with J. She said I seemed like a "good Christian boy". I had a cross as my cover photo. J had been giving her parents trouble.

They adopted her and didn’t have much background to go on. Since she was 13 and went to church, there had been episodes. She goes to one of those churches that speak in tongues and run around and stuff like that. And without fail, one woman who did the tongues a lot constantly got freaked out by J. She’d tell the parents: "She’s got Satan in her eyes".

And it’s crazy, but I looked at her after I heard this story and there’s something to it. Like there is something wrong in her eyes. Apparently, J also keeps a collection of all her exes’ hoodies. All of them. One from each. And her mother described on constant occasions she would walk in and J would be sitting on her bed staring at the wall humming in one of the sweatshirts randomly completely zoned out.

When I have really bad days in life sometimes I have this nightmarish daydream that it's J casting some ritual using my hoodie. I'm part of her collection now. What exactly she’s doing with them? I have no idea. I haven’t talked to her since August. From what I see now, she’s pregnant—not mine, thank God for that. So keep your eye out.

Because if that woman from her church was right and she really is doing some weird magic with these hoodies, the Antichrist is about to be born.

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66. Now That’s A Wake-Up Call

I was seeing a girl. We had similar taste in weird horror movies and humor. She had her problems, but hey I got mine too, right? Wrong. One day, we were watching a movie and she's really into the villain. Way too into it, saying what he's doing is right and stuff. Then after the man ends the woman's life, she says, "I fantasize about meeting my end like that, in a fervent act of passion". Umm, nope.

It took a while after that for me to realize how crazy she was—but that was the first sign, and I should’ve listened to it.

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67. We Were Singing Different Tunes

When I was in high school, I dated a guy who was a narcissist. We had a very tumultuous breakup. I moved away for college and came back a year later. We were friends. In the time I was gone, he had convinced himself that we were going to be getting back together. However, at that point, I’d had enough time away to realize how manipulative and cruel he was while we were together, so I was NOT about to go there.

He kept telling me he wouldn’t take no for an answer, and he’d convince me. I ignored him and did my own thing. I hooked up with a mutual friend that I had known way longer than my ex. It had nothing to do with him, but he took it personally. He found out and wrote a song about how much he hated me and wanted to get rid of me. It had my full name in it and everything.

He turned every single one of my friends against me, whether they thought I did anything wrong or not. He then stalked me for three years. He showed up at my mom's house, not realizing I didn’t live there anymore, stalked my current boyfriend, showed up at my jobs, and made multiple accounts to reach me on social media.

It was driving me insane, and half of it didn’t make any sense. I would have nightmares about him being in my house all the time. It was terrible. The worst part was that his mom was a lawyer. When I reached out to her to tell her about the stuff he was doing, her reaction was brutal. She told me it wasn’t her problem, but she hoped that we could work it out because she missed me and thought we were great together.

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68. Roller Coaster Wretch

My ex called me one week after breaking up with me, asking what I was doing for the night. I had plans to go out to a Friday night MTG tournament with a friend. She proceeded to call me every 10 minutes. She said she was going to off herself and banged her head against the wall until she knocked herself out. I had to quit the tournament.

My friend had to drive me home so I could talk to her on the phone all night. I saw her the next day because she said she wanted to be sure we should have broken up. She broke up with me again because she didn't feel anything anymore. I was an emotional wreck, and she made it a rollercoaster of a relationship. She then ghosted me even though she said she wanted to be friends. I never got closure. It messed me up for a few years.

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69. My Couch Saved Me

I had been dating this girl for a year. I had an apartment, and she had a house. I had taken her home to meet the family, and we even attended a wedding together. After that, we decided we should move in together. So, I left my apartment, which I loved, and moved in with her. Things weren't working out. She wanted to fight all the time, and I found out the secret extra room she had was for hoarding.

I told her, "This isn't working, so I’m going to leave, and I'm breaking up with you. I’ll be gone by the end of today." I then made plans to move in with a platonic girlfriend to get out of there and buy me some time to apartment hunt properly, because I was working 14-hour days. Suddenly, my phone started acting funny. I took it in to get a new chip and found out she had been snooping on my phone.

While I was at the phone store, she called the girl I was going to move in with and threatened her, saying all kinds of crazy stuff. My friend then told me I couldn't move in with her because she didn't want my crazy ex around. My ex also called her friends and family and told them some stories. They rushed over and hid in the house, packed my stuff, and prepared to ambush me.

I parked outside and wouldn't go in. I called my friend and asked for moving help. My friend showed up, we opened the garage, and started grabbing my couch. Well, we were in for a surprise. Just then, the authorities showed up. They had been called on a "domestic disturbance" complaint. If my buddy and I weren't both holding each end of the same couch and looking confused, we would have been taken in.

Then, she and her family sprung out of the house and started making several allegations and veiled threats, and I just said, "I'm leaving." She ran over to me, started fake crying, and said, "We can work this out." I was like, "No thanks." I thanked the officers for being there to protect me from whatever those people were planning. I was lucky.

If she had succeeded, I would have ended up behind bars, lost my employment, and my belongings—all because of attempting to part ways maturely.

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70. I Was Nice, She Was Not

In my 20s, I lived with a woman, and things hadn't been going well. It was time to break up. The place was leased by me, and she had no intention of staying there permanently. So, as a way of being nice, I told her I would stay at a friend's house for the rest of the month while she found a new place. That gave her about three weeks.

I went on an impromptu road trip with my buddy about two weeks into it, and when I got back, she let me know she had moved out while I was away, so about a week prior. When I got back to my apartment, I was stunned by what I saw. Everything I owned was piled up in the center of the living room. The apartment looked ready to rent to new tenants, except for the massive pile of furniture, collectibles, clothing, medicine, and food from the fridge and pantry.

And, since it was June, there were maggots on all the food. It took a week to sort through. I found my childhood teddy bear, ripped at his neck, with its head just dangling there, and its 25-year-old stuffing, bleeding out. I kept imagining her dragging heavy stuff around, carrying on with this for days. A year later, I ran into her at a show. She acted like she was happy to see me "after all this time" and as if nothing messed up had happened.

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71. The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

I just found out about this thing my ex did, and I’m stuck somewhere between confused and amused. When I was a couple of weeks away from turning 18, I started dating a friend’s soon-to-be brother-in-law. I’ll call him “S”. He was 23 and lived in the next town over. There was no funny business until I turned 18. When I finally turned 18 I made an overnight trip out to see him.

Yadda yadda yadda…he got what he wanted and breaks up with me. I was very naive to this kind of thing, and was genuinely crushed. I tried to talk to S, find a reason why, or what was wrong with me. His excuse blew my mind. He told me that he was a furry, and didn’t think I could understand him, or whatever. Spent a couple weeks moping around before he texted me and wanted to get back together. Great!

Well, we hooked up and he broke up with me again. I was stupid and reckless, and started sleeping around with friends. It was my first heartbreak, and I admit I didn’t handle it well, though I never bothered him again. I ended up moving with family a state away. Six months later I had a house of my own, and I’m starting a traveling job.

He texts me the night before I left for a trip saying stuff like “I miss you”, “I’ve seen the error of my ways, and I’m changed, and much wiser man now”, and the best thing? “I do parkour”. I just said I wasn’t interested, and laughed it off. He told me if I changed my mind, or if I needed a friend or ever needed help, all I had to do was call.

Not even two weeks later, I found myself in a scary situation, at least for me at the time. I traveled and lived with my co-workers. Had lots of friends out there, and a new boyfriend. One of my male “friends” got jealous that I started seeing my boyfriend instead of him, when I had showed no interest whatsoever. He came at my boyfriend, and they beat each other to a bloody pulp. A puddle of blood, swollen faces, and super glue for stitches.

I had enough. I was scared, and I wanted to go home. It was 2 am, and I didn’t want to admit to my family what had happened, and didn’t want them to worry about me. None of my friends from home would be awake. I knew S would be the only one awake. He said he would be there for me, so I gave him a call. His reaction was terrifying.

He blocked my call, called me back five minutes later, screaming and cursing me out because his girlfriend was jealous he was getting calls from some random girl at 2 am. A girlfriend. When did this happen? He was just trying to get back with me! All I could do at the time was let it go, maybe have a couple of drinks. I knew after this he was going to explain me away like a psycho ex.

I finally grew some balls that night. I stayed at that job for three years, and have seen much worse than that petty fight. I would be a much weaker person now if he had actually been there for me—for however long it would have taken for him to get lucky at least. Months later when I was visiting my friend L—the one who married S’s brother—she said he eventually married the girlfriend. Good for him, I guess.

Seven years later, I have moved back to my original town, have a much nicer house, got married, and have a kid. S was just fling in the past. L is still one of my closest friends. She’s been having serious relationship issues, but seems to have things figured out, at least for now. We were talking last night, and she said a couple of months back, she had run out of gas in the town S lived, and he had to come to her rescue.

To thank him, she invited him to lunch. In her mind, he’s family at this point, so why not? S asked her if she still hangs out with me. Somehow, he knew I moved back and married a mutual acquaintance. L and I still hang out, so she awkwardly confirms. He went on a rant about how I was psycho and what I did to him. For whatever reason, he probably assumed I still talk about him?

He’s coming off as kind of crazy to her, so she shuts him up, they finish the awkward lunch and go their separate ways. When she told me this, she went on to say the wife divorced him for someone else a couple years back, so he’s been single for a while. Since the lunch, S has been hitting on L like crazy. He moved into town and is living with his parents.

L had been taking the kids over there all the time to see their grandparents. When she started having issues in her relationship with his brother, S was getting increasingly creepy. He even went as far as staring at her chest and "casually" touching her shirt one time when he encountered her at the store- and right in front of the kids as well. She’s really uneasy around him now, and has started taking the kids to the lake instead of their grandparents.

To combat this, he has bought an above-ground pool so everyone pressures her into bringing the kids over there instead. Basically, he’s crazy, and a creep. I hope L can get out of that situation soon, both with her husband and his psycho family. At the same time, I can’t believe he’s still telling people I’M the psycho for the last seven years, after his behavior, and me pretty much forgetting about him.

Maybe it’s guilt for using me? Or he’s trying too hard to come off as innocent if he was hitting on my friend? Not really sure. Regardless, it actually makes me happy. Glad I made a lasting impression.

Crazy ExesShutterstock

72. A Rumor Campaign

He made about a hundred or so little fliers and put them around town saying something to the extent of "You're a piece of trash. Got a problem with that? Call [my home phone number] or go to this address”. My family had to put up with angry idiots calling and showing up to our house for weeks. He also would phony call 9-1-1 with false reports, noise complaints, tales of underage drinking, etc., and give them my address.

The most twisted part of all? This was in eighth grade! We "dated" for like two months when I was in an "angsty" phase. We, thank god, never even got past second base. Guy was, and probably still is, nuts.

My Ex Lost ItPexels

73. Grand Theft Auto: Florida

My ex attempted to take my truck without permission. I always kept the keys on a clip, attached to a belt loop, as I'm notorious for losing them myself. I had watched her go outside and put her purse and other stuff in the truck, like somehow I couldn't see out the window. Then she started searching the house. She said she couldn't find "her" keys. Her car wasn't even there, she got dropped off.

I locked the truck with the remote and when she went out, I locked her out too and called her ride. She went from vengeful to tears in seconds when she realized she was stuck out in the Florida heat.

My Ex Lost ItPexels

74. The Breakup Protection Program

I went on three dates with this guy. After the third date, I left to go back to London as an au-pair. The guy had his sister send me a traditional African wedding dress to my host family, and a letter stating that she was so happy for us and hoped I would visit her in Mali. I said absolutely NOT. He then had his friends and brother call me and berate me for breaking up with him.

But he didn’t stop there. He had them say I could not possibly break up with him, because his parents had already bought the plane tickets to come to see me before the wedding, and then tried to stick me with the costs for said tickets. I changed my cell phone number and had the host family say that I had gone back home and they had no forwarding address.


Ended Relationship factsShutterstock

75. What Could’ve Been

We were together for five years, engaged for three. Nothing like sitting at work on your second day when you get a phone call from the state hospital saying they have your "fiancée". We had been split up for two months because he was terrible to me, and also just plain crazy. I asked to be excused from work, which they were surprisingly okay with, hopped across town to find him in the locked ward.

I walked in and asked what he did, seeing as he seemed to be physically unharmed. It turns out he was caught by security trying to jump off a building. He said that if I didn't get back with him that there was no point in living, I told him that there was no chance I was marrying him. But I'd always be there as a support. I called his mother who lived interstate and demanded she come and collect him.

As crazy as he was, he didn't belong in a place like that, with people who were so far gone they were more disorder than person. They would only release him into the care of someone else and I told him it wasn't going to be me and that was the end of it. The last time I saw him was just a few hours before his flight. He asked for just a few hours of "normal".

So we cooked dinner, talked about mundane stuff, went to volleyball together with our friends, and then at the end of our game, his mom stood at the doorway to collect him. And he left. I guess you could say the worst thing he did wasn't trying to emotionally manipulate me. It was giving me a taste of what could have been, allowing me to feel something right before he left my life.

Make no mistake, I am far better off out of the relationship, I'm borderline unrecognizable as being the same person. But that departure ruined me for a long time. Never have one last fling, it's better to end with bitterness on your tongue than deal with months of "what ifs" and "buts".

My Ex Lost ItPexels

76. The Cold Shoulder

My ex-girlfriend and I met on Tinder. When we first started talking she actually was right about to leave to go on this trip to go see a friend for a while, so we texted and face-timed constantly. Her trip ended up sucking big time and she just wanted to go home, but still had days left until her flight home. So me, being the dummy that I am, said, let me buy you a ticket home for the next day and I’ll even come to pick you up.

She lives an hour from my house, but from my job, it’s an hour and a half. Basically, I told my mom I was working, went and picked her up from the airport, and then took her to her older sister’s, and out to eat, and then her dad’s. Then she took me and her sisters in her dad’s car to the park and we literally just played tag. It was a great first date actually.

It was amazing how immediately comfortable I felt with her, I couldn’t wait to see where we went. Basically, any chance I was able to make a plan to go and drive the hour to see her, I did. She didn’t have a car so it was always up to me to make anything happen. Eventually, she made it official with me on Valentine’s day. She specifically made me wait until then to be cute.

At that point, I was so unbelievably happy and really thought, wow, I could fall for this girl. She really had me blinded. I’ll never forget the last date I took her on, I made the back of my car all cute with blankets and pillows, took her to get Chick-fil-a, and pulled up on this spot by the beach and I opened my trunk and we just played music and cuddled and ate while we looked at the water and it rained a little which made it nicer.

I remember when I left her house, as I walked to my car she said, "Hey," and I looked at her and she said, "I love you," and I said it back and headed home. She was so good to me, she made me feel happy and loved, and it was perfect—or so I thought. This is where things just went haywire. The next night, literally like 24 hours after I left her house, she calls me on the phone in tears breaking up with me.

She says she’s unhappy with herself and wants to better herself so she can be better for me. Never before did I ever even think she’d break up with me. I was so confident in our relationship and we never fought or had issues. So I took that as I should wait around and help her in any way I could to show her I was still there. I was so wrong.

She flat out ignored me, left me on read, and did not talk to me for two weeks basically. yet she was always posting on snap and Instagram and in all her pictures she wore things that I bought her. It was really awful how much she left me in the dark with not a freaking reason as to why. Then one day out of the blue she texts me, hey, can we hang out?? I said yep and I was on my way within the hour.

I got to her house right, and she can’t keep her hands off me. She was all sit by me, put your leg on me, calling me babe and baby, it was insane. I couldn’t even get her to talk about us if my life depended on it. She was so focused on seeing what she could get out of me one last time. At that point, I realized it really was over but I liked the attention that I still got because it was something at least.

So I was like maybeeeee we could work out something. Well, I’m an idiot. She kisses me goodbye and says text me when you get home, so I texted her when I got home. She didn’t text me for days, again. Then she blocked my snapchat and my Instagram on both of her accounts, and so I decided okay, I don’t deserve to feel like garbage anymore.

I get the message, so I blocked her back on everything and more. She no longer existed in my phone basically. Then I’m scrolling through IG, and I see a picture of her. She’s in the pic of this girl that I vaguely remember who hit me up on Tinder before my ex came along, but we never hit it off. All I did was add her to Insta and snap. I go back and I look at the caption and it says something like “you have my heart”.

At that point oh I was pretty angry, I was hurt, confused, felt like trash. I texted the girl because I wanted to be nice and let her know like hey, I don’t know how long you and her have been talking but recently I saw her and we kind of did some things but not everything. I meant nothing more than to make sure she wasn’t getting played too, and was at least aware of me and that was it.

She didn’t even have to respond really. Her response was seriously disturbing. She wrote me back ready to fight, saying let’s meet up. I didn’t think that anything I said would have gotten the response it did, but it sure did. I blocked her but she found me on snap so I blocked her again. Then my ex’s best friend, who I hung with and got to know multiple times, adds me on snap too.

I’m like wow, maybe she’s going to come to my rescue. Haha, nope. She was in on it and said she wanted my address so I blocked her too. They made another snap just to message me and I blocked that too. Thankfully it ended there, because I was really done at that point. It really just showed me how I never meant a thing to my ex. She never could’ve possibly cared.

She just completely dropped me and it was like I no longer existed. She was so ready to send her new girlfriend and her best friend to come attack me while she watched or possibly joined in—I don’t even know.

Crazy ExesShutterstock

77. Cruel To The End

I had a crazy ex who smashed a salt lamp across my shin, shoved me down the stairs, kicked me full force in the jaw—causing it to pop ever since, cheated, lied, and used me for a few grand under false pretenses, and left me stuck with nowhere to go out in the freezing rain for eight hours.

Night Walks factsPxHere

78. Friends Without Benefit

I had a friend who was a loner. I befriended her thinking I would be doing a good deed. She was chill, and we had a lot in common. Then she hit on me in a weird way over text. As respectfully as possible, I said I didn’t have feelings like that for her. She then threatened to tell people I forced myself on her if I didn’t give her "a chance."

I saved the entire conversation. That was the only thing that saved me when I ghosted her, and she went through with her threat.

Fights That Ended Friendships factsShutterstock

79. He Couldn’t Process Our Breakup

I had an ex who changed the configuration of my laptop from Windows to Linux while we were together because he said Linux was better. I was in the middle of my college semester and had zero coding or programming experience. He also added administration settings on my laptop, so I had to enter a password to change the operating system back to Windows or to download anything.

I didn't notice I needed an administration password until after we had broken up, and I tried to return my laptop back to its regular state. He never gave me the password.

Horror Zoom Calls FactsShutterstock

80. This Relationship Was Out The Window

I had an argument with my ex. She wouldn't listen to anything I was saying, so I went to a different room to cool off. I suddenly heard her opening the window. We were on the fourth floor, and it was -10°C outside. I wondered why she was opening the window, so I proceeded to the room and didn't find her in there. I almost had a heart attack. I ran towards the window, thinking she might have jumped. She then showed up from under the bed, saying, "I just wanted to see if you still love me."

Insane Exes factsPexels

81. Wednesday’s Child Is Full Of Woe

My friend's ex-husband was a powerful attorney, so he won custody of their three-year-old daughter. He’d then use the kid to toy with her in the most disturbing way. He would tell the daughter on a Wednesday that Mommy was coming to pick her up that night, when she was only supposed to get her on Thursday night and every other weekend.

The three-year-old would call her crying, asking why Mommy wasn't there to pick her up. He was a psychotic jerk.

Childhood Imaginary Friends factsShutterstock

82. Barking At The Moon

My ex was a lunatic. Probably still is. The very definition of a lunatic. He was a classic jerk and I fell for it for a while—shame—but I wised up and dumped him. Then he started coming over, knocking on the door. I was on the ground floor so right at the sitting-room window. He kept trying to get me to let him in and talk to him. I got paranoid and had my blinds closed a lot.

It seems like a common-or-garden type of “Please take me back please” thing, right? But after a couple of instances, I realized that all his visits had one thing in common. It was a full moon. He'd come over every few weeks, during the full moon. It got so I could predict him turning up. He also jumped me on my way home so I got the authorities involved.

I never told them about the moon thing because I was embarrassed for some reason, but I didn't know where he lived so they couldn't even find him. Eventually, I moved across the city to get away. The move date was during the no-moon bit so I could relax and pack and just go without worrying about him turning up. I kind of wish I could have seen his face when he inevitably turned up a week or so after I'd gone and seen the flat empty.

Funnily enough, I recently talked about this to an acquaintance who I knew had been to court over her being stalked by her ex. I tentatively brought up the moon thing and she said, "Oh yeah, mine would do that too". It's a thing!

My Ex Lost ItPexels

83. Flapping Her Gums

She worked at the same place I did and after I broke up with her she told everyone I cheated on her—I didn't—with an intern we called “Gums,” because when she laughed all you could see was her gums. For a few months, everyone believed her and I was “the jerk”. A few months later, I almost got fired when my new boss went crazy in a meeting.

I didn't know why—but then I learned the bizarre truth. It turns out she was dating my boss. She told him all sorts of lies and he decided to get back at me in this meeting. I left the company shortly after. I later heard they spawned a demon-child.

My Ex Lost ItPexels

84. Timing Is Everything

We were a couple for seven years, and talked about marriage after her kids graduated from college. One night, she dumped me out of the blue. Three years later, she's engaged to the guy she dumped me for, and posted online about how wonderful her anniversary dinner was one night. The date of her anniversary dinner was over two weeks before she dumped me.

My Ex Lost ItPexels

85. The Greatest Hits

When I was 13, I started dating a guy who was two years older than me. Not a great decision on my part but I was a dumb teenager. The worst thing is that I spent five years of my life with him. Here’s what dating him was like: He told me that if I touched myself, he would consider that cheating. He once got mad at me because I said to him that zombies weren't real.

He got jealous if I so much as talked to other boys. In fact, he alienated me from my best friend because he was jealous of her. When I was about 16 (and he was 18) he would tell me that he missed what I was like when I was 13. Yikes. At his sister's graduation party, he wanted to go into his room for a make-out sesh with his entire family on the other side of the door and when he found out I was on my period he got so mad that he literally kicked me off the bed.

When I told him I wanted to get a paper route he said "but you hate getting up in the morning", I replied that while that's true, I would do it for money. His response was "sometimes you're so stupid I just wanna—" and then he did a strangling motion with his hands. So when I was 18 and he was about to turn 20, he went abroad for a week and it felt like I had been freed from captivity.

This was the point when I decided to break up with him. Shortly after he came home, I did. He didn't really say much other than "It was so hard getting you as a girlfriend, how am I ever going to find someone else”? and "Are you breaking up with me because you think I'm fat”?

Big legal bindsShutterstock

86. She Didn’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance

Three years ago, I had to move my dad in with me and my then-wife because his heart was failing. He had congestive heart failure and stage 4 cancer. I was his caretaker until the end. At my father’s memorial, my now ex-wife was severely disrespectful. She sat away from the group and sarcastically clapped while my sister gave her speech.

I gave my speech and took my ex to the side yard away from people. I asked her why she did that and why she would be so disrespectful at my father's memorial. I told her to leave. She leaned forward and put her thumbnail in my throat. She then told me that my father’s ghost came to her and put his hands on her shoulders.

She then claimed his ghost told her that he was sorry he didn’t raise me better, that I wasn’t good enough for her, and she should marry a real man. Of course, I didn’t believe what she was saying. I didn’t divorce her soon enough. She was extremely narcissistic and twisted my whole father’s passing into her being so hurt by all the difficulties.

Inappropriate funeralShutterstock

87. Tag Teamed

We had broken up a week before Christmas. New Years comes around and I'm at a party. She's blowing up my phone. I have no idea at the time. A friend approaches me, tells me she's calling him too. I step outside, see I have about 30 missed calls and 7 voicemails. Two from her, five from her mother. I hear all of them to get the details.

Apparently, a "close friend" of hers had passed. A friend I had never heard her mention. Her mother’s voicemails were telling me that if I really cared about her I'd be there for her, I'm a jerk, all that jazz. So I think, I'll bite, I'm not a jerk. I have a friend take me over there, call a friend’s mom on the way, and let her know that I'll be going to my ex’s house.

We get there. She and her mother are outside. I'm there with three friends. She's sobbing. I ask if she'd like to walk around and talk about it. She talks about the deceased for a whole two minutes and then changes the subject to us. 30 minutes of talking about us. We get back to her house. With everyone around. I tell her that I came to support her, but I don't want to get back with her.

Her reaction was terrifying. She goes off on a tantrum. She’s screaming at the top of her lungs, a neighbor even came out to make sure no one was getting hurt. She keeps screaming at me, asking how I can do this to her. She then lies about being pregnant, even though I always use protection. No chance. I call her out on that.

She throws her phone across the road, a throw of a lifetime. Unfortunately, there were no scouts for the NFL. She's on the floor hitting herself. Her mother is screaming...at me. I decide I should leave before it gets worse. I'm honestly scared. I go home, talk to my parents, and we change the codes to the house. My car gets egged every day for a whole month.

A whole month, save maybe three days. Oh, but that wasn't the end of it. Five years later, I see a familiar car pull in front of me as I'm driving. It brake checks me to the point that I have to veer off the road. The car speeds up to a red light. I'm angry so I pull up to the car once I get off the grass. Lo and behold, her mother.

Bad parentsShutterstock

88. Catphished

An ex of mine a number of years ago, after she ended things, subsequently sent me a dodgy e-mail that I thought nothing of. A couple of days later, I was locked out of all e-mail, Facebook, and any other accounts I had tied to that e-mail address. I also had my online bank details configured through it. She then emptied my bank accounts and posted lots and lots of horrific hate all over my social media profiles.

She even aimed some rants at my nephews who were only 14-15 at the time. Then she also contacted my university and unenrolled me from my degree. Basically, she set about trying to completely ruin my life.

Friends For Never factsShutterstock

89. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Try Again

When I was about 15, I went out with a girl from a different school. The relationship was messed up the whole time, as she was a very terrible person. Anyway, I tried breaking it off multiple times, and I was always faced with the old "Well, I'll just hurt myself then”. She used to be a cutter before we got together, so part of me thought she probably would try to take her own life.

Not wanting to have that on my conscience, I stayed with her for a while. After getting really fed up with the relationship I broke it off for real, and she did not take it well. She told pretty much her whole school that I got her pregnant. That rumor made its way to my school, which made its way to my family. This was crazy, we hadn't got physical at all, yet everyone believed her over me!

She even tried playing this out for as long as possible, even going as far as giving herself a “baby bump”. She was absolutely insane. I confronted her at her school when she had a bump, I don't know how the heck she'd done it, but her little group of friends carried that lie so hard. In the end, my parents obviously took my side, but them confronting me about teenage pregnancy at the age of 15 was frightening.

They thought I was just trying to cover it up as I didn't go to them with the problem first. I ended up calling the girl's mom and sat down and had a conversation with her, I'm not sure what she said to her crazy daughter but it seemed to work, she and her mum must have tried a little damage control as suddenly everyone stopped believing the lie.

Other than the meeting with her mom, I had nothing to do with her as soon as the pregnancy rumor was spread, so I don't know really what happened, I just tried to forget the whole thing and it eventually went away. My closest ally in this whole thing was actually my school homeroom teacher. He was very empathetic and helped me deal with the issue of her threatening self-harm as well as the whole pregnancy.

My Ex Lost ItPexels

90. No Receipts, No Chance

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. I didn’t know he was fresh going through a breakup when I met him, but we didn’t go on a first date until the ex has moved away and the relationship was over. We started dating and went through a lot of turmoil the first six months because he was with her for two years and she just wouldn’t go away even after she moved back home to another state.

She constantly calls and leaves voicemails and texts about how he will never find another girl better than her. He blocked her on everything. Fast forward a year and a half, he gets a new phone and couldn’t remember her number to block her again—she calls his phone two nights ago. I answered. She said he’s been contacting her, I told her I don’t believe her.

She said she has all the texts, I asked her to send screenshots. Crickets. I asked her to please just leave him alone, that she’s a sad pathetic girl and I hope she gets through whatever she’s going through. She said she wants closure and that “you and I both know you begged for me to take you back and that you’ll move to Florida for me”.

My boyfriend denies all of this and he told her to send proof (screenshots), again nothing. How do we make this sad girl just go away and move on? I almost feel bad for her.

Crazy ExesShutterstock

91. Swimming With The Shark

I met him at a carnival he worked at in 2010 and we ended up hanging out after the carnival was done. My friend "V" was into his brother, who also worked at the carnival, and V really wanted to get to know the guy she liked. The guys asked us if we wanted to go hang out at their next stop because they would give us free wristbands to ride for free.

Their next stop was 112 miles away, V believed she was in love with this guy she’s only known for six hours, and I was the one with a car. V gave me $50 in gas money to go with her, so we went. The carnival was fun and out of boredom, me and the guy, and V and her guy, ended the day by hooking up (not all together, in separate areas of the carnival).

We went home thinking that was the last we would hear from them. Two days later, the guy I ended up with (I'll call him Shark, because the nickname I used to call him was German for Shark) was knocking on my apartment door. I asked what he was doing there and he said he missed me, so Shark hitched a ride from over 100 miles away and ended up at my doorstep.

V lived in the apartment next to mine, so when she saw Shark she came over asking where his brother was and why he didn’t come with Shark to see her. Shark broke the news that his brother was only 17 and was back at home with their mom. V and I were 20 at this time, so she immediately dropped the subject of her being in love with this guy.

I was flattered that this guy hitched his way to see me so I let him stay the night on the couch and told him I'd give him a ride back to his house after I got off work the next day. Well, he ended up staying for longer (mostly because I was always broke and didn’t have the money for gas to drive 200 miles). A day turned into a week, and a week faded into two months.

During this time, his friends would drive down while I was at work and bring him some of his things and would conveniently leave before I got home so I couldn’t ask him to get out. I also found out that he had his own vehicle at his mom’s house but claimed it didn’t run (important for later). I finally had enough of the guy living off me like a parasite and as I was leaving for work, I told him to have his things packed and ready to go because I would be taking him back to his mother’s house.

He immediately got angry and started punching the door of my apartment (the knuckle imprints are still on that apartment door). I got scared to go home—but I had something Shark didn’t. Thankfully the scariest person I know also works where I worked; my mom. Shark was terrified of my mom. Everyone I know is afraid of my mom. She’s 5'2” tall, and used to be a bodybuilder.

She likes to fight and she was excited about the prospect of getting to fight Shark. She wasn’t a fan of his. As I'm telling my mom about the situation my boss happened to be in the office next to hers, and he heard every word. My mom and I jump in my car and drive to the apartment. My mom confronts Shark, who had stormed out of my apartment ready to fight me until he saw my mom.

She tells him that he WILL be ready to go at 5:15 pm, and she will be coming with us to take him home. Shark was already close to tears, when a big white truck pulls up to my apartment full of the biggest and meanest looking farmers and cowboys that I've known since I was six years old. My mom’s boss rounded up all of the other large bosses that were at the office that day and came to make sure there wasn’t any trouble.

Thankfully, seeing all of these people rally around me made Shark very calm and understanding as to why he needed to leave my apartment. At 5:15 my mom and I came to pick Shark up and get him the heck out of my life. He had his things on the stoop and I didn’t think to check my apartment to make sure all of his stuff was gone (I was very stupid at this time and made a lot of poor decisions).

We drove three hours in silence, and we dropped him at his mother’s house. Shark cried and begged me to give him another chance and I said I had had enough. I didn’t want to see him again and told him not to contact me anymore before my mom and I left. When I got home later that night, I saw that he had hidden some of his things in my closet, so I called and asked him what his stuff was doing there.

He said he couldn’t pack it all up by the time he needed to and said he would have one of his friends pick it up. I would have tossed it in the dumpster, but he was blubbering on the other end of the line asking me not to throw his stuff away, and I felt bad for being the jerk and dumping him. I lived in bliss for two days without him in my apartment.

V had found a new boyfriend at the carnival we drove to and let him and his cousin move in with her. Since Shark and this guy were pals they were mad at me for making him leave but I didn’t care. I was free and happy—but my nightmare wasn’t over yet. Shark showed up in his big ol' 1970s Jeep that apparently DID work on a Saturday. He’s messed up already and said he started drinking while on his way down.

He said he wanted to "win" me back. I tell him to sleep it off and he can get the rest of his trash and get out of my life. A few hours pass. Shark is over at V's crying because I won’t let him into my life or my apartment. V, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s cousin all rile him up and tell him he should "break down the doors" to my life and heart and prove that I'm the only one that matters to him.

One of my other friends, JD, agreed to stay the night with me because he was afraid of what Shark would do. He said he had a really bad feeling and he just wanted to make sure someone was with me if Shark tried to do anything. Well, Shark did do something. He started by punching my door and yelling at me to let him in. I told him to go away and that he wasn’t welcome in my home anymore.

He sat outside banging on the door for 15 minutes before JD had enough and told him if he didn’t leave he would call the authorities. Shark didn’t like JD, and being confronted by JD made him really angry. He got in his very sturdy and bulky Jeep, and proceeded to ram his Jeep into my cinder block apartment six times. I was on the phone with the dispatcher trying to tell them where I lived.

It took the officers 20 minutes to find my apartment, and at this time, Shark was getting ready to give my apartment a drive-through. They pull him out of his Jeep, and cuff him on the lawn. Unfortunately, this was a small town of 500 people, and law enforcement always sided with men. It didn’t matter what it was, the woman was always at fault, and the men did nothing wrong.

The officer came in and asked me what was going on and I explained everything to him. I told him I just wanted this guy out of my life, and I wanted to press charges against him for stalking and harassment. The cop told me to "cool the jets" for a moment while he went and got Shark’s side of the story. The cop did, and when he came back, what he told me was infuriating.

He said if he detained Shark he would take me in too, for "disturbing the peace". I was appalled and asked about the damage he did to the apartment. He said he didn’t see the Jeep actively driving into my apartment door and that the damage could have always been there—even though there were tire tracks in the dirt and on my single-step stoop.

I asked the officer if he could simply transport Shark to the detention area for inebriated individuals, but the sheriff declined, stating Shark was advised to rest until sober and that he wouldn't be permitted to return within a quarter mile of the apartments. He allowed V's boyfriend to drive Shark to the fire station to sleep it off, and followed them away from the apartment.

JD and I stayed up in disbelief of the events that had happened and Vs boyfriend’s cousin came in my apartment about two hours after the Sherriff left, absolutely trashed, and accused me of making Shark crazy. He started saying that women who did that "back home" were lucky if their men allowed them to live and that I should be lucky that we weren't from his hometown because I would be gone already.

JD was scared of this guy and had grabbed my baseball bat threatening to beat this guy if he didn’t leave. He said a few more threatening things and finally left. JD and I didn’t sleep a wink, and we just sat up all night waiting for the sun to come up. I called my supervisor at daybreak and relayed all of the information to her, and she let me take the day off, filling in for me herself.

I grabbed all of Sharks things and piled them into the dirt outside, thoroughly dousing them in lighter fluid, and set them ablaze. As JD and I were joking and watching the fire, V's apartment door opened, and Shark came out. He saw his stuff burning and walked away down the road not making eye contact with me at all. But it didn’t end there.

Over the next month, I started getting texts from my girlfriends who said that Shark had been texting them and they didn’t know how he got their number. It turned out that Shark had copied all of the phone numbers of my female contacts from my phone into his one night while I was sleeping. I still don’t know why he did this.

I didn’t hear from Shark again until my 21st birthday when he sent me a happy birthday text (I had changed number at that point, meaning V gave him my phone number) and I blocked him. That was the last I heard from him. I met my husband later that year, and all things have improved.

Crazy ExesShutterstock

92. Scared Of A Feeling

I’m at a complete loss. My ex and I broke up in September and I moved out in October. Around the same time we broke up, I got the news my brother had passed. I spiraled and ended up in inpatient for the first time in my life. I was supposed to be there for three days but it turned into 10—and the reason why is seriously disturbing.

My ex called them and lied about me to get me to stay longer. I was devastated. Since we lived together at the time, he was supposed to take care of my cat while I was in the hospital. I couldn’t afford boarding and no one else could take her. He didn’t take proper care of her and a few months later, her organs failed. I was miserable. I never thought he’d be capable of something like that.

He contacted me the day after she passed, asking for his Xbox games…which I did not have. I confronted him about my cat’s health and how it correlates to when he was watching her. He refused to give me any form of peace of mind that he was taking care of her and instead told me to have a good life. I blocked him on EVERYTHING. No contact, nothing.

I refuse to even go to the same town he works in. I avoid his street, pictures of him, anything and everything. I refuse to have any form of contact with him. Here’s where the crazy part comes in. He is now going on social media and lying about how I am stalking him and he is fearing for his safety and his pet’s safety.

He’s crying to all his friends saying he needs an order of protection against me. He is even going so far as to say I used my trip to the hospital as a way to guilt him into supporting me financially. Again, couldn’t be farther from the truth. Keep in mind too, I’m 5’4” tall and 90 lbs. There’s literally no reason for him to be “fearing for his safety”.

When people have asked him what I’ve done to make him feel the need for this order of protection, he responds with “I have a feeling she’s going to do something”. That’s all he has. No proof, nothing to back it up, just a feeling. I talked to one of his exes and she had very similar stories to mine. He plays this “I need protection they’re crazy”! card every time. And for some reason, they always believe him.

Normal People Dated Celebrities FactsShutterstock

93. Some People Never Grow Up

This all has been a roller coaster for my mom and I. My mom, who is in her 60s, recently broke up with her boyfriend. He did not take it well at all. She broke up with him because he appeared to have a tracking app on her phone. He assumed she was cheating anytime she even took an alternate route home or came to see me.

She couldn't take the accusations anymore and told him to get out of her house. She owned the house prior to even knowing him. He refused to leave, saying they were in a common-law marriage—even though we do not live in a state that recognizes common-law marriage. He is a jerk. At this point, my mom is afraid so she comes to stay with me until he moves out.

Then he got even worse. We found a tracking device on her car. He tried to rent her house without her permission. Called her names. Wrote fraudulent checks in her name, and painted graffiti on the house inside and out. He refuses to leave unless we pay him $7K. We say absolutely not. He says that she abandoned the house so it's his to do whatever he wants to.

My mom stays away and ends up having to change her number three times during this. He continues this behavior by dropping off used rubbers at her work. Having his adult daughter pretend to be a court clerk to drop off paperwork. My mom finally gives up and files a restraining order. He gets served and instructed to leave but he doesn't and my mom catches him.

The authorities detain him and he spends the night behind bars. I instruct my mom not to go back to the house until we know for sure he is gone and cameras are up. Sometime during those five days, he grabs his stuff. No big deal, right? Well, he claims we took his stuff. He also took her mail and opened credit card accounts, and wrote bad checks off my mom’s account.

He claimed that I was lying about where I lived which proved (in his mind) that my mom was cheating. The funniest part? He looked up the wrong person. He still stalks my mom i.e. drives by the house all the time, throws nails, and garbage in the driveway. After all this, he is suing us for the tools that he thinks we took. But the craziest part of all? This guy is 63 years old and acting like this.

Crazy ExesShutterstock

94. So Much For The Language Of Love

A friend of mine divorced his then-wife because she would only speak French when her family would come over. She was Spanish, as was her family. To add, her family spoke English, French, and Spanish; he could only speak Spanish and English. She got bored of being married to him, her family basically talked smack about him while he was there, was only when he recorded a conversation while they were there and got it translated he found out what was going on.

Fanny Burney FactsShutterstock

95. Long Hand Of The Law

In high school, I was dating this guy, and everything was going great. I was infatuated with him. A few months into our relationship, we slept together. It was both our first time. He was holding me and kissed my forehead. Then he said something that made my skin crawl. He told me that he wanted to cut my skin off in the shapes of stars and put them in the sky.

That was so he could always see a part of me. He said this as he cried and bear-hugged me. I didn't know what to say, and when I went home that night, I called him and ended things. For the next four months, he waited outside my classes and got his friends to come to talk to me. And he just turned really angry and petty.

He posted fliers around school calling me names. I came home crying, and my dad was absolutely livid. All he told me was that he would take care of it. My dad was an officer and my ex's dad's boss. He had me tell him where my ex and his friends hung out after school, and he and his partner drove their patrol car over.

One of the boys ran, but my dad's partner caught up and dragged him to the car. My dad then made all four boys cry. Later, I got a call from each kid apologizing. My ex avoided me the rest of high school like the plague.

Crazy ex boyfiendsShutterstock

96. I’m Gonna Getcha

I was dating this girl who asked me to go to her ex’s wedding. We dated for a few months prior, but asking me to go to a wedding together felt like a serious commitment...I still accepted. I planned for the week off work and we went all out for this wedding. Half the time, I was trying to make the most of our time together, but she always went missing.

Fast forward to the reception. She made a scene in the most unstable and mentally sick way. In front of the groom, the bride, and everyone else, she said out loud: “I’m still in love with you. We literally have been sleeping together all week and I can't stop thinking about you." She quickly got escorted out after that.

The bride was clearly upset, but everyone tried to go about their business. As soon as I left, my “girlfriend” started completely ruining the hall and all the decorations, just throwing a fit on her way out. It was so embarrassing. I figured she was telling the truth since she was missing the whole time, but I’m pretty sure that everyone during the whole thing assumed this was too crazy to be real.

I definitely regret not seeing her true colors before, but when you work so much and try to date at the same time, you have very little time to get to really know some people. Time sort of flies by and you end up dating for a few months. Fast forward a month or two later...she got together with the groom and I’m pretty sure she has no regrets about wasting my time.

She probably doesn’t even feel bad about using me or even ruining that man’s marriage. This woman is seriously twisted.

Weddings Gone WildShutterstock

97. A Matter of Trust

My sister was only married for two weeks. Originally, she was married to a really crazy jerk. She stayed with him for too long, and the divorce has been bitter. Her ex-husband was convinced that she had some kind of a secret trust fund that she was living off of, and he was demanding half of it. There is no such trust fund.

I mean, in what will hopefully be many, many years from now when our dad dies, there may be some money from his trust fund—but he’s very much still alive, so this guy was in no way entitled to any of that. Anyway, a little bit of time passes and my sister hooks up with another guy, who is apparently friends with her ex.

The ex decided to tell his friend about her mysterious “trust fund” and, intrigued by it, this new guy somehow convinced my gullible sister to marry him. New guy was clearly hoping that he would be more successful than his friend was in getting access to the trust fund—you know, the one that doesn’t actually exist.

Within days of marrying my sister, this new husband brought his ex-girlfriend and his child to stay with them—his ex who supposedly needed a place to stay since she was in an abusive relationship.  Very shortly after, we learned that new hubby has secretly still been with baby mama for the entire duration of the relationship with my sister—and the guy only went out with her because he thought that she was a trust fund kid.

So, within just a couple of weeks of the nuptials, they were both at each other’s throats. He then threw out a bunch of her stuff, kept all of her expensive belongings, and filed a restraining order against her so that she couldn’t ever come back to the house—despite it having been her house all along. I’m not saying that my sister deserved all of this, but she does have a bit of a habit of stretching the truth.

Let’s just say I’m not fully convinced that these guys just got the idea that there was a secret trust fund out of thin air. Anyway, that’s the story of the time my sister was married for just two weeks!

Shortest-Lived Marriages FactsShutterstock

98. Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Just to warn everybody, this one is kind of messed up. It happened to a friend of mine. We were both deployed to Okinawa. My friend married his girl prior to the deployment. Then, he found out mid-deployment that she had cheated on him. Now, finding out about something like that is bad enough as it is—but the way my friend found out about this was the part that was the most messed up.

He had checked his Facebook messages one day and suddenly saw a message from some dude that he didn't know. The guy straight up told him that he had slept with his wife. Apparently, she had never told him that she was married and, when he eventually added her on Facebook, he realized that she was married to my friend.

After making this discovery, he felt so guilty about the whole thing that he decided he had to message my friend and let him know. Without hesitation, my friend divorced her while still in Oki. I'm not even sure how that was legally possible, but I definitely remember him doing some kind of paperwork the very next day after getting the messages—so I guess he found a way.

Internet factsFlickr

99. The Flat Food Diet

I had a buddy whose ex, upon breaking up, raced him back to his house, got there first, and then proceeded to lock herself in his room for several days. I don't even think she talked much while there. She would just sneak out at nighttime to use the bathroom. Buddy's kind-hearted, Christian parents fed her by sliding flat foods like bologna and pancakes under the door.

Speak to the Manager FactsShutterstock

100. Ex And Ex Vs. Ex And Ex

Oh god, where to start. I have been with my current significant other for a year. My ex and I still had to see each other because same friends and all that jazz, so we remained friendly. Or so I thought. At the beginning of this year, it seemed to click with him that I wasn't just with my significant other to make him jealous, and that I had zero intention of leaving my significant other for him.

He went nuts. He continuously made very negative FB posts about how horrible I am—never by name, but heavily implied and everyone knew who he meant. I was not friends with him on FB so didn't see any of them but mutuals told me. He showed up to a party my significant other and I were at absolutely obliterated and cornered me in the hall.

He was yelling at me when my significant other and my friend came in to try to help me shut it down. My ex snapped and physically came after me. I got away only to find out he had gotten his hands around my friend's neck. After that, I told him that because of his actions, I would have to cut him out of my life completely and that any friendliness that we had left was gone.

A week or so later, I got an email asking me if I had received the "gift" he sent me. It went to my parents’ house which was weird because I do not live with them. I didn't know what he was talking about, so I called them. Apparently, they had kept it from me because it had arrived right before a holiday that he usually ruined for me, so they didn't want to ruin the holiday.

It was a big bouquet of flowers, a heart necklace, and jewelry box, candy, and a few other knick-knacks. My parents didn't want me anywhere near him so after talking to me they made a plan to leave it on his porch. Of course, he posted about it on FB. I emailed him back regarding the package and that it had been received and that he would shortly be receiving it back.

He then started talking about how my significant other is still in contact with HIS ex and that he texts her all the time and went over to her house, etc. I knew this was absolutely untrue but asked him where he had heard that and after some hemming and hawing sent me some screen shots of a FB conversation. My significant other’s crazy ex had contacted him and they had messaged back and forth a few times.

She claimed that my significant other still loved her and was always calling and texting and emailing her. Again, I knew this girl was unhinged and that this was not true because, if it was, she would have sent evidence straight to me to break us up. I can see through that garbage. I thanked him for the screenshots and stopped responding.

I showed them to my significant other and he was furious, called his ex and told her she was out of line for contacting MY ex and that she needed to leave both of us alone and that he was blocking her on all social media and his phone, and to not contact him again. About a week later, he received a package at work. After the phone conversation, she had brought up their FB conversation (his ex and my ex), took screenshots of EVERY WORD and printed them out on photopaper. The craziest part? She then MAILED them to his office.

Their conversation was horrible. My ex claimed that I bled him dry and dumped him when he lost his job (we split before the loss of his job and he lost his job because of his own actions, not some inevitable layoffs or anything like that). They went back and forth. She claimed that I was manipulating my significant other, a pathological liar, and going to get pregnant to keep him around.

Mind you, she tried this. This person does not know me at all, she was just spouting random garbage. She said I was "ridden hard and put up wet". But that wasn’t the worst lie. She said I threatened to take her life. Again, no, I do not know this person. We were in the same room for a charity event and that's when she made that horrid accusation. At a charity event in front of a large group. Yeah.

My ex said horrible and very untrue things and they just bashed me over and over. It was a really rough time. It felt like the ultimate betrayal, my ex was still claiming to love me more than anything and would never do anything to hurt me, and then went behind my back to a person actively trying to ruin my life and threw out vitriol and lies.

Thankfully my significant other and I made it through that. It was a very hard time. It almost broke us but we are doing fine now and their trash seems to have FINALLY stopped and we can live in peace. Hopefully, it stays that way. You never know with crazy people.

My Ex Lost ItPexels

101. Stamp Of Disapproval

My ex changed the timestamps of photos with her to make it look like I was seeing her after we had broken up. She edited hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, of messages to make it look like I was cheating on my new girlfriend. Furthermore, she accused one of my closest friends of harming her on a night that she had spent with me. Two and a half years into my new relationship, my girlfriend still didn’t fully trust me because of my ex’s nonsense.

Insane Exes factsShutterstock

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