Undeniable Facts About Michael Jackson, The King Of Pop

The King of Pop was one of the most compelling figures of the 20th century. There was his young start, his tumultuous family life, and his utter domination of the music charts.

Then, later, the scandals and mystery that followed him throughout his final years. It would be an understatement to say that Michael Jackson led an extremely controversial and complicated life. So, how much do we know about the original thriller?

Read on for undeniable facts about Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.

1. They Were a Musical Family

Many people think that Michael Jackson was thrust into show business the minute he was born, but that’s not necessarily the case.

His parents were interested in music, granted, but in 1958 when Michael was born, they were both still working regular jobs.

However, it was soon after Michael’s birth that his father, Joe Jackson, got the wheels rolling on a musical project for his sons.

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2. He Completed the Group

Joe Jackson enlisted Michael’s older brothers Jackie, Tito, and Germaine to form a group called the Jackson Brothers.

At the age of six, Michael began to play congas and tambourine as part of their backing band, but when he showed his family that he could sing, they expanded the group and renamed it the Jackson 5.

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3. He Did More Than Most Kids His Age

We know the Jackson 5 for hit songs like “ABC,” but before they ever struck it big, they were a hardworking touring group.

Before Michael was even 10, the Jackson 5 were touring the US—and some of the places they played were a little less age-appropriate than others.

While they’d play high school dances, they were also frequently featured at clubs and cocktail bars—sometimes as openers for striptease acts.

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4. He Lived in Fear

Before he’d hit his teen years, Michael Jackson was already experiencing great success with the Jackson 5—but behind the scenes, he was living a nightmare. His father Joe was an exacting perfectionist, and would often beat and berate Michael during the Jackson 5’s rehearsals. Michael later revealed that Joe would sit in a chair as the boys rehearsed, holding a belt and waiting for the moment when one of them would make a mistake.

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