These People's Partners Are Beyond Paranoid

Being paranoid is not a good look. Sometimes, you can't help it—but these suspicious partners took it WAY too far.

1. See Through You

My boyfriend went through my phone and did not find any suspicious messages from other guys. The only conversations I had with other guys were about work. I thought that would be the end of it, but I was so wrong. He then thought that I was deleting all of my “secret” texts. I wasn’t cheating and I never deleted my text messages unless I ran out of memory. He never believed me, but it didn't matter anyway...

Because a few weeks later, I found out that he was cheating on me. I dumped him on the spot.

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2. A Favor For A Friend

My husband found a suspicious wrapper under the couch. He told me about it right away, but I was stumped—it definitely wasn’t from me. Then, it hit me. I went out with my friend who had crashed at our tiny apartment a few weeks before, and she told me that she slept with our other friend. I asked her where and when they slept together.

She told me it happened the night when they stayed at my place. I connected all the dots and wasn’t too thrilled that they’d done it on my couch.

She spent the rest of the time talking about it, and she confirmed where the wrapper came from, which was relieving because I was going crazy wondering how it could have gotten under the couch.

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3. It’s All Connected

Everything I did was proof of me cheating on him in his mind. I mopped the kitchen floor one day when the phone rang, and I ran across the house to answer. The floor wasn't dry yet, so I slipped and hit my knee. It was him on the phone.

I told him I fell and it looked like I was going to get a decent bruise on my knee.

But his take on the situation made me livid. To him, I took longer to answer the phone because I was with someone, which resulted in a bruise. There was also the time someone at his work was going on about sleeping with a married woman with the same name as me. They said she worked at a tire shop in town. I forced him to call the tire shop.

He did and asked for her, which was when he finally believed me. Every time he got a new job, he claimed that his coworkers were whispering about sleeping with me.

Even when I went grocery shopping with our kids, I must’ve been cheating because I was in town with three kids in tow then came home with all the groceries. I had to leave him for my own health.

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4. True To Heart

My girl was 100% sure that one time, three years before, when I had lunch with a friend of hers, I must have hooked up with her friend.

Despite no evidence of this and the adamant testimony from both of us that we did not in fact hook up but instead just discussed work and our careers, this argument came up every six months or so.

It was usually when she drank that she’d insist she was right because I’d been with her friend for over an hour in a busy open-air market with many places to have the clandestine affair.

Over time, I refused to even participate in these conversations as they were not coming from any place grounded in any kind of logic.

Except this seemed to infuriate her even more. Eventually, I had enough. There were a hundred other reasons, and I left her. It was when we were on the phone when she told me about all of the other lovers she’d had and how I was terrible in bed. Well, she broke up with me every week or so, and I called her bluff.

She was very surprised. But all we did was fight all the time, which isolated me from my friends. I was relieved to know that she had been projecting the entire time.

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