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BFF Breakups

The only thing worse than breaking up with a bae is breaking up with a BFF. These Redditors share what went wrong to make their solid-as-a-rock friendships break into a million pieces. From lies and deception to simply drifting apart, one thing is for sure—the pain is real.

1. Wedding Day Wallop

When my best friend was going to get married, she asked me to be part of her wedding. It was an easy "yes" since we were best buddies. But in the time before her wedding, she started acting a bit cold. Whenever I asked her what was up, she’d just say it was all in my head. I thought maybe she was just nervous about the wedding and super busy.

On her wedding day, I did all she asked me to. I came alone because my husband really didn't like her and didn't want to come. The whole time something felt weird, but I told myself I was just overthinking it and kept smiling. During the party after the wedding, I overheard some folks talking about another party at my friend’s place later on.

I thought maybe I just didn’t hear about this after-party somehow. When the wedding party began to end, some folks started leaving, but not the ones talking about the after-party. Since I was in the wedding party, I thought surely I was invited, so I hung around. I now realize she was hoping I’d leave. She didn’t know what to do when I didn’t.

Eventually, everyone heading to the after-party, including my friend and her new husband, left together. When we got to the parking lot, she gave me a flower, said, “Thanks for everything,” in front of everyone and left. I didn't say anything since it was her big day. I thought we’d talk about it later, but that never happened.

She totally ignored me after that. She wouldn’t answer my calls. We never spoke again. I don't know why she acted like that. Looking back, my husband was right about her. It would have been easier if she’d just told me she didn’t want to hang out anymore before her wedding day..

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2. Too Far

She was really mean to me for a long time, but I kept making excuses for her—until something big happened that made me say "enough". It was when she acted super nasty to one of my other close friends, who was very sick with cancer, and then acted like she was the one who got hurt.

I let her treat me badly for 20 years, but seeing her act like that towards my friend who was so sick was just too much for me. I decided I was done putting up with her right then..

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3. My Friendship Was Worth $25!

Eighteen years ago, my then-best friend accidentally called me while my phone was on the desk in our classroom. I was in another part of the school working on a project. Some guys in the class picked up but didn’t hang up when they figured out nobody was there.

The call went on for so long that it used up the about $25 he had on his phone plan. The next day, he called me, really mad and calling me lots of names. I didn’t know what he was talking about. When he told me about his phone plan running out of money, I offered to pay him back.

But he told me to buzz off. We never spoke again after that. I saw him at a train station a few years later, smiled and waved at him. He turned around and walked away, even waited for the next train so he wouldn’t have to ride with me. I guess our friendship wasn’t worth more than 25 dollars to him.

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4. One Way To Gauge A Friend

In high school, I had this friend who I thought was my best friend. One day, she came over to my house and we decided to goof off outside. She was running around and doing flips. When she came back to me, I noticed one of her ear gauges was missing. I told her about it and she totally freaked out. Since it was already dark outside, we were trying to find it in the dark which was kinda hard.

After looking for a bit, we realized we weren’t going to find it and decided to stop searching. Suddenly, she got really mad and demanded $50 from me to buy a new one. I told her that was not going to happen, and she got even madder at me. While she was yelling, I started thinking about all the times she hadn’t been a good friend to me, and I figured out that I didn’t want to be friends with her anymore..

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5. Banished By The Bougie Bae

We were friends for over ten years. We traveled and worked together, and he was the best man at my wedding. We were like best buddies, the type you could call anytime, and they'd help you out. We helped each other through tough times. Then, he met his future wife. That's when everything changed.

Suddenly, they couldn’t come over to my place for get-togethers because she would always feel sick from “something she ate”. She came from a rich family, who even owned a small island and lived in a fancy area. I wasn’t poor or lived in a bad place, but I guess compared to her, my neighborhood seemed less fancy.

I moved to a different country and got a “save the date” card for their wedding, but the actual invite never came. He contacted me, wondering if I was coming, and was surprised when I said I hadn’t gotten the invite. But by then, it was too late to plan a trip, especially from so far away. While on his honeymoon, he emailed me saying he was jealous of my job and my new life abroad.

Later, when I came back to visit family and friends, I tried to meet up with him, but he said he was “too busy”. Even when I was in the same building as him, visiting old work buddies, he didn't meet up. I really think his wife maybe hid my wedding invite on purpose, and something came up during their honeymoon that made things awkward. Now, he can’t face me, and it's just weird.

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6. They Canceled The Godfather

One of my really old friends got married. I got along well with him and his wife. They even asked me to be the godfather to their child. Later on, I moved to a different country but stayed in touch and sent presents for my godchild. When I moved back, we only met up once. I tried many times to hang out with them, but they either didn’t reply to my messages or just ignored me.

I wanted to give some Christmas and birthday gifts to their kid, so I reached out again, but got no reply. My godchild’s grandparents lived near my parents, so I left the presents with them. But for seven months, there was no thank you or even a message from my friend and his wife. So, I decided it was time to let go and move on.

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7. Where Did He Go?

Whenever I was in his area, I'd invite my old college friend to grab lunch together and we'd have a nice talk. I’d call him to chat about anything, and tried to cheer him up if he was feeling down. But one day, he just stopped talking to me. He unfriended me, blocked my calls, and even disappeared from online games we used to play together.

Later on, I found out he got remarried and had a baby. I learned this when I bumped into his wife at her work place by chance. She had taken his last name, and when I heard her mention his name, I asked her about him. She told me what had happened, and she didn't even know I existed before that moment. It gelt like a punch in the stomach.

I told her I was glad they were happy, and hoped their kid was happy and healthy too, then I left. It's funny how people change sometimes, and all of a sudden, you're not part of their life anymore because maybe you don't match with their new idea of a perfect life for some reason..

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8. Maid To Do It All

We lived together for four years, and we became best friends during sophomore year. After we graduated, we thought it'd be cool to share a house to save on rent. But it turned out to be not so cool because I became like the house cleaner for all those years. She never cleaned up her messes or helped with any chores like taking out the trash or sweeping the floor.

It got so bad that she wouldn’t even pick up packages left at our door, she'd just step over them! So, I ended up doing all the chores, even though I didn’t like it. Whenever I asked her to help, she’d always have some excuse or say that cleaning made her feel “too anxious”.

The thing that really got to me was when she decided to move out. Suddenly, I had to rush to move back to my parent's place. I even had to give away my cat. And you know what? She moved out a week early, leaving me to deal with moving all our stuff and cleaning the entire house by myself,

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9. I Could Not Tell A Lie

My best friend was dating another guy while still being with her boyfriend, who was also my friend. I told her she needed to stop, tell him the truth, or break up with him. But she kept on cheating. My hands were tied. One day, her boyfriend asked me if she was dating someone else, and I just couldn’t lie to him. After that, we hung out a bit, but things between us were totally different. I can’t even remember the last time we talked.

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10. Petty Revenge Beat The Odds

So, my buddy and I needed another person to share our three-bedroom apartment's cost. We knew someone who moved in. After three months, she and my buddy started dating. Everything was cool at first… but then they began coming up with strange rules since there were two of them against me. They thought since they were sharing a room now, they should pay less rent.

My buddy had a cat, and he thought we should all help clean the litter box because we all played with the cat. When I didn't agree to the new rent idea, they brought in another couple to live in the third room without even asking me. For the last part of our lease, I just stayed in my room, avoiding the shared spaces like the kitchen.

I had another friend who said I could stay with them. So, I slowly moved my stuff to a storage unit and my friend's place over five weeks. One week before we had to tell our landlords if we were staying or not, I went and told them I was moving out, but didn’t know about my roommates.

The landlords were okay with that. Then, I did something a bit sneaky for revenge. I didn’t tell my roommates I was leaving. I gave my now-not-so-good friend a check for my part of the rent and bills. When he asked why not cash, I said I lost my debit card and was waiting for a new one.

I had him text me right then, saying I had paid my share, and then I left for good soon after. A few days later, I got some angry texts. The landlords called them saying they missed the deadline to say if they were staying or not. Now their rent went up since they didn’t have a lease anymore.

Even if they tried to fix it that day, they’d still have to pay the higher rent for a month. My friend said they’d come in to sort it out, but he had no clue where I was. That’s when the landlords told him I had already said I was leaving, and the new rent stuff was just for him and his girlfriend.

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11. Girls Trip Gone Bust

She told me she'd pay me back if I got the tickets for a girls' trip she really wanted to go on. We planned everything out. I enjoyed finding the best deals and doing the research, which she didn’t like, so I took care of that part. She had three little kids, younger than mine, so I told her it was cool, I’d plan everything and we’d just have fun on the trip.

I got the tickets and was excited to use my new credit card for the hotel booking to earn some bonus points. She earned more money than me, so paying me back wasn’t a big deal. We talked a lot about the trip, about having fun while our husbands would take care of the kids together when we were away for five days over a long weekend.

But when it was time for her to pay me back, she went silent and didn’t reply to my messages. She disappeared on me for weeks. I had known her for over four years, and she was always a bit slow to reply to texts. But this was just wrong.

I eventually sent her a request on Venmo for her part of the trip’s cost with a message saying, “Please pay me back for your part since you’re not replying to my texts or calls". Then, she tried to act like I was remembering things wrong, texting me that she never agreed to go on the trip. I sent her a message saying goodbye and good luck, and decided not to deal with her anymore. Instead, I took my other best friend on the trip and we had a great time.

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12. Situation Critical

We were best friends for over 40 years. Whenever she needed help, I was there for her, no matter what. But she was always criticizing me, kinda like a snob—she definitely got it from her mom. She’d tell me to throw away my shirt because it looked old, get my nails done because my feet didn't look good, or change my lipstick because she didn't like the color on me.

One day, I felt I needed to talk to her about how she was treating me, so I asked her to meet me at a restaurant near her place. I was SO SCARED and upset that I started crying even before I got there. I told her she should stop saying mean things, or at least be nicer about it, or maybe ask me if she could give me advice; anything was better than what she was doing.

After our talk, she said sorry, gave me a hug, and we left the restaurant. We went our separate ways. A couple of days later, she called me and said I was "too negative". That was the last time I heard from her..

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13. Left In A Wreck

I had a terrible car accident, was in a coma for a week, and stayed in the ICU at the hospital for a month. My best friend never visited me during that time. Not even once. When I finally got back home, but had to use a wheelchair, he came over. That's when he asked me something that really shocked me.

He joked, “What kind of meds did they give you?” It was meant to be funny, but I didn’t like it. I told him we couldn’t be friends anymore and asked him to leave and not return to my house ever again. That happened seven years ago.

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14. Polar Opposites No Longer Attracted

I was the quirky gal with purple hair and funky jewelry, while she was the popular, pretty soccer star with a cool new Jeep. We became friends in tenth grade during geometry class, laughing together at a classmate who was poking fun at our weird teacher.

I lived far from school, so one day I shyly asked her for a ride home in her Jeep, offering the day’s homework answers in return. Now, we’re almost 40. She moved to a different city but we remained best buds. I’d visit her at least once a year in her new city. She even had a guest room just for me. We'd spend the whole night chatting away.

But then, she got into a rough relationship. I’m not sure if it was the bad relationship, her untreated sadness, her growing habit of drinking too much, or maybe a mix of everything, but she began taking out her bad days on me. She'd say hurtful things like, “I was always better than you” or “At least I'm not stuck in our old city”. It got so bad that I had to stop being friends with her. It’s still the toughest and most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever done.

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15. Cutting Off A Package Deal

He wasn't the best friend, but hanging out with him was kinda fun. Then, he started dating this really difficult girl. We all shared a house for some time, and it was super tough living with her. When they moved out together, I noticed how much happier I felt without them around.

I decided that I didn’t want to be around his girlfriend anymore. But since they were a couple, avoiding her meant avoiding him too. So, I just moved on with my life.

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16. She Was Bad To The Last Drop

One day, it suddenly hit me that she wasn't a nice person. We went to get coffee, and she yelled at the coffee guy because they got her fancy "secret" Starbucks order wrong. She was also super happy about hooking up with my best friend's roommate's boyfriend, which was not cool. She got really mad at me for "picking sides" because me, my best friend, and her roommate went to hang out at a bar without inviting her..

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17. That Concert Was Our Swan Song

One day, my best buddy came over and told me he got us tickets to a concert. I told him I didn't have any money and couldn't afford to go. The ticket was $80, which I couldn't pay at that time. He told me not to worry about it, he had it covered. So we went to the concert and had a good time. But a couple of days later, he called me—what he said was infuriating.

He told me that his wife said I needed to pay him back for the ticket. Since I couldn't pay him back, his wife said he wasn't allowed to hang out with me anymore, and so he didn't.

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18. Hit On And Cut Off

I was living with my best buddy. One day, her boyfriend said he got her a Christmas present and wanted to know what I thought. But then, he cornered me in the bathroom and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away hard and said I was going to tell her what happened.

I then went to see my boyfriend. Later that night, I told my friend what her boyfriend did, but she believed him instead of me. That's how our friendship came to an end.

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19. Lovers And Losers

She was dating a guy who was also a really good friend of mine. But then she cheated on him and broke up with him on his birthday to be with the other guy. And guess what? She cheated on this new guy too, and then started seeing another person. She came to me for advice during all this drama, and I told her she should break up first, then take some time to think things over.

But she just did whatever she felt like doing. I chose to stick to what I think is right. I couldn’t be friends with someone like her anymore. It just made me really sad.

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20. Abandoned By Our Bossy BAE

Before we all headed off to college, we planned a group vacation together. She chose the destination, picked out our rooms, decided who would share rooms with who, planned our whole schedule, and even told another girl in our group to drive for more than three hours. She didn't ask nicely, she just told her to do it.

While on the trip, things took a massive turn for the worse. Every night, she would leave us to talk to her boyfriend on the phone for two hours. She acted bossy and was in a bad mood the whole time. But the biggest shock came on the second to last day. Out of nowhere, she said her work had called and she needed to go back early. We all knew she wasn’t telling the truth.

Next, she told us she couldn’t drive any of us home. The other friend who drove us there had other plans to visit family, so she wasn’t going back when we were. The best she could offer was to drop us at a train station. We were three hours away from home by car, but by train, it was going to take us six hours with many train changes.

The next morning, she took off early at 6 AM without saying anything. My other friend had to change her plans and drive us two hours in the opposite direction to meet up with my mom, who drove two hours to pick us up at a rest stop halfway. That was the last time any of us saw or talked to her, and it’s been over ten years since that day..

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21. Time To Banish The Bad Vibes

She was going through a tough time with her job, personal life, and money because she made some bad choices. On the other hand, things were going great for me, but she didn't seem happy about it. When I got a promotion at work, which I worked super hard for, she got angry and jealous instead of being happy for me. That's when I figured I didn't want that kind of negativity around me anymore.

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22. Lost After My Loss

I met my old best friend when we were both seven. She had just moved to my town and right from day one, we were like two peas in a pod. Thirty-five years later, my worst nightmmare happened—my oldest son lost his life. After his funeral, she and I talked on the phone a few times, but then, we just stopped. That was a little over six years ago, and I think the reason we don't talk anymore goes back to when I lost my son.

She stopped calling me. Many people kind of stepped back from me during that tough time. At first, I thought maybe they just didn’t know what to say or how to act around me while I was so sad. But as weeks turned into months and then years, I started to feel really lonely and wished for our friendship back.

I know it wasn't all her pulling away; I probably pulled back a lot too. It's tough not having that one friend you used to share everything with. I guess one day we might bump into each other again. But until then, I just miss the good old times we had together.

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23. Passport To Green-Eyed Monsterland

During a week-long school trip to another country, she got mad because I made friends with some girls from our school that we didn't have classes with, so we fought a lot during the trip. In the middle of the week, my wallet vanished! It had my passport which I needed to fly back home. I quickly started to panic.

My teacher and I had to rush to the embassy in a city two hours away to get a special paper to replace my ID card. When we got back to the hotel, our whole school was waiting in the hallway with a bunch of really angry teachers yelling, and one of them was waving my wallet around while scolding some people. That's when we found out what really happened.

It seems like this teacher decided to check everyone's stuff. And guess what? On the day my wallet went missing, when I wasn't looking, my so-called best friend had taken my wallet and hidden it in one of the new girls' bags to get her in trouble.

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24. Going Coastal

He moved to LA and kept posting about how cool it was there. Even though we didn't talk much, he kept saying, "You should come to LA, it's awesome!" So I did. But when I got there, he only met up with me for one day and came five hours late. Fast forward three years, we both were in Vegas.

We planned to meet, but he never showed up. Even though he didn't reply to my messages, he kept posting pictures on Instagram. But I got my chance to get back at him. The next day, he texted me saying he fell down an escalator, fainted, got his wallet stolen, and his friends left him and went back to LA. He was stuck in Vegas and he wanted my helpt. I just read his message and didn’t reply.

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25. Coming Into One’s Own

In high school and early college, I had a really close bunch of friends. I changed myself a lot to fit in with them, since I always felt like the odd one out in the group. Over time, I realized they were actually pretty fake, quick to judge others, and not nice to people who were different. The talks among us started getting more and more awkward.

So, I decided to stop hanging out with them, which also meant I stopped replying to their texts and stuff. We didn’t have a big fight or anything; I just stepped away from all that. They thought I was avoiding them because my boyfriend/girlfriend and I wanted to spend time alone, not wanting to hang out. I’m fine if they think I was the one who messed up, and moved on with my life.

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26. A Belated Birthday Blew It

We were really good friends for two years, and then became best friends for five more years. Even though we went through big changes in our lives like new jobs, losing loved ones, celebrating holidays together, and dealing with arguments and making up, our friendship stayed strong. 

But something happened that our friendship couldn't handle. I accidentally wished my friend a "happy birthday" a day late because I always used Facebook to remember everyone's birthdays. But my friend had stopped using Facebook, so I didn't know. We were already making plans to hang out when I came to visit, but this made my friend upset. 

He told me he was sad that I forgot his birthday and wasn't sure if he wanted to spend time with me when I came to visit. I said sorry and explained that I relied on Facebook to remind me of birthdays. I also told him that if he changed his mind, I would love to see him. He wished me a "happy birthday" a couple of months later, but we haven't talked since then.

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27. The Bathroom Incident

I had a great friendship with my buddy, J. He was like a brother to me, and I was like a sister to him. We hung out a lot, and even lived together briefly a couple of times. But then, he began acting distant. When he came over, he'd just nap on the couch, wake up later, and leave.

Super weird stuff started happening too. Like on Halloween, we planned to watch movies, but he vanished 20 minutes in and came back only at the end. I was having trouble paying rent, and he was about to lose his place, so we agreed he could move in with me for a while, although I had doubts since he hadn’t been reliable before when we lived together.

One night, when I was at another friend's place, he texted me accusing me of replacing him with new pals. I explained, "J, I haven't replaced you. I just made some new friends. We always invite you to hang out, but you usually say no, or cancel last minute. It's been like this for three years now".

After that, he began sending messages about harming himself almost every day. It was really hard to deal with. He was still living with me and started spending all his time in the bathtub. Then, came the “incident".

One night, around 3 AM, I woke up needing to pee super urgently. I rushed to the bathroom, but the door was closed with the light on, and I could hear him snoring in the bath. I had no time, so I thought I’d use the kitchen sink, which was yucky but I had no choice. The kitchen was next to the bathroom.

I rushed into the kitchen, but I didn’t make it and peed myself. I was both embarrassed and really mad. After cleaning up as much as I could, I banged on the bathroom door, yelling for J to come out. He did and claimed he wasn't sleeping. I told him I heard him snoring.

The next day, I told him this arrangement wasn’t working and he needed to move out right away. I had just come out of the hospital for some mental health stuff, and all this stress wasn’t good for me. I don’t know what he told his family, but the next day like 10 of them showed up and helped him move out super fast. None of them even looked at me, although we used to get along fine. I was shocked and just sat on the couch watching them.

After they left, I thought about everything and decided to message J on Facebook, but found out he had unfriended me. I thought, “Well, I guess he made the decision for us,” and I blocked him on everything.

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28. The Two Words That Ended It All

I had a buddy and we would play lots of League of Legends and other video games together for many years after meeting on IMVU. We became really good friends. Later, I got into a relationship and wasn't around as much, but we still chatted now and then. She got married later on to a really cool guy, which was awesome.

So, on one Thanksgiving, I texted her saying, "Happy Thanksgiving, love you," just being friendly. This turned out to be a huge mistake. Her husband saw the message and got really upset. They ended up sleeping in different rooms for a whole week, and it kinda ruined their Thanksgiving. She blocked me on all social media, but before she did, she told me what happened and why she had to block me.

I got it, but it still hurt my feelings. We never liked each other in a romantic way, and saying, "I love you" was just a friendly thing we did. Oh well, I'm thankful for the good times we had..

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29. Money Grubbing Mooch

So, I had this best friend for 15 years, but I stopped talking to him a year ago. We lived together for eight years until this big problem came up. He wasn’t good at managing his money and was super lazy. His family and welfare helped him out with cash, but one day, he asked me to pay the rent so he could fix his old car in the garage to get a job.

He promised he'd get the money from his grandparents the next month on his birthday to pay me back. He had always paid his share before. But at the end of that month, while I was at work, he left and then sent me a long text saying he needed to figure stuff out on his own.

All this happened after he talked me into renting a fancier place together. I lost $1,600 because of him. I didn’t text back. It took a few years, but we started talking again. In that time, my dad lost his life and I got some money, so I bought a house. Later, he moved back to my city and asked if he and his girlfriend could stay with me until they found their own place. This was my chance for payback.

I said no because of what happened last time, plus he never paid back the $1,600. He once said he wanted to be more independent, so I thought he should stick to that. I advised him to move once he had enough money, like any grown-up would do. But then he started telling our friends that I was being selfish.

He said I should help him out because I had money, and even said I should give him $10,000 just because we were best friends. I saw him being lazy while I was working hard at two jobs for most of our friendship. So, I decided to block him on everything.

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30. A Decision Of The Heart

I started to have strong feelings for him and thought that staying friends would only make those feelings grow. He was really kind and sweet which made my heart race. I really wanted to be friends, but it made me sad too since I wanted to be more than friends. I thought it'd be better to slowly step back from being close to him. Hopefully, with time, I'll stop having these feelings for him..

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31. Debbie Downer Did The Dumping

We became friends in fifth grade. I really looked up to her because she was smart and fun. But sometimes, once a year, she would act very mean to me. She would make fun of me or say she didn't want to be my friend anymore. But after a while, she would always apologize, and I would forgive her.

The hardest time was seven years ago when I was feeling really sad because my dad passed. The medicine doctors gave me made me feel even worse, and I ended up in the hospital. While I was there, she visited, but instead of being nice, she was super mean and said hurtful things. It really broke my heart. Like before, she said sorry after some time, and I forgave her.

When I turned 35, I decided that I deserved better friends. So, I told myself that if she was mean again, I would stop being her friend.

One day, she got very mad at me just because I told her she would like how I decorated my house. Later, during a meeting for a group we were both part of, she was really rude to me in front of everyone. After the meeting, she continued to be mean to me online where our other group members could see.

I asked her privately to stop, but she didn't. So, I decided to quit the group and explained to everyone why I was leaving. That was the last time I dealt with her. I couldn't let her be mean to me anymore.

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32. Ditched For Dudes

She would often get together with guys and ignore me until they broke up, then she would come crawling back to me. One time, she got together with a guy and weirdly, my apartment got broken into. Later, she met a guy from Scotland, and they ended up having a baby, so she moved there to start a new life.

We talked once after she moved. A few years later, she sent me a long email accusing me of opening accounts in her name and messing up her credit score. I was so shocked, it came out of nowhere. I had no idea what she was talking about and tried to fix the problem, but she just wanted to blame me, even when I was trying to help.

In the past, my family had let her stay at our place, and I had given her $1,000 and a car during our friendship. Eventually, I had to block her on all social media so she couldn't contact me. It's probably better now that she lives so far away.

Shocked woman looking at her phone outsideUnknown Author, Shutterstock

33. No One Cared

I had this group of best buddies when I was 14 to 16 years old. But in the beginning of my junior year in high school, a few things happened that made me see that they didn't really care about me. It was pretty clear I wasn't important to them, so I stopped hanging out with them. I didn’t make a big deal about it, just stopped trying to be with them. And guess what? None of them even bothered to check on me.

Upset teenager standing on a sidewalk with a high school in the background.mooremedia, Shutterstock

34. Graduating To Better Friends

We were friends for nearly ten years. Then I moved to a different country, and we didn't talk much anymore. But we'd video chat sometimes and meet up whenever I visited back home. A few months back, I told her about my graduation at the end of July, and she said she'd come. So, I booked two hotel rooms, one for me and my boyfriend, and one for her.

I could cancel the rooms for free, so I wouldn't lose any money if I did it a week before my graduation. She hadn't bought her plane tickets yet, because she needed to save up more money, which I totally got. But, I had to buy the graduation tickets early, so I got one for her too.

I was waiting for her to tell me she got her plane tickets, but she kept putting it off. By the end of June, I texted her again, telling her it's totally okay if she couldn't come for any reason. But then, she just ignored my message. She was posting stuff of her and her boyfriend having fun, but didn’t even read my messages.

As my graduation got closer, and the date to cancel the hotel rooms for free was nearing, I realized she had blocked me on WhatsApp and Instagram. I can't even describe how much it hurt. I had to cancel the hotel rooms, and only lost about $25 for her seat at my graduation, but it felt really bad.

Graduate students leaving the graduation halliPortret, Shutterstock

35. Finally Free

Back in elementary school, I met this kid who wasn't very nice. I was new kid so obviously he tried to tease me, but I knocked him to the ground when he tried it. Surprisingly, we ended up friends after I stood up to him. But, he had a habit of criticizing a lot of what I did, especially if it was something we both were into. If it was something he wasn’t into, he'd just brush it off as dumb.

I stuck around because, well, that’s what I was used to at home, and besides, he was my friend. But when I hit 20, I started looking closely at my life and figuring out what things were dragging me down. He was right there on the list, just below my parents. So, I decided to distance myself from him. It was one of the best choices I've ever made.

Unsolved mysteriesShutterstock

36. A No For Prop 8 Was A No For Me Too

For a long time, my best friend was actually someone I used to date. We were together and lived together for three years, and stayed friends for another three or four years after we broke up. But then, I moved out, met my now-husband, had a baby on the way, quit drinking, and really started to get my act together. It was around this time that I began to see her in a different light, not a good one. She ended up being the closest friend I ever had to say goodbye to.

The final straw was when we got into a big argument about Proposition 8. There had been some tension building up, but being with someone who was kind and respectful to me made me see things clearly. When she started ranting about gay marriage and rights, I tried to talk to her about it, but she just blew up at me. That's when I realized, “Okay, this is why I don't want you in my life anymore,” and said goodbye to her.

Two women sitting on a couch having an argumentSrdjan Randjelovic, Shutterstock

37. A Turn Of The Tide

We were best friends for ten years, always hanging out on weekends and going on trips together. She was even a bridesmaid at my wedding. But during our last trip, when I was supposed to meet her in London, things took a really strange turn. Before she left, everything was normal, but then she started not replying to my messages.

When I finally saw her during the trip, she was acting really cold. She wouldn't look at me and would only answer with a word or two, or just roll her eyes and turn away. There were five of us in London, but only one other girl noticed how she was acting. After that trip, she stopped talking to me and I never found out why.

I guess the girl she was traveling with before meeting me in London might have said some untrue things to cause problems between us, which is what the rest of our group thought too. It would have been nice to know why she acted that way, but sometimes weird stuff like this just happens.

young Caucasian woman rolling her eyes, expressing annoyance looking at the camerashurkin_son, Shutterstock

38. Girlfriend Was A Shady Sister

I stopped talking to my childhood best friend when I noticed our friendship was super vicious. I think many girls have a best friend who they are very close with, but also compete with a lot. However, I'm not the kind of person who likes to compete over grades, sports, crushes, or anything like that. I always cheer on my friends and want them to do well, but my ex-best friend would get upset and try to mess things up whenever something good happened to me.

Like, if I told her I had a crush on a boy or was chatting with one, she’d start dating them right after. If I got a 93 on a test, she’d say she got a 100 but then "lost" her test. And if I won an award for my artwork, she’d say I take her idea, and stuff like that. The last straw came when my boyfriend and I were having problems.

I found out he was cheating on me, and I was trying to decide if I should break up with him. I was being dumb. My ex-best friend thought it would be a good idea to hang out with him by herself, even go camping with him, talk bad about me to him, and not tell me anything.

I only found out they’d been hanging out when my boyfriend mentioned it by mistake. Then when I asked her about it, she called me a crazy, jealous girlfriend. I thought a best friend of six years wouldn’t act sneaky with the guy who just broke my heart. I realized she just didn't like it when other girls got attention or compliments.

Two young women face to face having argumentVoyagerix, Shutterstock

39. Work Bestie Was Fired From Our Friendship

We became friends at work and started spending a lot of time together. I discovered she had trouble with drinking, and sometimes I would help her out if she got into a tough spot because of it. The last time this happened, she was a lot tipsy and came onto me, but I said no. She would take that personally. 

I still helped her get out of the bad place she was in though. Later, she wrongly told our boss that I had done something bad to her. Thankfully, I was on good terms with our boss, who knew about her drinking issues. Our boss told her to stop making up stories and gave her a lesser job position as a result.

resolving conflict between coworkers with  computer and documents working late at nightGround Picture, Shutterstock

40. A Magnum-Sized Fallout

We were best buddies throughout high school and college. After college, I moved away for work and we kinda lost touch. But then Facebook came along and we found each other again. Within half a year, he asked me to be a part of his wedding. His bachelor party was in Vegas and was quite expensive, but I paid up. Little did I know, I was making a big mistake.

I knew some people who could get us into cool nightclubs, so I arranged that to make it fun for everyone. However, he didn't seem to appreciate it much. But this was just the beginning. 

It was a location wedding too, so my wife and I had to travel over eight hours to get there and stay in the pricey hotel rooms he picked out. The night before his wedding, he wanted to party at a nightclub with fancy bottle service.

There were 20 of us in total, including him and his soon-to-be wife. The club had a rule - we had to order at least four bottles. He said yes. Most of our group wasn't used to this fancy club stuff, so when they were told they each needed to chip in $100, many bailed out.

When the bill came, I offered to pay for a bottle as a gift to him. I thought my wife and I would cover $250, expecting each of us would have to chip in $100. But then, the bill for the bottle came—it was nearly $1,000 since it was a mega-sized bottle, almost like two regular ones!

I was stunned, but he told me he'd collect money from everyone else, so I paid it. The next day, while preparing for the wedding in his room, he didn't mention the bill at all, even when some people came by to give him their share from last night.

I was annoyed but didn't think of ending the friendship. The breaking point came the next day when he got upset because my wife and I needed to head back home for work, while he wanted us to stay for a late morning brunch with others. He got really annoyed, and then ignored my next two texts to him—one was congratulating him on his marriage and the other asking about his honeymoon.

Finally, I thought, "Forget him". Surprisingly, a year later, he texted asking if we wanted to party with them in Vegas again. I thought to myself, "Oh, now you remember me because you want those cool nightclub entries again?" and texted back, "Nah, I'm good". We haven't talked since then.

wedding party in yardRuslan_127, Shutterstock

41. I Got You Covered

We were slowly becoming less close, but every time we hung out, it felt like old times. We even got the matching best friend tattoos we always talked about. One summer's end, I bumped into her at a music festival. She had had a lot to drink and was really friendly, just like always. The next day, I tried to introduce her to my new boyfriend, but she acted like I wasn't even there.

It felt weird because just the day before we had made plans to meet up again at the festival. I sent her a few messages over the next few days, but she didn’t reply to any of them. Then, I saw something that really hurt. A tattoo artist posted a picture on Instagram, and she had gotten her half of our best friend tattoo covered up with a new design. That's when I got the message loud and clear.

audience dancing at music festivalVictor Freitas, Pexels

42. Ruined By The Rumor Mill

In middle school, a childhood buddy of mine thought I said a mean name about her when I hadn't. Some girls spread this false story because one of them had a crush on my boyfriend. It was a total drama. I tried hard to convince my friend that I didn't say that, but she didn't believe me. So, sadly, we drifted apart. Now, after many years, we are just Facebook friends, and it's still sad to think that someone's jealousy created this problem between us.

Two girls in red t-shirts spreading rumor  about someoneKrakenimages.com, Shutterstock

43. Second Generation Besties Didn’t Last A Third

Our moms have been super close since they were in elementary school, and they had us just a month apart. Even though we were totally different personality-wise, we became besties, too, almost like sisters, from the day we were born until we were 25 years old. A few years earlier, she got married, moved a little far away, and had her first baby.

Of course, things between us changed a bit, but I thought we were still really close. Then, out of the blue, she called me one night and said that her life was different now; she didn't have the time or energy for our close friendship and she kind of wanted to move on without me in her life.

We didn't have any fight or fallout; in fact, we hadn't argued since we were teens. I couldn't figure out, both then and now, why she made that decision, but it really hurt, and it took me years to get over the loss of our friendship.

Sad girl looking at the phone sitting in a caféGaudiLab, Shutterstock

44. A Sweet 16 Sendoff

In middle school, I had a best friend, but we lost touch after moving to different schools once eighth grade ended. We promised to call and text each other every day like old times. So, I tried reaching out to her every day for months, but she hardly ever replied.

During my whole freshman year, I tried calling and texting her more than 100 times, but she didn't respond. It was tough since I was in a new school, didn't have any new friends, and felt lonely. My “friend” wasn't there when I needed her. So, when sophomore year rolled around, I stopped trying. I made some new friends, and didn’t invite her to my Sweet 16 party.

She found out about the party and she lost her mind. She yelled at me and said it wasn't fair since we were friends for so long. She was upset about not being invited, even though she had ignored so many calls and texts from me. When I told her why I didn’t invite her, she said she was too busy to reply before. I didn’t believe her. We didn’t talk anymore after that. It still bugs me that she got upset about the party invite, even though she was the one who stopped talking to me first.

Sad girl  Sitting On Couch At Home Using Mobile PhoneMonkey Business Images, Shutterstock

45. My Broken Heart

I fell in love with her and it ruined everything. We were friends since 5th grade. We always hung out, but when we got to high school, I started to like her in a special way. As time went on, I liked her more and more, until I just had to tell her about my feelings. But when I did, she didn't feel the same way and it hurt my feelings; after that, we slowly stopped hanging out.

photo of a man with curly hair crying with tears looking at  the cameraPavel Danilyuk, Pexels

46. A Warped Reality

After his dad lost his life, he started using bad stuff which changed him a lot. He became really angry and upset all the time. He acted in ways that could get him in big trouble very quickly, and that scared me a lot. Even when people tried to help him, he didn't want it. It was really sad, but all I could do was to move on with my life.

man holding his head sitting outsideMental Health America, Pexels

47. Trash-Talking Turncoat

It all started when a girl he didn't like had a crush on me. Even though he didn't like her, he got upset when he found out she liked me and not him. He didn't handle it well at all. After that, he started making up stories to make me look like a really mean person. That was what really ended our friendship. At that moment, I felt like I was better off without any friends.

Two young angry  male  friends together in casual t-shirts and  tattoos  scream shout argue with  each otherViDI Studio, Shutterstock

48. It Was A Rough Ride

Looking back, I see that I was the one in the wrong. I had a friend who was starting to get really annoying. He wouldn't stop talking about his car, which honestly wasn't anything special. It was just a regular old VW Golf that his parents got him when he was in high school. He became obsessed with cars and wouldn't talk about anything else.

But when I look back now, I realize that things were falling apart in his family. His dad had a serious problem with addiction, his parents got divorced, and they had to leave their home because his mom couldn't afford it on her own. It was a really tough situation. By then, I had already started to distance myself from him, and it finally hit me.

He was probably using his love for cars as a way to escape from all the problems at home. I feel really bad that I wasn't more supportive and didn't stay in touch with him.

Sad person looking down sitting on a couchRon Lach, Pexels

49. I Pity The Fool Who Took My Meds

My roommate did something really wrong back in college. I took Adderall for my ADHD. Well, he took it and shared it with his friends, even making fun of me behind my back. He said he could tell when I took one of the sugar pills instead of the real thing.

I only found out about this years later, like five years after we finished college. He took three months' worth of my medicine and made me pay $400 to replace it, which was a lot of money for me back then as a broke college student. And you know what's really messed up? When I was upset and crying about having to come up with that money, he didn't even say sorry.

I think maybe he was too ashamed to apologize, but honestly, that's no excuse. After that, I couldn't trust him anymore. He's not a real friend to me, just someone I know. I don't have any respect left for him, just pity.

Sad man in café  apart of his friends that are making fun of himfizkes, Shutterstock

50. She Commandeered My Crush

We were friends for around six years. She knew I liked this guy for about a year, and then she decided to go on a date with him, even though she knew I had a crush on him. We went to school dances and stuff together, but then she asked him out and stopped talking to me.

Years later, I talked to the guy, and he told me what actually happened. It turns out, she tried to make him believe it was all his fault and treated him really badly.

man and woman sitting on bench in woodsTirachard Kumtanom, Pexels

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