Annoyed People Share The Things That Still Make Them Mad

Christine Tran

Some grudges die hard. These Redditors find it impossible to “forgive and forget” things that should—at least in theory—be left in the past. Of course, there’s just certain human insensitivities, thefts, and outright violence that can and should not be forgiven. Get ready to angst over these gripping stories of little things which STILL make us mad.

1. Are You Oh “K”?

Losing the K key from my old laptop. I accidentally dropped it and the key flew away from the keyboard. Never found it again. It was a pain in the ass to type by touching the little sticky thing that was supposed to be the K. I stopped using that laptop three years ago and I am still mad.


2. Closed Lids, Closed Lips

When I was 7, I spent the night at my cousin’s house. Before dinner, my uncle led the prayer. When he finished, my cousin blurts “He had his eyes open while you prayed!” So, my uncle railed on me about how it’s disrespectful to have your eyes open while you pray. I said, “How did he know my eyes were open if his eyes were closed?”

My uncle told me I couldn’t have dessert. I never had my eyes open during the prayer. Jerk.


3. So Much for Good Favors

Back in my junior year history class, we were writing an open book quiz. I dropped my pencil and it bounced under the desk of a guy next to me. He noticed and picked it up. My teacher immediately failed both of us for “cheating.” The quiz was maybe 5% of our grade, and it was 20 years ago, but it still burns my grits.


4. Here Lies the Heart

When my ex left me and I asked, “Just be honest, are you having an affair with your coworker?” and she said “No.” I knew she was. She knew I knew she was. But she lied anyway. Breaking up happens. Affairs happen. That lie was just mean.


5. Worst Foot Forward

When I was in kindergarten, my school had a Student Olympics where all the kids would participate in physical competitions, like sprinting and jump ropes or other kid-friendly competitions. I didn’t really enjoy any of the others, but I was in the lead for the sprinting competition and it was the final lap, I was gonna win, I was so close.

But one of my classmates ran behind me, and shoved me down, making my knee bleed profusely. I don’t care that I was injured, I’m just freaking cheesed that that jerk won. He didn’t even get in trouble. I’m still pissed about that.


6. It’s an Inside Job

That I made it to the final two for a very good marketing job in a hiring process with WWE six years ago… only for at the final hour when they made their decision, a former employee got wind of the job and just texted the hiring manager, and both of us were out.


7. The Crown Jewel of Cruelty

Shortly after a breakup, I realized that my late mother’s jewelry box was missing. There wasn’t anything high-end or expensive in it, but that monster either took it and tossed it just to be a jerk, or he took it and gave it to the girl he was hooking up with behind my back.  Either way, I no longer have the only thing I ever wanted from the jewelry box—the charm bracelet my mother had throughout her life.

The charms represented big moments in her life—graduation, wedding, my birth, and all of them are gone. Screw you, Jason.


8. Send That Sibling to The Doghouse

My mum let my sister play Nintendogs on my DS. She wanted to buy a new dog. The problem was to do that she had to delete another dog and she deleted Bello, my best dog that I had trained for over a year. My sister was four at the time, but I am still mad about it.


9. Nothing to Fear but Fear and Punishment

We had a classroom pet lizard in the third grade. I went to the pencil sharpener during class and noticed that it had been frightened and detached its tail. Something we learned about lizards when they brought it into the classroom. I loudly gasped when I saw it and received after-school detention for “disrupting the class.”

I was an eight-year-old that was punished for seeing something scary to me. Still angry.


10. Wall Street Vs. The People

Bank of America doing their best to screw up my home loan 10 years ago. Even though it eventually was sorted out, my blood pressure rises every time I think about it.


11. There Is Such a Thing as a Stupid Question, in Her Ears

When I was in the sixth grade, I had trouble with math, and as such, tended to ask a lot of questions in class. Once, when we were reviewing something (I think it was algebra) I raised my hand to ask a question because I didn’t understand, and the teacher said, in an annoyed tone and totally serious, “Oh, geez. I guess you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

Embarrassed me to the point where I never asked questions in that class again and ended up just barely passing. I’m 25 now, and it still makes me mad.


12. He Wouldn’t Go the Distance

I graduated in 2008, in the middle of that recession. There were no jobs available because I was magically overqualified with my college degree and underqualified with no experience. I got one interview and I was perfect for the job, but the employer said that I lived too far away. The commute would have been an hour and ten minutes.

But I was willing to move because I had just finished school and there was nothing keeping me in my college town. The interviewer just kept shaking his head saying, “That’s too far of a drive.” Dude, listen to me! It would have been an awesome job.


13. The String of Fate

So back when I was in kindergarten, my class has a HUGE snitch. We were doing arts and crafts and I ended up getting her as a partner. She said my name and when I turned around the string I was holding ended up hitting her in the arm (a string), and she cried and told the teacher, and my parents kept telling me “don’t hit people.”

After all that, I still hate her.


14. Disappointment Come in Twos

In 1998, when I was 13 years old, the Smashing Pumpkins played a free concert in Minneapolis. I had never been to a concert before, but I convinced my mom to let me go. I had plans with my best friend and was super excited. That was until one of the neighbors needed a last-minute babysitter overnight to watch her infant and toddler.

Mom decided I was doing that instead. She paid me $100 for the work (and I remember that being the first redesigned $100 bill I had ever seen), but I missed the concert. 100K people showed up. Yeah, it probably would have been a nightmare situation with that many people and me being so young, but I didn’t get to be a part of it, and people are still talking about it.

Also, at my old job, we had two community fridges for everyone to bring their lunches, and freezers for us to store some bulk stuff. I had a box of corn dogs in the freezer. One day, I went to the break room to make a corn dog for lunch. I put my hand in the box, and was infuriated to find out that not only had all of my corn dogs been eaten by someone that was not me, rather than throwing the box away, they filled the box with ice cubes to weigh it down and put it back in the freezer.

We all labeled our food with our names and dates, so whoever took my lunch knew it was my lunch. I know people’s lunches get stolen at work all the time, it’s the audacity of weighing the box down and putting it back that really makes me mad. This was seven or eight years ago, and I’m still mad about it. Never did find out who did it either.


15. My Collection Isn’t a Library

When I was at university my sister’s school had a fundraising thing where they accepted donations for them to sell off in a rummage sale. My mum gave away my entire book collection without letting me know. This included a book that my grandad gave to me when I turned 15 where he wishes me the best, a couple from teachers after I left their class, and a few that I exchanged with friends when I graduated secondary school.

We gave each other a copy of some of our favorite books, I know I’m a nerd. I only found out months later, with no way to track them down.


16. We’re All in This Together, Regretfully

Being the only second grade class in the history of my school to miss out in the annual apple-picking trip, all because a group of boys had been consistently acting out for a while. The teachers believed the best way to punish them was to pull the field trip from everyone. Of course, the boys didn’t learn anything from it, and I was left quite bitter.


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17. Talk Bricks, Get Hit

When I was in fifth grade, I was one of the tallest kids, and looked sort of out of shape. There was a kid that was maybe my size but scrawnier and kept sucker punching me randomly in the halls. Little did he know I was actually very built. This time, I was having a bad day and after he came at me, I whipped around and clocked him square in the face.

Principal found out and only I was in trouble after hearing the entire case. The kid never showed up a lot after that. Now that it’s senior year, well, for me at least he actually got held back multiple times and is still a freshman, and I’m about a foot taller than him. He recognized me when I finally saw him in the school and acted like he didn’t exist.


18. You Can’t Make Those Anymore

I lost all the photographs my family ever had. We were moving, and left photographs in a “throw away box.” My family is my mom and I, and those photographs are the photos my mom had since she was born. Of her family, of her brothers (one of which died) and sisters that she doesn’t talk to anymore. Of her young years, when she ran away from home and lived with friends.

Of her in different countries, traveling. She is extremely pretty, and she had many pics in gorgeous dresses, she always looked great. Pics of my dad and her together—my dad left before I was born. Pics of my mom and I when I was a toddler. My mom was beaming, even though I was her first and only child, and she was a single mother.

She looked very good, and radiant in those pics. Pictures of her stepmother, and her mother. Her biological mother is in the other country, and now all she has left of her is memory. I was 14 when we moved and I misplaced the pictures, but I will never forgive myself, because a big chunk of life is now gone.


19. No More Waterspouts in Your Future

When an elderly relative snapped all the legs off my toy rubber spider I’d been messing about with. She claimed it was scaring her grandchildren. I was 10. It hurt me deeply. I didn’t have the capacity to protest but I could tell my parents were pissed too at such a petty but cruel thing. When the elderly relative died a few decades later I couldn’t feel any sadness even though the rest of my family were in true mourning.


20. It’s a Dog Eat Dog Workplace

I was working at a large nationwide retail store a few years back. My girlfriend (now wife) had brought me half a pizza so I could eat something. So, I take it to the back, write my name really big on the box, and put it in the refrigerator. Two hours later, I go on my lunch break, grab the box and it feels a little off. I set it on a table and open it up. Empty.

Some jerk ate all four slices of pizza and put the empty box back in the refrigerator. I’ll never know who it was since the break room doesn’t have cameras, and there are so many employees that go in and out within the two-hour window. I don’t have the words for what I felt, but it was somewhere between just sobbing on the floor and rage.

I was so happy that my significant other thought of me enough to bring me food. And was really looking forward to it because I almost never ate at work. Only to get in there and open an empty box. Screw you, fellow large nationwide retail store employee.


21. He Doesn’t Like the Skin You’re In

My pappy changed his sermon on the way to church because I was wearing a short-sleeved dress. In Oklahoma, in July. It went almost to the ground, but the fact that it had short sleeves made it immodest according to him. There weren’t actual church rules about it, just his. And he didn’t say something at the house so I could change, he waited for us to get on the road and then told me that since I was dressed so inappropriately that the sermon would be changed to refer to my behavior.

He busted out Ecclesiastes and talked about vanity and told the congregation that it was because of me and my dress. There were about 120 or so people there. I was 11. I’m almost 40 now. He mellowed as he got older, but he never did say he was sorry.


22. Family Drives You Crazy

When I was 19 and my sister was 16, my parents bought sister her first car. They said it wasn’t truly “hers,” but when either of theirs wasn’t working they always asked her permission to borrow it. That car eventually was passed to me when they gave her a second car. This car was a gift from one of my father’s coworkers.

The man told him it was for his daughter since the guy worked with my dad since my mom was pregnant with her. When I pointed out that my sister already had a car it made sense to give it to me. My father explained that since the guy didn’t know I existed; the car HAD to go to my sister. Makes no sense to me, but I’m not about to argue with my dad.

So, I ask them to help me out when I’m finally ready to get my own car. He agreed. The time comes after I’ve been working a while and the piece of junk that I’d gotten from my sister is on its very last legs. I did a lot of shopping around and finally found something that looked good and affordable. I asked if they could help as they’d promised.

I kid you not, my sister called a family meeting and convinced my parents that they shouldn’t help me out, because I had a job. They, of course, agreed with her. I’m in my 50s still bitter. Thanks, sis!


23. You Coulda Caught ‘Em All…

When I was nine years old, my friend and I had the original Red and Yellow Pokémon games. We spent months getting every Pokémon we can and evolving them to complete the Pokédex. We saved up our money and bought a link cable just so we can trade. Another month or so, my friend’s parents buy him Blue version. We were ecstatic!

We rushed through the game just to collect the exclusives to that game and trade it with one another. We each were at 149 Pokémon. One day my younger cousin (five years old) came over and wanted to play my Gameboy. I was afraid of letting him play on my saved file that I started a new game for him and handed him the Gameboy to play.

Later on that day, I took my Gameboy and went over to my friend’s house. I started up the game and saw zero badges. My heart sank when I saw that. I knew exactly what happened. That little jerk saved over my file. I was bawling when it happened and my eight-year-old friend was consoling me saying it’s going to be okay and we’re going to do it all over again—we never did.

When I confronted my cousin; he said he didn’t know what he was doing and pushed every button in the Start menu. Still mad about it today. I will never get Magmar. I will never get 150 ever again.


24. Save the Date…Or Else

A few years ago, my husband and I were planning our wedding, only his family wanted it rushed because I was pregnant (they’re super religious, mine didn’t care), and they all got together and decided on a few dates. Those dates my mom was busy—business trips mostly. But it was all stuff she couldn’t back out of. I told them this, asked to push off the wedding, asked several times as nicely as I could manage—several of my husband’s family members basically said she was a garbage mom for “choosing” these ALREADY PLANNED AND PAID FOR things over her own daughter’s wedding.

So I threatened to go on one of her business trips with her if they wouldn’t reschedule—my mom even offered to pay for me to join her (love her so much for this) and they finally caved and realized I was serious. Yeah, I’m still mad at those family members for calling her a garbage mother.


25. Not Worth the Friendship

I had a friend as close as a brother steal $500 cash from my wallet and proceed to abuse the heck out of my kindness. Good news is I got the money all back after he realized I was on to his theft and not falling for his lies. Bad news is he sliced my couch up, pretended to find $200 of the $500 trying to masquerade his theft.

He even said I should give him a cut of THAT even though I was still out $300. My couch is still ruined, too, and I sleep on that thing. No longer associated with him, but I really want to punch his jerk face.


26. A Childhood is Priceless

When I was 21 and away at college, some thieves broke into my mom’s house when she was away. It was over Christmas and they robbed her absolutely blind. The good thing was her homeowner’s insurance covered and replaced everything, so her extremely out of date TV and stereo, etc., were all replaced with brand-spanking-new ones.

What sucked for me is that NO ONE NOTICED that my room had been rifled through and my entire comic book collection, which I’d been collecting since I was FIVE YEARS OLD, was gone. Also, all my old tabletop RPG books and boxed sets had been cherry-picked off my bookcase in such a way that no one but me realized there were gaps.

Some of those books were gifts, with inscriptions and everything. Because no one noticed my stuff was gone for over a year, I was outside of the window where my mom’s homeowner’s insurance would’ve paid to replace my things. I’m 46 years old. I wish upon those thieves a lifetime of paper cuts.


27. Birdnapped!

That the vets tried to take my brother’s (16 at the time) bird away, saying he needed a license and wasn’t qualified to have the bird. Our dad’s friend found the bird a few weeks old and was dying. My brother nursed it back to health and would wake up at ridiculous hours to just look after it. Bird got sick so my brother and mum took the bird, now called Ella, to the vet.

They took Ella, my brother started crying and tried running away with her cause he didn’t want to leave her. He ended up running into a dead end and the bird was taken away. Three days later, the vets called and said he could have the bird back as a bird expert or something, said that the bird was just malnourished and told them to give it back to him as the bird was happier with him, and not coping well without him (something along these lines).

I heard about this, and within five freaking minutes of researching licenses regarding this bird, would you have guessed that you didn’t need a license? So, my brother was sad and clearly depressed because his baby was taken away and told he would never have her back, but would you look at that.


28. Takes One to Know One

I went to a very Catholic school and a teacher I had when I was seven years old told everybody who would listen that she “could see the devil” in me. It took me the better part of two decades to realize I wasn’t a piece of garbage because of her. I still kind of feel guilty about, like, existing.


29. She Speaks for the Lord, But Not For Your Kids

I was about nine and in fourth grade when this happened. First off, my mom is a very religious woman who takes Christianity extremely seriously. She is also the type of person that is very inclined to believe anything that affirms her intuition, which led her to create/believe wild conspiracy’s based on shreds of evidence and her “God-given mothers intuition.”

Well, like many people my age, I was completely obsessed with Pokémon back in the day. I saved up all the money I got from doing chores and yard work for our neighbors and went out and bought myself a brand-new Gameboy XP and a copy of Pokémon Sapphire, which was all the rage among my second-grade friends at the time.

Fast forward to two years later, a new family had moved into our neighborhood and all of their kids were around me and my brothers’ ages, so we started to hang out a lot, which let our moms (unfortunately) get to know each other. So, one day I’m outside playing with some friends and my mom calls me back to our house.

I unassumingly waltz in, unaware of the life-altering trauma I was about to experience. Apparently, my new friend’s mother (we’ll call her Mrs. L.) was very into fringe Christian magazines and lately a hot topic for these wannabe prophets were the Pokémon games. Mrs. L. had informed my mother that she had read a lot about Pokémon recently and told my mom that the games were actually Chinese propaganda, disguised as video games, that was purposely designed to make American kids addicted to the games and feed them anti-Christian ideals.

And yes, somehow my mother was convinced that this all of this was absolutely true without doing any research on her own because “I just knew something was odd about those games.” Basically, Mrs. L. and my mother agreed that they both needed to confiscate these games from their kids so that we would not be fed any more propaganda.

So, after a drawn-out lecture on our families Christian values, my mother informed me that she would be ridding the house of any Pokémon games that we owned. She even explained to my brother and I that we would experience “withdrawal symptoms” due to those darn Chinese manipulating our minds with their addictive tech.

So yeah, basically my mom rounded up all of our games, took them to GameStop, and sold them for scraps. This wouldn’t have been as traumatic if this was any old game, but this was Pokémon. I had spent hours upon hours grinding as hard as my prepubescent thumbs would let me in those games. I specifically remember getting a Plusle to level 100 and being immensely proud of that feat.

I probably had well over 200 hours poured into those cartridges and what did I get in return? A used copy of Pac-Man World Rally for GameCube. The kicker? Mrs. L’s kids threw a fit when she told them she was gonna take their games, so she ended up folding and letting them keep them. From then on, me and my brothers were the only children at school and in our neighborhood without Pokémon and all we had to show for it was a PAC-MAN racing game that was total garbage compared to Mario Kart.

Me and my level 100 Plusle will never forgive what you did to us.


30. My Albi Was Paper-Thin

In grade eight, on the school bus home, someone behind me threw a paper ball at the bus driver. I was looking at the bus driver, she immediately said it was me. I denied it, she reported me to the assistant principal. I got detention for the first time ever because some jerk decided to throw a piece of paper at the bus driver.

I’m still sour about that stupid incident.


31. Failed Because Mom Didn’t Want a Ring on It

When I was in elementary, we had a thing called “School Habits.” The teachers will make sure that we went with the correct school uniform, white socks all the way up, hair tied up. My mom always sent me to school with everything correct, but my jerk teacher never put me a 10, so it was 6 or 7, which was really low, my mom went to talk about It and my teacher said. “Yeah, but after recess, she has her socks down, her hair all messy, etc.”

Later, we found out it was because my mom was a single mom. This teacher was super religious and didn’t approve my mom having a child without getting married. That teacher is a jerk.


32. Burying Two Relationships Today

Two years ago, when my mom died, we had a low-key memorial barbecue. My mom wouldn’t have wanted anything fancy; she legitimately told me to burn her and save the life insurance money before she passed. Anyway, her older sister, who lived less than an hour away, couldn’t be bothered to attend. Keep in mind that my impoverished mother had been both loaning them money and lending them her car.

Not to mention my family had provided them the land to place their home on. She had no job. There was literally no reason for her not to be there. Two years previous. I had taken two days off of work and drove three hours to be with them when her husband died. Dead to me.


33. You Can’t Put a Price on a Limited Vocabulary

In second grade, some kid asked me what I thought of his cube building. I told him it was priceless. He promptly called the teacher over and told her that I had insulted his building. She agreed with him and put me in detention after class.


34. My Brother, My Burden

That my brother conned/bullied/emotionally blackmailed my dad into spending over tens of thousands of dollars on his farm in the couple of years before my dad died. My brother knew he was inheriting the farm and went on and on and on about how he would struggle financially and how solar panels would help until dad to installed them, and put in new heating and bought extra fields.

Then, the day before my dad died at home, I found him giving his wife’s family a tour of the house and showing then what he was going to change. I hate him for it, but almost the last thing my dad said to me was it’s up to you to keep the family together. So I’ve never challenged him about his behavior, or the lies he’s told people since.

Really upsets me three years later.


35. A Friendship is Worth More Than A Ghosting

I had a best friend. Friends for 20 odd years, since we were 12. A few years ago, she did something that let my daughter down. I spoke to her and told her not to promise things to a child that you then won’t deliver on. It was her time she had promised, and my daughter was so excited to spend time with her. After that conversation, she cut me dead.

Deleted me from FB, out of her life—that was it. 20 years of going through everything together and it’s just gone. I’m so mad and hurt. Still.


36. Beauty is in the Eye of the Abusive Beholder

My mother body shaming me, starting when I was 11. I’m nearly 40 now. I had started growing pubic hair and she and my older sister would laugh nastily about how long it was. She said it was long like a tap root, and she and my sister started calling me Tap Root to get a rise out of me. Sometimes they would call me that in front of other people, as a threat to embarrass me by outing my freakish pubes.

The puzzled person would press them to explain the nickname and what was so funny about it. I would beg them, with tears of fury and shame, not to tell, and people would wonder why an 11-year-old girl was crying over a silly random nickname. She also told me, around that time, that I was in my “ugly stage.” Since I was never told I had outgrown that stage, I simply trusted that I continued to be in my ugly stage.

Now that the flush of youth is gone, I look back at photos from when I was 14-30 and regret how much I hated my body. I’m not saying I was ever a great beauty, but I definitely didn’t deserve to feel as ugly as I did. Having so many of you be indignant on my behalf is so validating. I’d like all you kind people to know that I’m fine now; I have a wonderful husband who values good health, inspires me to exercise and take care of my body, and tries to convince me that I’m beautiful.

We have two healthy children who we raise to appreciate their bodies for being healthy, but I do sprinkle them with generous comments about how beautiful/ handsome they are.


37. This Arm of the Family Tree is Like That

When my son was three, this big kid pushed him off the top of a bouncy house slide then jumped on top of him, breaking his arm. I ran over to my son while my friend confronted the kid’s dad. When told his son broke my kid’s arm, the dad laughed.


38. The Mother of Al Complexes

My best friend in seventh grade texted me while pretending to be her mom. She texted me saying that she had killed herself. And when I saw my friend in person the next week, she laughed when I told her that I had thrown up because I cried so hard. Now I have major trust issues and I still have a grudge on her.


39. Teachers Don’t Like to Learn

A couple of weeks into my senior year of high school, the president gave a speech about the importance of school or something. I don’t know. I wasn’t really paying attention. Anyway, all of the teachers in my school had to set up their projectors so we could watch it. My math teacher couldn’t figure out how to get her projector working.

So, me being the nerdy kid, I offered to help. She had a fit. Started screaming about how she wasn’t stupid and how I needed to just sit down and shut up. After a few more minutes of her failing to fix it, she pointed at me and ordered me to fix it. I said, “Fix it yourself.” She told the whole class to go next door to watch the speech in that teacher’s room.

When we got up to leave, she pulled me to the side and told me that when the class got back, I was going to stand up and apologize for being so rude to her. I refused and went to join the rest of the class. She spent the rest of the year making my life miserable. She told me on several occasions that she was going to make sure that I filed her class.

Sure enough, I failed her class. Only class I ever failed.


40. I’m Positive…You’re Wrong

I was talking to my neighbor after school one day, and he had asked me how my stepmom’s pregnancy was doing. I didn’t know what he was talking about, so he showed me a picture of a positive pregnancy test my stepmom had sent him two days prior. I had told my parents I was upset that they did not tell me. They denied it.

When I confronted my dad in the parking lot about him lying to me, he told me he does not lie to me. He denied that my stepmom was pregnant in the first place. About two months later, my stepmom walks up to me and says, “Since you already know I’m pregnant, it’s a girl by the way.” The child is my father’s.


41. Not Worth the Grief?

Last year, on Father’s Day, I found out that my father had passed away weeks prior. His wife—not my mother—kept that information from me purposely, and even used his cell phone and pretended to be him via text after he had passed. I will never get over this. I don’t know if there’s an inheritance. I’ve been told he blew a lot of his money on medical expenses, and she was basically paying for everything at the end.

I’ve called the probate court pretty much every month since it happened, and nothing has been filed. I’m doing okay at best. It’s been tough at times. Obviously, this past weekend was rough which I think is why I decided to randomly reply to this quest. I currently don’t have insurance—though that is changing soon—so I haven’t been able to speak to anyone about it.


42. Selling Out of My Friendship

A friend from college called me and asked if I wanted to get coffee. I hadn’t seen her in years and I really enjoyed hanging out with her back in the day, so I was very excited to hear from her. I happily drove out to a coffee shop a town over where she was in the area, walked in, gave her a hug, met a friend she had with her, got our drinks and settled into a corner.

She was pitching me Amway. The friend was someone showing her how to do it. This was 2011. I am still upset about it.


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