November 8, 2019 | J. Hunter

People Share The Unforgivable Experiences That They Can Never Get Over

We learn that it’s better to forgive and forget, but that’s not always possible. From awful spouses to awful strangers, people do unbelievable things to the innocent people who know them. See which side you’d fall on in these personal stories about unforgivable acts.

1. For Cheating on a Cancer Patient

My father cheated on my mom when she had stage 4 cancer. I was 23 at the time and ended up giving up my apartment and moving back home to take care of her. She had squamous cell carcinoma on her foot so they had to amputate most of her leg and she was in a lot of pain. One night I heard them arguing and he said, "Well, I can't get it from you so I'll have to get it somewhere else."

He ended up spending most of his time at the house of some woman he met from the neighborhood. My brothers, who never so much as visited our mom during the time she was sick, tell me I'm overreacting and I should just get over it. So long as I'm drawing breath, I'll never forgive him for treating my mom that way.

I'll continue to be estranged from my brothers, too.

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2. For Destroying a Kit

Ex-friend from grade school. When we were in our early 20s, I found out he always bad-mouthed me when I wasn't around. He called me one day to ask if he could borrow my drum kit for a party he was going to (that I wasn't invited to). I kept telling him no. Finally, I gave in. And he came and picked it up. Next day I couldn't get hold of him so I went to the house the party was at.

I asked the girl that answered the door if I could get my drums. She said, "sure, they're out back." Went to the back yard, saw half my kit, and asked where the rest was. They acted like they didn't have a clue. I walked over to the warm embers of last night's bonfire and yup, saw the hardware leftover from two of my floor toms, one ride, and my favorite Paiste crash. Jerk.

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3. For Being a Truly Wicked Stepmother

My stepmother cheated on my dad. They agreed to go to therapy but she continued cheating. Then she kicked him out of their house because she "was tired of paying for hotels to be with her boyfriend." A few years later, while they were separated but not yet divorced, my dad got really sick. He was in the hospital in a coma and the evil stepmother opened up a bunch of credit cards in my dad's name and ran up over $50k in charges.

She's a monster. I haven't talked to her since my father's funeral and will never forgive her for the way she treated him.

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4. For Throwing Rocks at My Dog

This reminds me of a guy who threw rocks at my dog. She got out (not terribly uncommon, I guess). She gets out about once every four months and since she's part husky, I say that's pretty low. I was walking behind her just to make sure she stayed in the neighborhood instead of going wherever and I see this guy get out of his car, grab a handful of rocks, and throw them right at her head.

This guy was about twice my size. He was about 6'2", 300 lbs, and looked like someone who had eight DUIs, domestic abuse, and assault charges on him. Amazingly, I had the balls to walk directly in his face and call the guy a jerk, among other things. This guy backed down and reverted to just calling me an idiot and walking off. Never felt more anger towards a human being.

I've subsequently let her take a dump in his yard about five times, in extremely petty revenge.

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5. For Being a Skeevy Friend

My first relationship was ended by a mutual friend who talked behind my back. She managed to convince my boyfriend that I was a jerk for studying instead of partying with him. I wanted to give us financial stability so he could pursue his art career. After we broke up, she tried to form a relationship with him and failed miserably.

I still talk to my ex and we got our friendship back. What she destroyed, though, will never be the same. From as long as I can remember, she's the one person that I never managed to forgive.

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6. For Being Too Dirty

There's only one pair of people I can never forgive. My aunt and uncle. Me and my mother allowed them into our house with open arms due to the fact that they had recently been evicted from their most recent residence. I say most recent because they are constantly moving. I just didn't know why. Soon enough we found out why. They turned our house into a cesspool. A total cesspool. Their animals pooped and pissed everywhere and they refused to clean it.

They refused to pay a dime of rent and racked up our utilities. This caused my mother to go into debt and eventually lose our house to foreclosure. Those jerks will never be forgiven in my eyes. And to this day, I still pretend they are dead to me. Oh, and to wrap it all up, they're still squatting in our foreclosed-upon house. And attempted to reopen utilities in my mother's name.

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7. For Drunk Driving

Well if you know me, then it’s not surprising. I can’t forgive drunk driving. I moved to the United States around five years ago from Ireland. Two years after I did, I was in the car with my family when we were hit by a drunk driver. In the crash, everyone in my family, thankfully, was unhurt...except me. Due to shrapnel as well as inhalation of toxic fumes, I now am covered in scars and can no longer speak at all other than small squeaks.

Because one person decided to drive after drinking, it changed my life and the life of my family forever. Don’t drink and drive people. Not just for your own safety, but everyone’s safety.

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8. For My Mother Who Never Took the Blame

I can’t forgive my mother. She was a drunk and ruined my life for the last 25 years. I am an only child and like anyone with addiction, she was incredibly selfish and blind to the issues. Instead, she blamed everything on me. I was a selfish person for wanting her attention. She would drag me to parties, leave me home alone at a young age (earliest recollection was at five years old), and we moved ALL the time.

I never had a stable childhood. Once, we lived in a hotel and she and her boyfriend at the time would sleep together and watch adult movies while I was "sleeping" on the floor. There were a few good times when she was married to her second husband. He eventually left, however. Also, she has been lying to me about who my biological father is my entire life.

But recently, in the last year, she finally went too far. She blamed me for ruining her marriage. Even though I was 25 and moved out of the house at the time and I have a son who's three. After she blamed me for her divorce, I cut all contact with her. I had enough. I changed my number, blocked her from my Facebook, and moved. She and I used to work at the same company and she started emailing me threatening to file for custody of my son who was two at the time.

I haven’t seen her or talked to her in over a year. I am in a long-term relationship and have so many issues from growing up like this—it is ridiculous. Two antidepressants and therapy later, things are better, but I cannot even fathom forgiving that woman for anything. Ever. Basically, I will never forgive my mother for making my life hell for 25 years.

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9. For Sending Family Out on the Streets

My sister gave us three days’ notice that we were being evicted and that's only because my dad confronted her with the eviction notice he found. Had he not snooped, we would have been completely caught by surprise. It's annoying because we found out that night that my grandmother and aunt had been sending my sister money the entire time, we lived with them to help us get back on our feet. We could have used that money for gas, which we had to beg her for.

We could have used that money for my parents to get to job interviews that they had but couldn't get to because of no gas or car troubles. I used to be a different person and being homeless fundamentally changed me as a person. It absolutely destroyed my social skills and my self-esteem. Since the first time of being homeless, I've been homeless two or three times after that. It's a bit of a blur.

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10. For Being the Most Absent Dad Ever

My dad walked out on me and my brother when we were little. He tried to get back in touch through a TEXT to my brother saying, "Sorry about the past 13 years." Sent me a text a few years later trying to push blame onto my Mam who has been there for us 110% through our entire lives...I only met him a year ago. He was passing through my city and sent me a text wanting to meet me.

I panicked, but decided yes, I would. Well, we met outside the train station. I thought he would want to go somewhere nicer—the first time meeting your daughter in 20 years, come on. Spent five minutes saying, "This is weird" and then he left. Poophead. I met him again with my brother not long ago. This was his first time meeting him and my second. We met him for another five minutes outside Tesco before he went back home to his wife and kids.

Mam's just broken up with her last partner recently. He is not any of our father and yet he is making more effort than the other two to be a real Dad to us, even after the split. I don't think of him as my Dad, but I have so much respect for that man for taking on a family of five and still wanting us. He's golden in my eyes.

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11. For Being Cruel In-Laws

I can’t forgive my now-alienated spouse’s family for all literally lining up to kick me when I was down. They never liked me. My husband, at a low point, had an affair and every member of his immediate family took that to mean it was now open season on me and each unleashed every verbal disgusting assault they could all within weeks of my life having crumbled around me as I knew it.

My husband worked his butt off in the YEARS after to earn back my trust and respect. He was an incredibly damaged human from his upbringing in such a family. Therapy and more therapy. I lived years in agony out of love and respect for him trying to make it through the mire that my life had become, but I cannot bring myself to try to reconcile with people who literally saw me grasping for reasons to still live and decided to grind their heels into my fingers.

They killed any chance of being in my life and the lives of my children for good.

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12. For “Accidentally” Erasing Hard Work

When I was in fourth grade, this kid that I had class with wanted to borrow my Pokémon Red game to "see how far I was in it." I had beaten the Elite 4 and was trying to make my team all level 100 (my lowest Pokémon was in the 80s, so I was fairly close). So, I let this little jerk borrow my game. He returned it the next day but he "accidentally" saved over my game.

I couldn't trust after that day. I hate you Keenan. I hate you.

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13. For the Ex Who Takes Advantage of Cancer

My ex at the moment, since finding out I had cancer, has been harassing me and taking me to court almost every month. He's also been telling people that I've only a few weeks left to live (I'm not terminal), and for that, I can never forgive him. Who does that to someone trying to recover and stay stressfree?

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14. For a Mother-in-Law Who Walked Out

My mother-in-law left the church at our wedding before pictures were taken and positively broke my husband's heart on a day that should have been nothing but happy for us. She didn't approve of the fact that I had a son from a previous marriage. This was one of many "Screw yous" to come. Personally, I could have cared less if she'd even come to the wedding, but I know how much he wanted her to be supportive and there for him—and the witch just left. It broke my heart.

I love him and his dad and they were both so embarrassed and let down that it just killed me. My biggest screw you back, however, has been the pleasure of flaunting my beautifully functional and happy life with my husband AND MY SON in front of her.

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15. For a Squandering Mother

My mom financially and emotionally cut off me and my sister when we were in our first and third years of college, respectively, to chase a relationship and business endeavor with a woman she had just started a relationship with. She spent close to a million dollars that would have been left to me and my siblings, while systematically cutting out everyone who questioned her decisions.

Ultimately, she lost everything and now crashes on my sister's couch between evictions. She's never really assumed responsibility so we can't forgive her. To be clear, it's not the money I can't forgive her for. It's the fact that I saw her in a place where she thought she didn't need us and could afford to kick us to the curb to benefit herself personally so she did so.

How a person acts when they feel like they have everything can be just as revealing as how they act when their back is up against the wall.

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16. For Getting in The Middle of My Relationships

I can’t forgive the guy who broke up me and my college girlfriend all because he thought I was spending too much time with her and not enough time with him. He didn't get his wish. We hung out once after the breakup; just long enough for me to realize what kind of person he really was. Three years later, I start dating a girl I had crushed on for years.

I found out that they used to hang, but thankfully, he was in another country. Then he moved back to the States and she ended up leaving me for him after she cheated on me—but I got the ultimate revenge on him for stealing my girlfriend away. And that revenge is that he now has to live with her. Dear God, what was I thinking? Was I drunk that entire relationship?

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17. For Being Mom’s Terrible Boyfriend

My mother dated this terrible guy. He acted nice at first, but then turned into a complete jerk. This was an on-again-off-again relationship. He would hit me and abuse me when my mom wasn’t around and even when she was there, she let him hit me. I was scared for my life one time when she and him were fighting. I had to grab a belt and whack him across his back in order to get him off of her. He chased me up the stairs and threatened to snap my neck.

This was back when I was nine. The worst part is, despite all the messed up things he did to my sister and me, my mom still had a child with the man. He doesn’t pay child support and he barely has a place of his own. He still lives in an apartment house in his 50s. He wanted to go to the NBA, but was too stupid and stubborn to finish college.

He blames his behavior on his upbringing, as his dad treated him the same. I’m not his son. He was never married to my mom. I have no reason to contact him even if he’s the dad of my little sister. Visitation with him and my sister is limited because I was living in the house. I don’t feel sad, nor guilty for having that power over their relationship.

It’s not my sister’s fault that she’s in this world, but I hope she knows that her dad is the worst. I hope one day he dies so I can spit on his grave.

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18. For Stealing from a Best Friend and Roommate

I can’t forgive my best friend from high school. We roomed together in a dorm our freshman year of college and she took my ATM card from me on multiple occasions without my knowledge and used it to steal money. Like 20 and 40 bucks here and there, so it only added up to a few hundred dollars, but she never once even apologized to me after we found out.

I don't think she was sorry, just sorry that she got caught. It really made me realize that you truly never know anyone.

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19. For Harassing My Parents About a Fake Pregnancy

On the rebound after hard breakup, I started seeing this girl who was staying with friends of mine (my buddy encouraged me to do so to help me move on). She was kind of a “bad” girl (I was a naive momma's boy), but really hot, so I was like, "Why not?" It turns out she was the type who burned every bridge she ever crossed—a Grade-A witch.

She went to a doctor and told me she was two months pregnant. I wanted to be a stand-up dude and stick with her. My buddy said, "Um, Martian_Party_Boy? You've only been seeing her for a month." I still didn't get what a bad egg I'd run into. When my friends had to move, she took off for the city. She moved in with some other friends for a while, got a restaurant job, and then shacked up with a co-worker (and I had no way of contacting her at that point). So I was like, "Oh well—she's gone. Probably for the best."

But the nightmare was only beginning—she had my number. Or, rather, my parent's number. She called to try and blackmail me for money for an abortion. I moved out shortly after that but she didn't know that. She (and her friends, I guess), continued to call my parent's house for months, many times in the middle of the night, to try and blackmail them and tell them lies about me.

One time, someone called saying they were the police and that I had been arrested. Luckily, my dad caught on to what was going on before heading down to the station. It caused my mom and dad so much stress and pain.

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20. For the WORST Partner to Have While in Labor

My ex-husband for being in the hospital parking lot, on the phone with his girlfriend while I was in labor giving birth to our stillborn baby. It was agonizing enough knowing that you're giving birth to a stillborn baby, but wondering where your partner is and having to go through it alone was absolute hell. I cannot forgive him for that.

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21. For Forcing a Europe Trip to Happen

I can’t forgive my mother. I still love her and speak candidly to her all the time, but in 2010, she forced me into signing up for a trip to Europe with my school for the following year, despite my extreme discomfort due to my social anxiety. I ended up having the worst year of my life, anxiety hit me more than usual.

I couldn't do it and ended up dropping out of it two days prior, inherently sending $3.5K of my father’s hard-earned money down the drain due to a no refund policy. I sobbed for weeks and they thought I was just a big scaredy cat who enjoyed wasting their money. It was never my trip. It was hers. She wanted to experience it vicariously through me. I now have depression thanks to that nightmare, thanks mom.

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22. For Being the Friend Who Slept with the Professor

Mine is more specific. I've never hated someone more in my life and I haven't forgiven them. I want them dead. My no longer best friend, 21, was sleeping with her professor who was 40 and married and emotionally manipulated her into the relationship. He stalked her, said nice things to her, messaged her online, bought her lingerie, told her he was aroused by her in when she was in class and it made his day. All this gross power-play stuff.

One day, my former friend and I booked tickets to Japan to go together, but apparently the professor booked tickets too so he could spend some more time with her away from prying eyes (the school administration had a word with them, but allowed it despite the obvious abuse of authority). I found out my friend told her parents that she was going with only me, when it was really the three of us so she could "spend time with the people she cared about."

I bailed. I cried. I was suddenly just a tool to make their relationship work. I can't imagine how forgiving my parents were when I said I was forfeiting a flight that cost so much of their money because it was a gift to me. The professor messaged me saying that I made life difficult for him. What was going be their excuse for the flight now, he said. I haven't spoken to her since.

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23. For Hating Mom for No Good Reason

I can’t forgive my ex-girlfriend's mother. Let me begin by saying that I am very close with my mother because I was homeschooled and while my Dad was at work, she was essentially my teacher. I'm a perfectly normal dude, being homeschooled has had zero adverse effects, and I don't find it weird that I'm close with my mother.

She did. She barely knew my mother, let alone my father, and constantly blamed her for "the way I act," insulted her for no good reason, etc. When in reality, she had gone off the deep end years ago and needed to be put in a mental institution. Even my ex began joining in on it after a while, calling me a mama's boy, etc.

Finally, one day I snapped. Her husband had died about a year and a half prior to my ex and I breaking up and she was going off on me one day so I just lost it. "You know, if I had been your husband, I'd have died too just to get away from you." She never bothered me again after that. My ex and I broke up about a month later.

I will never forgive either of them. Ever. You can trash me all you'd like, but you bring my family into it? My family, who has never been anything but kind and caring to you in your times of need. Who helped out financially? You're out.

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24. For Being an Unsupportive, Lousy Husband

A previous friend of mine spent over $70,000 on IFV treatments with his wife to have a baby. They had to do two rounds and she got pregnant on the second. She was working a retail job with no maternity leave and he told her she could stay home to reduce stress, so she quit her job. While she stayed home, she started selling craft items for her own spending money etc.

He left her four/five months into the pregnancy for one of our good mutual friends. He cited that she “had been crazy their whole marriage” and “she knows how much I hate her” and “I didn’t want to get married but her dad paid so much for the wedding.” His wife had to find a job that would still give her time off when she gave birth, but she finally did at a call center. She started dating another guy while she was pregnant and he was there when she gave birth, but her husband wasn’t.

I honestly don’t know who is even listed on the birth certificate. I guess it’s her ex-husband because he still had some form of custody. I can’t remember when the divorce was finalized but he got married to the new girl when the kid was about six months old. He only had supervised visitation because apparently his ex was making up stories about how he treated their kid and how they would leave him for hours while they went shopping or played video games etc.

We live in a state that is not friendly to fathers in custody arrangements but I think down the road he did get partial custody. The worst part is that we had a group of about 10 mutual friends and more than half sided with the husband, and backed the “she was a crazy wife” story. I stopped hanging out with everyone after that.

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25. For Being a Useless, Mooching Roommate

I hate to say this, but my roommate. The dude literally couldn't boil water without instructions much less shop for himself. So what happens? He eats all my food and waits for me to cook something. We go to the store together and I'm checking out with a $100-150 bill and the guy spends $30. Who cares about me, right?! Oh, but wait, there's so much more.

This is the same roommate who I lent my car to go four blocks down the street because he "didn't feel like walking." BIG MISTAKE! Long story short, I come home the next morning to a find my car trashed as well as being handed a $3,000 bill for the damages. I come to find out he was under the influence of not one, but several drugs and finally admitted to hitting a parked car.

I don't care how much of a "friend" he was before all this (if at all), but there is certainly a level of distrust and screw-it attitude in dealing with the guy. The best news: lease is up in a month. ????

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26. For Using My Dead Child

My parents abused the memory of my dead child. My father decided he wanted to be buried at a certain cemetery that had limited plots left. But they would allow a burial if a child was involved and if two family members were buried in the same plot. So he got fireplace ash and put it in a container and forged my signature on official documents allowing a “burial” for my dead child. I had no idea. My mother knew. And she did not tell me.

They are both vile and I will never forgive them.

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27. For Letting My Prescription Drug Addicted Stepmother Kick Me Out

The first ten years of my life are filled with memories of my dad either staying late at work, lying in bed drunk and/or shouting abuse at my mom/grandmother. There were way too many broken promises. But those aren't even the reasons I hate him. When I was seventeen, I was having a hard time with school/ friends/ life in general.

I was living with my mom, sister, and stepdad (my parents have been divorced since I was eleven). I went to live with my dad. Very, very, very long story short, my dad was with a woman who I am absolutely sure is the worst person I have ever met—abusive, neglectful to her child, and addicted to prescription drugs. This woman is off her rocker to this day.

Needless to say, we despised each other almost immediately. She was the evil stepmother and I was the child from a previous marriage. For two years, my father and I lived through her nightmare. We had to stay in hotel rooms several times because she would physically abuse my dad. Despite my pleas to not go back, we always eventually did.

Then the day came of my high school graduation. I came home and all my stuff was on the back porch outside the garage. My stepmother had kicked me out and that spineless man who was my father didn't even try to stop her. I had nowhere to go and ended up having to sleep in a hotel that night. Luckily for me, I have an amazing boyfriend whose family was kind enough to take me in but he didn't know that.

I haven't talked to him any more than what is necessary since that day. I really hate him.

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28. For Being the Worst Kind of Human Being

My mother’s second marriage happened while I was in high school and lasted a little bit into college. I’m a bigger guy and her husband Mike was kind of close to a twig. So I think I scared him into acting right while I was still in high school. I graduated and left for college and was obviously no longer around.

So imagine my surprise when I come back and find out this guy is under investigation for abusing his own child and that my mother found rope burns on my little brother that he refused to talk about. When I questioned him about that, he blew up and started blaming my mother and threatening to go visit my grandpa and blow his brains out.

I grabbed a fire poker and told him that if he didn't leave immediately, I'd kill him. I've never seen him since.

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29. For Chasing Me Around with an Axe

I can’t forgive my old neighbor from when I was around 10. I had made a new friend at the park and began hanging out with him more, so eventually, all three of us were having rubber band wars. My new friend shot my neighbor with his band. They started yelling at each other and it escalated, eventually my neighbor ran inside to grab his father's axe which he subsequently chased us with.

I ran away on my bike, never to see him again. I found out later he had severe ADHD and was going to a special school. I saw his mom once at the supermarket, that was awkward.

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30. For Robbing Me to Buy Drugs

Someone I had known since grade school robbed my house while my parents and I were driving to my college my freshman year. He took the contents of various change jars, my old laptop, an external hard drive I’d left at home by mistake, and several other things. My parents realized something was up when they came home and started noticing various things were missing.

The police caught him biking down Main Street with the laptop and a few other things around one in the morning a few weeks later. He had wiped the hard drive on the laptop and external hard drive, which obliterated the years of (admittedly bad) writing I’d been trying my hand at for as long as I can remember. I gave up on writing after that point.

It turned out he was hooked on a number of illicit substances and decided to rob us because he knew how to get in from hanging out on prior occasions. If I ever see him again, I’ll break his nose. Mind you, this happened about 10 years ago.

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31. For Hating Me After I Was Probably Drugged

My old best friends. I was in a group of seven girls and was friends with most of them for around 5-10 years. We all went out drinking in our local bar and to be fair I was quite drunk; however, I started to feel terrible, I had stomach cramps, couldn't see even though my eyes were wide open, and kept feeling like I was going to be sick.

I could only come to the conclusion that my drink had been spiked. Due to the confusion, me not knowing what was happening and everyone crowding me, I lashed out at a friend (apparently). I genuinely cannot remember what happened after sitting down other than seeing my feet drag underneath me when two bouncers dragged me out of the toilets.

I was screaming, shaking, and felt like I was being dragged in a million directions. My friends, to this day, won’t speak to me; I never saw them after that night. They all said they wanted nothing to do with me. I will never forgive them. It’s still hard to think they're the only people who can piece together that half an hour I can't remember and none of them will talk to me.

I got taken home and woke both my parents and my brother who straight away rang an ambulance after suffering a panic attack. I got taken to the ER, where they kept me for four hours. Anyone (including them) who knows me even slightly couldn't understand my reaction. I am never a violent drunk—I'm always the one people take the piss out of because I'm so silly.

Their reaction confuses me, but I'm a firm believer in everything happening for a reason.

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32. For Faking Stage Four Cancer

Aside from the obvious unforgivable offenses (murder, child abuse, etc.), I have an example of a specific person I cannot forgive. My best friend of 10 years faked having stage 4 bone cancer. Her biological family and most of her friends lived in different states and she was living with a family that she nannied for.

The nanny family was in on her lie and helped her pull it off. Several of our friends shaved our heads and got tattoos in her handwriting and we threw multiple fundraisers and Go Fund Me events. We raised thousands of dollars to help cover medical bills and other expenses. Businesses donated goods and services for raffles, a tattoo artist comped her a tattoo, and several people gave her substantial gifts, including clothes, makeup, plane tickets, etc.

My husband and I fast-tracked our wedding so she could be the maid of honor before she passed away, which "was imminent." We were engaged and married within two months. One week before the wedding, I got a call from her local police department that someone reported her to crime stoppers for fraud and they were investigating our fundraisers.

For several days, I cooperated with the police department and the other fundraiser coordinators. We determined that she was not sick and had pocketed all of the money and gifts. She called me three days before my wedding and confessed—but that wasn't even what shocked me the most. She actually had the audacity to ask if I still wanted her to be my maid of honor. I am not bitter anymore and I don't have any ill will towards her, but I can never forgive her.

This experience absolutely destroyed my ability to trust friends and strangers alike. It took many years and several therapists to heal. I'm stronger for it, but I don't contribute to fundraisers without proof anymore. She got convicted for felony fraud and her biological family ended up reimbursing anyone who requested their money back.

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33. For Blaming Me for Her Burp

In first grade, this girl sitting next to me burped loudly while the teacher was writing on the chalkboard. She turns around and tells me to say excuse me. I say, "No, madam, you seem to be mistaken, you see, it was actually this precocious young girl to my left who belched most excruciatingly, not I, so your aggression is rather a bit misplaced, yes?" or something like that.

Then I had to write my name on the board and couldn't go to recess, meanwhile, the girl gets away scot-free!

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34. For Stealing from My Son While He Was in a Coma

My son was in a car accident where his live-in girlfriend of five years was killed. He was in a coma in the hospital. His girlfriend’s sister asked if she could go in the house after a couple of weeks and "get her sister's stuff." I don't know what I was thinking, but I allowed it. "Her sister’s stuff" turned out to be everything but the furniture and appliances.

My son came home to no photographs, none of his own shoes, no decent clothing, no winter coat, no dishes, nothing. Watching my son walk into an empty house, void of not only her, but any trace of her, was devastating. It was like they were erasing her from his existence. I don't think I will ever forgive her family for that.

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35. For Ruining All the Relationships

All names are changed in this. I had gotten really close with a girl who was in the same grade as me, Miranda. We always hung out and just goofed off. She eventually starting dating my male best friend, Jake. They were one of those adorable couples who made everyone almost jealous. A few months after they starting dating, I introduced her to my friend Matt.

I had been in love with Matt for over a year, but I knew he didn't feel that way about me, so I just tried to keep things friendly between us. I had told Miranda about my feelings and she was helping me feel better and was helping me try to get over him. One night, we were all at a friend's house, we were all drinking. Jake had to leave, but we continued to party after he left.

Later that night, when everyone was asleep, I woke up and noticed that Miranda and Matt were gone. I didn't think anything of it and went back to sleep. They were both back when everyone woke up in the morning, so I didn't think to ask where they were. A couple days later, I was hanging out with Matt and some other friends when Jake calls me.

He asks if I thought Miranda would cheat on him, I said no. Then he asked if she would sleep with Matt, I remembered them not being there that night so I wasn't sure. Jake asked me to hand the phone to Matt, Matt admitted to sleeping with her. I just stood there, frozen. I just had it confirmed to me that my best friend, who was there for me when I felt like crap because of Matt, had slept with him, and cheated on my best male friend.

Jake and Miranda obviously broke up, then her and Matt started dating. They immediately started living together and her old drug problem started back up full force. She got Matt just as involved and dragged him down with her. She eventually cheated on him too and they broke up. Matt got clean after that and she left the state.

I don't care how much time passes, I'm not sure if I can ever forgive her for hurting me, Jake, and Matt so deeply.

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36. For Puking in the Audi

I offered to be the driver for a party from our work. Since it was a two-hour drive, I arranged to borrow my dad’s Audi that he uses for work, so we had comfort and we didn’t have to pay for gas. When we were walking to the car to drive home, I saw my colleague was getting sick. I told her to throw up but she said it wasn’t necessary.

Not even five minutes into the drive, without warning me to pull over, she threw up all over the back seat of my dad’s Audi. Another colleague and I tried to clean it up as much as possible next to the road (she didn’t help). That was a fun two-hour drive back home. I won’t ever forgive her for that.

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37. For Being a Terrible Mother

I can’t forgive my mother who tried to split me up from my friends and ban me from hanging in certain "dangerous" suburbs because she thought I would be corrupted. She also drove away girls I dated or was even interested in. She once called a girl’s parents and said I hit her brother just to make me look bad. In reality, all she did was separate me from other kids; there was nothing wrong with the suburbs.

I, in fact, own properties in them now. As for that woman, she is on her own and can die alone in a gutter for all I care.

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38. For Throwing My Dad in the Garbage

I was going through a really hard time when my father passed away. My sister was dying in the hospital next door to the hospital my dad was in when they called me to tell me I had to decide to pull the plug on him or not. I hadn’t spoken to him in a few years due to various reasons. He was married and had a new family so I thought, “this is too much for me right now, just pass the rights over to his current wife.”

After he passed, she had him cremated and I asked for some of his ashes so my sister and I could have a funeral for him when she recovered from her brain surgery. I didn’t want anything but even some of his ashes. She said yes—but it was a bald-faced lie. What she actually did made my blood run cold. Months go by and I found out she had literally thrown my dad away in the garbage, took all his money and possessions, moved far away and changed numbers.

I will never ever forgive and forget that. I just wanted my dad where he belonged.

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39. For Lying About Trespassing

I had a friend. Let's say his name is Jon. Me and Jon hang out a lot at his house. His dad introduced/ helped be sign up and play football. We were pretty close and I was pretty much family. Jon has a little sister, Kristin. A new girl moves in on the street, same age as me, and becomes friends with Kristen. Her name is Hannah.

One day I go over to Jon’s house. As I come up the door, so does Hannah, apparently there to see Kristin. We ring the doorbell but no one is home. Out of curiosity, we try the door. It's open. We look at each other kind of like "What?," then lock and close it, then leave. Next time I come over to Jon’s house, his parents say that Hannah told them that I went into their house when they accidentally left it unlocked.

I tell them it was unlocked but I didn't go inside. They can genuinely see that I am telling the truth and believe me. But screw Hannah, I didn't even know her. But it's all good, she has pizza face acne now.

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40. For Losing the Cat

My dad moved to San Francisco recently. Before he moved, he had a cat named Tiggrrr. I remember the day we went to get Tiggrrr. Tiggrrr didn't like me at first, probably because my younger sister was a little brat and showed "over-affection"—basically she'd hug him too tight/too often and he’d lash out at her when enough was enough. He may have thought I was the same way and thus didn't like us.

One day, Tiggrrr was harnessed to a tree in our front yard and I look up from the computer to see Tiggrrr being attacked by a greyhound off its leash. I ran out with my dad and saved him. I nursed him back to health. And then he fell in love with me at last. I mention the above story because just before my dad moved, Tiggrrr got lost.

The story is my dad was taking him to the vet to get updated shots and Tiggrrr broke free of the harness he was in. My dad didn't chase after him or anything. I didn't even know Tiggrrr was missing until almost a week had gone by. Once I heard he was missing, I began a really big online cat search. The couple of leads we got as to where Tiggrrr was came from me and my posts online. I even drove to where my dad lives (an hour away) to go physically search.

My dad barely lifted a finger. He kept making excuses and effectively abandoned Tiggrrr. I spent many days depressed because this cat that my dad claimed to love like a son was lost, possibly hurt, and starving. I didn't find Tiggrrr. My dad moved away. But my dad did make a point to call me (and call me almost every day since that call) and tell me he accidentally left some display cases of his filled with military patches behind using the tone of distress and panic that he should have used when Tiggrrr went missing.

I can't forgive my dad for abandoning Tiggrrr. I just can't; I can't have children and I have three cats who I treat like sons. I know that if any of them got lost, I'd lose my brain trying to find them. I got a brand new lead yesterday and a photo that just might be Tiggrrr. But I'm keeping Tiggrrr, telling my dad he's found, and that after he gets those display cases from me, I'm severely limiting my contact with him.

While that seems extreme, it's really just the catalyst (no pun intended) on the decision to not keep my dad in my life as much as he wants.

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41. For Being Disrespectful, Long-Lost Siblings

My dad passed and my long-lost half-brother and half-sister contacted me after years of nothing. The will was on its way to a lawyer for execution and my brother and sister wanted to sell my dad's house for $30k and split it $10k apiece. I was still in shock and didn't want to decide anything until the will was read and done exactly as my dad wanted.

The lawyer informs me I am the executioner and primary beneficiary of my father's will. My brother and sister were to have $500 apiece and nothing more. The will even said not to give either of them anything more in all capital letters. The lawyer said my dad gave my brother and sister $500 apiece so they couldn't claim they got nothing and say that I had brainwashed my dad.

I also learned that there was far more than a $30k balance left on the house and selling it for that little of an amount would have really screwed me. I told my brother and sister my plan to try and fix up the house and clean it, and if they would like to help me then I would be willing to share a significant portion of any profit. They did not want to do that.

My brother didn't even show up to my dad's funeral and my sister only talked about how she had loaned my dad a Nintendo Wii and she was wondering if she could get it back. Girl, I went with him to the store when he bought it. It wasn't hers at all. My sister ended up leaving the wake to meet my brother and try and grab as much value from my dad's house as they could.

Luckily, a neighbor called the police on them so they didn't get too much. Brother and sister took to social media to try and turn any shared family against me for "stealing all my dad's things and screwing over family." My nephews, whom I actually kept in contact with, now all hate me for this and don't care about my side of the story.

Sometimes, screw that whole "family over everything" stuff. I have decided I am fine without ever seeing my drug-addict sister or my woman-beating stalker of a brother ever again. Human trash.

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42. For Having a Dad Who “Died 4 Different Ways”

I can’t forgive a former friend from college who was a pathological liar. She'd do things like text about another friend killing themselves and how she really didn't want to be alone. So I would drive over there and hear the story about how this makes her think about her earliest memory as a little girl and her father's suicide. A fairly emotionally draining afternoon.

Anyway, as I get to have more friends in common with her, we all start comparing notes. Apparently, her dad died in four different ways (suicide, cancer, etc.) at varying points in her life. She just makes crap up to be the center of attention. And it wasn't just her dad. It was everything. I eventually walked away. There was a last get together where she hugged me and told me how much she missed me despite the fact I had been completely rude to her the entire night.

I never confronted her about it, and I'm sure I would have gotten a sob story I wasn't sure I could believe. I never really forgave her. I just typically forget her.

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