People Reveal the Most Disgusting Habits They’ve Ever Seen

Mathew Burke

“It’s one of these things that I’ve been struck by for so long about America. You know, this amazing politeness of American life that’s not at all class-specific. It’s not like people get more polite as [they] ascend the hierarchy of society. Just incredible good manners. It’s always been something that I’ve noticed.”Geoff Dyer

There’s something very pleasant and tranquil about living in a society where the majority of people make good manners and politeness toward everybody an active habit. Unfortunately, it seems that not every member of society has put in the time and effort to develop these nice habits for themselves, and in many cases that means that they have developed some, shall we say, other types of habits in their place. Just what types of other habits am I referring to? The ugly, impolite, inconsiderate, rude, obnoxious, and, in a single word, disgusting habits that we all encounter on a way more frequent basis than we’d like to. I think we all know exactly which ones I am referring to.

Here are 41 first-hand accounts of what can only be described as disgusting habits. And don’t forget to be grateful: reading about them is probably a lot better than having to actually witness them!

41. Ouch, I’d Hate to Be Jason Right Now

Not flushing. Ew, ew, ew. I don’t want to see your waste in any shape or form, Jason.


40. Listen Up, People

Smoking is a terrible habit in so many ways. Not only is it bad for you, but second-hand smoke is a huge problem as well – not to mention the heavy cost financially. My significant other’s mother smokes like a chimney but refuses to help her pay for medical bills while she is out of work – but can always afford multiple packs of cigarettes and beer.


39. Be Nice to Your Car if You Want Your Car to Be Nice to You

I work at one of the largest car auctions in the country. People are nasty as all heck when it comes to their cars. Doesn’t matter if it’s an old car or new car. Some people treat them like trash cans. To the point where replacing the whole interior would be the only way to save the vehicle.


38. Nose Etiquette Can Certainly Be a Tricky Area

There’s definitely a lot of complaints out there both about people who don’t blow their noses, and about those who do blow their noses too much or too publicly. It’s, unfortunately, a catch 22 with the people who hate when people blow their noses. There’s no winning if you have nose problems, and the world isn’t very sympathetic.


37. Dude, Do You Realize Where Your Fingers Have Been?

My coworker, when he’s eating anything that’s small (like peanuts, M&M’s, etc) sticks his fingers in his mouth every time he eats a piece. Like he was never taught that you can kind of just toss something in your mouth. It’s horrifying.


36. You Have an Indoor Voice, You Might Want to Have Some Indoor Slippers Too…

Biting their toenails.

Walking outside barefoot.

Even worse. Walking outside in slippers and then going home and walking around your house and laying on your bed and couch in the same slippers. Yuck…..No Bueno.


35. Freshen up

Chewing gum for hours while smacking your lips. Generally eating with your mouth open. I have a major issue with it and have definitely fallen out with people at the dinner table because they try to talk so I see their chewed up dinner in their mouth. That will actually make me gag.


34. What Are You Thinking, Buddy?

My roommate burps in public all the time. Very loudly.

At someone else’s house? BUUUUURP

At a restaurant with other people around? BUUUUUUUURP.

It literally drives me freaking insane.


33. Let’s Get This One Straight Right Away, Don’t EVER Do This!

Farting in public.

I do not mean simply “farting in a public place” and having nobody take notice, or releasing brown wind silently in a well-ventilated area.

I mean the highly audible, tranquility-shattering, bone-jarring BRRRRRRTTTTTTT and the gut-wrenching miasma that typically follows, lingering in the air like an invisible threat, and its escape into an office or classroom or movie theater, etc. Its cousin, the quiet, hissing mephitis colloquially known as SBD is equally offensive when released into confined quarters with other people.

Don’t get me wrong – I can appreciate the je ne sais quoi of a properly-executed blast of butt vapor. I fart all the time. I fart in my office at least half a dozen times per shift. Some are silent, some are foghorns, and some are repetitive in a machine gun fashion. They almost always stink, but I at least have proper ventilation and odor-neutralizing countermeasures in place (such as a smoker’s candle). It is impossible, in my opinion, to do this in the general public without some Tony Stark-level of engineering involved.

So please, exorcise your butt demons in a private or semi-private place.


32. But What If My Thoughts Really Are That Urgent??

People talking with their mouth full of food. It’s completely disgusting, and I’m sure whatever brilliant thing you’re about to say can wait until you’ve swallowed.

The food isn’t going anywhere, I’m not going anywhere, calm down and swallow.


31. You Never Know When You’ll Have to Share Your Stuff With Somebody Else

Not cleaning your workspace at work.

I had to use my co-worker’s computer and his mouse and keyboard were encrusted with filth. It was disgusting. Crumbs everywhere, the mouse was pretty much brown, the keyboard was filled with food, hair, dirt, etc… our office literally provides free air canisters to clean your keyboard. Use them for crying out loud!


30. Take It Easy There, Fella

There was this guy sitting in front of the supermarket yesterday in a wheelchair, he was about 500-550 pounds, shoveling meatloaf into his mouth without silverware like he was starving, and breathing quite heavily.


29. Read Between the Lines

People who have no shame in trying to get free stuff off of you. They always try to play their offhand comments off as jokes, but man does it irk me. “Hey if you don’t like that couch I’ll take it!”, “My car broke down the other day and I have no one to fix it haha.”


28. No Means No

Keep asking you to give them something when you already told them no.


27. Two Steps Is a Long Walk for Some of Us

People leaving their trash everywhere in public, like even 2 steps from a freaking trash bin.


26. If He Can Keep His Nose Quiet, You Can Do the Same

I have nose polyps. I’ve gone through many nasal sprays and finally found one that’s working so I can breathe through my nose now! I just remember how awful school was. Especially during tests when it was quiet. I also had to blow my nose constantly forever. I was always, really really uncomfortable because I knew it had to have been bothering everyone all the time.


25. Fake News Is a Serious Problem These Days

Clicking share on Facebook without double checking that what they are sharing isn’t false information.


24. Multitasking Can Get Nasty Sometimes

Clipping fingernails and, even worse, toenails at the desk at work instead of doing it at home. If you really cannot clip your nails at home for some reason, at least do it in the restrooms and not at your desk.


23. You Can’t Hide Your Bad Manners Behind a Smoke Screen

Blowing Smoke on you when you are a non-smoker.


22. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

My buddy always blows smoke on me with his vape and when I get mad, he says it’s not harmful to me because it’s vape. I know he just does it because he knows it bugs me.


21. Not Quite a Gourmet Meal

People who freaking pick their noses and eat it.


20. Warning: This One Does Not Go Light On the “Disgusting” Part

A guy not pulling his foreskin back when washing his private area in order to….”let the cheese build up”……


19. Do Not Pass Over This One

When it comes to driving in the passing lane, here’s how to tell if you’re being a jerk or not.

Should you be in the passing lane?

Ask yourself: Am I actively passing someone? Yes

That’s pretty much it. Not passing, get out of the passing lane!


18. Oh, Am I In Your Way? Silly Me, I Had No Idea!

Staying right in the way where people are walking. Bonus points for at stairways and doors.


17. No One Needs to See (Or Smell) Your Leftovers

Not flushing the toilet when they are done using it.


16. Sing the Alphabet Twice, People!

People (men and women) who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. That’s absolutely disgusting.


15. I’m Very Sorry That You Had to See That…

Going to the bathroom on the floor is quite bad.


14. Not Exactly What Comes to Mind When I Think of “Appetizing”

Changing a baby’s diaper in the middle of a restaurant.

You’d better pray to God I’m not around if you pull a stunt like that…..


13. Bringing a Little Perspective to the Table in More Ways Than One…

Many people like to complain about those who eat with their hands rather than using cutlery. I don’t know about all cultures specifically, but I know in some cultures they use their hands to eat, regardless of what they’re eating. I have an Indian friend, whose house I went to. We were eating curryI was using cutlery, whereas he pushed bits into his mouth. It was quite disgusting, but at the end of the day, we happen to live in a Western culture, where we’re used to doing things our way. For the record though, my friend doesn’t eat like that in public.


12. I Guess Old Habits Really Do Die Hard

I had a family member that refused to wipe his behind after using the bathroom because he thought it would make him gay.

He was in his 50s and my mom told me that that’s how he’d always been.


11. Cough Cough, Check Your Manners, Buddy!

Coughing into open air, especially around food, at a restaurant, grocery store, etc. You’re a piece of trash and I hate you.


10. A Very Thorough Effort at Being Rude

About 10 years ago, when I came back home from my school, I always passed some nearby private school. I first had the smoke of a darn bus go into my face, forcing me to breathe gross air, and then there was a bus driver just beside who did smoke screens just in case the bus smoke didn’t hit me yet. No wonder I came down with a case of pneumonia.


9. At Least He’s Ambitious

There’s a guy at my work whose desk/backwall/floor have a blast radius of about 7 feet for food debris. He’s been seen throwing food at his face and missing.

His gear is literally stuck to his desk.


Disgusting Habits

8. The Big Chew

I just started a new job, and I share an office with a co-worker 10 years my senior who chews with her mouth openAll the time. And I can’t say anything about it because from what I’ve seen she’ll raise a giant stink about the new guy talking like he’s her boss or something.


Disgusting Habits

7. Oh Boy

You’ve never seen a disgusting habit until you’ve seen someone from chaw country who works in an office.

Chewing Tobacco + not being outside = horrible nasty disgusting bottle of tobacco spit at their desk.


Disgusting Habits
of the Washington Nationals during the game against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park on May 29, 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

6. Delicious…

Picking their nose and eating it. One guy did this when I was in the middle of a conversation with him


Disgusting Habits

5. Not Mr. Clean

Rather than washing dishes, my ex would just pile them up and simply put them back in the cupboard. because she was that gross/lazy. I once asked for a pan, she told me to look in in a drawer. All her pans had inch-thick crust of unknown food from god knows when. I asked her why she didn’t do dishes, and she just said she didn’t feel like it. I had to sit there for fifteen mins and pick at the crust just so I could make breakfast. We broke up.


4. Sharing is Caring

One of my ex-girlfriends loved to pop the blackheads in my face. I didn’t like it at all, that’s one of the pleasures you have to do for yourself.


Disgusting Habits

3. So Romantic!

He once asked to cut my toenails, then he chewed them. That was the last thing I let him do to me.


2. Sniffing out the Good From the Bad

People who sniff out loud really freaking aggregate me, especially when it’s like a full snort. BLOW YOUR DARN NOSE!


1. A Very “Eary” Interview

Was giving an interview the other day and the girl started digging in her ear, looked at it, then rubbed it on her clothes, all while talking to me about her employment history.



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