Tales From The Night Shift


Working during the darkest hours of the night can wreak havoc on one’s imagination. From hearing ghostly whispers in the attic to being pushed down the stairs by something unseen, the night shift isn’t for the faint of heart. From Redditors who braved the graveyard shift, these blood-curdling stories will surely send chills down your spine.

1. Keep It Down

I’m a teacher who frequently stays late during the winter months to try and catch up on work. Sometimes I don’t leave until after 7 pm and by then it’s pitch dark outside.

Many times while alone, I have heard children giggling. I’ve gone through the building, room by room, looking for the source since the idea of little kids being locked in overnight is not pleasant. But I could never find anyone.


The doors and windows are locked and there are no signs of anyone outside.

I asked around and it seems that many fellow staff members who have stayed later than normal have also heard the laughter, as well as other sounds. As a result, I began to do something bizarre.


Now, whenever I hear the giggles, I use my “teacher voice” and tell them to keep it down. It seems to work, so I’m fine with that.


2. Blood-Curdling Moment

Back when I was a healthcare assistant, I was doing my hourly rounds of poking my head into the doorways and checking that everything was fine.


About halfway down the hall, I see a resident sitting up at the edge of her bed facing the doorway. I ask if she’s all right and if she needs anything. She was looking down, and as she looked up, her head kind of twisted from side to side.

She looks up but maintains eye contact with me. In a hoarse voice, she replies, “HELEN ISN’T HERE ANYMORE”.

I bolted back to the nursing station and reported what happened to the nurse. The nurse looks at me and kind of chuckles. She said that it was impossible as the resident is a total assist patient—basically immobile and not very verbal.

It hadn’t even been two minutes since the incident.

We make our way down there anyways. When we arrive, the resident is tucked nicely in her bed, snoring away as though nothing happened.


3. This Is What I Do For A Living

I’m a counselor at a psychiatric hospital. I work a ton of night shifts, and some spooky things tend to happen.

One night, I hear a sound that makes my blood run cold. It’s a door creaking open, and one of the patients leans out, exposing half his face. He’s staring at me and whispering something I couldn’t hear from that distance. Naturally, I ask if he’s okay and if he needs something.

He doesn’t respond, but very slowly leans back into his room and closes the door. This repeated itself a few times during that night.

It’s a story I like to tell to people who ask me what I do for a living, because in hindsight I find it quite amusing.

At the moment though, it freaked me the heck out.


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