Terrible Neighbors


It’s hard to make a house a home when your neighbors are this deranged. These Redditors know that struggle—and their tales are absolutely unhinged.

1. Stay In Your Lane

I lived in an apartment complex with assigned spots, and every day this person in a white Civic encroached into my parking spot. So every day I was parking closer and closer to her car. I was getting good at parking close enough to her, without hitting her.


One day I was walking to my car to head out to work, and I saw her climbing through her passenger side door to get into her car, cursing up a storm.

She saw me, we locked eyes as she was climbing over her middle console. She started her car and drove away.


Since that incident, she has stayed in between the lines of her own parking spot.


2. First Time Buyer Beware

My wife and I were moving into our first house. Our new neighbors were on their front porch drinking, which was no big deal. While bringing the last load of boxes into the house, my neighbor came up, welcomed me to the neighborhood, and mentioned how nice my TV was.


A week later, my wife and I were headed out to dinner, and he stopped us to ask how long we would be gone. Something felt really off about him at that moment.

I lied and told him I was just running to the gas station one block away and that I would be back immediately.

Twenty minutes later, I got a phone call from the local authorities. This moron broke into my house in broad daylight, while three other neighbors were watching. He cut his hand on the window as he attempted to climb through it and used his bleeding hand on every doorknob in my house.

He is now a number in the US penal system.


3. She Was Looney Tunes

In my first apartment, I lived above an old crazy woman. Our apartment was the only one on the third floor, and hers was the only apartment on the second floor. What she did to us was nothing short of sadistic—she once poured vegetable oil on the staircase leading to our door and then sprinkled thumbtacks on top of the oil so that we would slip and fall onto the tracks, like in Looney Tunes.

She would also scream profanities at my roommates and me whenever she saw us.

  We called her “the crazy lady”—we were not wrong.


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