Otherworldly Facts About Marc Bolan, The Prince Of Glam

Even though Marc Bolan is known for bringing androgyny and glitter to the dark, edgy world of rock, his own personal life was far from glamorous—filled with struggle, scandal, and a sudden end that’s so tragic, it’s impossible to forget.

1. He Was A Weird Kid

Born Mark Feld in East London in 1947, Bolan grew up with his parents and brother in a stable home. Maybe the security let his imagination run wild, as he became a pro at getting lost in his own world. According to his brother, he made up and inhabited different characters as a child. And judging by what else he got up to, he dreamt fantastically large dreams.

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2. He Started Young

Marc Bolan got his first guitar when he was just nine years old. Not only did he learn to play right away, but he also started a little band, performing for the other kids at recess.

His growing love for music evolved innocently enough, but in other areas of his life, he showed more rogue behavior. In one instance, it changed the course of his life.

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3. They Got Rid of Him

One day, Bolan found himself in enough trouble at school that the headmaster called him to the office. When he got there, the headmaster tried to punish him physically. Bolan’s reaction left everyone stunned. Instead of simply submitting to the punishment, Bolan headbutted him. They promptly kicked him out of school. And his next move was even more surprising.

Marc Bolan

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4. He Used His Look

At that point, Marc Bolan seemed interested in a completely different career path, one that focused more on his look than his talent. He landed extra work on a television show. He then took some modeling jobs, appearing in catalogs and magazines.

By the mid 1960s, though, he decided to return to his first love. Unfortunately for him, she didn’t seem ready to take him back.

Photo of Marc Bolan

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