Macabre Facts About Wednesday, The Spooky Streaming Sensation

The Addams Family has been lurking around for over 80 years, twisting perceptions of what “normal” families look like with their whimsically macabre humor. Now Netflix’s horror-comedy Wednesday features the titular Addams as the ultimate moody teen, sharpening her psychic, mystery-solving skills as the black sheep at a school for supernatural outcasts. Teeming with nods to past iterations and icons of gothic greatness, this show is all about the gory details. So snap twice for these fiendish facts that make Wednesday the eerie series to watch.

1. It Has Gnarly Roots

The Addams Family originally appeared in a series of single-panel comics published in The New Yorker, beginning in 1938. Cartoonist Charles Addams wanted to poke fun at society’s idea of what a “normal”, middle-class American family ought to look like by depicting the tight-knit creepy clan bonding in satirically sinister ways. Readers got—and loved—the joke, even though something major was missing.

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Wednesday (2022-), Netflix

2. The Names Were Strange

It wasn’t until 1964’s live-action, sitcom adaptation, The Addams Family, that Charles Addams actually gave his characters the names and personalities we all know today. In his own words, crafty schemers “Gomez and Pugsley are enthusiastic”. Witchy Morticia is “muted, witty, and deadly”, and woeful “Wednesday is her mother’s daughter”. It’s a description that left Wednesday a lot of room to grow—in more ways than one.

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The Addams Family (1964–1966), ABC

3. There’s A First Time For Everything

Audiences have never seen Wednesday Addams as a teenager before. In the comics and original series, she’s a sweet six-year-old, and in the 90s reboot films, and recent animated features, she’s a hilariously morbid pre-teen.

Show creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough were curious to see how a smart, fearless 16-year-old Addams would navigate the contemporary world, and so asked themselves, WWWD—what would Wednesday do? Well, for starters...

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The Addams Family (1991), Paramount Pictures

4. It Has A Killer Theme

Can’t a girl toss a few piranhas in her high school’s pool without facing expulsion? Nope. Wednesday’s parents transfer her to their alma mater, Nevermore Academy, a cursed boarding school for gifted outcasts situated in the “normie”

town of Jericho. Oh, and there’s a killer monster on the loose. So, you know, tensions are high.

It’s the perfect setting to explore the show’s main theme of how society treats outsiders, and who better to give the culture clash its dark-fantasy twist than Hollywood’s most successful “outcast”, director Tim Burton?

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Wednesday (2022-), Netflix